Beauty of Character as valued by Wordsworth

Beauty of Nature as valued by Wordsworth

Poetry, which came up much before prose in human history, has been a vehicle for the spiritual and social improvement in man. The natural world with its great beauty and enigma is definitely a way to obtain ideas to poets. The Passionate poets like Wordsworth and Keats, who had been active in the nineteenth century, experienced the most inspiration through mother nature, that they captured in their poetry. William Wordsworth, especially, in his poetry, uses descriptions of characteristics to raise the mind to mystic levels. With the development of the Industrial Revolution, the frame of mind of people evolved - from an awe of aspect to a aspire to harness everything natural for the benefit for man, which the Romantic poets looked at with concern.

In his poems "The World is Too Much with Us" and "Nutting", William Wordsworth makes use of the portrayal of the beauties of character to deplore the greed of man who's mindlessly exploiting aspect.

Written in Germany, the poem "Nutting" evokes Wordsworth's remembrance of turbulent thoughts he previously when he had vanished' nutting' as a youngster. William Wordsworth writes in regards to a beautiful, pristine solid wood whose beauty and purity he had destroyed by his greed to assemble the nuts. Carrying on in the same vein, in "THE PLANET is too much with Us", the poet laments the heartlessness of humankind, which has come under the sway of unfathomable avarice, and which no more is transferred by the beauty of character.

Wordsworth describes the trick, unexplored place he went to after clambering over rocks and stepping over tangled ferns in "Nutting". It is a place of perfect calmness where the poet's heart activities great happiness. He explains the nook where he sits down among the list of flowers under the trees The poem conveys a profound sense of peacefulness and meditation achieved by man by attaching with nature. The final lines of the poem present the spiritual sense that the wonder of nature influenced in the poet.

The symbolism of the plentiful hazelnut clusters which cover the trees alludes to the bounty of characteristics. The tattered old clothes the youngster wears symbolizes the poverty of nature of man. The poet explains the way the unsullied nook is ravaged by the violent serves of the young man. Although he's now rich with the nut products he came to assemble, he seems a twinge of guilt and pain when he gets a final glance of the virgin nook he has ruined. The symbolism of the planet earth being exploited mercilessly and violently by man is obvious in this poem. He explains to us to cultivate a 'gentleness of center 'and exhorts us to be mild with dynamics so that we are in harmony with it.

Wordsworth continues to regret the crass, materialistic frame of mind of man in his Petrarchan sonnet, "THE GLOBE is too much with us. " He cries out that people waste our resources by consuming too much. He says that we aren't in melody with nature any more as we've become too insensitive. Utilizing the powerful imagery of howling winds which are gathered up like bouquets, the poet conveys a feeling of urgency in his poem. By portraying the sea as laying bare its bosom to the moon, he alludes to the connectedness of every great and small part of nature. . He seems angry that the wonder, mystery and power of nature have no effect on the insensitive soul of man, who's out of harmony with mother nature. The mercenary goals of man disgusts him a whole lot that he wishes he were blessed as a pagan, who would have had an improved communion with the ocean and the land.

For Wordsworth, nature is not something to be used and exploited, but characteristics is something that leads man to the general soul. He makes use of his great descriptive abilities to portray that mankind is getting rid of its connected feeling with characteristics by following a materialistic ideals of getting and spending.

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