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Assignment On Special offers Management On Levis Marketing Essay

Invented in 1873, Levi's skinny jeans will be the original, authentic jeans. They are the most successful, widely recognized, and often imitated clothing products in the annals of clothing. Levi's denim jeans have captured the attention, imagination, and devotion of decades of diverse individuals.

As the inventor of the category, the Levi's brand continues to determine Jeanswear with the widest selection of products available, from quintessential classics, such as the famous Levi's 501 Original jean, to favourite meets and styles inside our Red Tabs and High quality collections.

Segments and Strategies

The Levi's Brand started out with a skinny jeans developing brand only and later on broadened in other denim clothing as well. The merchandise being offered by Levi's are Denims, Shirts, Spencer, Tops, Pants & Skirts and Accessories. The Levi's Brand has described on its website it caters to folks of all age groups. The 4 main categories are Men, Women, Juniors and Kids & Newborns. In addition in these categories, the product line provides various variations on the basis of


Straight, Boot trim, Skinny etc.


Mid Rise, Low Rise, With the Waist


Medium, Deep, Light

The Jackets, T shirts, Blouse and Tops portion also features non-denim clothing. The accessories mainly include Leather Belts and Wallets.

The Strategy for targeting these segments is the fact that Levi's wants to be always a universally accepted and treasured brand. The company tries to connect Levi's with History as well as Style. The business depends upon the strong brand equity that Levi's enjoys to be the initiator of jeans culture. Levi's emerged to India in 1995. Considering a huge bottom part of young customers, this brand didn't have the classic runaway success it envisaged. The brand made the fault that lots of multinationals made during days past: underestimate the Indian consumer and becoming too arrogant about their brands. Levi's thought that Indian consumers will show up for this iconic brand and can buy it no matter what. During release this brand was prices exorbitantly high at Rs 2950. Indian consumers as usual provided the brand a lukewarm reception. The brand was trying to skim the marketplace but at the price of market share and amount.

Levi's discovered that Indian consumers are very price sensitive and the prices were rationalised. After the prices were made affordable, Levi's began to gain approval in the Indian market.

Promotional Tools

Levi's Brand attaches the term 'Originals' in all the offers as they keep on reminding the consumers that they are the original denim jeans brand since 1853. The famous collection, "The Originals are still the best" simply offers the stature of the Brand. The Promotional Tools employed by Levi's are Printing Ads, E-Marketing, TV Places, Exclusive stores, Websites, Promotion Events.

The Celebrity Endorsements have been a strong promotional tool followed by Levi'Akshay Kumar and Kangana Ranaut are the Current Encounters of Levi's Brand for 501 Jeans and Fit Trousers. Shah Rukh Khan also featured in the print out advertisings of Uncensored Red Tab Levis Denim jeans. The International Advertising of Levis usually features a vintage record song while showcasing the latest designs to give it that classic feel. Many famous songs like The stand by position Me and Superstitious have been found in the TV advertisings.

The Move Strategy

Levi's employs a Draw Strategy strategy where they affect the behaviour of the target segment and the clients go and demand for the merchandise. Therefore if the business tries to establish a Thrust strategy, it could improve the Inventory costs for the company and the Suppliers interacting in the brand. A Pull strategy is employed to allow consumers alert to the product or design on offer to them along with any Discount or exchange offer. Levis came with the option of shopping for jeans by paying in three months instalments with 0% interest to encourage people to spend more on their jeans. The discount coupons and promo coupons are also given through the suppliers and the state website. Levis is well known because of its exchange offers where you can provide away your old Levis trousers for a fresh pair at a lesser price.

Critical Appraisal

Levi's has strong brand collateral and is well known worldwide for its quality products. While the begin in India was a vulnerable one, the brand has established itself as a frontrunner even in the Indian Market. The advertising of the brand has been more from the devoted customer base than the promotional tools. The brand maintains its customers happy and they in return become advocates of the brand. This Brand Loyalty is something that other brands are envious of. Levis has exposed its Exclusive Stores in many places and this has resulted in more concentrate on the brand. The TV media should be utilized more by the brand as not many clearly bear in mind the advertisings being shown. The promotional offers of savings and exchange are among the best tools implemented by Levi's. The main earnings are being produced by the Brand Equity and Levi's should keep laying stress on that in all their marketing promotions.

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