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Becoming An Efficient Mental Health Counselor

Mental health is a wide subject numerous professionals incorporated. Mainly, a mental doctor is billed with the duty of offering services which ultimately improve a person's mental health or treat any type of mental health issues. Different professionals can be found in the mental health sector: psychiatrists, medical social workers, clinical psychologists and mental health counselors. Although such experts cover the same ailments, conditions and disorders dealt with by these professionals, rely upon the perceived scope of their skills. Some mental health professionals help in the improvement of relationships while some are costed with the responsibility of treating specific mental conditions. Different laws guiding the mental health occupation, education and training accorded to the professional apportion the opportunity which a mental health professional is to undertake.

This file examines the programs that i will incorporate to become an efficient mental health counselor. Modalities to materialize the honest issues which form the center basis on code of ethics under ACA may also be dealt with. Insights into sociable change and its own efficiency in the mental health industry will be tackled as well. An evaluation between a doing mental health practitioner and my views will be tabled so will class discussions on professional id.

Literature review

Duties of a Mental Health counselor

Mental health counseling is a psycho-educational discipline which happened in the 1970s. Mental Health counselors (MHCs) are charged with the duty of providing mental health guidance especially to the patients through incorporating vibrant and holistic methods which are indeed strength established. The MHCs have excellent educational certification and knowhow, having achieved this through diverse experience in counselling. While other specialists in the mental health docket are excellent in dealing with mental health health issues, the MHCs have been grounded in counselling with emphasis in such areas as developmental theory. Generally the MHC gathers data vital in figuring out the mental, behavioral as well as emotional disorders and problems impacting on a particular customer thereby coming up with modalities to take care of the individual (Palmo, 1999). Thus the MHC does not only treat a patient's dysfunction on things regarding self awareness, standard body wellbeing as well as personal expansion but is concerned with an individuals total environment which plays a major role in making her or him completely healthy. MHCs can thus certainly be a cadre of professionals tasked to offer counseling services in mental health centers, learning establishments as well as in nursing homes and clinics.

The success and significance of this profession cannot be underemphasized. Through the use of psycho-educational approach during the counseling process, reduction of mental disorder is emphasized and achieved by the MHCs. Rather than medical model a alternative approach based on developmental theory is utilised. Many individual, individuals as well as groupings have essentially benefitted from MHCs through treatment of mental disorders as well as emotional imbalances like depressive disorder, suicidal impulses, chemical dependency, grief as well as self esteem issues confronting them (Crespi & Stier, 1997).

Developing Professional personality as a MHC

When laying the foundation in figuring out the MHC, several factors enter into play since particular professional as well as clinical aspects from the educational, emotional as well as counseling disciplines are used by the mental health counselors. Through the usage of the interdisciplinary qualities, a holistic treatment of promoting health lifestyle and specifically preserving as well as rebuilding mental health within an individual is achieved. As I build my professional identification, I plan to use systemic and personal perspectives to bring to attention the contextual traits and influences present in a person's life which ultimately donate to mental health diseases (Palmo, 1999). In commencing my tasks, I am more concerned on facilitating total mental-wellness on my clients whatever the fact that they are experiencing developmental battles of clinical pathology. Concentrating on the talents achieved from starting several synthesized domains of a client can make this move easy to execute.

Thus, during my practice as a MHC my focus will never be to get rid of mental health problems in a client, rather I am seeking to increase the general mental health of people through protecting against the do it again of such conditions. Through collaboration with other mental health professionals and employed in community settings, I am going to no doubt improve my performance especially when working with clients who have acquired a stint in interdisciplinary groups. To be able to remain vital and feasible in this highly competitive industry, I plan to be responsive to the marketplace needs by being flexible operating provision amid changing mental health industry. When met with a psychopathology case, I intend to use the guiding school of thought of this career which aims at restoring the development of mental health in an individual rather than searching for ways to get rid of the mental disease. Supporting clients to adequately adjust to the obstacles associated with mental condition will also come in handy in enabling me forge my personal personal information in this occupation (Seiler & Messina, 2002).

Ethical principles

In the mental health guidance job five major moral concepts have been advanced to do something as major ethical guidelines. Therefore the ethical suggestions do not generally address all the problems which confront a MHC throughout undertaking various jobs. It's through extensive evaluation of the moral guidelines that aids professionals when confronted with a concern which requires clarification. On this counseling profession, five key points have been advanced: autonomy, beneficence, fidelity, non-malfeasance and justice. Dependable knowledge of these ethical principles helps in making it possible for an individual to better function in this job. Below is an in depth bank account of how I intend to implement these honest principles within my practice as a MHC.


This principle is basically concerned with the moral responsibility of your counselor to encourage a customer practice their self-reliance in regards to decision making steps. It is the responsibility of an counselor to allow a client be autonomous and take action in accordance with their values (Beck, 1999). I'll thus make my clients understand the implications of the decisions they are simply going to make and how such decisions will be perceived in the population they you live in. I am going to also ensure that the clients understand the possible impact which their chosen activity will cause to other participants in the culture. In case a customer desires to source support from such networks as spiritual or spiritual market leaders or from family and friends, i quickly will agree to it as enlisting the assistance and engagement of other folks is essential in guaranteeing mental health in an individual. A client has the independence to determine when to give up a counseling period thus I will not coerce them to remain when indeed they would like to leave. I will also ensure which i provide adequate information on the progress of the guidance process. I am going to also pay particular willing interest to underage children and folks whose mental handicap is high. This is vital in preventing them make decisions likely to cause harm to themselves or other people.


Primarily, this ethical process may be regarded as the most critical in the mental health counselling field. It entails participating in activities which will not cause any harm to the client. In my practice as a MHC, I will be careful never to take part in any activity more likely to cause intended or not expected injury to my clients (Crespi & Stier, 1997). Erotic, emotional as well as financial exploitation are a few of activities which would largely cause harm to my clients. Purporting to be experienced in some areas that i am not, own risk to my clients. This is especially so when a counselor cases to be experienced properly in areas he's not. Truthful representation of my qualifications vital in managing mental health obstacles is important. The competence of the counselor depends upon educational competence. I will also not carry out to provide services to the clients when intoxicated, sick and tired or when the personal circumstances encircling myself may elicit an incorrect prescription. Since it is my moral responsibility to mitigate any hazard posed to a client, holding insurance coverage would be useful in supporting in such eventualities which would require restitution because of the harm and harm caused on any customer.

Abandonment of clients before completion of a counselling session is likely to cause massive injury to a client. As a result I am going to terminate my time as provided at under AMHCA ethical considerations. Thus proper agreements need be put in place incase interruptions are inevitable like during getaways or illnesses. It is good to refer the client to another MHC who'll continue with the therapy. Incase a MHC terminates his\her practice, the stipulated method to transfer the customers data file and information you need to followed. This helps in alleviating any form of threat which would be induced to a customer when immediate withdrawal of the counseling services is instituted. Participating or condoning erotic harassment is not allowed for MHCs because of the harm triggered to the customers. Thus instances of intimate solicitation, unethical physical innovations or verbal conduct likely to harm my clients will not be undertaken at all. Such advances aren't only offensive nevertheless they also develop a hostile environment where useful counseling and therapy session can't be undertaken. Other's activities can cause appreciable harm to my clients. Thus it is my obligation to question such activities more likely to cause considerable damage to a person under my care and attention.


This rule in mental health counseling identifies the counselor's responsibility to positively effect the welfare of a customer. Thus, the MHCs must proactively do good to people thereby preventing incident of any form of injury to a customer (Seiler & Messina, 2002). In upholding this rule in my practice, I'll largely be involved in serves of mercy, charity as well as kindness. With love and genuine altruism my diagnosis and counseling will be intended for complete restoration of the clients. Acting for the benefit of others will guide me in putting in place activities that will ultimately donate to the overall wellbeing of the customers. By preventing as well as eliminating possible dangerous setups, I will always help my clients discover and further the interests which they consider important as well as legitimate. This principle will come in handy in particular when interacting with clients struggling with suicidal thoughts. My role as a MHC will be to intervene by providing the necessary remedy which will eventually save the life span of the client. Placing the client in a protecting environment where in fact the welfare of the client will not be affected will be vital in saving the life of such clients.


This principle involves treating similar people with equal magnitude. A form of fairness must therefore exist when dealing with the patients (Beck, 1999). Clients delivering similar mental conditions need be accorded the same treatment. In my practice, I'll ensure that I do not show any form of biasness. The money billed for the counseling lessons will be the same thus I will not exploit my clients on such basis as when they seem to be like these are from a better social group. I am going to also take on the needs of every client as everyone has a right to getting counseling sessions irrespective of their cultural orientation.


This principle generally involves a customer possessing notions of commitment and faithfulness to the MHCs. It is important that a client is self-confident about the competence of the counselor so a move eventually makes a enduring marriage to be created (Messina, 1999). In effecting this rule, I am going to ensure that I really do not neglect to match the laid down obligations that i have with my clients. In addition, participating in activities more likely to threaten the therapeutic romance existing between me and my clients will not be undertaken. Being ethnical sensitive when fixing the client's problem will greatly assist in building lasting human relationships with the customers. When diagnosing mental disorders within a client, use of appropriate prognosis methods which can be efficient is without doubt important. Under this will employ DSM-IV for diagnostic purposes. Before commencing any assessment, I'll ensure i receive consent from the clients and describe to them the nature and purpose of the test performed.

Organizations to join

Several organizations which cater for the welfare of MHCs have been shaped. The American MHCs have made an association (i. e. AMHCA) where critical impact is accorded to the American citizens through providing insights on the mental health counselor's job. The association facilitates its members to build up their career owing to the many informative seminars and workshops sorted out by the connection. This ultimately translates into improved upon service delivery to the customers thereby raising the overall requirements of the job. This relationship is also working to improve the acceptance accorded to the MHCs by perhaps bettering the belief of the associates of public regarding the practice. When you are a member of this connection, my success in this field will in the end be increased as essential tools and programs like continuing education and coach programs can be purchased in this relationship. Through availing practical resources to the users, the relationship expands learning and promotes the entire practice of the professionals under this field (Beck, 1999).

American Counseling association (ACA) is another body I intend to join. This relationship has put in place several aspects which are dedicated to promoting the overall expansion and development of the counseling career. This ultimately results in better service delivery to the customers who seek counseling services. This relationship which was created in fiscal 1952 symbolizes counselors in every practice settings. I'll develop my skills and build on my knowledge platform because of the leadership training, advocacy services availed to the associates. I might also get a chance to continue with my education. Since this relationship largely represents the hobbies of counselors and according to the federal agencies this job is no doubt developing.

National plank for the authorized counselors (i. e. NBCC) is a counselor's accreditation body that i intend to become a member of as well. The connection aims at keeping a qualification program geared towards figuring out the counselors who have examined and obtained some type of qualification. Since a register of the competent counselors is preserved, this helps in doing-away with quacks from the practice. It is beneficial to people since counselors who meet the professions criteria are identified. Through this regular membership, I will obtain client recommendations thereby maximizing my experience and range of clients whom I manage.

Incorporating interpersonal change in counseling

Social change is normally exhibited due to shifts in social structure and relationships which were noticeable in the society. Behavior modification specifically for people with mental health incorporates such aspects as physical and mental coercion, psychotherapy as well as brain cleaning in order to make the patient recover and gain more control over their life. When MHCs use behavior modification techniques when counseling people with mental health conditions and those with disabling mental conditions sizeable areas of improvement are witnessed. Organized desensitization which is the typically used approach in incorporating social change assists the MHCs to offer therapy to individuals with disturbances which have identifiable sources. For example when a customer has extreme dread for the sealed places this method works flawlessly well. According to a specialist MHC that I had a chance to interview, he recommended that Biofeedback is the very best approach to using when dealing with disturbed heads. Information regarding a difficulty affecting a person is given to the therapist who then displays it through the use of a mechanised device. Desirable rewards may then be provided to your client to be able to influence positive action (Seiler & Messina, 2002). By constantly monitoring the info given, a therapist is able to create a treatment technique that may work best for a particular client. It is also simple to operate especially in different options. The MHCs first decide on what a person might do in order to remodel the trouble. Cure program is then devised so as to change the mental condition. Proper record keeping is vital to be able to monitor the progress of the client and in the event the chosen methodology proves ineffective the MHC is preferred to discontinue its use.

Discussions on professional identity

Having placed several conversations with my fellow classmates of issues regarding professional identification of MHCs important information was noticed. Since professional personal information incorporates the various ways that and individual seeks to include the statuses and roles he is undertaking and experience purchased when undertaking mental health guidance, a coherent image of the individual is noticed. Since professional id is designed by the key points that people choose to learn and the manner where we choose to learn them, then every MHC should choose the kind of identity he'll uphold. It's the identity chosen which decides the kind of folks chosen to interact with. Through involvement in the actions and affairs of the mental health counselors occupation, a practitioner is able to build on their professional id since mutual engagement as well as distributed repertoire is achieved (Messina, 1999). Affiliation to professional organizations really helps to build on vital connectedness based distributed histories as well as activities of the MHCs which in the end form the professional identity of individuals in this field. People develop their professional personal information consequently of the identities they uphold with the people in confirmed profession. Since a substantial need to tell apart between your MHCs from other guidance professionals like sociable personnel, psychiatrist as well as nurse practitioners joining the MHCs organizations will greatly assist in forging the professional personality of these experts.


MHCs have master's level certification in counseling and the occupation is based on theory and sensible orientation of behavioral sciences. In order to fully qualify to be always a certified MHC then at least 60 credit hours must be focused on attaining specific coursework as well as supervised experience. Mental health counselling is without doubt between the youngest human service profession that was greatly popularized in the 1970s by the occupations who were seeking for visibility and acknowledgement in this discipline. The distinguishing facet of this profession is based on the utilization of multifaceted aspects of an individual in order to restore or better still strengthen the mental health of a person. Thus the MHC contributes significantly in boosting the vitality and vigor of someone's mental health thereby completely sustaining the general wellbeing and soundness of a person. Unlike a significant misunderstanding that mental health guidance enables a person experiencing a mental condition to better manage their situation, MHCs utilize holistic attributes geared towards avoiding a person from being incapacitated by the mental condition (Crespi & Stier, 1997).

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