Beer Brewery Company In Canada Marketing Essay

Molson is an effective beer brewery company in Canada. It was within 1786, which made it the second oldest Company in Canada up to now. Molson Company is regarded as the most accepted beer brand in Canada looked after own the fourth most significant market show in global beer industry.

Molson Company faces an issue in 2007 because of its unsuccessful online marketing strategy. The campaign intended to engage with the mark market old 19 -24 through cultural media. This advertising campaign held a contest, Cool Shot, which inspired students to compete with other school students by submitting as many pictures as possible. This contest ended up creating surprising negative publicity resistant to the Molson Advertising campaign. Many students and administrators complained about the harm of reputation brought by this competition. Because of this, Molson Campaign had to pull the promotion under the public opinion.

There are three alternatives that allow Molson Company to engage with the mark market. The first substitute is Microblogging, which encourages students to upgrade their status through public network while these are drinking. Molson's drinkers could also follow up the latest Molson's incidents on site. The next substitute is to create a Molson Educational Centre to promote legal drinking note for students and adults. Adults are invited to visit the educational middle to explore more about Molson's history and experience different fun activities in the guts. The last option and also the advice for Molson' marketing campaign is to make Molson Apps that educates students to avoid overconsumption of alcoholic beverages through playing the information game titles. Students could earn different valuable awards by playing it. As more game titles are played out by students, a lot more awards they can get. This does not only improves Molson's marriage with market but also efficiently promotes the correct drinking habit they should have toward their future drinking.

Identification of the Problem

Molson Company, presently, is facing a concern in reestablishing its brand as a brand that promotes and induces responsible alcohol usage. Molson's problem is to find out if it will continue steadily to use the social media sites for future promotions in marketing its brand. Due to the previous failure in social media marketing, Molson Company has triggered various universities & universities to stress about the academic achievements of students. The irresponsiveness of the Molson Company promoting outrageous alcoholic beverages consumptions towards students has discouraged them on their studies. In addition, as the Molson's advertising campaign "Cold Shot" of placing get together pictures of students in campus to get the subject of "number 1 party school in Canada" stimulates foolish behaviours and underage taking in. As a result, universities and schools are concern about how Molson's activities have neglected the institution's reputations/ images and its own pupil bodies.

Situation Analysis

Internal Factors:


Molson is consider as the most preferred brand with an enormous percentage of the marketplace show in Canada of 41%, as well as, in the world market around the globe with 3. 8%. Because of the development of social media marketing, Molson has started begin involved with social mass media platform such as Facebook with by roughly 19, 000 supporters who are enthusiastic about Molson. Besides Facebook, the business also manages a number of social marketing like Twitter, Flickr, and Youtube. While selling its products to the general public, the company has tried their finest to be responsible for its determination for liquor responsibility as well.


For now, the company is on a huge blame due with an improper advertising activity, "Cold Shot". By focusing on college and college or university students, the marketing strategy was issued because of its course of morality and ethics in encouraging irresponsible taking in and conducts. Its unsuccessful marketing campaign got harmed the brand image and received negative belief by men and women including professors, administrators, as well as, those people who have a negative sense for the company and beer.

External environments

Political Environment

All the provinces in Canada have their different laws and regulations and rules for alcohol rules as well as advertising campaign of alcohol. It ought to be specified that advertising must not be related to the consumption of alcohol and really should not imply alcoholic consumptions can enhances sociable acceptance, personal success, and enjoyment of any activity or will handle the non-public problem (Canadian Middle of Substance Abuse). If the company wants to maximize the result of its advertising, it needs to be more sensitive never to make ethic and moral issues like it did recently with the "Cold Shots" marketing campaign with colleges and universities.

Social Environment

Currently, the interpersonal responsibility has been pressured for beverage companies so that all the beverage companies are presenting its social responsibilities to steer clear of the blames form the general public and culture. Molson is providing the "responsibility" section when its tourists come to address its recognized website. Among what the business sets on the section as all sorts of responsibilities, in addition they offer "Governance and Ethics" and "Alcohol Responsibility" on "What Subject to Us" portions (Molson Coors). Especially on 'Alcoholic beverages Responsibility', they may have 'Global Alcohol Policy' and 'Our Views' for better understanding for consumers. Besides, the website supplies the company policies, circumstance studies as well as the entire details retrieved from the Global Actions on Harmful Drinking website (Molson Coors standard website).

Competitive Environment

Molson is an influential competition among powerful opponents in the ale market, the moral and ethic issues of the business can be critical. Actually the existing stream of the ale market in terms of volume consume, A- B InBev preserved top volume tell 18. 3% in 2011. Among the very best competition there are:

SAB Miller with 9. 8%

Heineken with 8. 7%

Carlsberg with 5. 6%

China Resource Organization with 5. 4%

Tsingtao Brewery with 3. 6%

Grupo Modelo with 2. 9%

Beijing Yanjing Brewery with 2. 9%

Molson Coors with 2. 9%

Molson maintained its percentages since 2010; however, it lost its 8th position to Beijing Yanjing, and now Kirin Holdings is a danger to Molson in terms of volume show. (Passport GMID)

SWOT Matrix


Canada's most preferred brand with 41% market share

Rank 4 on the globe having 3. 8% market share worldwide

Had 19, 000 participants on its Facebook profile

Engaged with interpersonal medias like Twitter, Facebook and much more.

Molson's acknowledges as "a company commitment to liquor responsibility" (Molson, 2009)


Average users of Facebook are rather young, usually between the age ranges of 18-21, who are interactive with friends in open and trusted arranging sociable networking sites

Social network users loves to interact with a common brands' profile

Social network sites allow fast and simple and easy spread of communication which includes viral marketing campaign. (Person to person)


The failure of the "Cold Shots" Facebook campaign gave Molson Company an awful reputation since it motivates irresponsible action and underage drinking alcohol.


Limited control on interpersonal mass media sites since it is open for general public to articles and comments in regards to a organization or its product

Social marketing sites allow mashups which lead to issues of control and ownership on material.

Organization Objectives

To reestablish its brand as a company that cares about public responsibilities rather than a company who only tries to sell liquor for the money.

To promote and encourage liable alcohol with the use of social advertising.

Analysis of Alternative

Before going on to the alternatives, Molson will run all year round marketing campaign call a "volunteer days". The volunteer day hosted by Molson Company is on monthly basis. The plan is to encourage those who are brand devoted to take part in local community and help you local rehabilitation centers. Molson believe engaging brand dedicated consumers to local alcoholic rehabilitation center allows them to comprehend the flaws of irresponsible drinking alcohol can cause. Whoever participates may have a chance to gain free sport event tickets in a random. The reason you want to launch this campaign with the alternatives is to keep the firm's goal to be socially sensible to its community and re-established its brand reputation.

Alternative #1: Microblogging about ingesting at events

The first substitute is Microblogging about enjoying Molson Canadian at situations.

The microblog is a year round blogging site. Applicants must sign-up and create an account before they can blog on it. Site filtrations with questions will be add-on through the registration process to remove unlawful time drinkers to view the site. Molson Canadian will be submitting dates of varied sponsor events on this website to permit audience to go to the events. The microblogging encourage him or her to blog about the existing events that is going on and the location they're at and what they are having. Through this web site the participant can also access and upgrade their position on Facebook or Twitter through this web site. This allows the friends of the Molson drinkers to follow up with Molson Company. Together with placing statuses, Molson Canadian also encourage Molson drinkers to create cool stories of their fun particular date. Monthly draws of the greatest pick funny stories can win cash award, Molson's wearable product, and sport tickets.

Alternative #2: Creating a Molson Educational Centre.

Another alternative is to create a Molson Educational Middle. The center is comparable to a museum.

It will include:

A small fake of the brewing plant to show the brewing process of the "prefer ale" in Canada

Beer tasting limited to 19+

A history lessons of Molson Company

Theater to experience short videos/videos of liable and irresponsible drinking alcohol scenarios

A talk show to educated audiences in in charge drinkers from employees in local alcoholic treatment centers.

Fun activities of experiencing ride check, breathalyser, foggy goggles with associated personnel from the local police station

Workshop to build customized beer bottle to bring home.

Gift store to acquire Molson's items, mugs, hats, t-shirts, plus more.

To promote and encourage legal taking in message, the training center is merely available to 19+ of aged universities and schools' students/drinkers and adult visitors. Illegal entries of 18 and under aren't allowed. Securities will be standing at the front door to check on ID's before entries. Even though this is a great idea but the expense of this will be too large for the company to take care of.

Alternative #3: Molson Application

The third choice, Molson Canadian made a decision to create a mobile software that was created to store social press platforms, game titles applications, with top features of educational alcohol ingestion facts. The mobile software can update automatically to presents consumers the latest information in online communities, events, video games, and educational facts. The application is tailored, where individuals can create their own avatar, setup their selection of background, and even more. Molson want to provide participants a feeling of ownership within carefully described parameters to modify the App.

The application is divided in three sections


The main goals for everyone Molson games are (1) never to over doze in liquor and (2) to maintain good behavior. Coins can be accumulated throughout the game titles and after earning the game. Collecting coins can trade real items like Molson's mugs, hats, t-shirts, custom-made beer bottle of users' choice, movie tickets, or even Ipad. If player loses, the overall game will end with an liquor consumption fact to teach players


Molson will screen educational videos like fun facts of alcohol consumptions, possible factors behind irresponsible taking in, Molson happenings, "drinkers speak" from rehabilitation centers to informed consumers.

Social media platform

The Molson application will also be interlinking with the communal advertising platform like Facebook and Twitter to create interaction between the brand and the mark audience. Through the application, Molson wants to drive in increased traffic to the supporter pages and ensures that there's a continuous connection in current events, campaigns and discussions.

But for sure, applications and lover webpages will be assessed on the basis of the type of community has been created or if the community would fit within company and society's targets.


Molson Company should continue to take advantage of the numerous opportunities to market their products, whether it's using public media platforms, or even more. After much thought, alternate #3 is believed to be the best one. Picking this program allows Molson Company to closes the space between fun and education in ways it benefits both. The application form is one of the most complete mobile sources for consumers. Together with the understanding of teenagers are closely fastened with the mobile nowadays, Molson needs to create a credit card applicatoin that allows audiences to access it all time. With simply a touch of a button, people are able to connect to game titles, social marketing sites and informational facts of alcoholic beverages intake. Through this program, Molson Company wishes to attach various emails to the prospective audiences and promote and encourage concentrate on audiences to generate a responsible drinking habit with educational facts. In addition, the choice can also create awareness for Molson mostly through social media platforms, with the application and some traditional marketing directing consumers to Molson's Facebook site to generate more traffic. Maybe future promotional advertising campaign may become viral through the fast and easy spread of information.

Unlike before, every activity and advertising that is employed by Molson will be carefully examined on the basis of what kind of community is being created. Promotions or items that even hint at improper or extreme of tendencies or use of products, Molson will removed it.

Molson Coors Making Company. (2009, October 24). Corporate responsibility overview Retrieved October 24, 2009 from http://www. molsoncoors. com/responsibility/great-brands-the-right-way

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