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Assessing Teletalk With Other Rivals IT Essay

Teletalk is the one telecom company which is had by the Bangladesh Federal government. Teletalk Bangladesh Small is a public limited company, listed under the Registrar of the Joint stock companies of Bangladesh. Total shares owned by the Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh.

The telecom penetration in Bangladesh is approximately 33%. But this is SIM penetration and the real amounts will be between 24% and 27%. The full total quantity of mobile users is expected to double in the next five years to 100 million. Our company is well positioned to journey the growth as Grameenphone's networks cover 99% of the country's society and about 90% of the geographical area. Bangladesh is likely to come out with its 3G norms soon and its own regulator is closely watching the field. Telecom contributes about 8% of the country's GDP and of the; Grameenphone's contribution is more than 50%.

Teletalk Bangladesh Small has continually expanded its network, to raised accommodate its growing customer foundation as Teletalk concerning keep the offer of providing better service.

Teletalk offers internet surfing around service for both post-paid and pre-paid members. One can use this center by using data-cable in computer also. Handsets with GPRS option permit this service. Through Teletalk GPRS, the subscribers can use the facilities like surfing, email, internet chatting, data copy etc.

The Teletalk should organize some training for the development and make expert to supply the service to the client and can solve the quarries immediately.

Teletalk should improve the efficient resources. The efficient resources includes here the offering various types of segmentation products for his or her customers. Such as raise the value added services.

2. 0 Launch:

In this newspaper, for the analysis purpose decided on the Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd. as a business for assessment. That is a report proposal and assessment and not for execution of appropriately. Teletalk is operating business in the telecom sector in Bangladesh.

3. 0 About Teletalk:

Teletalk is the only telecom company which is possessed by the Bangladesh Administration. Teletalk Bangladesh Limited is a general public limited company, signed up under the Registrar of the Joint stock companies of Bangladesh. Total stocks owned by the federal government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh.

Teletalk is growing and build relationships their customers through their clear commitment to offering high quality products and services as Teletalk as leading customer retention and devotion programmers. Teletalk is still an integral part of the trend that's connecting an incredible number of Bangladeshi people and around the world.

Teletalk Bangladesh limited was founded keeping a specific role at heart. Teletalk has forged ahead and strengthened its avenue through the years and achieved some feats truly to be proud of, as the one Bangladeshi mobile operator and the one operator with 100% local technical and anatomist human resource foundation, Teletalk thrives to become the true people's mobile phone - "Amader Phone".

4. 0 Aim of Teletalk:

To provide mobile cell phone service to the folks from the public sector

To ensure reasonable competition between public and private areas and thereby to safeguard public interest

To meet some of unmitigated popular of mobile telephone

To create a fresh source of revenue for the federal government.

5. 0 SWOT Examination for Teletalk:

5. 1Strengths:

The most and quite strength of the Teletalk is a federal managed company and can certainly use the federal government resources.

Strong brand collateral and acknowledgement in Bangladesh

Steadily growing customer base

Alliances with industry leading companies in mobile services & technologies

The public group uses the Teletalk as their official goal, i. e. Desco and Desa loadsheding information.

5. 2 Weaknesses:

The network center from coast to coast is not sufficient.

The client satisfaction is unavailable all over the country.

Can not provide Value Added services other than other providers.

Steady decrease in average income per customer (ARPU)

No occurrence in key emerging markets

5. 3 Opportunities:

Increasing network coverage in the Bangladesh

First to present as T&T in arriving.

Mobile internet expansion

Free Move alliance

5. 4 Hazards:

Intensifying competition & loan consolidation in the market

Economic slowdown

Bangladeshi legislation on cross-border cell phone consumption by customers

6. 0 Infestation Evaluation for Teletalk:

It is the strategy of environmental scanning of any Industry based on the factors Like Political changes, Economic changes, Sociable factors and Technological changes

6. 1 Politics changes:

Antitrust Regulations


Protection Laws

Tax Laws

Special Incentives

Foreign Trade Regulations

Attitudes toward international Companies

Laws on selecting and promotion

Stability of government

6. 2 Economical changes:

GDP trends

Interest Rates

Money Supply

Inflation Rates

Unemployment levels

Price control

Devaluation / Revaluation


6. 3 Communal factors:

Lifestyle Changes

Career expectation

Consumer activism

Rate of family formation

Growth rate of population

Age circulation of population

Regional shift in population

6. 4 Technical changes:

Total Federal spending for Research & Development

Total Industry spending for Research & Development

Focus of Technological efforts

Patent Protection

New Products

Technology copy from laboratory to marketplace


7. 0 Porter's five forces for Teletalk:

Five forces talks about five key areas particularly threat of new entry, ability of buyers, electricity of suppliers, risk of substitutes, and competitive rivalry.

7. 1 Threat of New Entry

As authorities is demonstrating liberalism in case of telecommunication sector and exposed its policies to award new licensees to new mobile companies so threat of new accessibility is high.

As set-up cost is in billions of dollars so in cases like this risk of new accessibility is low, but there are companies who are working to accomplish licenses and getting close to know terms and conditions because of this.

As for this business companies need a more developed distributions and franchises network so threat of new entrant is high in this circumstance.

7. 2 Bargaining Ability of Potential buyers:

Power of buyer is high in telecommunication sector. You will find six market players and players are providing different packages at different prices and a situation of price battle is running. Buyers have a capacity to buy any bundle which is suited to them.

Cost of transitioning in one company package to other company package is low. Hence, ability of buyers is high.

7. 3 Bargaining Electric power of Suppliers:

The electric power of suppliers is lower in case of telecommunication sector.

But the truth is that numbers of suppliers are few on the market nevertheless they are competing in the market to make contracts with mobile providers.

7. 4 Risk of Substitute Products:

Government also provided so many land lines and cellular local loop licenses to different companies like BTCL wireless local loop, GO CDMA etc. these services in future will be like mobile phone services like they are preparing to offer services a whole lot but presently they are providing Text message and CLI services with their customers.

7. 5 Rivalry among Competing Organizations in Industry:

Currently there are six market players but in future they will be eight and nine or even more.

Satellite service offers customers freedom of ability to move and continuous service. Satellite tv technology supplements of existing mobile providers, overcoming the problems of large geographical areas and insurmountable ground.

8. 0 Telecom sector in Bangladesh:

The telecom penetration in Bangladesh is about 33%. But this is SIM penetration and the real quantities will be between 24% and 27%. The total amount of mobile users is expected to double in the next five years to 100 million. We are well located to ride the expansion as Grameenphone's systems cover 99% of the country's population and about 90% of the physical area. Bangladesh is expected to come out using its 3G norms soon and its regulator is tightly watching the world. Telecom contributes about 8% of the country's GDP and of this; Grameenphone's contribution is more than 50%.

Of the total membership in January-February period, the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission rate (BTRC) data proved the Southern Asian country's six mobile phone operators in February sold 320, 000 new relationships, down 77. 14 percent from that in January.

The BTRC data exhibited, the amount of clients of the six mobile phone providers -- Grameenphone, Banglalink, Robi, Citycell, Teletalk and Warid -- by the end of Feb stood at 23. 75 million, 14. 13 million, 10. 31 million, 1. 94 million, 1. 04 million and 3 million respectively.

In 2008, the country's six cellphone companies added 10. 27 million new readers, posting an impressive 30 percent growth compared with that in 2007.

9. 0 Assessing Teletalk compare with other challengers:


GrameenPhone has practically 600 customer touch things, including 82 Grameenphone Centers (GPC), in the united states. GPCs are Grameenphone's flagship sales and service factors. It really is a one-stop shop, manned by professional sales and service people, to help customers pay their mobile expenses, change a subscription, buy a new connection or replace a cellular phone, and much more, all under one roofing. Banglalink also rolled out almost 500 Banglalink Service Things nationwide-these customer booths have been setup at the local level to provide easier access to customer services. Robi offered customer service benefits to the customers, as Robi will take care to resolve any problem at the initial convenience. Robi has wide reach with 100, 000 plus recharge sales things, more than 26000 SIM advertising details, more than 450 services points and 24-hour call centre facilities with least expensive fee. These ensure easy availability. Warid has ten customer care centers around the united states located at key locations. These centers are directly run by Warid itself. Warid has another 120 franchises disperse across Bangladesh, the major chain of shops in the united states, which is further backed up by a string of sub-franchises, affinity companions & vendors. SIM Cards, Scuff Cards and sometimes mobile packages are sold at these stores. Expenses collection for post paid users and Zem top up for pre-paid users can even be availed at the franchises. These franchises immediately appoint dealers and sub-dealers in their chosen areas. You will find 6 Customer support centers of Citycell in the united states. One for each and every department and there are another 500 Customer care Points spread around the united states.

9. 2 Network Coverage:

Grameenphone is had highest share in terms of network coverage and it is bout managed 55% of network coverage, Banglalink managed15%, Citycel managed 15%, Robi owned 10%, Warid & Teletalk possessed 5%.

9. 3 Teletalk's Network:

Teletalk Bangladesh Small has continually broadened its network, to better hold its growing customer platform as Teletalk concerning keep the assurance of providing better service. As of this moment, Teletalk has already established its network foothold in 64 Districts, 402 Upazillas, and the majority of the highways. Teletalk is continuing its network development to reach more corners of Bangladesh.

9. 4 Value Added Services:

The provision of services beyond tone, often known as "value added services" (VAS), is at a nascent stage in Bangladesh. VAS carries a quantity of services including Text message, ring tones, video games, MMS, voice talk, etc. Mobile providers see VAS as possessing a great market potential and possibly a serious earnings source in the approaching years. According to one estimate, the VAS is growing at 35 % every year. Presently, the VAS market is dominated by entertainment services like band tones- which is incredibly popular amonst the younger technology.

In addition to entertainment, there are other critical areas where VAS can significantly donate to the socio-economic development of the country. The health sector is an excellent example. In Bangladesh, there is an acute lack of certified doctors in rural areas. While around 70 % of the total society lives in rural areas, 75 % of the skilled health professionals practice in urban areas. Because of instant supply and connection of the technology, there is certainly enormous scope for mobile services in rural health care. Although evidence of the technology's effectiveness is still in first stages, demonstration assignments in the Philippines, Uganda and South Africa indicate the fact that the under-served could get access to quality health services and information through mobiles.

Even in Bangladesh, many initiatives have been completely undertaken. For instance, Grameenphone's Health Collection Service, integrated in cooperation with the Telemedicine Guide Center Limited, is a 24-hour medical call centre manned by licensed physicians. Health Series provides services like medical appointment, doctor and medical service information, medicine information, interpretation of laboratory test reviews, and emergency support information. Relating to Grameenphone, Health Series is presently providing medical advice to about 10, 000 callers per day.

Another area where mobiles can have significant impact is bank. With just a few thousand lender branches throughout the country, the banking services are really inadequate. Currently, there exists a casual system of money copy, which is widely used by many migrant employees in urban areas to send remittances to rural areas. The federal government is currently considering m-banking that will combine money copy through mobiles with the existing banking system. In this technique, mobile providers' shops will be used as payment centers with banking companies providing cash services. As you analyst argues, "the entire mobile bank strategy is dependant on the substance of providing the unbanked/ casual funds flow into the formal sector and make it countable in your GDP. "

The advantages of mobile phone have also reached the realms of politics and governance. In the city organization and municipality elections organised recently, voters could actually know the locations of these designated polling stations by texting their nationwide ID figures. This service, provided to at least one 1. 3 million voters, was create by the Election Payment in association with Tele Discussion Bangladesh Ltd. , the state-run mobile phone company. Corresponding to studies, the service received good response from the public and could be utilized in the local federal and parliamentary elections as well.

In addition, there are other services that are currently being made available from different operators. Grameenphone's CellBazaar, an electronic industry accessible via Text message, WAP and internet, was create to provide people with timely market information. Through CellBazaar, potential buyers and sellers can have the decision of goods on offer, including furniture, household appliances, cars, residences, etc. Another initiative of Grameenphone lets its customers find out about job offers that are uploaded in the country's most significant job portal, bdjobs. com.

While the prospect of mobile phones beyond voice is obvious, there are a few critical issues that need to be highlighted. First, the mobile providers need to think of VAS as a item service that will gain from being low cost - which will ensure greater level. Currently, many VAS services are very expensive compared to tone of voice and, therefore, affordable to just a few users. Furthermore, many services are based on text, meaning a significant number of individuals in the country will be unable to access them. Therefore, there is a dependence on providing services in the neighborhood language or guaranteeing Interactive tone response (IVR) facilities.

Second, the role of policy-makers is crucial in introducing different VAS inventions. Policy-makers must understand that for Bangladesh to be competitive at the global level and then for society to reap the benefits of better information moves, mobile phones are the key intermediaries, at least for the short to medium term. Therefore, there should be incentives to generate mobile application-services and roll them out. Alternatively, disincentives like fees must be eradicated whenever you can. In some cases, tough regulations are necessary to ensure proper use of VAS. For example, in the case of m-banking, forward-looking regulations are needed that will help m-banking; at the same time, mechanisms to prevent illegal activities like money laundering must be created.

Finally, there's a need for demanding research to assess the role of mobiles/VAS in the socio-economic development. There are hardly any data available for the extent useful of VAS by the overall users. Information regarding who are employing what kind of services as well as their satisfaction levels is essential for policy-making purposes.


Call Block


Stock Information


Instant Messaging


SMS Founded Alerts/Services

Voice-based Services


Cricket Updates



Mobile Backup


banglalink jigyasha


railway junction

yellow pages

sms (text, rates & jokes. . . )

international sms

Quran ivr

namaz alert

friend finder

song dedication

music station


voice adda

voice portal


conference call

missed call alert

call me back

call block

voice message

Easy divert

caller line identification presentation

banglalink bill-pay service

mobile remittance

vehicle tracking


9. 5 Teletalk's Value Added Services:

Teletalk offers a variety of services to its customers. Pursuing are an outline of the services presently available with Teletalk:


Teletalk offers internet surfing service for both post-paid and pre-paid subscribers. One can use this center by using data-cable in computer also. Handsets with GPRS option permit this service. Through Teletalk GPRS, the subscribers may use the facilities like surfing, email, internet chatting, data copy etc.

Push-pull services

Like ordinary SMS, one can receive answer to a question s/he asks. By using this push-pull service, you can hold the latest revisions of important cricket complements. Besides, other important info like weather forecast, prayer time, quotations, horoscopes and especially sehri-iftar timing during Ramadan are also available.


An SMS of 160 people each available both in British and Bangla.


Every subscriber of Teletalk gets the ability of Economic ISD or EISD in 55 countries @ reduced rate each and every minute. Under this facility, the customer should dial 012, then country code, then area code and finally the desired number - instead of dialing access code 00.

DESA Load dropping push-pull service

First time in Bangladesh, Teletalk with co-operation from DESA has instituted something for consumers to acquire evening load shedding schedule through Text message. With minimal charging of Taka 1. 00 per SMS, this service is a welcomed addition to the individuals of Dhaka Metropolitan area that comes under auspices of DESA services.

Mobile Applications through GPRS

Teletalk in addition has introduced in cooperation with various content providers some Java Mobile applications. Not able among them are "Cricket Upgrade" and "Bangla SMS".

Voice SMS

Teletalk has released "Voice SMS" service for this customers to send speech message.

10. 0 Diagnosis Result:

From the diagnosis of Teletalk, it is found that though the company is held by the federal government but the services is not take it to the main position of Bangladesh. Because for the telecom mobile sector the network is the main significant factor. Because if the network is not widened to the country wide customer won't get the service properly. From then on consequence many important concern they will miss and eventually the customer will moving over from another company.

After sales service is another concern for the highly technical things. The telecom mobile sector is also a higher tech sector. The overall people can not easily understand the problem. It's important that any business maintains its customers happy. This is because, financially, it costs five times just as much to gain a fresh customer as it does to keep an existing one. Since it operates in a highly competitive sector, Teletalk must offer excellent customer support or customers should go to rival businesses. Through the finding it is found that GrameenPhone has almost 600 customer support and 82 Grameenphone Centers (GPC), Banglalink has 500 Banglalink Service point, Robi has more than 450 service middle and Warid has 10 customer care and 120 franchises distributed across from coast to coast. Here the Teletalk has only 21 customer support center all over the country.

Human Resources, who provide the customer services should be well trained and expert. In case the agent takes too much time time to serve or cannot supply the service in only time the client can be dissatisfy. The agents of Teletalk aren't enough experts to provide services.

The market innovator, Grameenphone offers the EDGE services online browsing while Teletalk offers only the GPRS that is not fast as the Border service. Grameenphome offers various bundle offers for the internet browsing. But the Teletalk have only 1 pack offer for the customer.

Value Added Services (VAS) is the main one of the key issues to be successful in the telecommunication industry in Bangladesh. The other operators provide a whole lot of services including, Studyline is for the students help range to get various help for his or her study purpose; Stock Information is providing for Show holder Business Men and provide live home elevators DSE and CSE stock price of placed companies, conclusion of subscribed stocks and shares in portfolio, daily and weekly graphs on prices of individual companies, latest news from DSE and CSE, performance of market (top 5 gainers/losers)

BillPay offer is good for the paying expenses for Electricity, GAS, Water and other services.

CellBazaar is the electronic market offer by the Grameenphone and is also an extremely popular online market in Bangladesh. Anybody can buy and sell any product through this.

Railway junction is for the gathering railway information Solution Booking and ticket purchasing.

Vehicle tracking is good for monitoring and safeguarding any vehicle is now possible sitting at home! Track vehicle monitoring system is a state-of-the-art service which allows anyone to observe a car or a fleet to ensure better security of vehicles by lowering auto robbery which is an alarming issue these days in major metro areas. With this service, you can even switch off your car from a remote control location. All you need is a gprs empowered handset and a Banglalink data deal to visit internet and you may monitor the vehicle live.

Mobile remittance is a service through this anyone can obtain the remittance through the mobile and withdraw from the client care middle.

But the Teletalk is offering only a limited services and provide for his or her customers.

11. 0 Method to implementation of Change:

Evolutionary Change - is described as incremental, continuous and narrowly concentrated. This change is constant. Evolutionary change may be considered a carefully developed, long-term goal an corporation is moving toward. One tool that can promote and direct evolutionary change is proper planning. Under this types Teletalk's change on the recruiting training strategies, the structural innovations those takes little by little explanation, the ethnical change is reveled. Mainly the telecom providers can not broaden their network development within the day. The added services cannot develop in a short time. So the method is become under the evolutionary change process.

12. 0 Proposal for Change:

For the Batter performance, Teletalk need to change the next area


Human resources are an organization's most important asset. Finally an organization's distinctive competences lie in the abilities and skills of its employees. Because these skills and talents give a business a competitive advantages, organizations must continuously monitor their set ups to get the best approach of motivating and arranging human resources to acquire and use their skills.

The Teletalk should set up some training for the development and make expert to supply the service to the customer and can solve the quarries immediately.

12. 2 Functional Resources:

As talked about in earlier chapters, each organizational function needs to develop procedures that allow ii to manage the particular environment it encounters. As the environment changes.

Teletalk should boost the useful resources. The functional resources includes here the offering various types of segmentation products for his or her customers. Such as increase the value added services.

12. 3 Organizational Capabilities:

Through the design of organizational framework and culture, an organization can funnel its real human and practical resources to have advantage of technological opportunities. Organizational change often requires changing the connections between people and functions to increase their capability to make value.

Teletalk, though is a government possessed company so can certainly increase its organizational capacity. The organizational ability includes increasing the customer care centre, network base stop etc.

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