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Australias National Image And Individuality English Literature Essay

Good morning customers of the Australia Day Council. My name is Elliot Verhagen and I am here today to provide two Australian poems that I really believe you should think about for your new anthology publication as they symbolize Australians and Australia within an authentic way. I am going to provide an description and justification for my selections predicated on my opinion of these representations of some facet of Australia, Australians, Australian life, ideologies, background and experience and the entire quality of the poetic content material and techniques.

There were three independent stages in the development of Australian poetry and they can be distinguished as The Colonial Period, The Nationalist Period and THE PRESENT DAY Period. The Colonial Period was until 1880's and was indigenous poetry that was shaped mainly by overseas habits. The Nationalist Period was from the 1880's until the 1920's and this was when indie and consciously Australian poetry was achieved. Finally, THE PRESENT DAY Period was from the 1920's on. It had been poetry that was a mixture of the first and second times where the poetry produced was both distinctive and mature.

The first poem I've chosen which I sincerely urge you to definitely consider including in your brand-new anthology publication is "I am Australian" also called "We could Australian". It had been written in the present day period in 1987 by Australian poets Bruce Woodley and Dobe Newton. This poem gives the feeling of being connected to a country. It shows how we see ourselves as Australians. Irrespective of where we have result from we remain Australians.

The second poem entitled "THE PERSON from Ironbark" was written in the nationalist period in 1892 by the well-known Australian poet Banjo Paterson. This poem discusses a bushman who confirms his way to Sydney to truly have a shave where a larrikin of your barber attempt's to learn a cruel joke on him. The true Australian bushman colorings come through as the bushman fights to what he believes is his fatality.

Bruce Woodley and Dobe Newton's "I am Australian" lyrics are filled up with many historic and cultural personal references. Its popularity has allowed it to be looked at among the many patriotic melodies deliberated instead of the national anthem (Progress Australia Good). This poem was written in the modern period.

The poem uses many lyrics that immediately relate back to the annals of Australia and hence build a picture of the true Australian Spirit of the united states and its people. I'm the drought and flooding rains conveys the hardships which were faced before and the hardships that are still still left to be encountered. This great land means our country and I'm the mountains and the valleys discusses the beauty of your country. The dirt where our crops are grown is shown through the lyrics I'm the black garden soil of the plains. Finally, I am the rock, I am the sky is illustrating that people are a part of everything inside our great land of Australia.

I am Australian talks about the spirit of being Australian. With the lyrics it shows how we never give up and we will keep trying whatever problems we face. It demonstrates Australians are fun loving people who prefer to make jokes and discover humour in their problems. This poem says us what sort of country's soul is produced by the way the people live and battle to develop a country and earn a living on the land. It really is telling the storyplot of how we see ourselves as Australians. The overall spirit of Australia is obviously depicted throughout this poem and that is why I believe it ought to be contained in the new anthology publication.

My second choice of poem, Banjo Paterson's "The Man from Ironbark" should also be contained in the anthology as it clearly depicts the annals and lifestyle of Australia. This poem performs on the myth that city individuals are better off than Bushmen. It illustrates the Australian characteristics of larrikinism from the barber and the battler from the bushman. They are also true Australian Heart qualities.

The lyrics use typical Australian dialect such as "I'll make this bloomin' yokel think his bloomin' throat is cut". Bloomin can be an Australian appearance of anger and exaggeration towards a topic. It stereotypes Australian city people to be larrikins who love a little of fun. This was shown in the seventh stanza when the barber said Twas simply a little harmless joke, a trifle overdone. It also stereotypes bushman to be battlers.

It is the Australian soul to battle for what you genuinely believe in and in cases like this the person from ironbark was preventing for justice and he was achieving this by leaving the barber with a stunning memory of never to mix a bushman. This is shown within the last line of the fifth stanza when the bushman said But you'll remember your life the man from Ironbark. Even though the bushman though he previously a slit throat he previously the spirit of your Australian which retained him fighting to what he believed was the fatality.

This poem uses simple poetic techniques such as humor, disposition, rhyme and tempo to make it catchy and memorable. The rhyming scheme involves an AA BB CC framework which really helps to effectively keep the master of the poem. This poem evidently shows the Australian spirit and the values of being Australian and illustrates the annals of our life-style. This is why it is my belief that poem should be included in a fresh anthology publication.

Australia is a young country, still forming much of its identity, just how it is portrayed in music, poems and literature is of great importance. That is why both poems mentioned show the desire of what it means to be Australian. They provide a tone of voice and donate to the further development of the modern multicultural land and Australian Heart. Therefore, I sincerely desire anyone to consider both poems for a new anthology publication.

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