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Arguments Against Euthanasia Examination Philosophy Essay

Euthanasia or mercy getting rid of is a moral work done out of responsibility to those in suffering or an action for self-benefit under cover of morality or could it be opening door to numerous unlawful issues in the population.

Euthanasia should never be legalized in any of its forms else it'll be practiced in every instances even where consent of an individual is not considered, for personal benefits by relatives, health insurance companies or the talk about.


To know very well what is euthanasia? Its true meaning and how it's been implemented? We will be looking at its description and types.

Meaning of the word Euthanasia:

The term Euthanasia is taken from a Greek word meaning "good or happy loss of life''. Narrowly speaking it is equivalent to getting rid of so in these terms if allowing a person to perish is not eliminating than its not euthanasia. By considering this we can conclude that allowing someone to die can be moral but getting rid of someone which comes under euthanasia is incorrect. In broader terms there are philosophers who say that not only acts of killing but also to permit someone to perish comes under euthanasia. Therefore allowing you to definitely perish is not immoral than euthanasia shouldn't be taken as incorrect always it is determined by the problem under which loss of life is caused. In other words follow consequentialist theory by looking at the end rather than the means by which it is reached. But in slim terms or broader conditions its one and the same thing.

Types of Euthanasia:

Active form positive form: identifies serves of painlessly putting to death persons suffering from incurable conditions or diseases. For example supplying a lethal dose of medicine to wipe out a terminally ill patient.

Passive form: refers to an take action of allowing an individual to die example not presenting antibiotics to a terminally unwell patient who have obtained pneumonia.

Those who take euthanasia in broader spectrum are in favor of both effective and passive euthanasia.

Voluntary Euthanasia: identifies cases where an adult proficient patient demands or offers consent to a specific treatment or non-treatment for example patients who in practical states of intellects take their own lives straight or by refusing some type of treatment also include case where people allow their family members to use decision with the person regarding their lives.

Non voluntary euthanasia: A non-voluntary decision about death refers to circumstances in which decision is not made by the person who's to perish for occasion when patient cannot make their own

decision because they are not in their sensible state of mind either comatose or in vegetative expresses due to a major accident or any other disease, unconscious with irreparable brain destruction and on mechanised life supports.

Those who take euthanasia in thin conditions there are 4 possible kinds of death decisions

Voluntary euthanasia

Non voluntary euthanasia

Voluntary allowing to die

Non voluntary allowing to die

First two are used as immoral previous two can be studied as justified.

For people who take euthanasia in in another country term there are again 4 forms

Voluntary energetic euthanasia

Non voluntary dynamic euthanasia

Voluntary unaggressive euthanasia

Non voluntary passive euthanasia

General Quarrels:

Against euthanasia:

1-One should not interfere in the doings of God: As God has an objective to everything.

Counter point:

A person in favor of it usually says methods to be certain of what god desires or what god has in his mind's eye. God has given us intellect to make one's life as better as is possible. Man with his knowledge has made breakthroughs in treatments to treat certain diseases pondering in this context one should not treat a sickness pondering it's against GOD's will. This is unquestionably false as by practicing euthanasia we will be going against the nature. Life is a surprise of God and it ought to be used as a blessing alternatively than to get rid of it if it becomes burdensome.

2-No surety of the fact that one's consent is voluntary: maybe someone has decided to give up life just out of feelings but she/he doesn't imply it in real.


People dispute that in almost all of the instances where people are suffering from incurable disease voluntarily requests to have their lives.

But people going right through illness are some times in a perplexed, disoriented talk about, may have hearing problems or psychiatric disease can we be certain that by requesting to take away their lives they imply euthanasia or they are really just being mental or misinterpreting the consequences of their consent.

3-Mistaken medical diagnosis: It's been seen that there surely is always the probability that doctor's diagnosis can be incorrect so to take one's life just predicated on doctor's prognosis is not appropriate.


Mostly doctors aren't wrong in their examination it's very less an opportunity they are incorrect about incurable ailments.

But imagine if they are incorrect as there is always a chance to misdiagnosis and when your case falls in it then one would be a fool to provide away their life because it's a high probability that one may contain the incurable disease.

4-Allowing euthanasia can be utilized in incorrect ways: by allowing voluntary euthanasia we will start a door to non-voluntary euthanasia as well. Individuals who are incredibly old and it's difficult to provide for them, invalid, disable children all will be given up for euthanasia that may cause moral injustice in the population at large.


Voluntary fatality decisions could only be allowed and make rigorous rules to apply it so that involuntary fatality decisions are restricted.

In many situations we can't distinguish between voluntary and in voluntary euthanasia so there's always a chance that we misjudge things.

5-Life is precious and one should preserve sanctity of life:

Counter point:

Everyone has personal privileges to decide to reside or give-up life.

By declaring this we have been allowing suicides in population. If suicide is not considered as a good act then how do we take euthanasia in good conditions? People are not allowed for taking their own lives in their hands. Life is bestowed upon us by God almighty and however agonizing it is most of us have to live through it that's part of great buy where there are good times there are bad times as well.

5-Improvement of Palliative care:

When people will never be allowed to do euthanasia obviously many pharmaceuticals will try to invent new drugs to find out cure of a certain disorder which will bring improvement in healthcare and will start new choices for the treating incurable diseases.

Counter point:

For old and invalid individuals little or nothing can bring a change accept they are blessed with a fresh life which is not humanly possible at all so voluntary euthanasia should be allowed to those old and unwell who've no expect any technology or medication to get rid of them.

God only understands when a life will end who are we to end a life thinking it to reach its end.

My Perspective about Euthanasia:

I am against euthanasia: because

1-Euthanisa wouldn't normally only be for folks who are terminally ill:

It will become permissible for those as well who are not seriously ill as anyone who'll not be eager to endure pain will require euthanasia.

2-Doctors are those who cure a life not who requires it away:

Because if you ask me doctors is there to save lives and stop people. They may ease suffering associated with an ill but by eradicating one's life in order to flee him from the anguish is not morally appropriate. It will generate serious issues in the society.

3-Euthanasia may become a way of health care cost containment:

By allowing euthanasia people begins using it for his or her benefits. Old, senile individuals who are difficult to be studied health care off will be put for euthanasia to help their families cut costs from paying their clinic bills.

Disable, abnormal, emotionally retarded newborns or children will get off by parents for euthanasia to ease the suffering of the child as well as to save the family from the burden of the child's treatment costs.

In order to save lots of the charges a Authorities has to purchase the ill, impaired, old persons, the state or government will start putting them for euthanasia.

Insurance companies in order to get off a heavily covered by insurance terminally ill patient would be in favor of euthanasia in order that they don't have to pay for see your face unlimited hospital expenses.

4-Euthanasia can be non voluntary:

Organizations doing work for organ transplantation will play a essential role in adding people to euthanasia to get their organs for transplantation. Individuals who will not voluntarily want to pass away regardless of their conditions would also get for euthanasia to obtain their healthy organs.

Counter quarrels:

People in favor of euthanasia usually say that voluntary euthanasia won't lead to involuntary euthanasia but often there are certain cases where we can't judge things as evidently as they seem to be for illustration if an individual is too old to understand and hear what a person is asking for how do he be taken as a reasonable person when he is asked his consent for euthanasia. Additionally if the women going right through depression is being inspired to commit suicide and some doctor is assigned to make up her mind for it then how do we assess whether it was a voluntary euthanasia out of the women own will or something she was prompted to do y her practitioner. ? You will see infinite problems if euthanasia will be legalized in any of its form.

It is actually an issue in which if something prohibited has been legalized in a single condition is taken to be legal in other cases as more than time and in the long run it becomes difficult to decide that to what magnitude something was allowed. For instance it was done in case there is abortion. Because early on it was only allowed in case a mother's life was at stake but with time the law was broadened to this amount that now abortion has been done just because people don't choose to truly have a child.

Islam and Euthanasia:

In Islam it's assumed that human being life is sacred because from the surprise of ALLAH. One should continue steadily to live till ALLAH wills it no subject how sufferable it becomes as it has its own well worth in form of eternal incentive. As Quran estimates:

Do not take life, which Allah made sacred, other than in the course of justice. Qur'an 17:33

Allah decides the length of time each folks will live

When their time comes they cannot hold off it for a single hour nor can they take it forward by a single hour. Qur'an 16:61

Suicide and euthanasia are explicitly forbidden in Islam

Said the Prophet: "Amongst the nations before you there was a guy who got a wound and growing impatient (using its pain), he needed a knife and lower his side with it and the blood vessels did not stop till he passed on. Allah said, 'My Slave hurried to bring fatality upon himself so I have forbidden him (to get into) Paradise. ' "Sahih Bukhari 4. 56. 669

Non-Religious Arguments against 'Voluntary Euthanasia':

Even those who find themselves atheist they imagine euthanasia to be against moral ideals of our population as it'll cause further legalities.

Few points brought up by them against euthanasia are mentioned below:

There would be no chance by which federal government can restrict folks from involuntary euthanasia if voluntary euthanasia would be once allowed. Signifying legalizing voluntary euthanasia would be like permitting involuntary euthanasia because sometimes it's difficult to distinguish between your two.

It will cause problems with seniors or dependent relatives and their families, by pressurizing people to die then to be always a burden on the families both actually and fiscally.

Even without it being explicitly mentioned, legalizing euthanasia by NHS means that the state of hawaii is offering it instead of folks who are seeking benefits for sickness or unemployment or to pensioners, to refugees and folks with disabilities.

Euthanasia matching to Kant's Honest theory:

To Kant it's someone's duty to keep on living even if life becomes very hard because to reside in a happy life is not a large deal but to live a burdened life and not to commit suicide thinking that it's someone's duty to continue living bestowed upon him by GOD, has a high moral well worth.

So Kant is against Euthanasia as he is a deontological thinker and requires activities as right or incorrect, just or unjust without looking at the consequences of these actions. In like manner him eradicating someone is a wrong act even if it's to help ease his anguish.

Euthanasia relating to Mill's ethical system:

Mill being a teleological philosopher will approve of euthanasia as to him consequences tend to be important than the actions themselves. If something is done to ease troubled no matter how it is been achieved and it's really bringing greater pleasure to greater amount of people it's a just and good action. By allowing euthanasia the one who's been endured gets a way out of his anguish plus the state doesn't have to pay for his health costs. The family will never be burdened by the anguish individual so majority will attain contentment by allowing euthanasia to Mill euthanasia will be a justified act which can bring happiness to greater number of folks and can reduce fighting and pain as its pain over pleasure proportion gives more pleasure to everyone.


In my view euthanasia should never be legalized. Even voluntarily allowing to pass away shouldn't be allowed because it will increase many issues in the contemporary society. People will do it openly for their own benefits disregarding the moral principles of the world. Human beings will be cured as mere means and all those who are a liability on their family or families will be placed to euthanasia whatever the fact if they want it or not. Individual life will be on the line. The value and sanctity of life will lose its importance. Although someone wishes for this they must keep their desires in God and should keep on living as this hurting will be compensated in the life span after. Moreover one never is aware of whenever a new treatment may be available to get rid of a terminal health issues. As so many early untreatable diseases have a treatment these days.

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