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Barack Obamas Surge To Presidency English Literature Essay

The American Wish has inspired Us citizens for more than 100 years. Inside the 2008 American leader election, Americans created brand-new background with their own votes. Barack Obama gained historic All of us election and is among the most first African American President of the United States after more than 200 years, reclaiming the North american Fantasy and making the Goal stunning and alive in American modern-day society. Why is the American Goal attractive? How Barack Obama's surge to presidency is undoubtedly the symbol of the reality and fact of the generations' old North american Dream? What is its implication in modern-day America? This newspaper begins with the North american Desire which Barack Obama has stated many times in his speeches, and can proceed to evaluate Barack Obama's success as a typicality and up-datedness of American Fantasy and then its implication to the modern day American Culture. The American Fantasy still performs an important role today. It really is still attractive, alive and possible in contemporary America.

Key words: North american Dream; Barack Obama; possibilities

1. Introduction

For decades, the American Desire has been an important part in American culture and American Spirit. Since Barack Obama became the Leader of america, the term "the American Fantasy" had become more and even more well-known to the People in the usa. Through his effort and attempts, Barack Obama fulfilled his American Aspiration. His climb to presidency recalled American's interest for their quest for their own American Wish. Barack Obama was said to epitomize the North american dream. People were concerned about the definition, origin, tasks of the American Dream, and its likelihood and implication in contemporary America.

However, until lately, few literature and articles have been written on these aspects, and few articles have been written to analyze why Barack Obama was seen as a typicality of the American Dream (whether it's at the average person level or at the national racial level) and its own implication to the modern American Culture. Also, Barack Obama's effort to "position the American Dream again within reach for all People in the usa" is doubted by some People in the usa with the Tea Get together Movement happening.

Based on some British and Chinese literature and articles, this paper focuses on the above issues, and shows Barack Obama is the icon of the North american Dream and that the North american Dream continues to be alive and attractive and possible in contemporary America, regardless of the uncertainties and criticisms. Both Barack Obama and Us citizens have a long way to go to rejuvenate the North american Dream.

2. A brief research of the North american Dream

2. 1. Source of the North american Dream

2. 11. New settlers' Desire in the brand new Land

Since the American Desire is so important in American record, we may ask the way the American Wish originated. The American Dream embodies both the practical spirits and the idealism. For a long time, it has been an important subject in American culture because of its considerable meanings and controversial nature. The American Dream has an extended history. A long time before the founding of america of America, the North american Dream had began. THE UNITED STATES is the best land of opportunity which is a continent of untapped prosperity. "The Puritans' decision to leave Great britain was not simply to flee the King's oppression, but to take flight to a promise land. The New World promised exactly what the Old World acquired denied them. Spiritual authority, financial opportunity, and communal status were available in the New World. "(Jillson 23) New settlers crossed sea to the New Land from European countries with a idea that in this New Land, anyone can realize their dreams with hard work regardless of his social backdrop. "There have been no promises in the New Land, and the risks were great and the dangers many, but the possibilities were obvious, and they meant to realize them. " (Jillson 23)

Cal Jillson (2004) places that in those first times of settlement, the central of the North american Wish was always the chance to live well. Its elements were always the chance to live rightly and also to prosper. Andrew Delanco, in a book entitled the true American Dream, message or calls Puritanism "the first American form of trust. " What Puritans hoped for, what they imagined and strove mightily to achieve, was to help make the term of God reside in their lives. Winthrop's "City upon a Hill" imagery of America as an example to which all mankind should sign up for has been central to the American Dream because the day Winthrop penned the words.

The Puritanism and pioneering spirits of the settlers contributed too much to the essence of the North american Dream. For the time being, "the American Dream became some sort of democratic idea through the Great Awakening activity in North America. Later the core of the American Dream was written in the Declaration of Independence, lifting it to a nationwide level" ( ˜‡32). It is not the wish beyond reality, however the idea that has develops with America and shows the American lifestyle and spirits.

2. 12. Benjamin Franklin embodied the North american Dream

No man more evidently embodied the North american Goal than Benjamin Franklin. Franklin's life, as well as his ideas and writings, emerged to identify the American Aspiration.

The Autobiography was, to begin with, a Puritan file, which was a record of self-examination and self-improvement. With this book, Franklin seemed intensely into his past life and referred to the image a boy's climb from rags to riches through effort and wise management. And therein he placed a couple of virtues that was both useful and democratic for him to cultivate and combated with luring vices. Anyone could take up them, practice them, advantage by them, and improve his whole lot in life. And many does. Those virtues were trained and recited as the country's common knowledge throughout the nineteenth century and in to the twentieth. "They were and are the moral center of the North american Wish: education, work, thrift, devotion, and a dash of fortune will put a genuine man in a position to flourish and prosper. Destiny may determine usually initially, but probably not forever. All the bits of the American Fantasy were set up by the 1780s. Benjamin Franklin, both in his own impressive life and in the web pages of While Richard's Almanac, had been defining the central of the fantasy for decades; make, work hard, save, invest, get a break, and success will be yours. " (Jillson 34)

It is persuaded that, as his Autobiography shows, that man is good and capable of becoming better. Thus through telling a success account of self-reliance, the booklet celebrated, in truth, the fulfillment of the American Desire. "The publication of Undesirable Richard' Almanac and the Autobiography described the fact of the American Dream and launched ways of recognizing it, marking the formation of the American Dream. "(˜ 226-228)

2. 2. Historical explanations of the North american Dream

Throughout record, the American Goal has been praised by people. People speak highly of those who satisfied their American Wish. It was advertised for its appeal and possibility. As the overall economy and society developed, the meaning and classification of the "American Desire" also modified. Hundreds of years' later, this is of the American Dream is becoming wider and richer. Americans came to realize that it's not only the embodiment of materials success but the spiritual quest as well.

Historically the Dream originated in the brand new World, settlers deemed the American Aspiration as the option of low-cost land for farm ownership. People in america have sought to understand the American imagine success, popularity and riches through thrift and effort. For most immigrants, who wanted to escape from politics oppression and live a better life in America, the Statue of Liberty is an iconic image of the North american Dream, signifying independence, new life and new opportunities. For the dark, it means equality of race, no discriminations from the white; for girls, it means having equality in gender and posting equal privileges as men.

However it changes, the primary so this means of the American Wish is "the beliefs and ideal that the united states and society provide its citizens open and good opportunity and through hard work, courage, and dedication one can develop his abilities totally and achieve a better life for oneself. "( ˜‡32) Many People in america still have strong opinion in the American Dream.

2. 3. Historical Assignments of North american Dream

In general, the American Desire is the spark that animates American life. "It really is a shimmering vision of a fruitful country available to all who come, learn, work, save, invest, and play by the rules. " (Jillson 7) Throughout American history, this offer of opportunity and sense of opportunity has quickened the nationwide pulse from the beginning and has tied each era to those that came up before and, as importantly, to the ones that should come after. The American Desire has helped America to appeal to talents from all around the globe, bringing new bloodstream for the fast development of America. CBS Information anchor Dan Rather reported that all of the folks he interviewed have a "sense of the dream's existence, and importance, and feel that America has made their own dreams possible. This commonality, this interconnectedness between our own dreams and a nationwide ethos of aspiration might be the dream's most important contribution to the America of today and tomorrow. "(Jillson 7) However, problems shown in the pursuit of the American Wish also contributed to the improvement of American culture and public systems.

The American Goal reflects the spirits and pursuits of decades of Us citizens, which led them to stay on the New Land, brought them collectively in American Independent War and the Civil Battle, and made America the most powerful country on earth with great improvement in material and spiritual fields. As a kind of spiritual quest for Americans, "the American Aspiration develops almost together with American background; it performs an important role in American record. " ( ˜‡32)

In spite of all positive and negative attributes of the American Dream, it is becoming an essential part of American's spirit and American culture, and also end up being the driving force for one's self-improvement and part of American beliefs. The American Aspiration has always been, and continues to be, the gyroscope of American life, which is still alive and vivid as Barack Obama's reclaimed the North american Dream.

2. 4. AN OVER-ALL Explanation of the American Dream

No phrase catches the distinctive persona and offer of American life much better than the saying "the American Wish". As President Barack Obama said in another of his conversation, "We might result from different places and have different tales, but we reveal common desires, and one very American Dream. " You can find other beautiful lands, other free societies, and other wealthy countries, but America is "exceptional" because it is the house of an idea-that idea is the American Dream.

What is the North american Dream? Different people carry different ideas.

In American books, ±(2006) concludes the American Aspiration as "the beliefs performed by many in america of America that through hard work, courage, and dedication one can achieve a better life for oneself, usually through financial prosperity. These were ideals organised by many early on Western european settlers to the New Land, and also have been passed on to subsequent generations. Nowadays the American Dream has led to an emphasis on material riches as a measure of success and joy. " According to the definition, effort is the fundamental element for one's success, and the fantasy was handed to decades of Americans, but today this is of the dream also improved through time. Furthermore, we can easily see that the North american Dream also got a great influence on American literature.

Call Jillson (2004) places that "The American Wish" means a fair chance to achieve open competition with fellow individuals for the nice things of life. The grand guarantee of the American Dream has always been that those ready to learn, work, save, persevere, and play by the rules would have an improved chance to grow and prosper in America than virtually anywhere else on the planet. " This meaning by Call Jillson can best explain the appeal of the North american Dream: reasonable chance and available competition. These are what attract an incredible number of immigrants to America each year. America is the land which provides its people with good chance and wide open competition, thus each one can put their potential to full use.

Based on the definitions of Historian James Truslow Adams (1931) and Call Jillson (2004), this paper contains that the American Desire can be described from two aspects. In the National level, the American Desire is the National Dream of america. It is "a imagine social order where each man and each girl shall be able to attain to the fullest stature which they may be innately capable, and be acknowledged by others for what they are simply, whatever the fortuitous circumstances of beginning or position. " (Wikipedia) The thought of the American Dream is strongly related to the American Creed which is rooted in america Declaration of Self-reliance, which proclaims that "all men are created equal" and they are "endowed by their Originator with certain inalienable Protection under the law" including "Life, Liberty and the quest for Pleasure. " The dream demands that the nation (federal government) and modern culture can constantly perfect itself and "stand for opportunity and an open, fair, competitive, entrepreneurial environment where individual merit could find its place", and where "life should be better and richer and fuller for each man, with opportunity for every according to capacity or achievement. "

At the individual level, the American Aspiration is the offer that the country supports out to the growing generation and to immigrants that hard work and good play will, probably, lead to success. "It's been a dream of being able to develop to fullest development as a man and girl, unhampered by the barriers which had little by little been erected in the aged civilizations, unrepressed by sociable orders which got developed for the advantage of classes somewhat than for the easy human being of any and every category. " (Wikipedia)Those who are prepared to strive, to learn, to work hard, to save and commit, will have every chance to achieve success and to benefit from the fruits of the success in safety, security, and good order. "Education (physical and intellectual skills), good persona (honesty, cleanliness, sobriety, religiosity), effort (frugality, saving, investing), and just a little luck form a wide pathway to the North american Wish. "(Jillson 7)

In realization, the American Wish is the desire that in the us, under the insurance of its laws and regulations and communal systems, the country provides its citizens equal protection under the law, opportunities and fair chance to live a life a better life; and every individual can go after his own dreams and realize his potential according to his own effort, planning, education, etc. and finally achieve his own success. And these two points were and continue to be the most attractive and important essences of the North american Dream.

3. Barack Obama's North american Dream

3. 1. Barack Obama reclaims the North american Dream

Barack Obama recalls People in the usa' love to follow their American Aspiration in his speeches and political plan. "Having a dad from Kenya and a mother from Kansas, I know that my tale is only possible in the us. My family didn't have much when I was growing up, nonetheless they provided me love, a good education, and hope-hope that in this country, no fantasy is beyond our understanding if we grab it, and struggle for it, and work for this. And the reason why I'm jogging for president is to put the American Dream within reach for each family in NEW YORK, and in this country. "(Obama, Best Speeches of 78) On April 14, 2008, he pointed out that "We might result from different places and have different testimonies, but we discuss common hopes, and one very American Dream. " (Thomas 24) What made the saying "the American Aspiration" known to many and helped Barack Obama gain a countrywide reputation was the Keynote address on July 27, 2004. As he brought up in the address: "My parents shared not only an improbable love; they distributed an abiding beliefs in the possibilities of this nation. They might give me an African name, Barack, or "blessed", thinking that in a tolerant America your name is no hurdle to success. They thought me going to the best universities in the land, even though these were not wealthy, because in a generous America there is no need to be rich to accomplish your potential. I stand here understanding that my story is area of the larger American storyline, that I owe a arrears to all of these emerged before me, and this, in no other country on the planet, is my storyline even possible. Tonight, we accumulate to affirm the greatness of your nation, not because of the height of your skyscrapers, or the energy of our armed forces, or the size our overall economy. Our pride is based on a very simple premise, summed up in a declaration made over two hundred years back, "we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are aerated equal. That they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, among which can be life, liberty and the quest for happiness. " That is the true genius of America, a faith in the easy dreams of its people, the insistence on small miracles. We live called to reaffirm our values and commitments, to hold them against a hard reality and see how we are measuring up, to the legacy of our forbearers, and the assurance of future years. "(Obama, Best Speeches of 506-507) In this particular talk, his interpretation of the North american Dream gained him great reputation. His interpretation of the North american Dream was predicated on the general classification of the North american Aspiration and the American Creed. The phrase "the American Desire" once again captured Us citizens' attention in modern-day American population, leading Us citizens to rethink the North american Dream.

In his book he also stated the fundamental assurance of America-"that irrespective of where you result from, or what you look like, or who your parents are, this is a country where you can make it if you try. " (Obama, Change WE ARE ABLE TO 2) and he introduced his eye-sight for America rooted in the beliefs that contain always made America the last best desire of Earth. The folks he met believe in personal responsibility, hard work, and self-reliance. They also have confidence in fairness, opportunity, and obligations they need to each other. They believe in an America where good careers is there for the happy, where hard work is rewarded with a reasonable living.

Whether in his speeches or in his catalogs, the American Goal has been the central of Barack Obama's concept to American people. He seemed to try his very best to help make the American Dream known to all the Americans and to cause them to assume that the American Wish should not be neglected, that the American Dream is still alive and possible in American contemporary society and for future generations of People in america. He have recalled People in america' eagerness and interest for going after the American Wish. His personal experience was a perfect example.

3. 2. Barack Obama satisfied the American Aspiration at the average person level-from problem child to president

According to the Declaration of Independence, "every one is created equal and everyone has the right to follow life, liberty and joy. " Yet "equal" only means the equal opportunity, not everything. Every one has the chance to be educated, to have health care, to become wealth being, and to pursue happiness. One can become what he/she wants to be, not only in materials however in spirits as well. But the precondition is the fact you have to work hard, and realize it detail by detail. If you don't work hard diligently, you will never succeed in realizing your American Aspiration. It's only a misconception for you, not the American Fantasy.

Barack Obama's history is the American storyline. He was created and raised within an ordinary family. Effort and education were his means of getting ahead, and the conviction that a life so blessed should be performed by offering others.

With a father from Kenya and a mom from Kansas, Obama was created in Hawaii on August 4, 1961. When his mom was 18 yrs. old, she married to Barack Obama's father-a foreign student from Kenya. However, when he was just 2 yeas' old, his daddy left the family. His dad remarried and returned to Kenya, going to him in Hawaii only once 8 years later. Since that, there have been no connections between them. His dad died within an automobile accident in 1982. Barack Obama grew up with help from his grandfather, who dished up in Patton's military, and his grandmother, who functioned her way up from the secretarial pool to middle management at a loan provider. He spent his child life in Hawaii and Indonesia, both of which are far away from North american mainland.

Confused by his cultural status and complex family record, Barack Obama lived an unhappy years as a child. When he was young, he was a challenge child. In his book, he confessed that he "lives in his father's and Us citizens' Goal. "(Obama, Dreams from My23) He recalled, "That my father looked nothing like the individuals around me-that he was dark as pitch, my mother white as milk-barely documented in my mind. " (Obama, Dreams from My 200436) He had to battle to reconcile cultural perceptions of his multiracial traditions. He also composed his shameful life activities in the reserve. "I used to be addicted to drugs when I was an adolescent. I did not really know what life is about as other needy black teenagers felt. " (Obama, Dreams from My 47) When he is at Indonesia and Hawaii, he used to take pot and cocaine and he drank liquor during his teenage years to "push questions of who I used to be out of my mind" (Obama, Dreams from My 51). He would always play truant and wander in the pavements, "lived a ridiculous life and did many ridiculous things. " (Obama, Dreams from My 51) On the 2008 Civil Forum on the Presidency, he identified his high-school medication use as a great moral inability. As he puts in the publication: "I used to be a nightmare to all or any my teachers when I was at senior high school, nobody knows how to deal with me. " (Obama, Dreams from My 47) As an individual father or mother, Barack Obama's mom had to work hard and become tight with him to ensure that he get a good education. However, he would always disappoint his mom. This year 2010, he pointed out similar experience but said that he was lucky and received a lot of second chances, he had the chance to go to college or university and law university and follow his American Dreams with his own effort and effort. Not until he graduated from high school do Barack Obama proceed to Los Angeles where he visited Occidental School and later transferred to Columbia College or university. In 1981, he made his first general population speech, phoning for Occidental's divestment from South Africa.

He continued to attend legislations institution, where he became the first DARK-COLORED chief executive of the Harvard Laws Review. Upon graduation, he went back to Chicago to help lead a voter sign up drive, educate constitutional legislations at the School of Chicago, and stay energetic in his community.

Obama's many years of general population service were founded around his unwavering idea in his potential to unite people around a political of purpose. In the Illinois State Senate, he passed the first major ethics reform in 25 years, lower fees for working families, and expanded health care for children and their parents. He was elected to the Illinois Senate in 1996 and he offered three terms in the Illinois Senate from 1997 to 2004. In 2004, he ran for US SENATE. During the advertising campaign, several events helped bring him to countrywide attention, including his victory in the March 2004 Democratic key and his keynote address in July 2004. Being a United States Senator, he reached over the aisle to pass groundbreaking lobbying reform, secure the world's most dangerous weapons, and bring transparency to federal by putting federal spending online. He began his presidential plan in February 2007, and after a close campaign in the 2008 Democratic Get together presidential primaries against Hillary Rodham Clinton, he acquired his party's nomination. Within the 2008 basic election, he defeated Republican nominee John McCain, and was inaugurated as leader on January 20, 2009. He and his partner, Michelle, are the proud parents of two daughters, Malia and Sasha. They lived a happy life.

At the average person level, Barack Obama is the typical exemplory case of the American Aspiration. "He transformed himself from a difficulty child to a school student, received a whole lot of second chances and visited law institution, became the senator of Illinois and then the senator of the United States, and in 2008 he became the Chief executive of the United States. " (˜ 70) His life experience itself is an embodiment of the North american Desire. Despite Barack Obama's flaws and shameful experiences, he had his own American Dreams, and he received good education, did the trick hard, prepared well, never quit, worked from underneath to the top, and resided a happy and successful life. Who would suppose a "problem child" would go to Harvard law university and later even would end up being the first DARK-COLORED president? Young, vigorous, ambitious and hardworking, Barack Obama considerably transformed his life and became aware his potential, making people believe that his account was only possible in the land of America. Definitely, equally the American Wish Claims, Barack Obama is the spokesman of the American Dream in contemporary America.

3. 3. Barack Obama reclaims the American Dream at the National racial level--from "slave" to president

Obviously, Barack Obama's climb to presidency claimed the American Goal not only at the individual level but also at the nationwide racial level. Barack Obama's North american Dream was also the dream that People in america have been looking forward to more than 200 years: "that all men are manufactured equivalent". He was also regarded as a symbol of the truth of the generations' old North american Dream. The North american Wish demanded that the united states, government and modern culture ensure an wide open and good environment for folks to go after their dreams. However, in American record, the simple truth is that many people were excluded from the desire for their competition, gender, color, get older etc. For a long time, African Americans could not share the same protection under the law as the white because of their race and color. Discrimination is definitely a tough problem for the African People in america.

We can still recall Martin Luther King's world-famous conversation "I have a dream" made practically 50 years back. In the talk, he reflected the reality that dark-colored people cannot share equal privileges, opportunities and sociable status as the white people even a century after Abraham Lincoln granted the Emancipation Proclamation. As King put: "one hundred years later, the life span of the Negros continues to be regretfully crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination, and the Negros is still anguished in the sides of American society and confirms himself in exile in his own land". (Cited in - 95-97) In the 1960s, when the civil privileges movements was at its climax, Martin Luther Ruler made his aspiration known to depends upon: even though we face the down sides of today and tomorrow, I still I have a dream. It is a aspiration deeply rooted in the North american Dream. I have a wish that 1 day this region will rise and live out the real so this means of its creed: "we maintain these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created similar. " (Cited in - 95-97) Dr. Ruler also rooted the civil protection under the law movement in the dark quest for the American Desire in his "letter from Birmingham Prison" (1963), that African Americans would gain their independence. And on August 28th 1964, he expected that 40 years later there would be a "black" leader. Coincidently, 44years later, Barack Obama truly came to the realization Dr. King's wish and he also achieved the America's generations' old wish. America finally stood up and resided out its true meaning of creed.

"300 years back, African People in the usa were slaves, who resided a life of animals and were sold in the street spot; 300 years later, the life of African People in america has changed considerably and their social status has risen sharply. During the 300 years, African Us citizens have never quit fighting for liberty and political rights, and their own American Dreams. "( 22) To a big level, Barack Obama fulfilled an old-century fantasy for some African Americans. Today in Americans' eyes, African Americans really can enjoy their independence and rights. But they were attained by the initiatives of years of Americans. To be able to fight against contest problem and discrimination, and gain liberty and equal protection under the law, African People in the usa have fought hard for more than 100 years; civil rights market leaders including Martin Luther Ruler Jr. have sacrificed their lives. It had been the have difficulties of decades of African Us citizens that they could discuss their own American Dream, and also made Barack Obama the President of America possible.

Barack Obama's surge to presidency was a historical instant in American record. Because the founding of America, all the presidents of America were white. Though the American constitution said "that all men are created equal", it needed a huge selection of years' of battle and debate to change this "equality" into fact. In 1862, a century before Barack Obama was born, when Lincoln granted the Emancipation Proclamation, African Us citizens did not gain true freedom; they still experienced discrimination and could not obtain good education. What really helped African Americans gain independence and equality was the civil rights movements in 1960s. The government's effort also added to the reason. Leader John F. Kennedy and the federal government helped to perfect America, he shared some works and new regulations through the 1960s. Since then African Us citizens could really show equality as the white. They could go to the same college and do the same job, participate in politics life and run for senator. Until today, as Barack Obama was elected the chief executive of America, the decades' old North american Dream became a reality. Race had not been a problem for one to be elected the Chief executive of America.

Apart from African Americans' fight for equality, flexibility and their American Dreams, America government and modern culture also added to make Barack Obama's aspiration possible. Decades of leaders have made their attempts to "perfect the Union" and also to ensure that America is moving toward its creed. Americans also believe they can perfect their union and package with problems. Barack Obama's success appears to reclaim the North american Dream to depends upon that America can perfect itself which is still where everything are possible. As he devote his victory conversation in Chicago(2008), "if there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible, who still amazing things if the imagine our founders is still alive inside our time, who still questions the power in our democracy, tonight is your answer!"(Cited in - 219) Being elected as the first DARK-COLORED President in American history, Barack Obama satisfied Americans' National Wish that "all men are manufactured equal".

Barack Obama is a superb encouragement for other groups of minorities in america. American folks have much expectation on Barack Obama not only in overall economy, politics but also in his promises for People in america to bring the American Goal within reach of all. We have no idea whether he'll still wear shiny smiles on his face after 4 or 8 years, but through his experience we can see that America is perfecting itself and making much improvement toward its politics creed. "Before his win in the 2008 Election, he's a continuing American Goal, but today he explains to the whole world that the North american Dream is not so far away. " ( 69)

From these examination, we can conclude that at the countrywide race level, Barack Obama also achieved America's old-century fantasy that "each is free, each is created equal and everything have the to purse delight. " An BLACK could run for presidency and was finally elected the Chief executive of America; it demonstrates that America can perfect itself and ensure its residents an available and good environment for success. In that society, folks have reason to believe that there is a lot opportunity in their American Fantasy. There could be an Asian North american President after having a few decades. That's selling point of the American Fantasy.

3. 4 Barack Obama' political attempts and the North american Dream

The image of the North american Dream continue to be powerfully resonant today because each generation of Americans relate the nation's Founding ideals to the innovations and dangers of a new age. For folks, they must make themselves well and work hard when they get the chance, "but federal, through well-designed law and coverage, can ensure that cultural and monetary opportunities are available for Americans to remain competitive over and ensure that neither privilege nor prejudice influenced the results as men pursued their dreams. "(Jillson 83) Federal government also needs to create, maintain, and revise the legal and political structures so that it can ensure the American Dream is within reach for its individuals.

Like every previous generations of Us citizens, they must ask what the country can do to ensure that the American Dream thrives for this and future years. Public opinion, celebrations, and politics will ultimately determine way that People in america take. To place the American Desire within reach for all those was an important reason for Barack Obama to perform for presidency. As he put in his speeches: "I choose to perform for the presidency at this moment in history because I really believe deeply that we cannot solve the obstacles in our time unless we solve them together-unless we perfect our union by understanding that we might have different reports, but we hold common hopes and dreams; that we may well not look the same and we might not exactly attended from the same place, but most of us want to move in the same direction-toward a much better future for our children and our grandchildren. "(Cited in- 61-62)"As our parents' children, we have the possibility to study from these errors and disappointments. We have the courage to satisfy the promise of the forefathers and lead our great nations toward an improved future. " (Obama, Best Speeches of 156) As Barack Obama puts in his publication: "after i stopped and thought about the probabilities I have been given-chances that so numerous others still didn't have-I made the decision that I'd do my small part to improve that. And I accepted the job, sight unseen enthusiastic then by a single, simple, powerful idea- that I would play a little part in building a much better America. "(Obama, Change We Can 6) To a more substantial degree, Barack Obama spoke out most People in america' common dream, which is to build a better future for their children and grandchildren and to build a much better country.

However, despite Barack Obama's and the government's effort to perfect the government and society and to reduce barriers for its citizens to follow their American Aspiration, many people question and oppose his political programs and his rhetoric. Barack Obama's political plans and insurance policies designed to build a much better America and a much better future for People in america, but now The Tea Get together movement, which were only available in 2009, is growing fast in the United States on the grass-roots level, and has turned into a political force backed by conservatives to counter Chief executive Barack Obama's policies. His regulations were to trim tax for the middle class, however, the word "Tea" is currently explained by followers as "Taxed Enough Already. "(Wheatley) In 2009 2009, some nationally coordinated protests were prepared to oppose big government, President Obama, the U. S. federal government budget and the financial stimulus package. According to the Time Magazine, the Tea Party movement is merely one expression of a vast discontent unsettling the united states. Polls have found that two-thirds of Americans explain themselves as dissatisfied or irritated with their federal. Furthermore, some African Americans also described that "Barack Obama is merely elite with dark color. He had not been "black" enough to stand for their interest. "(48-49) Under such circumstances, Barack Obama's dream of "putting the American Goal within reach for everyone" is challenging to fulfill. Only once nearly all Americans can really follow and achieve their American Dreams can Barack Obama's work can be acknowledged by people.

As the leader of the United States, Barack Obama achieved the most serious turmoil in history, making him difficult to carry out some of his ideas. It remains to be observed who will be another spokesman and embodiment of the North american Dream, but certainly, Barack Obama brings hope to Americans, making them believe that the American Desire continues to be alive, brilliant and possible in modern America. In such a nation and contemporary society where all things are possible, People in america have reason to assume that America will not simply be considered a wealthier and convenient place, it will be more just, reasonable, open, and tolerant. Thus the American Dream will be renewed, rejuvenated and widened again. Most importantly, "the American Fantasy should be embraced as the unique sense of probability that America offers its citizens-the decent chance, as Moss Hart would say, to level the wall surfaces and achieve what you wish. "(Vanity Good)

4. Conclusion

As an integral area of the American culture, the American Aspiration has helped form the American spirits and has contributed to the introduction of America since it originated. Whenever it is in the past or at present, the American Dream has been the primary reason for individuals who cross ocean to get once and for all opportunity and better life in America. This is of the American Dream has also developed in the course of American history. Everyone has his interpretation of the North american Dream. Over time, the American Goal has been doubted, however in contemporary America, because of Barack Obama's surge to presidency, People in the usa' love for seeking the American Wish has increased highly. Barack Obama satisfied the American Goal not only at the average person level but also at the countrywide racial level. He has establish a brilliant example for individuals who are chasing their own variations of American Dreams, specifically for American minorities, and his story has made many People in america believe that the American Wish continues to be alive, brilliant and possible in modern day America.

However, Barack Obama's story also leaves us much implication. Don't assume all one particular who pursue their American Dreams will finally succeed. Despite the anticipation Barack Obama brought to American people and his political work to reclaim the American Dream, Obama's North american dream gets the possibility to be diluted into a minority value or at least being briefly thrown unto the trunk stage of background. There it's still some invisible obstacles for some People in the usa to fulfill the American Fantasy, such as competition and gender problems. Therefore, to rejuvenate the American Goal in modern day American society, both government and Us citizens have a long way to go. Not merely should the authorities and world take responsibilities to reduce barriers for the wish and create the promised public order and environment to ensure the attractiveness of the dream, individuals also make responsibilities to spread the substance of the North american Wish to future generations. In this manner, the American Fantasy can be and always be the sign of America.

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