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Avon: Manage Change in Organizational Behaviour


Change is something essential in todays environment for very company due to the various factors like monetary change, technology changes and competition change etc. The organizational behaviour is demonstration of the organizational culture, framework and individuals doing work in the organization. Therefore the change in virtually any factor will in the end influence on the behaviour of the company (Ajzen, 1988) and it is essential to control these changes in appropriate and systematic manners to avoid failures at strategic level.

Have used the Avon the company for women in recent years; have been through the structural changes very often due to the economic ups and downs in past couple of years and fierce competition in market that have demanded the high cost efficiency and quality.

Avon American founded cosmetic company which have only product portfolios for females providing the number of products beginning with cosmetics to beauty and fashion. Avon is known because of their unique distribution channels where products are not bought from traditional shops displays instead the merchandise can be purchased door to door by the Avon associates resulting in make the most significant team of reps with more than five million over the globe.


In modern times the change is essential for every organisation to make it through for long term and support in highly competitive environment. Organisations neglect to change the systems and themselves in modern environment reduction there market and standings example are extensive IT and related companies which come to close extinguish. However there pursuing typical reasons in modern time which have lead the organizations to made changes in their structures and behaviours;

Technology revisions: Lately the organization efficiency and cost benefits is dependent on the use of suited technology solutions plus they need the technology to keep up themselves in the highly competitive market. So the organizations which didn't adopt the best technology may be the sufferer of inefficiencies, gradual productions growths and less income, further the utilization of appropriate technology and which makes it area of the strategy is biggest challenge for today's organisations.

Competition situation: competition have altered it selves to the highly volatile and fierce where it survive the organizations have to improve themselves continuously to be able to remain ahead in the overall game, where international organisations have choose the competition strategy by causing themselves highly lasting, ethical principles and modified for the changing environment with an increase of focus on rivalling through digital world.

Economic conditions : A few years ago the monetary conditions was almost stable and according to the pattern but recent credit crunch have left the organisations uncertain about their future and establish there planning their future might need the slight or complete revision. So in that case the organizations are expecting the uncertain and unseen financial conditions in the foreseeable future and best strategy to offer these uncertainties is the fact that the companies change their framework and behaviour versatile enough to incorporate the changes.

Changes reasons in Avon;

Avon has particularly driven to change by the next factors;

Cost savings: like other makeup companies the Avon also facing the challenge to keep up their success level with reducing the price and efficiency. Te Avon have initiated the price saving scheme in 2008 which will be further linger till 2015 that may ensure the huge changes in the organisation with in this time period including the individuals focus to save cost much as you possibly can and ensure the price cost savings in future time frame.

Sale associates: the current economic climate down fall left the human tool jobless and dissatisfies where Avon got the chance and make their strategic try to increase their deal representative foundation strong and change just how organisation deals with their employees making them the most compatible with the new environment.

More skills development: Customarily Avon been employed by with the limited but top quality skills which were limited to the top level, however Avon is currently centering more on delegation and skill development in every level of staff so the company emerged as the highly appropriate.


Organisational change requires the entire strategic standing up and concern and should be used and made on the bigger level, where this process starts with making the clear perspective of the company after change and exactly how different aspect and contexts will be dealt in course of making the strategy for change.

Change Idea; Change beliefs may contain the organisation's standing and perspective about the change and exactly how they understand it like Avon has considered the change as the mean of competition and combining the recent external changes in the company nevertheless the most organisations took it as the skill of the organisations informal operations and part of the organisational life routine for others it is uncommon and one off event after very long time and due to the extreme reasons.

Change Approach: This is representatives of how the organisations will be handling the change process and how the change process will move forward. The strategy can be either top down or bottom level up where the top down strategy means the low staff are motivated to improve by higher management nevertheless the bottom up approach means the lower personnel have been the factor that have realized top of the management drive the change process. The most common methodology is mixer of each strategy as the leads is unable to bring the change without employee's consent.

Style: The style may present the perceptions of the management about the change like either they are taking as the very important and making redundancies to bring the changes or the organisation are bringing the change through the participation of employees with ongoing contribution from them.

Role of others: The change is influenced by the individuals in the business which should clearly identify the hierarchy of personal getting involved in the process and there must be the clear type of obligations and role.

Change implication models; The change models are organized approach of the company to adopt the change, where many research workers have mixed many factors and obstacles to make expectations functions to bring the changes in the company. There are range of models used for change execution and there is absolutely no standard about each model to be used for the change for every organisation and circumstances. However there are following common models are adopted by nearly all organisations;

Balance score greeting card: is the method where the change is carried out in various sections of the business enterprise with different perspective and finally the overall impact is calculated to help make the overall change happen in the company. The primary change areas are financial, operational, supply string and technology etc.

Kaizen: this is actually the model which have predicated on the idea that the change is the area of the organisational operations and there must always the increments in the machine and advancements through the company with no pause. The Kaizen claim that the change is the function which company adopt like all the functions like marketing or production etc. The Kaizen model is suggesting the creation with the philosophy of zero effect and total quality management in the company.

Kotter's change model: this model presents the step by step approach to change process where in fact the change could be followed as the medial side operation of the company over the time without much disturbance in the primary functions however his model also similarly adoptable in changes which require the full total spin off the business. The Kotter's model allows the organizations to recognize and control the difficulties in the change process like the level of resistance from stakeholders and inspiration etc. Kotter's eight step ensure the company have gone through the careful process to control the change in composition with lowest risk factors.

Business process reengineering: is the idea for change where the emphasis of the management to improve the style of working and ways the functions are performed before so to execute the particular job the organization is more focus on the changing the means of working reducing the inefficiencies and slackness's rendering it better and profitable.

Other methods are balance rating cards, Lewin's model and action research model etc

The above explained models are more effective in individual and unique circumstances and there must be analysis carry out by management in order to find the model is best appropriate to the organizations unique circumstances and it is recommended to remain on one model once being implemented. There are pursuing questions which the managements should consider before recommending any model to the business;

How frequently the change happen in the organisation for example for frequent change the kaizen model is most beneficial suited or other wise

How enough time allocated to the change process happen for example Kotter's model allow the both short-term or long-term change nevertheless the Lewin's change model is used for change in a nutshell time frame is use

What is the Reason of change itself establish the model used for the incremental change the Kotter model or the Kaizen is adoptable however the financial crunches or any crisis change may necessitate the spin off change process recommending the Lewin's or Action Research method base

What are the organisation and their business characteristics and type, developing prefer the process reengineering etc

Recommended for the Avon

Avon have been changing themselves because of both factors like the financial downturn and within continuous improvement also the Avon is both service oriented and production platform company so need the model which could coped easily in each situation and possible solution is Kotter's eight step model; where in fact the changes will precede as follows;

1-First of all Urgency for change will created by figuring out the factors which required the proposed change and what worse can happen if Avon cannot change the behaviours in the organisation and implement the proposed alternatives and afterwards gets the answer from the management.

2- After authorization Avon will form the team which lead the change and assist the organization to overcome the hurdles for change to happen. These are important folks of the organisation which management considers could easily convenience the resistance from the stakeholders.

3-Along with the team the Avon will generate the eye-sight of future of the organisation, where the organisation will consider the proper objectives and how the change will have the strategic targets.

4-Communication is vital throughout the change process and information asymmetry may cause the level of resistance and delays in the process of change so the Kotter's fourth step permit the company to first allow the organisation to mange there communication aspect easily so do not face the condition in the approaching stages.

5- Resistance could be any varieties in the change process wither because of the stakeholders especially the employees or there are resources delays, that ought to be maintained in the fifth stage of the change. Here Avon may feel constrained because of the technology delays will be handled before proceeding to genuine stage.

6- By creating the eye-sight and awareness may not enough for the employees to make sure they are realize that the genuine changes are along the way and could fruitful so if they're given the preference of the outcomes might be better able to give the company the utmost contribution from the employees.

7-This stage is vital as upon this stage as the company will generate the actual activities in the organization.

8-Reviews and monitoring: Upon this stage the change process is completed and the business stable the organisational businesses and benefits are measured to get the extent to which the set aims are achieved.


Stakeholders are crucial to any change implementation to the successful, have been indicated any studies there are pursuing Stakeholder's which affected by the organisational activities. The personals, which can be most inspired by the organisational activities especially change activities are they stake holders that ought to be managed within an appropriate ways to prevent the conflicts of interested and level of resistance from them Aon have Shareholders, customers, employees and suppliers as the ka stakeholders. Based on the Mendlow's will be the key stakeholders, where in fact the where by adopting the following grid the organisation can deal with the stakeholders.

According to these mapping the stakeholder's participation will differ for each and every stakeholder according with their interest and power in the organisation.

Shareholders are supervised closely as they have got high interest and electricity in the company

Employees are keep satisfied and enlightened because the although have the highest interest in the business and low effect but could fall season in the high electric power category by lobbing and other ways

Customers should be prepared so they know what is going around in the company

Suppliers with low interest and low electricity are keep an eye on effectively.

Here the each can entail in change by following ways;

Shareholders: The shareholders have interest of riches in the organisation ain any for also they have got attitude towards the risk taken in any change ad project and based on the stakeholder mapping they have the highest electricity and fascination with the company. So, Avon must meticulously monitor them and gave them the real picture of what is happening ad progress of the task. The shareholders engagement could be achieved in following ways

Taking ideas and decisions about the critical issues like risk and traders in particular areas

Face to face individual meetings are essential where the important shareholder s is concern or the management is wanting the lobbing from the minor shareholders, which can create the top problem in future

In Periodic and twelve-monthly conferences Avon should present and gave display on the progress of change process and there should be written are accountable to the shareholders about the improvement of the change process.

Employees: Employees participation is important where in fact the circumstance studies have revealed that the change projects minus the much contribution from the employees mostly does not achieve the mandatory level of results. Employees are most affected by the company plan of changes in form of either they can lose their careers in final result or have dread to improve her position which they feel safe. Inside the stakeholders grid the employees have lower influence on individual level and high interest so must be keep satisfied as if they actually lobbing can create the condition for the organisation. The employees if not maintained satisfied any result in the delay along the way and their involvement in the process increase the opportunity for the change. You will find following methods or systems could be followed to have their contribution along the way;

Schedule and managers meeting with every individual in the company because he mangers tend to be confronting point therefore the employees feel satisfied and may easily share their uncertainties and ideas about the change

Presentations and workshops after intervals are best source to offered the employees what is actual progress and where the company is position now and what possible issues can come up and finally at that point the employees can assist the organisation for the reason that change process.

Online portals and websites that will encourage the employees to discuss the change openly alternatively than affecting in typical office politics and management should carefully mange the ideas coming from employee's with appropriate feedbacks and rewards that may encourage others as well to be a part of the process.

The change in behaviours requires the change in the culture and working environment which is performed by the management and of course by changing the role models.

Customers; Avon almost influenced by the necessity and need with their ladies which also can e priceless resource in the organisations change process for unique ideas and living the image after or before change happens. Customers are also most influenced by the staff services and convince in buying and quality of product so their contribution importance could not be rejected. In stakeholder grid the client have high influence and lower interest so they must keep educated and their contribution may obtain by either through the studies or tailored interviews.

Suppliers: Suppliers although are least influential in the organisation however they can be a delay in the change process through the inconvenient resources or become the major stakeholders. So before proceeding the change Avon must check with their suppliers for the facts to enough time unseen circumstances.


The successful proper implication require s the minimum challenge encountered from the stake holders if the employees restrict the change they can abort change types of procedures and company will not be able to apply the changes in the company as required. The change restriction could be scheduled to no reasons like

The privileges or interest of personals are affected and not considered in the business so make agreements with them

The person is restricting credited to being facing difficulty in changing in the new process so unable to deal creating the level of resistance to change functions, so there is need to consider them by giving training and consultation

They are creating problem because they think change is not what's required for company or unable to understand the effects achieved from the change process. So management should educate them or provided them the appropriate awareness about the matter.

The organization can deal with them by making them the system as on the look stage and critiquing the machine after periodic period to avoid conflicts and reducing the negative influences of the changes to the people and functions as change is not essentially didn't bring always the positive outcomes so should monitored carefully.


The change in organisation or behavioural changes require the change in the working styles, structure and culture of the organisation where each one of these changes are further dependent on the cost personal savings, skills innovations and changing just how of working could be best strategy for Avon Company. The change implementation may require appropriate change strategy and suitable model, where Avon may be best suited for the Kotter's eight step model. The change may results in failing if the stakeholders are not managed appropriately where in fact the stakeholders are handled through these of gridding system advertising allocating them corresponding with their interest and electricity.

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