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The country’s history in a barack obama essay

Each time elections arise again, people naturally want to know what every candidate is going to do for them. Once people obtain the right to vote they get themselves involved in the political race. When deciding between several candidates we’re eager to vote for, we normally pay attention to the following key issues – the national economy and education.

The given issues are very important for the vast majority of electors. It’s because they greatly affect them at any time. No one denies the economy has a powerful impact on every human being, if it’s not a primitive savage living somewhere in the Amazon jungles. The importance of educations can’t be underestimated by those who’s on the verge to enter college. When cycling through candidates’ offers, we see some of them definitely stand out from others. A typical example is Barack Obama, the current US President and the candidate from the Democratic Party. We’re going to tell about him in this barack obama essay .

During the last presidential elections, a great number of American citizens purported Obama’s ideas for improving the national economy. He made up his mind to bring the US troops home from Iraq, thus saving $12 billon of our hard-earned taxes. The second crucial fact that needs to be mentioned in this essay about barack obama , is the President’s concern for the current energy policy that has rather a negative impact on our economy. Obama puts a lot of value on new energy bills. From his point of view, if they’re passed, that will greatly help America to get out of this tough economic downtime.

Another point in our barack obama essay paper is the president’s intention to drastically improve education. The very essence of his educational reform is to start educating kids much earlier than before. For instance, his plan dubbed «Children’s First Agenda» deals with early education. Obama wants to close the obvious gap of achievement between students. In simple terms the plan suggests helping those schools, which really need help from the government. The President is eager to pay teacher more and even treat them like true professionals. However, in exchange he asks for greater accountability.

In our essay on barack obama we should also tell that Obama relishes a thought to make colleges far more affordable. Obama intends to make colleges free for those maintaining a «B» average at high school. Another worthy initiative, which should be also highlighted in the essay about obama , is a $4,000 tax credit for university as well as college students, who manage to complete one hundred hours of community service every year. Many people agree that all these ideas illustrated above will greatly improve American education and help our students.

Barack Obama has a slew of great ideas relating to various issues most Americans care about. So, there’s no wonder he won his presidential elections in 2009.

Obama’s biography and political career

As the 44th US President, Barack Obama was officially inaugurated in 2009. He became the first African American to occupy the highest position in the US.

Being the son of a black Kenyan dad and a white American mom, Barack grew up in Hawaii. He left his state in order to attend college. After college, he got degrees from the Harvard Law School and Columbia University. In Chicago Barack worked as a community organizer. In that city, in 1992 he met his future wife Michelle LaVaughn Robinson. They married and their kids Natasha and Malia Ann were born in 2001 and 1998 respectively. In 1996 Barack was firstly elected to the Illinois state senate, where he worked for 8 years. He was elected to the US Senate from Illionois in 2004. In 2007 he became the candidate for the President of the US. Having won a closely-fought contest against Hillary Clinton, Barack managed to defeat the Republican nominee, John McCain in the general election.

As the newly elected US president, Barack Obama faced a series of challenges. American economy was in a tough recession, while the outgoing Bush’s administration started implementing rather a controversial bail-out package in order to save struggling financial institutions. In foreign affairs, America still had troops deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq.

During his first term, Obama in tandem with Congress took a number of measures to improve American economy. He finally withdrew American troops from Iraq and passed a promising health care reform. However, most of his current negotiations with Republicans in Congress about budgets, taxes and deficit have ended unsuccessfully. Having won re-election in 2012 he paid much attention to immigration reform as well as gun control. Much of the government’s attention was focused on the automatic spending of cuts, that was realized in 2013.

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