Barista Structure And Culture

This report is about the performance of the Barista Cafe. It is owned or operated by Lavazza, Italy's most significant coffee company which has 46. 5% stocks in the Italian market and manages in more than 80 countries in different sectors. It's very essential for the business to put focus on organizational aspects such as the Composition, Culture and the look. This record mainly analyzes the organizational composition and culture of the company and how they are changing according to the global competition market. Every structural design they have got used evidently shows the annals and the perfection of the business. The Barista Cafe string is also known as Barista Lavazza. The name Lavazza, being synonymous with all things Italian culture - creativity, art, enthusiasm for espresso, advanced into a global powerhouse of Italy. The first ever Cafe Barista was proven in 1999. The next report begins with describing the framework and culture of Cafe Barista and additional focuses mainly on the Indian counterpart known as Barista Lavazza. The company was promoted with primary amount of Rs. 20 Crores by Java Espresso Company Ltd. , had by the Turner Morrison band of Lacoste popularity. Barista Lavazza (espresso) string of Espresso pubs has franchisee outlets in 22 locations all over India, which deliver a genuine Italian espresso experience with their customers. Their main aim is to provide a true ambiance for individuals to enjoy their sit down elsewhere, enhanced by their particular Latte skill. Caf Barista focuses on young adult people as their clients, who come to the cafe to get exposed to the global lifestyle and flavor the bonafide flavours of espresso.

The Structure:

The composition of the Barista Lavazza is relatively a Mechanistic composition, since the majority of the personals who are working in the organization get excited about the production and sale departments, while the decision making forces are in handful of hands in general management. Each individual is individually specialised and knows their tasks (Jones 2006, P177-198). Creation, Sales and Marketing and finally the Basic/Administrative group are the three functional groupings that comprise the structure of Cafe Barista Development involve the Customer Service Specialists, who will be manning the Drive-thrus and Mobile Cafes and blending the beverages for the customers. Sales and Marketing manages the promotion and arranging of the Mobile Cafes, as well as the advertising of the Drive-thrus and the Community Contribution program. Basic and Administrative take care of the facilities, equipment, inventory, payroll, and other basic, functional processes.

The Culture:

The culture of Cafe Barista is very elaborative as the Organizational Culture is models of shared beliefs and norms that guide organizational member's relationships with one another and with people outside the group (Jones, 2006, P213). They are based on the terminal principles of the clients as it is said, "Terminal worth is a desired end state or outcome that folks seek to accomplish. " (Jones 2006, P214). It points out their social diversification through three organizations- Coffee Know -How, Skill of Espresso and Innovation. These three are usually before the Indian culture and shows how Lavazza gets a string of Espresso Bars and CrЁme wall socket with their customers to provide them a comfortable place to enjoy a glass of real caffeine. On their behalf the art of making coffee is all about the care, attention and skills and making the coffee beautifully. They follow a special espresso making process where they use 4M's model in place:

La Machine: The Machine

La Miscela: The Blend

La Macinatura : The Grinding

La Manualit  : Your Touch


They always try to ensure that their persistence and skills deliver the better to their customers and provide their 4 wealthy components of good espresso; the flavour, the aroma, the crema and the feel. They offer training to their employees predicated on their geographical location, to ensure best service for the customers


As it is stated, "Every sit down elsewhere they brew is regarded as a best flavour and aroma of each piece of coffee beans". They form the bases according to the social changes in the tastes of folks plus they provide infinite modifications in line with the taste that will suite individuals. They provide five types of flavours to people who have different services that are:


Espresso Italiano: brief, dark and handsome in the taste, this isn't blend with milky, frothy drink

Espresso Macchiato: this are a symbol of the designated with a teaspoon of foamed milk or sometimes as dash of chilly milk

Cappuccino: the best flavour of Italy topped with steamed milk and foamed dairy in a thick glass that contains flavour.

Cafe Latte: drink started in USA, which is served in mugs with shorts of espresso and milk.

Cafe Mocha: a combo of intense espresso and freshly steamed dairy and rich chocolate powder which is generally known as "Dessert of Cup".

These all flavours are created for individuals in line with the changing environment and the tastes of the folks. Based on these change, Barista have to include some new development ideas by doing research. Their research was their backbone because of their product and R&D groups who spend identically 4 time on each store in per month and watching the visitor feedbacks. Their research helps them to identify their key global tendencies and exactly how well they can renew their product lines. Barista Cafe is a dimensional brand which always focuses on providing differentiating offers or services with their customers. They use the visitor studies and feedbacks to focus on their advancement of products and the services which is very affectionate to them. At the Barista Lavazza they invent new food and drink lines nearly every year. These inventions are basically predicated on the global styles, customers' feedback and the regular research they have done. They always try to continue their invention among the merchandise that glee their customers. As their main focus on is their customers who are residing in global lifestyles so, they always make an effort to appreciate their development in the behalf of these customers with the warm environment. Their emphasis always is on creativity and constantly providing quality products. This was the key reason why they make an effort to make their every cup of drink pretty by using barista art work. They use some elaborative designs which point out the people emotions and affections. Their method of making coffee was mainly developed in creating the espresso into an artistic quality which technique is recognized as Latte Art. Lattes will be the preferred drink to make use of for this due to its good foam to dairy ratio. This sort of art is comprising pouring the vapor milk in to the small in short supply of espresso that may create the look on the surface for the latte art work. This skill is very hard to create anticipated to different needs in both espresso and dairy. This way of fine art can beautifully hold the heart of the individuals which makes people to drink that coffee.


Barista also use a theory which helps the business in R&D and invention. SWOT -Evaluation is the most tactical management model which suits between the corporation strength and weakness with the different opportunities and hazards in their external environment. As said by Jones, "SWOT- Examination guides you to identify the advantages and disadvantages inside and outside of your organization and analysis provides perspective, and show cable connections and areas for action. " The main aim of SWOT for Barista is to find out to which level the strategy of the business will be suitable to these to meet their problems and changes that are taking place in their organizational environment. The SWOT -Evaluation of the Barista is split into the four factors of the company's Durability, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threads which are as follow:


Strength of the Barista Lavazza: their main power is their product on the market. They are experiencing very skilled, determined and professional team which provide high margins on drinks appliances that will cost them low installation money.


Weaknesses: their weakness is that they reliance to one client initial plus they have to invest alot on the stainless gadgets. The management team of barista fails for that long in India so they don't really know very much about the folks style. The sales and marketing team is not place in the market for the promotion of these products plus they have very less US and Italy flavour experience.


Opportunities: they have opportunity to broaden their product in the market by increasing the knowing of their specific espresso products on the market. There is also the chance of technology within the prevailing market by the assistance of people opinions.


Threads: the largest thread for the company is the opponents like Starbucks and Cafe Caffeine in India. There is also an adverse reaction on the soluble espresso in the stores. Another issue was the filtered coffee was firmly set up in USA and they were not alert to the USA experience.


Untitled. jpg

Diagram: www. marketingteacher. com

So, the SWOT- Evaluation helps the business of the Barista in discovering the issues they can be facing, setting up the goals and creating their proper action designs. SWOT is a straightforward method of examining the negative and positive factors that are forcing within and outside the corporation; they can make themselves and act perfectly. This can help in aiding them in their vision, mission and objectives.


Barista have been accomplishing well consistently as it is essential for the business to maintain the effectiveness of the brand and capitalize on the devotion of the brand and the marketplace shares. The entire strength of the Barista is approximately their service and their behaviour towards their customers, which was the advantage for the business especially in their services. Positioning a futuristic perspective, Barista as an organization constantly will try to innovate itself and further enhance their brand image in order to extend its carry over the marketplace. Barista has quite strong image on the market, but they need to focus on their structure to allow them to enhance their company performance and their customer's perceptions of being high-end quality caffeine.


That's was the recommendation for barista is to continue making changes and invention. They have to promote their product and work on their organizational targets and aspects specifically for caffeine and other services they may be providing. Another advice would be they need to adapt invention -friendly organization which inspire culture and empower their workers. They need to use the today's business evolutionary method which helps in rapid economical or cultural changes by travelling knowledge and invention among the list of employees. At this level, the sales and marketing departments need to be more centralized and centered on their activity. Barista is customer-oriented so, the people who are more near the customers need to know them better and act in response them rapidly using their changing requirements. If the organization continues to be using the Even structure, they need to make their decisions quickly plus they need to creative for employees and their customers. Finally, as they may have fewer layers of organization, so they have to be mobile and agile to the decisions that they are causeing this to be will help these to be more effective, competitive and profitable. As in today's global world, organization is all about how exactly creative and dominant they are in the market. That is why more companies prefer to have flat framework, as toned structural corporation is allows great communication between your layers of the business with better team spirit. Flat structural company with advantage the management as lower cost will be paid to the managers than the workers and less bureaucracy will be engaged in the organization.




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