Baby Treatment Market In India Record Marketing Essay

The reason this research issue has been chosen is that the baby good care market is growing at an easy tempo in India rather than much research has been taken in this area before. The increasing awareness of the availability of wide selection of baby care products has been assisting drive Indian Baby Health care Market at a good pace. This sphere of businesses of marketers is quite unexplored compared to one in developed countries like USA and United Kingdom. The scores and fields which will be focused on and comprehensive research will be achieved would be of great help and pave ways for a new market development which is yet unexplored. The Indian current economic climate is on the sustainable developing phase and whole lot of potential exists for a new segment. This is facilitated anticipated to high GDP, higher disposable income and dual income that contributes to smaller time for mothers to take care of their newly- created.

This research subject matter entails to numerous scope because of the previously listed reasons. The Indian baby good care market has emerged among the most profitable marketplaces and has seen remarkable growth during the last few years. Additionally, entry of new players and competitive costing, the market is expected to emerge further in the years to come. The market involves baby care products like baby hair and skincare products, toiletries and diapers. It really is expected that the Indian baby care market will surge at a compounded annual expansion rate of around 11% during 2011-2013.

The section of concerned research would include mainly exploring new physical market in the Indian land and focusing on how up scaling of brand extension in the baby- service market. Although current debate in the Indian segment of nourishment value of baby foods and quality of the baby care products are sometimes in question yet these debates do not adjust the demand for these products. The market is principally dominated by some big founded players who have been there for an extended period of their time. Companies like Johnson & Johnson, Dabur, Procter & Gamble and Kimberley-Clark dominate the infant care market in various sections of baby maintenance systems. However, in many semi urban areas of the united states it's been noticed that the market is dominated by unorganised sector. The individuals to the market are increasing throw-away income, high birth rate and increase in the amount of working women and healthy lifestyle that causes a healthy mom- baby romance. Although market happens to be restricted to cities it is fast extending to semi- metropolitan and rural areas. The infant health care market in India is growing like nothing you've seen prior, thanks to the initiative considered by increasing variety of vendors in this respect. It is forget about just the usual players like Johnson and Johnson or P&G which were offering baby products since long, but also new players like Lilliput (a favorite kidswear shop), Chicco (Italy), Mothercare (THE UK Retail Giant), Mommy and Me amongst others who are also signing up for the brigade in India along with many other unorganized merchants. While Chicco and Mothercare have lately moved into the Indian market, Lilliput also has huge plans when it comes to making a foray in the Indian baby attention market. There was a time in India when formal shopping for baby good care as a routine shopping was unusual. Today suppliers are having the trend as one of each week basis shopping putting the psychological psychographic as a frontrunner offering proportion. http://retail. franchiseindia. com/articles/Retail-Trends/Retail-Industry/Booming-Baby-Care-Market-316/

http://www. business-standard. com/india/news/kitbaby-care-market-in-india-2008/13/52/334451/

According to a study survey called "Indian Baby Health care market to 2013", the baby treatment market in India has experienced exceptional progress within the last few years due to changing consumer way of thinking and increased penetration of baby care products. At present, the market is in the nascent level of development and it'll emerge among the world's speediest growing baby good care markets. This survey contains complete research and logical research on various sections of the infant care market in India, including rub oil, skin care, diapers and baby food. Moreover, large population platform in 0-4 years and parents increasing choice to spend more on baby products will drive the marketplace to new horizons in forseeable future. India has surfaced as the utmost preferred market for the companies that make baby maintenance systems, says RNCOS article. RNCOS is market research consulting Services Company that specialises in BioPharma, IT & Telecom, and Retail and Services market sectors. According to the survey several international players are preparing to present specialised products in a bet to grab market share from well-established players like Johnson & Johnson even though India signifies huge development opportunities, there are certain troubles for the industry. The Indian baby good care market is restricted to just cities, despite accounting for bulk sales, the cities are still under penetrated as compared to other developed and expanding market segments in the western countries. "Indian Baby Treatment Market to 2013" is an exhaustive research and objective evaluation on the growing baby maintenance systems market in India. The record also evaluates the factors critical to the success of baby maintenance systems market in India and deeply examined the market tendencies. Detailed data and qualitative analysis help investors to understand the latest movements in the infant treatment industry. The report also provides the segment-wise analysis, forecast and information of growing areas. The information in the report covered in the report assists with understanding the market dynamics and the equivalent factors in charge of transformation of the industry. The report also mentions the problems that face the baby treatment market in India. The Indian baby care and attention market is restricted greatly to cities. Despite accounting for majority of sales, the urban areas such as big places like Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore are yet to be totally penetrated compared to the european countries. The obstacles facing the marketplace are competition from cheaper substitutes and social aspects of the individuals in the united states.

There is another research record on the Indian baby good care market by Bharat E book Bureau which says that India is one of the retail spots surrounding the world, represents a higher potential and untapped market for baby maintenance systems. The research is named Indian Baby Treatment Market Examination. With growing recognition and growing income level Indian baby care and attention market is quickly transforming into the world's fastest growing baby care market. n addition, vast population platform in this band of 0-4 years and parents choice to spend more on baby products will further raise demand for baby care products in the united states. According to this research, the Indian baby care market has substantially grown over the past few years and caught the interest of international players. It confirmed impressive performance this past year (2009), which reveals to the nonexistence of economic slowdown effects. Hostile marketing strategies and consumer popularity of branded top quality baby care products (especially in baby food and baby skin care segments) to join up a higher compounded annual expansion rate. The article also says that competitive prices and product recognition have increased the power of marketing activities to appeal to more customers. According to the research carried by Bharat Book the Indian baby care market will witness a great deal of change in competitive surroundings. The research says that many international companies are planning to enter the Indian market with the diversified product collection. This report also focuses on the importance of rural market in the Indian bay attention market for all the companies. According to the research More than 70% of consumers reside in rural areas and almost 50% of the national income is made here. The analysis indicates that the buyer foundation for baby treatment products in rural areas in India is expected to reach around 109 Million by 2015. The survey identifies a vast prospect society will provide enough development opportunities to new and existing players and can position India as one of the world's biggest and fast growing baby care and attention markets. Furthermore, the government support to agriculture and rural current economic climate will create a profitable downstream chance for the baby care and attention industry. As the government supports the rural occupation schemes like NAREGA, it offers rural consumers an chance to earn much more and empower them to invest more. On the trunk of these improvements, we expect that the rural market will activate expansion in this industry during the approaching years. This record also presents business account and strategic techniques of the leading players of the Indian baby care industry. Furthermore, the article provides future perspective for all your important aspects of the industry considering the ramifications of global economic problems on base motorists, opportunities, and problems confronted by the Indian baby care and attention industry.

http://news. infibeam. com/blog/information/2010/12/24/rural_india_will_drive_baby_care_market. html

The Italian health and wellness products company Artsana opened a study and Development centre in June2010 to build up products for babies as it appears to grow its operation. The business is already mixed up in Indian baby treatment market as it markets the 'Chicco' brand of baby maintenance systems in India. When they started their research on the baby attention market in India they found out that whenever it comes to pampering the little ones, only the French do it better than Indian and on the other palm, Southern Korean parents pamper their offspring the least. Now increase that the actual fact that increasingly more metropolitan Indian parents are changing into a discerning, sometimes picky, group of consumers with increasing incomes. Just the sort of folks who are willing to pay for products from Chico's stable. Just like a baby cushion with a simulated heartbeat. Or clothes which may have passed through metallic detectors to identify and remove microscopic metallic shards, making them absolutely safe before they hit shop cabinets.

http://economictimes. indiatimes. com/media/news-by-industry/cons-products/fmcg/artsana-plans-rd-centre-for-baby-care-products-in-india/articleshow/6032601. cms

In short, both the previous researches mentioned above say that the infant good care market in India is expanding rapidly because of varied reasons. The demand for baby food and other baby products are increasing and many international companies are getting attracted. These studies discuss information on market performance, recent market developments, and developments for all these market sections.

Gaps in the last research

Both the prior studies done i. e. The Indian Baby Care market to 2013 and Indian Baby Care Market Analysis give attention to baby care products like baby food, skincare, toiletries and massage therapy engine oil. However, baby care market includes many other products like buggies, car seats, prams, baby providers and babies toys. The previous studies has hardly talked about about the merchandise. The consumption of products like vehicles specially designed for infants, baby treatment CDs and baby buggies is relatively less in India compared to United Kingdom and USA. If you travel in locations like London and NY you can view at least one baby buggy in a bus whereas in a city like New Delhi and Mumbai you may see one in an part of 2 miles. The difference is because of the Indian culture where in a mother prefers to carry the kid herself rather than utilizing a carrier or a buggy. However the demand for these products is increasing slowly because of increase in the number of working women and awareness of safety. The prior researches on Indian baby good care market have narrowed the idea of baby treatment by keeping it limited by baby food, toiletries, skin and hair care and attention. Baby care will not start when the baby exists but because the baby is conceived. A would-be mother caring for herself is also a part of baby care. Therefore the food she should consume, the clothes she wears, parenting advice, all form an integral part of the baby care market. If we compare the infant attention market in India to the united kingdom baby care and attention market, we can easily see that latter has a broader view. Companies like Mothercare are the best examples of baby maintenance systems & services provider. They have hundreds of baby care products which include feeding, clothing, baby service providers and buggies, bed linen, pushchair, toys, and also other counselling services. Mothercare has its network for parents providing information and advice about conception, being pregnant, delivery and baby. Mothercare has joined into a jv with India's largest real real estate company to ramp up its expansion into the country. Mothercare has recognized that there is a large range for growth in the Indian market because there is no proper company providing products like maternity clothes and advice service.

http://business. timesonline. co. uk/tol/business/market segments/india/article6878487. ece

Industry Background

The concept of baby care and attention in India has been a family subject over decades, but as discussed earlier, credited to rapid rise in number of nuclear families, mothers are finding it difficult to cope up with the kid care solitary- handedly. It might be quite surprising these days to turn the tv set on and not find lots of adverts displaying infants or baby brands advertisements highlighting the features and advantages of various products like baby food, diapers, baby wild hair petrol and toiletries. Baby maintenance systems are over the marketplace i. e. in the department stores, shopping centres and pharma outlets. Parents are willing to give the youngster the best for his/her comfort and healthy development and the marketplace is booming with products to meet with the parents' expectations and needs like never before. India has emerged as the utmost preferred market for the firms involved in baby good care product developing and marketing, says RNCOS survey. The baby good care market in India is appreciated at $132 million in 2008 and it is expected to reach around $250 million by 2012. The locks care market for newborns is appreciated at $5. 5 million for 2008, and keeps growing at a compounded twelve-monthly progress rate of 5 per cent. The skin care and attention market is respected at $40 million for 2008 and is growing for a price of 15 per cent. The baby toiletries market is believed at $3. 5 million for 2008 and it is also growing at 15 %.

Research aim

The aim of this research is always to identify new market for baby and mother care products in India. Also, to comprehend how domestic players of related sections can enter into this lucrative market. It would be interesting to know how these sections of business would prosper in the long run and if there are any major obstacles in the manner to these objectives, thus to check feasibility of such operations of retailing. The research aim would also be targeted to understand why the industry is not in a position to be one of the highly regarded growth segments. It would also entice the path for exploring the marketplace to be exposed in the smaller profitable looking areas like the semi- urban market segments and henceforth.


H 1. There's a vast opportunity of baby- mother care market catering to become mass segment rather than niche one in India.

H 2. The baby-mother care market can be expanded profitably to a variety of products alternatively than confining to the present offerings in India.

Research Objective:

The objective of the research would be to find out the reasons why in India, there is absolutely no focus given on the mother-care compared to the baby-care market.

To explore what different companies in the baby attention market can do take the market to a next level like U. K and U. S. A i. e. from a niche market to a mass market.

To identify your competition of proven players like Dabur, Johnson and Johnson and Procter and Gamble with the likes of new international players like Mothercare and Artsana (Chicco) in the baby maintenance systems and services.

Research Methodology

The research philosophy adopted for a bit of primary research under pins just how that research is carried out by determining "the way [the researcher] take into account the development of knowledge (Saunders et al 2003). Collating data is a complex part of any research work and it offers the base to attain the research aims and proving the above hypothesis. The goals included in this proposal would be performed by using both principal and secondary research techniques. The technique would also entail the conclusion of the hypothesis through collective method of qualitative and quantitative analysis. The principal data collection because of this article would include a wide range of techniques like online surveys by marketing research professionals and also experienced employees of companies like Johnson and Johnson, Dabur and Mothercare (India) who are major players in this sector. The web surveys would contain both available and close finished questions which will give not only give important information but also some personal views of some educated people. The principal research for this statement would also involve group talk by collaborating executives from various companies that are a part of the Indian baby good care market. The primary research would also entail interviewing mothers and women who buy the baby and mom maintenance systems. Questions can be asked to them about the current products and services available for sale and what new can be introduced. The information which will be generated can be used for inventions in products and services. The secondary data would be accumulated from resources like journal articles from online databases, annual records from Indian and foreign companies that are there in the market. Previous researches can also be used in this case. Business newspaper publishers like Economic Times and Indian exhibit would also be utilized. The aim of this research, which is mentioned previously when achieved would help to identify why the baby care and attention market in India is not quite explored in India in comparison to western countries. It would help to discover how Indian companies may take this market to a next level by not only making more products but provide counselling services like companies like Mothercare in UK. Regarding to our objective place for the study of the infant good care market in India, the hypotheses would be demonstrated by the mix of both quantitative and qualitative techniques. In quantitative analysis, the numerical data which will be obtained through questionnaires and internet surveys would be plotted in an excel spreadsheet. The number of negative and positive respondents interpreted out of this spreadsheet will be taken into consideration for drawing the conclusion and demonstrating the hypothesis. The research goals and accepted hypothesis will be further supported by making analytical graphs such as bar graphs, pie graphs and brand graphs. In framework of qualititative examination the validity and quality of claims provided by the respondents will be considered. In cases like this, the respondents includes both experts and customers in the industry.

The study will be conducted will be conducted in India and in U. K because India is chosen as the prospective market market for the research and U. K is chosen just because a comparison will be attracted between consumer behaviour of Indian and U. K customers in both markets. In India, the surveys will be conducted in tier 1 cities like Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore and tier 2 locations like Pune, Indore and Jaipur. The key reason why tier 1 and tier 2 locations are chosen for this research because the infant care industry is at a nascent level in support of high and medium group customers living in such cities know about the marketplace. In tier 3 and tier 4 places the marketplace is quite unorganised and fragmented. People in these locations buy baby care products from mommy and pop stores. Hence tier 3 and tier 4 locations are discarded in the study. In U. K the surveys would be conducted in the capital city of London as it has a diversified market and the clients have different cultural backgrounds. . In India, the surveys would be conducted in shopping malls where companies like Johnson and Johnson, Dabur, Procter and Gamble and Mothercare sell their products or have their shops. In U. K, the studies would be conducted in baby attention stores like Mother health care and Mommas and Papas. The researcher has made a decision to have face to face connections with the store supervisor of Mothercare at Wandsworth Southside shopping centre in South London to be able to get clear inputs.

Triology between purpose, hypotheses and technique:

As mentioned above as the aim of this research is to learn why baby care market in India is recognized as a distinct segment market unlike the marketplace in USA and U. K. The success of any market would be determined by the upsurge in market talk about. Hence the hypotheses explained above because of this research is in tandem with the objective of the research. Thus itself explanatory that that technique would be collection of data from reliable resources and through individuals who are associated with this market.


For any successful research, time is a very important aspect. Hence it is vital that a proper schedule was created to carry out various tasks. All the tasks need to be completed within the said timeframe.

As soon as this article is submitted the focusing on this research begins. The research will be completed within fourteen weeks. The actions that'll be included in this research will be literature review, framing of survey questionnaire, interview framing, framing of internet surveys, data collation, and data interpretation and lastly drafting of the final report.

Given below is a graph that would demonstrate the activities that will be carried out by the researcher.

Literature Review

Questionnaire framing

Interview framing

Conducting online survey

Conduction of Interview

Data collation and Analysis

Data interpretation

Drawing conclusions

Making final report

Printing and distribution of the final report


The resources to be used for this research would be both online and offine.

Online databases to be utilized:

University of Wales online library

EBSCO host

Online Journals and Articles (Indian and UK)

Annual reviews of the firms in the infant care market


Data provided by the executives of different companies like Johnson and Johnson, Mothercare and Artsana who'll be interviewed. It would be ensured that private information is not publicized in the survey. Business magazines like Economic Times and Indian Express would also be used a source of information to collate data related to the baby treatment market. These papers can be access online and also in Indian libraries. 7

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