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Background and future probable of electronic digital marketing

Describe the background, current and future potential of e-marketing, e-business model, e-marketing process, and various types of e-marketing strategies, modern day proper e-marketing issues in Viet Nam / a different country. Explain the critical impact of internet and how it changes the traditional marketing in the aspects of segmentation, focusing on, differentiation, setting, product, price, distribution, intergrated marketing communication and customer relationship management. Support your agrument with suited examples.

> Very simply put, e-marketing, which is also known as as online or internet marketing, refers to the combo of old-age marketing key points and techniques via electric media and over the Internet network. The terms e-marketing, e-business, e-marketing strategies and e-marketing process are generally interchanged, and can often be considered synonymous. Customarily, marketing 's been around for a very long time. Marketing comes in many different forms and has been used in various ways throughout the annals, but is absolutely meant for a very important factor only. Marketing helps to increase the profitability of products or services. Because the day when humans first started out trading whatever it was that they first traded, marketing was there. At that time, it was the experiences professionals used to encourage others to operate. Marketing has come a long way since then; up until a few years ago marketing has all been done in the same basic method, but the Internet has transformed everything greatly.

The ways that individuals do marketing and business have transformed and improved year by year and now they have grown to be a lot much easier to deliver their reports, products and get marketing messages out there. E-Marketing involves both direct response marketing as well as indirect marketing factors whilst using a variety of solutions to get businesses to their customers connected. The Internet, actually, has taken billions of people from all strolls of life collectively within the reach of any internet marketer. In so doing they can reach a wider market which is still targeted because of their particular product or service. THE WEB has really evolved the way many people conduct business so when it is constantly on the evolve we will have even more changes in the way that e-business is being gained. This is true more than ever in the case of Vietnam.

Given the fact that Vietnam gets the 13th largest people on the earth and should come as no surprise that it gets the very large number of online users also. Vietnam have around more than 30 million people online by the year of 2010 [1] which account for 15% internet penetration rate. Those internet users spend over 50% of the leisure time online, which amounts to more than fifteen hours per person in Vietnam per week. Of these users, 10 million are users of interpersonal networking sites, and over 20 million are search engine users. Most notably, though, the worthiness of online business trades in Vietnam come to 20000 billion Viet Nam Dong this past year, that is, 1 billion USD [2]. Also, online commerce is now being more extensively accepted by marketers as the best and useful tool of spending advertising dollars. The online monetary system for the united states is approaching.

Maybe the one reports more impressive than these volumes are their unparalleled growth rate. Since the year 1999, the number of internet surfers in Vietnam has increased by over 15000% from less than 200 thousand users to 30 million [3]. The usage of the internet in some of the greatest towns such as Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi has even exceeded 50%. The usage of communal networking sites has also been expanding much more quickly than expected, with the actual amount of users exceeding predictions by over 10 million people. Even more importantly, within the last year the amount of online business trades grew by 900% while the value of these orders more than doubled [4].

Through these facts and results, while interesting in their own right, are much more vital insofar as they hint at Vietnam's remarkable potential for expansion. Despite 30 million people who presently use the internet in Vietnam, still 56 million folks who are not yet online, even though it is naive to think that every single person in Vietnam will undoubtedly be an internet consumer, if internet penetration in Vietnam were to attain levels very much like those of America which a certainly obtainable goal of around 75%, this would be an addition of over 70 million users to the web. To these new users, many would be drawn to online marketing and business, further growing an already lively and solid market. Most importantly, those new users in Vietnam could develop the field of potential prospects that can be come to through careful marketing strategies.

As one of the speediest growing economies on earth despite the global financial crisis, Vietnam's real GDP is expected to grow another 30% by the year 2015 [5], getting even more disposable income to the speedily increasing variety of internet users in Vietnam, which is a prospect for the future potential of e-marketing, e-business model, e-marketing process and various types of e-marketing strategies. Will it really make any sense to not reach out to this through e-marketing and e-business? By understanding how to effectively employ Vietnamese se's, being culturally very sensitive in the way you target a foreign audience, and understanding how to navigate the language barrier, a comparatively moderate investment of commitment may pay dividends later. Simply by translating the homepage on the website into British, for example, to encourage visitors to execute business with the product or service in British, your page will be able to come in Vietnamese se's. With Vietnam's swiftly expanding market and internet end user bottom, it only is practical to venture forth into Vietnamese e-marketing. Besides these things, issues also can be found.

The contemporary strategic e-marketing issues, however, are group of constraints that prevent the performance of e-marketing in Vietnam. These problems include the following:

- Technology: Internet marketing requires Vietnamese customers to utilize modern technologies alternatively than traditional advertising;

- Cyber criminal offense: Vietnamese does not have habit of buying online. Many customers are hesitant to buy items via the internet because they don't know whether their private information will remain private or not;

- Quality: The concern that customers have with e-commerce merchants is whether they will receive precisely what they purchase, which brings about the solution that many online retailers have attempted to share this concern by buying and building strong brands (for example: Amazon. com, eBay, Nganluong. vn, Chodientu. vn, etc), and by leveraging their feedback rating systems as well as e-commerce bonding alternatives. All those are attempts to assure customers that their transactions will be free of scams because the stores can be respected to provide reliable products and services. Furthermore, the major online payment merchanisms (bank cards, for illustration) also have provided back-end buyer protections systems to handle problems if indeed they actually do take place.

- Xenophilia: The preference for foreign products always is an issue. Because of the development procedure for Vietnam and our inability to produce most high quality goods, specially technologically superior products, Vietnamese customers tend to choose buying from the greater industrialized countries. This makes the development procedure for Vietnamese sectors and commercial life of the individuals more impoverished. Producing countries as vietnam constitute over 70% of the world's population, but only contribute about 12% of the world's professional creation that often boost e-marketing in these economies. Why should this be the case, and who's to be blamed for the structural discrepancy and imbalance? What actions could Vietnam take up to accelerate the rate of industrialization and the development to be able to improve the tempo of e-marketing? It really is generally noticed that Vietnam locally-made goods are only for the indegent, uneducated and those who aren't fashionable, whilst the intake of imported goods and services is used as a position icon for the elite and affluent even when international products are of less quality in comparison with similar Vietnamese high quality brands. This example makes the expansion of e-marketing and satisfaction of customers in Vietnam locally difficult;

- High cost of development: Online marketing has suffered in most growing countries like Vietnam because almost all creation techniques are imported from the developed countries. The expense of acquiring accessories and other inputs used for production in Vietnam to improve e-marketing sometimes extremely difficult to buy. How can marketers fix these problems? They certainly will need to have proper e-marketing strategies:

The vital significance of developing a highly effective e-marketing strategy is suggested by Michael Porter (2001) who may have said: "The main element question is not whether to deploy Internet technology, companies have no choice if they want to remain competitive, but how to deploy it. " [6] An e-marketing strategy is needed to provide consistent direction for just about any organization's e-marketing activities that integrates using its other marketing activities and helps the overall aims of the business enterprise.

For most companies, the first problems into online marketing is not the consequence of a well-defined, designed e-strategy but instead a reply to rivals activities and customers need. After establishing a site for a 12 months, marketing staffs and mature managers in a firm may question its efficiency. That's usually the point where in fact the need for a rational e- online marketing strategy becomes apparent. As consequence, the starting point is whenever a company which includes an existing site which is reviewing the current site and its efficiency with a view to future improvements. There is absolutely no evidence to claim that the approach to developing and implementing a strategy should be notably different for e-marketing. Establish frameworks for corporated strategy development or strategic marketing planning, hence, should still be implemented. Those frameworks provided a coherent continuation to follow making sure inclusion of most main activities of strategy development. It could be argued, nevertheless, that with online marketing there is an even greater need for a highly reactive strategy process model where fast reaction might occur to events in the market. In 2002, the economist Chaffey observed that e-business and e-marketing have a tendency to use a three-stage model strategy [7]. These are:

- Strategic research: Continuous scanning of the micro and macro-environment of an organization which is necessary with particular emphases on the changing needs of the clients, activities and business models of competitor and opportunities afforded by new modern solutions. [8]

- Strategic objectives: Companies will need to have a clear eyesight that if digital press will accompaniment or modify other mass media and their convenience of change [9]. Clear targets should be arranged and specifically goals for the online revenue contribution needed to be defined.

- Strategy implementation: Devising and performing practices should be place to achieve tactical goals. This includes relaunching a website, opening promotive campaigns associated to the website and monitoring the efficiency of the site [10].

The above three-stage strategy pointed out to the effectiveness of the website in strategic management. Back to this subject, we can easily find out the crucial impact of the web and how it changes the traditional marketing in the areas of segmentation, concentrating on, differentiation, placement, product, price, circulation, intergrated marketing communication and customer relationship management.

An e-marketing planning program has 2 edges. The first is the part specialized in individual customers. The second is the business enterprise to business aspect. E-commerce programs, advertising, sales online support and customer support are all factors of the online marketing programme. Parallel companies compete keenly against one another whilst being only a click of the mouse away. Quite simply, with the internet the customer can locate plentiful retailers which sell similar items, similar prices and similar offers in only a short while period. Since more and more people are more comfortable with the internet, the marketing strategies is likely to continue to educe soon in coming years. During the last decade, the use of the internet has exploded radically in both the consumer and business-to-business marketplaces. Though experts still argue the future of the internet, no person questions it is having a great impact how business is taking place in the 21st century. Here are details about the internet that highlight its extreme development and occurrence in movements of the modern culture:

- The most common products that customers search online and buy at the store or shop are car, computer, computer hardware, travel, electronics, literature, music, sporting goods and clothing;

- In 2004, 10% of business-to-business advertising us dollars were put in online, the quantity spent was 8. 7 billion USD around the world;

- About 54% email users have taken care of immediately an e-mail ad, almost half purchased an item;

- Internet retail sales take into account almost 2. 5% of most retail global sales [11].

Many companies use the internet for their every business activity such as taking orders, sales programs, service departments, inventory control, communications plans, and development scheduling. . . The change from traditional communication stations to the internet occurred so quickly today.

Marketers and individuals are one of the primary can get income from the internet. Nowadays in software industry, it is just a trend to understand that the internet, namely websites, is now the communication tool of choice for most business-to-business companies. The web provides opportunities for segmentation, focusing on, differentiation, positioning, product, price, syndication, intergrated marketing communication and customer relationship management.

How about the continuing future of the e-marketing, e-business and e-commerce? E-commerce has grown by high jumps and proceeds to create new horizon lines each year. As huge as Google is, it was created in 1998. Google what lengths have come to the world. Because the Internet continues to grow, the future probable of e-marketing is a much talked about subject. E-marketing is currently rather untidy but quickly in the near future remnants of the old, such as banner advertisings and email marketing, are clearly one their way out.

In realization, the impact of the internet on marketing and business has been evidently noted in today's world. The presence of the internet and e-commerce is so sweeping that the many applications of hi-tec technology are now crucial components of a fully integrated marketing communications program. In other words, the internet starts new horizon for today's marketing world.

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