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Assessment of Uk Airways Human Resource Management Strategies

In a body, heart is the most important part form where we can judge whether body working fine or not. Just as in any organization the most crucial advantage is employees. And to maximize their resources, management should always take care of the employees working condition with brains and efficiency. If employees of any group are well handled, the organizations typically do very well. Hence, it is necessary to focus on development, building, motivation, advancement and enrichment of the employees.

In standard every organization is convinced that Human Learning resource (HR) offers them realistic benefit. These advantages can be

Quality work force

Quality culture etc.

The Strategic Human Resource Management means that the employees or human capital of a business contributes towards its successes with their performance, knowledge and skills. The Traditional Human Resource is only worried about the implementation of the plans like:





But when general HRM plug into the organization's strategy the results of HR team more range to raise the abilities of these workforce and focus on the perspective and quest. This connection is made to improve the corporation performance and develop organizational culture which facilitates advancement and flexibility. Overall the key principle of Strategic HRM is to attain organization's eye-sight and objective.

But in this globalized and changing world organizations must demonstrate the importance of an efficient human source generally refer to the set of policies designed to maximize organizational integration, employee commitment, versatility and quality of work. So that firm achieves their goals. To comprehend more about HRM, I've chosen Uk Airways for this course.

Overall about English Airways

British airway is the biggest airline in UK and third in European countries. It is founded at the busiest international airport on the globe i. e Heathrow Airport, London, and has an internationally airfare network with companions as Qantas in Australia, USAir in the United States and TAT Western airlines in France. Using its Alliance partners and its own operations, British Airways in a yr serves on typically 95 million individuals, using more than 1000 air-planes and around 441 airports in about 86 countries. The major activities of the British Airways is the international and local scheduled businesses and charter air services for the carriage of freight and mail, travellers and other additional services.

To ensure that an operation of this size functions as efficiently and effectively as you can, needs well-organized Strategic human source of information management (SHRM). There are several strategies and models where Strategic HRM can be applied but basic strategic HRM model is extensively accepted by many authors, research workers and even critics as well (Kane and Palmer, 1995). This basic model is dependant on the exterior and inside environment and basic business strategies.

Basic Style of Strategic Human source of information Management (Adapted from Kane and Palmer, 1995)

In order to fulfil its mission and targets, BA needs experienced employees with the the HR section is responsible to market the vacancy and choose suitable prospects. The recruitment of personnel is one of the very most vital tasks within the company.

People are the main asset for just about any company. The success of the company depends on the talents, knowledge and skills of the people working in that organisation. They are really the most important benefit for just about any industry or organisation. Therefore to ensure that an organisation retain the right people, a typical and formal structure must be used.

Recruitment and selection

"Recruitment is meticulously checked to ensure it is only authorised if the business is self-confident that the business need is crucial"

So, it can be concluded that BA is following a balanced combo of both models to be able to keep up efficiency and cost effectiveness by carefully employing and training employees and on the other hands self-satisfaction and benefit of workers by utilizing a humanistic methodology.

In the FactBook 2007 BA claims: "British Airways places great focus on 'Investing in its people". This investment is usually very considerable because of its efficiency and the unjustifiable implications if it is not made according to the requirements.

British Airway's focus on establishment of effective recruitment and selection methods and more importantly on training and development of employees can be known by this increase of 5% on the worker costs.

Townley (1991) argues that "organisations are significantly likely to give attention to more general traits and values than small task-based requirements. " Barclay (1999) explains the fitness of organisations are expressed in conditions of personality, attributes, flexibility, dedication and goals as opposed to the capability to do specific job for which person has been recruited. Torrington and Hall (5th Release: p 142) termed these general but valuable qualities as organisational standards. It now depends on the nature of organisation that what capabilities are much valuable to them than other. In case of British Airways, the massiveness and extending nature of organisation requires candidates with flexibility and adoptability and 'maximum professionalism'. Aside from these, in the actual fact Booklet 2007, BA remarks that "The inspiration and dedication of employees remains key to the success of English Airways. "

Categories of departments

To be a lttle bit precise, the recruitment for employees is functionally categorised for six departments.

Customer service

First is Customer Contact which is responsible for delivering up to speed services for customers. Employees in this section are further divided under Cabin Services and Traveler Services. BA wants candidates having customer support experience and age over 18. The applicants for this office should have calm and warm personality, effective communicational capability with people from diverse cultures, potential to work under stress and team support attitude.

Commercial department

Secondly, there is Commercial Section which recruit people for Sales, Alliance, Marketing and Strategy. The company is looking for candidates having potential to work in a active, fast moving environment with excellent communication, organisational and planning skills to work in this sector. Experience of Customer Service here is also desired by the selectors.

Technical department

E-Business and IT department and Tech and Operations department includes e-Commerce, e-Procurement, IT and e-Working and pilots, executive, flight training areas respectively, which will work for the organisation to deal it with the latest technical requirements for success. The employees must have progressive and creative thinking with an capability to believe beyond the technology. Good negotiation skills, problem solving skills and significant experience and certification in job related technology is necessary.

Corporate Services

Corporate Services includes HR, Money, Health Services, and Legal services, PR & Communication, Security, Security Community and Environment. This department look for motivate and devoted personnel which have same interest as the aims of organisation. Experience and standard certification in the related field is usually required.

Graduate schemes

At the previous, there is certainly Graduate Opportunities and Training Strategies sector which employ the service of graduates, students for industrial position, trainee pilots and executive schemes. The enthusiasm and problem of air travel industry along with the sheer diversity in company's composition and opportunity to take the career in desired way by acquiring valuable skills and experience make BA important for young graduates.

Methods to choice the applicants

Organisations have different ways to select the candidates dependant on different factors including time, cost, administrative ease and selection standards for the post to be filled up. A set of selection methods as described by Torrington and Hall (2006) includes, Application Forms, Self-Assessment & Peer Examination, Telephone Interviewing, Screening, Group Selection Methods and Evaluation Centres, Work Sampling/Portfolios, Sources etc. English Airways (http://www. britishairwaysjobs. com/) use CV and Applications, Interviews, Assessment Procedures, Criminal Record Check.

Applications Forms are the written documents which usually echo personal, educational and employment information of the candidate. Application form has been prolonged by some organisations to ask a lot more and much complete information from the applicants like about their skills skills and also some situational questions are made to evaluate thinking strategy of candidate. Uk Airways stress more on the CV and directed the candidates to develop a proper organised, rational and easily understandable CV. A short debate about the related skills is required with no spelling and grammar mistakes. The primary objective of Application forms is to shortlist the pool of recruited applicants. Application forms can be used to obtain prospects' signatures as to the truth of the information provided. APPLICATIONS are just a little better and fair indication of candidate's potential due to their standardise format making the assessment of the information during sifting and short list easier and less prone to error

Assessment Process

Assessment Process incorporate multiple selection techniques usually entails Leaderless groups, Command line or executive exercises, Group Problem Handling, psychological checks, in-basket responsibilities and variety of interviews and presentations. Due to the multiple steps IRS (2002d) noted that these are definitely the most effective means of selecting candidates. At the end of the methods, the assessors have to come quickly to cumulative rating for every single individual, related to job requirements. This selection method is costly and time taking but provide opportunity to evaluate the candidate by in depth observation. Assessment Process accompanied by English Airways http://www. britishairwaysjobs. com constitutes Group Exercises, Interviews, Psychometric exams, Presentations, fact-finding and role takes on.

Group exercises

Group exercises will investigate the team working skills and communication skills of applicants.


Interviews contain tricky questions and critical situations to do decision.

Psychometric Tests

BA cases: "The tests we use most often give attention to verbal and numerical skills. We might likewise incorporate a personality examination which another tool was created to find out somewhat more-about prospect. "

Interpersonal skills

Fact-finding explores social skills to assemble related information whereas Presentation shows communication skills of the candidate with an organization.

Role Plays

In Role Takes on, one of the assessors will become a customer and the prospect have to deal with him based on the given situation.

Testing method

Testing is an added source of selecting candidates. It really is a sort of option for the unreliability of interview as an indicator of performance and potential of the candidate. But views against Testing dislike the objectivity of the strategy and the issue to incorporate the test signs with all of those other evaluation. By means of psychometric evaluation, role takes on and fact-finding, BA uses this system to evaluate the appropriateness of the applicant with certain requirements of the work. The other styles of test relating to Torrington and Hall (6th model) are Aptitude exams, General Intelligence tests, Special aptitude checks, Trainability checks, Attainment ensure that you Personality Tests. The detailed aspect of Testing may provide a sufficient examination of one's capabilities but there's also some problems in by using this as a selection technique including a time consuming mother nature, the inadequate standards to build up the evaluation for a good job performance, ability to be sexually, socially or racially biased.

Criminal Record Checks

Criminal Record Checks is also a very essential part of BA's selection process as in the world of International travel; there is nothing more important than safety and security. BA is UK's leading safe practices critical business (http://www. britishairwaysjobs. com/) with a proper renowned safety record so to be able to fulfil legal requirement to check on the criminal record if the employee is being chosen to work with children and/or vulnerable adults.

Result of Motivation

The top ranked order of factors which results the motivating :

Interesting factor

Good engage

Job security

Work done on Full appreciation

Well and good working conditions

Promotion and corporation growth

Personal loyalty on employees and staff

Being feeling in on things

(9) Sympathetic benefit personal problems

(10) Tactful discipline

Maslow's need-hierarchy discuss the theory which gives some interesting and interesting insight onto employee and staff motivation by evaluations of above results. The quantity top one rated motivator is interesting work which details the self-actualizing factor. Second positioned motivators' good pay which summarize the is physiological factor. Third positioned motivator is full understanding of work done which discuss the esteem factor. Fourth ranked motivator is job security which details the protection factor.

In June 1997, Ayling praised a attractive new visual identification said to be based on market research but that generated emotionally costed controversy. The change was radical; icons were simply scrapped (new design, new colors, new motto, denial of the mental national belonging) as though it was possible to start from damage with new company individuality and culture.

As hits immediately revealed it, BA's culture was still one of your general public sector company. Instead of trying to work out, Ayling harshly condemned strikers without taking in account this general population sector company record. Regardless of Ayling's desire to eliminate " British-ness" from BA, employees and people generally speaking (customers, the press, Margaret Thatcher) weren't ready to recognize it. Strikes were also the result of incomprehension from employees: were the new salary plan (part and parcel of the work to reduce area costs) and the 60 million identity change coherent? Was it easy for employees to remain motivated and involved in BA under those conditions? Furthermore, 160 planes remained with the Union flag instead of the new design in 1999 because BA lacked time and energy to repaint it. The individuality change was as a consequence first of all badly accepted and in addition badly carried out.

However, Ayling started to understand after the attacks the high need of recruiting within cultural backdrop in a customer-facing business. He launched a marketing campaign to raise staff moral in October 1997 and started to think about focusing on people on the front-line through interviews and speeches praising communication between management and personnel. He built a hotel and developed a new concept for BA's headquarter (no permanent desk-space). Again, in 1999, an opinion survey was sent to all employees, results were alarming, and Ayling released training and motivational programmes.

Cost lower is a very unpopular practice. Therefore, managers usually get it done only when it becomes a crisis. Bob Ayling did not take it like this. He anticipated the future and he placed an unwavering stance to impose the BEP measures while an archive profit was announced for the entire year: he sold reasonable activities, relocated the accounting division

He requested volunteers to leave the organization not because he cannot afford to pay them, but to displace them with adaptable people having more appropriate skills.

At last he decided to concentrate BA strategy on high margins activities, and executed a rationalisation program, paring down unprofitable routes and chopping unwanted capacity.

This anticipative methodology induced the admiration of financial analysts, but the consequences inside the business were not so positive. Many of the problems i. e. created within an organization will be the direct consequence of worker and employees failing to communicate.

Career management and development

In a host where talent is uncommon and exterior opportunities are abundant, British Airways feels that the employees will remain in the business only when their contribution is appreciated. They will live in the company as long as they could perform and do the useful work in the challenging and the rousing environment. Managers for some level are performed responsible for development of their subordinates at Uk Airways. There are a few concerns because of the pace at which the company is growing, this process in not in occurring as fast as it needs to be, especially about the development of the competencies for the company's various kinds of teams.

British Airways develops a lot of courses for their employees or personnel to learn, and at exactly the same time, give them opportunities to go outside to learn. All training and development is made on a firm commitment to launching and maximising the entire potential of every British Airways employee. Because of the huge selection of jobs across the company it hard to spell it out every development initiative in detail here.

Overall British Airways has an impressive selection of training resources accessible, which there personnel can draw upon as they need them. These include programs like computer founded interactive e-learning centres, reference point materials, video established e-learning and library facilities. These programmes are offered to the personnel, so as to develop a wide variety of skills like team development, presentation, command and negotiation. . Using situations support is provided towards specialized and professional skills. In every these areas, the duty is on the individual, through discussions with the manager, to consider responsibility for seeing their needs are met.

When it involves career progression for any personnel BA always make an effort to adopt a creative approach, giving an answer to people's dreams and providing cross training where it is needed. When vacancies come up, they are promoted internally and where possible they enhance from within.

Pay and Rewards

To pay back the contribution of a worker towards an organization, pay can be used as a motivator. It is an important issue in the general public as well as private sector. Many organizations have created the pay solutions to enhance the specific and team performance. Money functions as a motivator to praise their contribution.

Some of the expected impact regions of concern at local level are:

Pay as a communicator of prices in conditions of fairness, equality, teamwork, flexibility and working across the company or with exterior partners

Pay as a motivator of specific performance, team/ organizational performance, individual development, responsibility, risk-taking and devotion/ experience

Pay as a repayment factor of production in terms of cost (control/ implementation/ maintenance) and performance in resourcing the organization

Conclusion and Recommendation

The purpose of this newspaper was to investigate the human learning resource management strategies of English Airlines. Judging the human being learning resource management strategies of British isles Airlines with the task of leading experts in neuro-scientific Human Source Management strategies, we discovered that:

At British airlines management has created a conductive environment, with more workers participation, job succession planning, profession relevant training, increased opportunities for higher roles, job satisfaction, trust and determination to enhance worker determination and satisfaction.

In general English Airways has balanced technique to recruit and select employees make BA a joyful place for employees to work in without troubling the cost range much.

I think British Airways should alter the emphasis from CVs to Application Forms to be able to get correct, related and required information about prospects. Assessment procedures adopted can be characterized as better method to select applicants and BA is third, quite efficiently.

If these conclusions are properly carried out by BA, lots of benefits could be performed which include developing a set of distributed values, lowering costs when the relationship finishes and increasing profitability as a greater number of customers customers are retain.

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