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Aspects and traits of different cultures and how they communicate Essay

Lifestyle can be viewed differently by different people nevertheless the general which means of culture can be defined as people's way of life which is passed from a single generation to a different and also shared among additional different communities. The world features very many several societies and each of these communities have their very own way of life, all their beliefs and norms. The actions that people require themselves in and the values they hold is what normally forms their particular culture.

These kinds of cultural morals are the ones that differentiate one culture from other communities and therefore a large number of societies carry their tradition as a very important symbol of identification(Neil). This document examines the general elements and characteristics of different ethnicities. It also provides a detailed look at of how this traits and aspects will be communicated inside the societies and also across to other communities The areas of culture generally display the overall way of life of all societies in the world.

These elements can be a beneficial base to compare how different societies in the world live. One of the most dominant aspects of traditions is the federal government structure of the societies as well as the international relation ships on this society together with the outside world. Government within any society refers to the fact that people in just about any society is likely to make their laws and regulations and how these laws will be enforced for the society. It also brings out the difficulties of leadership and how it can be passed on to others within the society. All the societies in the world will vary types of governments as well as the way one particular government is run is unquestionably not the same as the other society.

The way laws and regulations are made and enforced is also independent among the list of different societies. For example , the usa of America has its own way of making laws and enforcing them, which is different from the way the African countries or different European countries get it done. The procedures that are adopted in the US to elect a president are not the same as the procedures that is followed in Australia, china, or any type of other nation.

The international relations between one nation and other nation are simply not the same. The way the federal government of UK relates together with the government of Canada is usually not the same way it will correspond with a country just like Nigeria. The international relationships ships are different between 1 society and also other all over the world (Shapiro, p25). Another aspect of tradition is the financial systems of the communities and the resources available to them. The resources that are available to a single society might not be available to an additional society.

This could be due to distinct geographical locations which may favour some societies with better resources than others. For example , some communities in the world have got natural resources while others might not have any natural resources. The time available establish a society's way of earning a living.

For example several societies especially in the African place have abounding natural assets and most of these may rely upon agriculture for a living. Other countries just like Korea have to import the raw materials for his or her manufacturing companies. The resources obtainable and the form of management will then define the sort of economies the societies will have at the end of the day.

The scarcity of resources inside the different communities has for example brought about control and this features formed a serious characteristic of culture in the different societies(Benedict, p13). The societies have different spiritual is convinced and this forms the basis of religion in the diverse societies. People within the societies have their personal believes regarding the great powers and this has offered the society a clear meaning of what to praise. For example the different societies on the globe have different made use of.

While some societies believe in Christianity, others believe in Islamic, Hindu, cults between other beliefs. These philosophy affect the society's way of life extremely differently. The fact that Islamic religion dictates life is not the same as the Christianity.

All their practices and believes are very different. The transferring of these religions between the societies is also very different. While to many like Islam it is mandatory other societies find it a private choice and thus optional (Lull, p22) Literacy and technology is another facet of culture.

This kind of aspect brings out the different ways different societies acquire education. For example that they attend institution and the sort of school curricula that is implemented. The education program in most word societies are not the same. The kind of technology that is designed in the university programs is very different from a single society to another. Some societies such as traditional western societies have more advanced technology than societies inside the African circumstance.

What is trained in the university curricula is also different from one particular society to another. This ultimately affects the types of societies which can be finally raised in future. Some of the societies are usually more technologically advanced that other societies in the world(Shapiro, p27). Community and family members life varieties another area of the cultural element. This gives a way of how people live and just how closely they are really related to one another.

This as well defines the type of housing which the individuals may well live in. Diverse societies create their residences differently in respect to their values. While some societies believe in rock built properties, some societies may construct mud tubes thatched with grass.

The shapes and finishing with the houses created by the diverse societies is additionally different because of their values. The way the societies are divided for example when it comes to race, racial, family among others is also completely different. This obviously means that the defined relationships between the family members in the societies are different.

As an example the way the younger people connect with the elders within the world is different around the world societies. The occasions and just how they are celebrated within the societies is also very unique. By way of example they method the Oriental embrace their particular culture is definitely not the same as after that Indian society(Benedict, p17). The cultural arts and projects within the communities are varied.

The arts that might be in America won't be the same as the arts in Asia. All the communities in the world get their unique works of art, music, statues, and structures. The way the societies make the art, carvings, baskets, mats yet others is very different. The kind of music enjoyed simply by one tradition is not the same as the different society.

These cultural elements are proven to exist in every society. The only difference is the fact every world has a exceptional and impartial way of approaching each feature. Apart from the areas of culture inside the societies, an additional major characteristic of traditions is the traits. Every cultures throughout the different societies have prevalent traits.

Among the cultural attributes in the society is that culture is learned. All of us happen to be born and raised in various societies. Is not delivered with the traditions of virtually any specific culture. Individuals understand culture from the society they are born in. If a kid is born within a different tradition from his parents, the kid is likely to understand culture in the second society and not regarding his /her parents.

One other trait of culture is the fact it is sent from one era to another. Persons do not form other nationalities when they are given birth to. Instead the older people normally pass the culture in their society to the younger generations within the same society(Neil).

This kind of reinforces and maintains culture within the societies. This is because, if a culture can be not handed from one generation to the next, its likely that that culture is going to eventually die. The older people therefore normally hold the responsibility of teaching the younger people the beliefs, customs, values and norms in the society. Culture is dependent around the world of symbols to speak it from generation to a different.

This means that the strategy used to go culture in a single society are basically related as strategies used in an additional society. The symbols which have been normally relied upon by the communities are the verbal and non-verbal symbols of communication. Different symbols that will be used to talk culture include icons and pictures. Change is another important attribute of lifestyle.

This means that there is no one lifestyle that is not subject to change. The culture that used to be followed by the great grand parents is definitely not the same culture that we follow today. Since times modify, people continue to keep changing the actual believe in and this eventually changes the culture of the culture (Benedict, p18). Change of culture is usually subject to the various changes that occur in our daily lives. For example changes in the education systems, difference in technological improvement of the culture, discoveries and innovations that may occur since life progresses.

All the communities have another cultural characteristic of brilliance over various other cultures. This kind of trait is referred to as ethnocentric. The societies assume that their norms, values and practices are superior and much much better than those of other communities. This attribute is a significant source of conflict between societies since none of the communities will accept to get put down by simply another society.

This attribute helps the individuals inside any particular society to feel happy with themselves and portray good image of all their society. A final cultural feature in the societies is the adaptive nature of culture. Because the world developments the changes that are included with it must readily be suitable within the communities.

For example most cultures before regarded women as a sluggish sex and the role inside the society was very minimal. As the technical advancement got ground, girls have tailored different roles in the culture and today they perform the roles that were previously referenced as manly roles. People keep changing different styles of your life as modify is tailored within the cultural context in the societies (Neil). Culture is usually communicated applying different strategies within the world. Communication of culture is carried out through several methodologies of learning.

Culture itself can be learnt intentionally or unconscious. Unconscious methods include observation and training of what other people perform within your lifestyle. The younger persons may for example start dress up, singing and behaving like other people do within their contemporary society by just noticing and imitating them.

The conscious methods include browsing about the culture and being taught by older generation with regards to your culture (Benedict, p23) Lifestyle is taught to the young generation through proverbs, folktales, myths folklore, art, music, poetry and mass media. Lots of people are the times when ever our grand parents could tell reports related to the west. The younger generation is then expected to respond in a manner that suits the lessons they will learn from the stories and legends they will hear.

Exactly what we carry out in our lives, both in the verbal and non-verbal originates from what we discovered in our social back ground. In addition to the older generation, traditions can also be learned from other resources such as each of our families, professors, religious companies and the peer organizations. Within the family members context, father and mother hold the single responsibility training their young ones how to behave in accordance to the society's value and norms(Lull, p28). That they introduce them to the faith based education plus the formal education system. What a child begins learning from the beginning of child engine forms a major ground pertaining to the social beliefs.

For instance , a child brought to Islamic hope when incredibly young and is growing believing in it would be extremely tough to change and start believing consist of religions including Hindu or Christianity. Inside the institutions that individuals grow in, expert groups probably result which forms another source exactly where culture is learnt inside the society. One is eager to find out what the various other knows that he/she does not know and in by doing this we find that culture quickly passes to other people (Lull, p33). Culture isn't only passed in the societies but it really is handed to additional societies. It has become quite typical in today's societies wherever we find that individuals do not totally stick to the beliefs in their individual society.

This has resulted from the effects of globalization that takes place in the present globe. Many societies today are extremely integrated in different aspects of your life such as relationship, trade, education among others. With such the usage we find that individuals start shower like various other societies, consuming meals similar to other societies, rising arts and traditions of other communities among others.

Persons learn about other cultures through adaptation of behaviors and norms in the society at interest. Trade, media, intermarriages and education have become the ideal mechanisms of passing the cultures from one society to a new (Toomey, p10). In conclusion tradition has the same general aspects and qualities within the distinct societies across the globe.

The only difference is how these features are interpreted in the several world communities. Culture has ceased to be viewed the same as it used to be in past times. Many individuals today do not know of their culture because of the adaptation of other societal cultures which is often mixed with the native culture.

It has given rise to communities with incredibly diverse is convinced and many social conflicts inside the society. Works cited Dennis O'Neil. (2007). Characteristics of Culture.

Obtainable from: http://anthro. palomar. edu/culture/culture_2. htm Harry Lionel Shapir. Aspects of Lifestyle. Ayer Publishing, 1970, p23-56 Lull, J. Media, Communication, Culture: A global approach. Ny, Columbia School Press, 1995, p16-34 Ruth Benedict Habits of Lifestyle.

Mariner Literature, 2005, p13-44 Ting Toomey, S. Interacting across ethnicities. New York, Guilford, 1999, p4-18

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