Argument Against Eating Meat

Argument Against Eating Beef

Many people don't believe think anything at all of what they eat or perhaps how that got there. But the tough truth is the meat that you just eat was at one time a living, breathing creature that had feeling and feelings. Maybe the next occasion you purchase a steak or chicken breast nuggets you must think about the animals that had extreme discomfort and conditions for you to eat. Not only is it inhumane to put pets or animals through such pain, not eating meat and having a vegan lifestyle can have huge benefits to animals, environmental surroundings, and your health.

Can you imagine under-going the pain that pets or animals in slaughterhouses went through? Many people don't think of that a part of it but the real truth is that immeasureable animals experienced a painful lifestyle to be wiped out for food every year. Most of the people like to maintain the thought inside heads why these animals live on beautiful green farms in which they are cured great and then have a very peaceful death, rather than feel any kind of or little pain. Very well that is not the truth, these family pets are cured very improperly. The pets or animals in slaughterhouses are given an enormous amount of antibiotics, human hormones, and drugs to keep them surviving in circumstances that are so bad they would or else kill them.

Cows will be naturally very gentle and calm creatures. These intelligent and lovely natured pets have been known to go to superb lengths to flee slaughterhouses. A lot more than forty-one mil of these sensitive animals suffer and perish a painful fatality each year in the usa. When deer are still incredibly young they may be burned with hot irons, there testicles are split or cut off, all without painkillers. Most beef cattle are given birth to in one state, live in another, and are slaughtered in another. The cows who have survive the gruesome travel process are shot in the head having a bolt firearm, hung upside down by there legs, and taken upon the killing floor where there throats

happen to be slit plus they are skinned. Many of these beautiful pets remain totally conscious through the entire procedure.

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