Disagreement From Religious Experience

The Argument from Faith based Experience

The argument from religious knowledge is the argument that personal religious experiences can prove God's existence to those that have them. You can only perceive that which is present, and so The almighty must can be found because there are people with experienced him. While religious experiences themselves can only amount to direct evidence of God's lifestyle for those luckily enough to have these people, the fact there are many folks who testify to using had these kinds of experiences constitutes indirect evidence of God's presence even to those who may have not got such experiences themselves. The Argument coming from Miracles Where and when do faith based experiences occur? Religious activities can happen to anyone, anywhere and at any time. Although religious experience are to some extent unique, it is far from uncommon to enable them to occur in very ordinary areas. In the Bible there are many instances of people doing some very ordinary things, yet suddenly turning out to be aware of becoming in the existence of Our god. For example: Moses was out tending to his father-in-law's lamb, when he abruptly saw a losing bush that God spoke to him (Exodus a few: 1-4). You can also get examples of people having faith based experiences in the middle of ordinary satiations in other spiritual traditions. Muhammad (PBUH) was said to be in a cave on Jabal al-Nour, when he received his first revelation by Allah (Qur'an 96). Arjuna was in a chariot over a battlefield, when Krishna exposed his divinity to him (see The Bhagavad-Gita: An introduction). Master Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, was bathing within a river when he was taken into the existence of Our god, and displayed that there were one work reality at the rear of the cosmos (Guru Granth Sahib s. 1). Some issues Even though atheists reject the existence of Our god, religious activities may give proof that God will exist. People have done a few rather injustificable things since they believe The almighty told them to, even vulnerable to their own lifestyle. For example , at the same time when it was extremely hazardous to be a Christian, Saul converted from Judaism to Christianity because he thought he had attained Jesus on the path to Damascus.

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