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A quick glimpse at argumentative essay introduction examples

An argumentative essay should include certain elements to make the audience see things exactly from your perspective. To achieve this impressive effect, you should spend just a couple of minutes to prepare before getting down to writing.

Though an argumentative essay shares some features with a persuasive one, it has quite distinct differences. The number one objective of a persuasive essay is to conquer readers by means of a solid argument, while the primary goal of an argumentative essay is to demonstrate that you have a worthy argument, allowing readers to agree or disagree with your position.

A crucial part of the argumentative essay is to make use of evidence in order to substantiate your position and refute the opposite argument.

The basic structure of an argumentative essay

In fact, there’re several formats for this type of essay. Let’s start with the classical variant. As seen from this argumentative essay introduction example, in your introduction you’re expected to introduce the topic and explain the question. Here you also require stating both your position and the opposing one. Then the body part comes, where you should build a strong case by disproving the opposite position. It should take you just one paragraph to state every counter point, following the statement of yours. You require presenting your case in the second section of the body part. In the conclusion of this format, you should restate your claim and summarize the information supporting it.

The cluster format of an argumentative essay

The given format suggests that you should firstly introduce your topic and then state the required question. After this the author needs to start the first section of his body with the corresponding statement of position or claim. The format suggests you begin supporting your points. You should make use of just one paragraph to state any of your points, following the statement with the evidence, proving or supporting your point. Follow every point using an opposing view closely connected with the point and evidence, supporting the objection. Each evidence and counter point should have its own paragraph. Once all the counter points, points and evidence are presented, get down to the second section of the body with the rebuttals to all the counter points. Then you require backing your rebuttals with solid evidence showing the invalidity of the objections. On the other hand, you can acknowledge the validity of the opposing view, but you should use your evidence for this purpose. It should take you one paragraph to rebut any counter claim. Finally, restate your claim as a conclusion.

The alternating format of the argumentative essay

In the beginning of this format, you should introduce your topic and then explain or state your question. The body needs to be started with a position or statement of claim. The format suggests that in the body of the text you’ll start supporting your points. To support one point you’ll require one paragraph. Follow the statement with the solid evidence, supporting your point. Then follow every point of yours with an opposing view closely connected to that point, not to mention the evidence, supporting the objection. Every counter point requires a separate paragraph. Every objection needs to be followed with your rebuttal. To conclude all of this restate your claim or summarize supporting information.

The writing process

Well, you’ve already gotten familiar with all the three formats for this type of essay and it’s time to get down to writing. Just like in the persuasive essay, here you should also state the thesis objectively. Avoid using the first person. You’d better make use of alternative phrasal constructions.

Get prepared to back up your exclusive thesis with solid facts. Employ expert quotations, statistics as well as other evidence to support your thesis and rebut counter claims. Furthermore, all the counter-claims need to be reliably backed with solid evidence.

As you proceed with researching your material, you require anticipating objections. Also get ready for concessions. That will greatly assist you in writing your thesis, especially if you’re actually debating a real person.

Perhaps, the biggest mistakes ever made by people when it comes to writing an argumentative essay is to substitute their points of view for facts. Keep in mind that every claim made by you needs to be supported by substantial evidence.

Though in your argumentative essay you don’t require winning readers over your side, anyway your goal should be persuading them to disagree or agree with your position and accept it as another opinion, which merits further discussion.

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