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Aspects and great things about Work Life Balance


This following thesis discusses with the work life balance of an organization. As it is usually to be explained in this essay a work life balance is required in any organization. It is a vital aspect which most of the organizations do not consider and therefore they end up facing critical situations that could have been easily averted from happening. Associated with that the employees would get a proper balance between their work and the time that they spend at home and family. This is very important because the satisfaction of a worker must get high main concern. It is merely when the worker is satisfied that his performance could reach to its maximum levels. Once the production capacity of every employee in the organization increases, this would obviously raise the productivity of the organization. Therefore this might lead to high profits which would help organizations to attain the perfect level possible.

The essay also discusses what is important to control people within the business. You will discover explanations about how exactly stress, empowerment, federal government regulations and staff of choice could help in the management of employees within the organization. There's also illustrations of how to execute work life balance within the organizations.

So as advised above the complete routine on an organization will depend on the performance of the employees which most organizations don't understand. On carrying on with this article everything will be explained in detail and how work life balance impacts an organization.


2. 1 HRM defined

Human Reference Management (HRM) is the function in a organization that targets recruitment, management, and providing way for folks who work in the business. Human Learning resource Management may also be performed by collection managers. (Alexander, J. O. 2005)

2. 2. 1 Work Life Balance

Before consider it deep it is all ways a question on what work life is. It essentially represents the meaning of a person managing his life from work and family. In such situations it is assumed that a person can perform to his/her expected level.

"Work life balance is no problem to be solved; it is an issue to be managed". Many people and organizations think of work life balance as a problem whereas it should be not. It is only a challenge if one struggles to achieve it which in most cases happens but and yes it basically tells a person that managing it will always make him/her successful. (Luthans, 2008. P. 250)

In the sooner days work was just done as a need and a part of endurance, however now it is a form of personal satisfaction and less as some sort of survival. One of the medium that help these employees reach their personal development and organizational success is work-life balance. Work-life balance found in the right nature may not only cause advantages to the employees, it can be a source by which the entire company gains competitive gain. Work-Life Balance is going for a bigger bite out of corporate profits than every other bottom line issue today. As a result, it provides the largest and best upside opportunity to immediately impact on the business

As employees of businesses have been bombarded with overload of work in the ages, as shown in the picture, the idea of work-life will help organizations to hold their best employees. However, it ought to be appreciated that Work-Life balance is no problem to be fixed; it is an issue to be been able as informed before. Regrettably most mangers are woefully untrained to control this matter for themselves, much less help others to control it. During the course of this essay recommendations will be provided to triumph over this important problem.

2. 2. 2 Great things about work life balance for the organization

When organizations have the ability to create a work environment with work-life balance, there are benefits to the business. In such instances it can be remarked that work life balance provides out some benefits. (Perrow, 2006, p. 125)

Retain staff- As informed before with an effective well retained work life balance employees will be satisfied with whatever these are being given with and you will be inclined to work more. With do it yourself and work satisfied employees a business can easily maintain staff. This will reduce the price tag on advertising, recruiting and training of new employees

To improve team work and working bonds- Well satisfied employees will usually look to work more and perform jobs they are being designated to. A work environment with work-life balance will enhance the working interactions between co-workers, improve morale and can encourage employees showing more initiative and teamwork.

To increase level of creation- With proper maintained staff and team work a higher creation level can be achieved. This will help the organization to provide into mass marketing with mass level of production.

2. 2. 3 Great things about work life balance for the employees

Increase in Job Satisfaction- Because the employees do not have to worry about a lot of their other matter as a result of an well managed work life balance they'll be able to focus on their work that will eventually lead to job satisfaction. This may enhance the quality of work that will also lead to better quality outcome.

Decreasing stress and burn up out- With proper work life balance being retained it is apparent that stress is being reduced. As a result of reduction in stress performance of the employees increase that will eventually benefit the organization.

Collaboration- If work life balance is achieved employees will be much satisfied with the task, this will action a motivational factor. Then the employees can work as a team and develop their skills. Therefore they'll be benefited by adopting new skills and new techniques that will not only help them in their profession but also their public life.

2. 3 Why is it important to manage people

Think of the previous time you heard statements like these; "I'm the supervisor here!", "Just do the job I gave you!", "You must do it my way!" How have you actually feel? Did you are feeling de-motivated to carry on with your projects? Needless to say you will. Keeping the employees of the business happy and ensuring they are more comfortable with their work area is vital to the employees' performance. And it is their performance that finally affects the business as a whole. The words and the employer's effect, as well as the reactions of others, reveal generational differences in the workplace. For instance, if a worker is unhappy with his/her supervisor, this might de-motivate the employee to execute. This de-motivation may rub off on other fellow employees. And in the end when the majority of the employees of the division are de-motivated to work, it could result in the poor performance of the entire team. (Alexander, 2006, p. 5-12)

We have four different generations working side-by-side in the workplace. Remember, if you are old enough, when more aged personnel were the bosses and more youthful workers did what was asked of them, no questions asked. There were definite rules as to how the employer was treated and how younger workers cared for older workers. No longer: Assignments today are all over the place and the rules are being rewritten daily.

Research indicates that folks communicate based on their generational backgrounds. Each era has distinct behaviour, behaviors, expectations, patterns and motivational keys. Learning how to communicate with the different years can eliminate many major confrontations and misunderstandings in the workplace and the business world. (Hammil, 2005)

There are four generations of employees, which are silent's, seniors, era xers and technology Y's. The desk given below shows the generation timeline.

Source: http://www. fdu. edu/newspubs/magazine/05ws/generations. htm

As of today many of the employees included in the baby boomer era is retiring or is expecting to retire. Thus the present day day workforce mostly consists of the Technology X & Y. Technology X value education, parenting and self-reliance more than work plus they have developed varying skills and will be more determined in get together an employee that best suit their needs. Technology Y are those created between 1980 for this. They are also called Millennia's and Echo boomers. Era Y has been defined as 'better informed, more tech-savvy, more achievement oriented, and better at problem dealing with than boomers. ' (Henricks, 2007)

The table listed below shows the individuals his / her underlying principles, or personal or lifestyle characteristics and how it corresponds with each generation.

Source: http://www. fdu. edu/newspubs/magazine/05ws/generations. htm

2. 3. 1 Factors that influence the employees in the workplace

Looking at the factors that have an effect on the employees in the workplace:

Stress - Stress occurs when you surpass your ability to cope with pressure. It can be simply described as the harmful physical and psychological response that occurs when there is a poor match between job demands and the capabilities and the sources of the employee. We realize that lack of control and autonomy, extended hours, insufficient job satisfaction and bullying can all cause stress. What cannot be recognized is how resilient a person may be at dealing with pressure. At present one can't anticipate the impact that exposure to a difficult environment will have on a person. It depends upon genetic make-up. You can suffer mental failing or you can get a heart disease. Therefore overly pressured workers is only going to result in being truly a burden to the organization as performance & determination levels tend to decline, increasing the loss. (John, 2002, p. 25).

Empowerment - ''Empowerment is the expert to make decisions within one's portion of responsibility without first needing to get approval from some superior'' (luthans, 2008, p. 290).

This is about the trust element between the worker and the supervisor that comes thorough adaptable working and is very good for the organization. Independence to work flexibly is one of the most powerful bonuses to attracting and retaining staff. Since we all know that a versatile labor force is also a powerful economic weapon because it helps protect against inflation. Indeed, the freedom to work flexibly if so desired can be an essential tenet in the new mental health agreement between employers and employees. Studies show it is one of the very most powerful incentives for attracting and retaining staff. (Samson & Daft, 2005, p. 164)

Government Rules -These are simply laws made by the federal government to provide overall flexibility for working parents of small children. Again this is vital to keep proper work life balance. The governments at present plan to preserve the notion in law regarding this matter. To avoid bitterness, employers will have to offer different bonuses to all personnel. The motion towards offering a new work-life balance is unstoppable, as it is what everyone would like. Nonetheless it is a necessity that organizations together with individuals find the perfect balance, with similar commitments to sectors, work & life. (kaufman, 2000, p. 254)

Employer of preference - The principal aim of any business is (or should be) to create a high performance place of work. Powerful workplaces are characterized by their creativity, advancement, overall flexibility and competitiveness. Workplaces where people choose to work and give freely of the energies and feel a sense of personal achievements, satisfaction, individual purpose and security, where there is synergy between personal missions and work obstacles, and organizational achievements and where in fact the work environment sense of community plays a part in overall communal cohesion. (Centro, 2009. P. 300)

2. 3. 2 Just what exactly does "Employer of preference" mean

In simple terms it means that individuals will choose to do the job and they will:

Choose to dedicate them to your success.

Choose to stay with you, even when they may be being courted by recruiters from other

Employers - recruiters with remarkably attractive inducements.

An employer of choice is one who inspires highly talented personnel to become listed on them and stay with them. (Herman & Gloria, 2004, p. 158).


2. 4. 1 Job sharing

Job sharing if we verify is a form of everlasting part-time work, where the full time work is coordinately divided between several people, where every individual is given specific tasks and areas for the entire workload. It requires to be understood that a differ from full-time to employment sharing design doesn't mean that the continuity of the work is destroyed. (Jones, 2005, p. 256)


It boosts co-operation and cooperation between all staffs

Enhance the knowledge and understanding of every individual when the job is shared

Enable is way better balance paid work persona, family, communal and community

If any worker is currently involved with any in your free time studies, thus giving them the flexibility to allow them to complete their studies in a faster rate.

Potential Disadvantages

Job sharing may also give rise to;

Duplication of work or conflicting decisions due to poor communication between the job sharers

Disruption of work triggered by the absence of a person working on a matter which must be completed that day

Difficulties renegotiating employment share layout if one job sharer leaves

The need for additional communication mechanisms for job sharers and other staff

Salary, superannuation and other entitlements being infected.

Suggestions for overcoming potential problems

Chose employment share partner that has a complimentary working style and one whom you communicate well.

Job sharers and Professionals should clarify the facts of the job share arrangements jointly, before the commencement of the job share arrangement. Things to consider include:

How duties will be divided

How at hand over

How important decisions will be made

How to keep carefully the Manager and other workers prepared about these

What may happen if one job sharer resigns

Staff members should outline these details in their flexible work proposal and Managers must ensure that they are clearly documented in the final agreed agreement.

Plan well prior to the introduction of the job share arrangement. That is crucial to preventing many of the potential problems that may come up under this kind of set up.

2. 4. 2 Part time work

Part-time work with professional workers entails working less than the standard every week or fortnightly time, that all entitlements are paid on the pro-rata basis. Types of the part-time work preparations include:

Weekly fraction: working 0. 5 on the basis of two and a half working days each week

Fortnightly small percentage: three business days seven days and two working days another week within a pay period.

Annual fraction: working 0. 5 time for your calendar year but working half a year regular and six months off.

Converting from full-time work to part-time help a defined period of time is also negotiable. This permits a phased go back to work following extended or extended leave (eg. maternity or sick leave) or phased leave before retiring.


Part-time employees are better in a position to take care of their working hours to suit their personal, family, cultural and community duties and interests. For e. g.

Having a chance to do well in their job

Keeping stress at a satisfactory level

Maintaining a good balance between work and other aspects of life

Meeting their family responsibilities.

Employers have increased capacity for getting and keeping high performing, impressive employees who might usually have a problem in working full-time.

Organizations that display an appreciation of part-time work and versatility in assisting personnel to control work-life balance enjoy an improved public belief.

Potential Disadvantages

Salary, superannuation and other entitlements may be affected by a reduction in working hours.

There may be considered a need to hide insert/hours when part-time employees are not working, specifically for roles previously performed over a full-time basis.

There is potential for overloading other workers with work for load/hours when part-time staff are not working, specifically for roles recently performed over a full-time basis.

Suggestions for conquering potential problems

By planning well before the launch of the flexible work arrangement, managers can ensure that whenever part-time staff members are not working, the task unit is properly protected. Effective planning and clear communication between the parties worried shall ensure that staff members are not burdened with an overload of work.

2. 4. 3 Adaptable time

Flexi-time is an arranged contract between a Director and staff member in which they mutually agree to vary their employees member's commencing, ceasing and meal break times while still maintaining the total variety of hours performed over a period. Another version of flexi-time is when time off instead accrued whenever a employee works much longer than 7. 35 time each day or 36. 75 time weekly. These accrued hours can be used to decrease the work hours during other days within the week/fortnight.

Since 2006, record keeping requirements under the Workplace Relations Take action 1996 require staff members, eligible for overtime or charges rates, to record hours for functioned in excess of their regular work hours.

Flexi-time arrangements look at the current and functional needs of the task area. This means that some positions or work areas will not be able to accommodate flexi-time.


Flexi-time permits the design of working time to match personal or family commitments, specifically staff with centered children. For instance, by commencing work at a later time or concluding work at an earlier time allows many parents to drop their children off to school in the mornings or decide on them up in the afternoon.

Accumulating additional hours then having long stretches of energy off work allows employees to more effectively pursue broader profession/personal/social and community duties and passions.

Employees who are better able to manage their work-life balance better will have high staff morale, greater worker satisfaction and work commitment resulting in a more enriched working environment and a correspondingly more exciting, creative and successful workforce.

Potential Disadvantages

Flexi-time arrangements may indicate there are inadequate staff levels at some times.

Staffs are required to keep detailed files of flexi-time, which is learning resource intensive and time-consuming.

Suggestions for overcoming potential problems

Good planning before the intro of the flexi work agreements is crucial to preventing many of the potential problems that may arise under this type of set up.

2. 4. 4Pre Old age contracts

A pre-retirement deal is a fixed-term contract inserted into by the University and a staff member wanting to retire at a specified future time (usually among 1-5 years' time). Professional and educational staff who meet the criteria for consideration of an pre-retirement agreement includes staff who've:

Tenured or carrying on occupation with the company

Reached 55 years of age and will retire at the expiry of the pre-employment agreement.


For the staff member

A pre-retirement deal allows an employee member to arrange for the future by giving guaranteed employment for the duration of the agreement.

Employees get a 10% launching above normal salary which is extra.

The contract period provides the work product time for succession planning.

Conversion to a pre-retirement deal can also be coupled with part-time employment, enabling employees to enjoy the benefits associated with retirement while at exactly the same time executing paid work.

For the Company

Pre-retirement contracts provide job opportunities for other employees.

The agreement period allows the Company to know whenever a employee will retire provides certainty for in advance/succession planning.

2. 4. 5 Work from home

Professional and educational staff members may work from home:

For a specified amount of time

For a specific project

Under certain conditions provided the design is both appropriate and practicable.

Approval for a home based work set up is therefore considered on a case to case basis, having regard to the type and requirements of the work, including Occupational Health and Security requirements.

Work responsibilities that involve a high level of autonomy and independence are appropriate for home based work arrangements you need to include:

Project work

Report writing

Policy development and analysis

Computer design and programming

Duties that do not require close guidance or connection with other staff, students and open public relations

A degree of computer literacy to help in 3rd party work from home

Minimal consumption of documents and other resources positioned in any office.

The type of equipment required for undertaking home based work can include:

A computer with disk drives, a USB port or Ethernet connection for moving work done at home to the office

Switching work phone through to the home computer or home phone

Having access to University databases and networks on the home computer

The provision of your telephone answering service, fax machine or cellular phone.


Working from home can result in:

The capacity to focus on female project

Less time put in going to and from work

Reduced child treatment costs

More time with the kids and family.

Potential Difficulties

Working from home may also aid:

Practical issues in planning equipment required by the worker to undertake home-based work

Potential risks/hazards at home

Distractions resulting in an lack of ability to work as effectively and efficiently as an similar staff member on campus

Feelings of isolation

Lack of gain access to to personnel development opportunities and workplace information.

Suggestions for overcoming potential problems

Good planning before the introduction of the house based work agreement is vital to preventing lots of the potential problems that may come up under this type of layout. The University or college provides information for Professionals, including steps to be followed in negotiating adaptable work arrangements and a checklist to assist with this process.

2. 4. 6 Paternity Leave

Providing services such as paternity leave, child care and attention and elder care and attention will further develop the staff relationship with the Organization. Hence, increasing the balance of work and family. All parents with children under age 8; regarding a child with disabilities this limit is 16 are entitled to up to 14 weeks Parental Leave

2. 4. 7 Compassionate or Crisis Leave

Most employers recognize the need for leave in emergency situations. Arrangements vary from organization to business and are generally informal.

Many employees prefer the need for leave in emergency situations or inescapable circumstances however layout can vary greatly for company to company. However if the business is practicing work life balance they will be in a position to provide leave to that individual and sharing the work among the list of employees.

2. 4. 8 Term-Time Working

This system means that the employee works during institution terms however, not during the school holiday seasons. It appeals, specifically, to parents of institution heading children.

Employment or job period of time: At certain levels in working life a rest may be needed, for example: to spend additional time to other things or for personal development reasons. The facilitating of such breaks can assist in retaining respected staff. A growing number of organizations provide such breaks on either a formal or less set up basis.

Sabbaticals: It is an interval of lack from work, which might or may not be on full pay, and length of time is normally related to length of service. They offer a chance for employees to have a break from or think about their work, or engage in new activities.

Exam and Study Leave: When a worker is going after further education (this may or might not exactly be job-related), an organization may provide paid leave for the purposes of study and to enable the worker to sit examinations. In the case of workers under 18, this may be mandatory as lay out in the Education (Welfare) Action (2000).

2. 4. 9 E-Working

The concept of e-Working involves working far away, not in person using the technology to ease communications. With the cutting edge technology such as video tutorial conferring and Skype for e. g. , communication has been made simple and just about everywhere and anytime.

It is well suited to performing it tasks and works well in certain situations where in fact the employee has a higher amount of autonomy, e. g. : Architecture, journalism. Problems to be triumph over can include issues of control, lack of face to face contact and persistence of service provision.

2. 4. 10 Virtual Teams


Virtual development includes where forming teams of e-workers to work in a mutually supportive way. The associates may not work together or in simple fact stay static in the same country however via the internet the communication is manufactured effectively. This form of teamwork may be suited in certain situations but the insufficient personal discussion and real human contact will render it incorrect in situations where these factors are considered important.

2. 5 Great things about work life balance in work places

Work life balance and tactics can bring benefits in direct and in direct form to employees, employers and all together to the business. The benefits that come into the firm because of the practices of such strategy would be tangible and quantifiable than other, where they contribute to the organizations gain in the long run.

When organizations have the ability to create a work environment with work life balance, there are many benefits to the business which could be priceless.

2. 5. 1 Image

An company that implements such strategy will be a most preferred workplace by employees, moreover this might create an image for the organization as an entity that emphasizes on their employees satisfaction and well check out the needs of their and fulfill them where as making certain organizational goals are been archived. As a whole the organization would have a graphic in the world as a personnel most preferred firm.

2. 5. 2 Upsurge in productivity

Many analysts have been turned out that the best inspiration a human being can get is not when he's benefited only in monetary terms, while the individual would get determined and satisfied when his basic and basics needs are accepted and satisfied. Thus work life balance provides a earth for such tactics for the in a business. Where flexi work time are encouraged in line with the employees situation, telecommuting, job posting and maternity leaves etc. therefore the employee would believe that his basic and essential needs are been accepted and been resolved and because of the previously listed methods they could perform their job from homes or flexi working hours where they could solve their personal needs and do along with the organizational demand. This might bring down the stress degree of employees by not launching everything in one time and all together would boost the efficiency of the employees over time.

2. 5. 3 Retention of current worker rates

When such techniques are been exercised in an organizations and where employees are been taken care of well where by responding to their issues in a far more effective way the worker retention level would be on a positive note. This would reduce the burden on the business looking for new employees, the price associated with hiring new employees is relatively saturated in contrast to the real world where the company must incur cost such as advertising and recruitment and training which will be a well-timed process with high levels of cost involved

A work place with work-life balance will enhance the working interactions between acquaintances, improve morale and will encourage employees showing more effort and teamwork. Therefore, it will increase the levels of creation and job satisfaction by lowering stress and burn-out

2. 6 World Class examples of successful organizations which has employed Work Life Balance

2. 6. 1 How Yahoo Inc. helps its employees to balance work-life

Google as one of the top 10 10 best companies on the globe as a inspiration strategy (usually called Advancement Time Off), all Google technicians are encouraged to spend 20% of these work time (one day weekly) on projects that interest the. The culture at Yahoo Inc. have helped its employees to do what they like to do and in doing so reduces their job related stress levels.

In an effort to maintain the company's unique flexible work culture, Yahoo has selected a Chief Culture Official in 2006, who also assists as the Director of RECRUITING and the purpose of the principle Culture Officer is to develop and keep maintaining the culture and focus on ways to keep true to the main values that the business was founded on in the beginning-a level organization with a collaborative environment in order to help the employees to execute well in their careers by balancing their work-life.

Here are some things you will probably find in a Google workspace:

Bicycles for productive travel between meetings, dogs, lava lights, and massage seats.

Googlers sharing cubes, yurts, and huddle rooms (few single offices!) with 3 or 4 team members.

Laptops in every employee's hands (or bike container), for mobile coding and note-taking.

Pool desks, volleyball courts, assorted video gaming, pianos, table tennis tables, lap private pools, gyms including yoga and boogie classes.

Grassroots employee organizations of all sorts, such as meditation classes, film clubs, wine tasting groups, and salsa party clubs.

Healthy lunches and dinners for all personnel at a multitude of cafs, and outdoor seating for sunlight brainstorming.

Snack rooms packed with various treats and refreshments to keep Googlers heading throughout the day.

These have helped the employees of Google Inc to balance their work-life so, that they could do more impressive, creative things.

2. 6. 2 How Cisco Systems helps its employees to balance work-life

As one of the very best 10 companies of the world sustainable work performance predicated on employee satisfaction is crucial to Cisco's success. Accordingly, their managers are trained and motivated to make certain employees can efficiently balance their work and personal lives. Cisco has a traditions of offering employees the ability to work flexibly while interacting with the needs of the business. Cisco needs to empower their employees to ascertain for themselves, in collaboration with their managers, how they can best manage their job and home responsibilities.

Flexibility, trust, and empowerment will be the hallmarks of the employee-employer marriage at Cisco. Cisco employees require a alternative integration of work, family, health, and home to perform at their finest. Cisco's commercial culture is dependant on trust-the trust that executives spend money on professionals and other employees, and the trust that employees devote their professionals and the business.

From the start, Cisco has informally offered employees a huge degree of overall flexibility as it pertains to work time and telecommuting. This is an outgrowth of Cisco's corporate and business culture, which includes always centered on achieving results rather than investing in time at the office. Overall flexibility benefits work-life integration by allowing a work schedule that fits the average person and permits personal contingencies, including the need to look after a family member, see a doctor, attend to an emergency, or avoid high-traffic commute hours.

Because most Cisco employees work versatile hours (flextime), there is absolutely no stigma mounted on using this profit to fulfill parenting and other obligations; it is simply part of how Cisco works.

2. 7 Implications for HR Managers

Work life balance has been considered as a growing essential fact in the work place in the present day era. Even though it has been one of the major demands by the employees when enrolling for employment it has not been an easy practice in an organization then one that the individual resource managers could execute in the business with less constrains as for the demand of individuals. Therefore even work life balance and versatility practices are been utilized in corporation yet, HR managers still face some implications when attempting to adopt this idea.

2. 7. 1 Culture

''Adaptive culture are those that value innovative and encourage and reward experimenting and risk taking by middle and lower level professionals'' (Braweays & Roger, 2008, p. 240).

it is visible that the national culture of a nation has its impact of the organizations culture which works in a country. To draw out a change into an organization or put into practice new routines cooperate culture of the entity should be flexible in order for it to be more effective. In a few countries the idea of adaptable work programs are still not accepted where as in some countries it's been implemented but the rate of success has not been to the level it was expected. To truly have a more sensible view point if we take Sri Lanka into consideration, telecommuting and job showing are believed to be novel principles in both private sector and the general public sector. But we have to also remember that certain organizations in the general public sector have been employing this strategy to enhance their work force as well to enrich their jobs. But when we consider federal cooperation's even in your free time careers and compressed work weeks aren't even heard about and will not be inspired in any given time due to the culture the government corporations operate within.

One of the major contributing factor and a solid back bone which facilitates telecommuting is the advancement of computer literacy. Taking it as opposed to Sri Lanka where information have proven that the ratio out of the whole populace who owns computer systems are well below average and the computer literacy level has been very worrying, therefore telecommuting in such cultures where computer illiteracy exist is a major task for the HR manager to be more precise is an activity that cannot be carried out currently but with the development process and the upsurge in the levels of educational benchmarks in the nation it may not be a long-term dream but will be a desire which would become more of reality soon.

2. 7. 2 Performance evaluation

One of HR mangers major responsibilities is to keep an eye on the performance of the employees and examine him with place guidelines. The first question that goes up is how can the performance of a worker who's being accomplishing the given process from a different location consequently not under the supervision on the manager be able to overlook the work and appraise their performance. That is a location where many have argued a further research is vital. A way of performance with flexible programs should be created to make the activity of HR mangers simpler and more effective under such circumstances.

2. 7. 3 Organizations size

Size on the business can maintain the option of resources that the organization has and the financial balance as well somewhat. For telecommuting and job posting a big amount of resources will be required a touch more for telecommuting. Therefore organizations wealthy resources would find it easy to run such an alteration over the business functions of how work is performed where as organizations that are small in size would think it is hard in order to reap the benefits of such essential which results in many advantages to the entity as well as the employees.

2. 7. 4 Training programs

For true work life balance to occur employees need to be responsible for adopting certain behaviors that assist them balance work and other parts with their lives. Employees need to find out the way to handle organizational responsibilities and obligations to family, friends and self. Companies with a long-term strategy on work life balance has implemented training to employees on how to handle with personal conflicts which keep employees from having the ability to achieve work and family equilibrium.


Family paid journeys for employees

Rewarding staff through performance appraisal. It's important that employee's should be judged under certain criteria's to become entitled for rewards to lessen conflicts on the list of other personnel. Therefore employees should be judged using the tool of performance appraisal where he is decided whether he has been performing the required task effectively and efficiently therefore meeting the required and expected standards set by the business. Such employees who perform under pressure would be experiencing high degrees of stress therefore these employees who go positive in the performance e appraisal review could discover incentive trips where the company takes the entire cost level included. Thus will ensure a good staff organization marriage and more over enable the business to keep its work force far better at al given times

Stress alleviation workshops

As stress is and serious concern that needs to be addressed organizations to get the utmost out of their workers it is essential that they are doing address such issues to be able to reduce the strain levels of their workers and also get rid of the accumulating of stress which is to take safety measures in advance. Therefore having workshops regarding how to handle stress level and exactly how it could be handled at any given level would be one plan that organizations could put into action, this would teach their work force about the products of managing stress and the negative aspects that this can cause to them when it's not resolved. Another plan that organizations can perform is have some exercise programs that may be run ones a week or small divided session that could be carried out after formal working hours in order to ensure that the official work time is not disturbed. Such exercises could include yoga, aerobic etc. the 3rd plan that may be rolled into the stress pain relief program could be corporation vacation excursions where all employees could take part and have time off their active work schedules.

Building up a leisure lounge in the business complex

This has been one of the very most effective practices utilized by leading organizations which have an effective employees in the present day era types of such Google and Crisco. Therefore among the best practices is to create a leisure longue that includes a gaming area, pool etc. We have to also remember that the organizations which operate in the neighborhood would not be very open to such practices due to the culture that they have been operating and which includes been the traditions of Sri Lankan organizations. And we have to also not forget that we now have organizations which can be also wide open for change to be able to increase their human capitals effectiveness. Therefore this would be one of the key practices that could be brought into action to minimize the stress level of the employees of a business.



In realization, the article mainly centered on the growing empathizes of applying work life balance and overall flexibility strategies in organizations in the modern era. The most important thing that needs to be taken into consideration is that all organizations should get the right balance between your strategy and the long run organizational goal in order to obtain a simple process and a good circulation of work.

In the span of this article, there are issues on how organizations should control their employees to be able to reduce problems like employees start. As a high turnover may cause problems to the business by means of recruiting new employees and training them as this may take up lots of time, which will impact the progress of development.

Whatever is said and advised operating such change within an organization is not really a task that can be completed by an HR manger in a short term of energy. When implementing such change within an organization it is vital that the HR manger addresses the main element issues to be able to obtain effective results out of the practices

Overall work life balance and versatility is one of the criteria's that employees look and consider when doing work for a business or looking for occupations.



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