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Architecture essays

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Building industry
Design phase
Thermal insulation
Quality control
Quality assurance
Good quality
Quality Guarantee in Structure Projects
ABSTRACT: The main aim of this research is to let viewers know how useful quality confidence is and its own benefit to the community. To guide building industries about how they can assure quality in their constructions and also how building industry to can perform minimum loses and avoid risk on site. Furthermore, to also let companies satisfy the necessity with their clients. KEY WORDS: Quality assurance, implementation, improvement, effectiveness and contrast. INTRODUCTION: The main purpose behind this research is to make a reliable source to identify the necessity for Quality Assurance in Design (Structure). Statistics has revered that great deal of problems facing structure work is because of the fact that, Quality is not reassured in construction.
Which means
Glass windows
Peckham Collection: A Case Study Analysis
Introduction. Peckham Catalogue is a collection and community building located in Peckham, southeast London. Peckham Catalogue opened to the general public on 8 March 2000, with an official starting by Mr. Chris Smith, secretary of Point out for culture, marketing and sport. The catalogue was designed by Mr. Will Alsop from Alsop & Stormer Company and it received the 2000 Stirling Award for architectural development. It also gained the Civic Trust Honor (April 2002) for brilliance in public structures, combined with the London Eye and Tate Modern and the Copper Cladding Award for it's vivid copper external surfaces. The building looks like an inverted capital letter 'L', with top of the part recognized by thin steel pillars set randomly perspectives. The building includes meeting rooms, children's areas and the library.
Public space
General public
General population
Elements in Coming up with Public Spaces
Introduction: Now a days more attention is given on to the human dimension in metropolis planning and the need for quality in the general public spaces. Importance of public spaces is universally accepted by one and all. The question is why is public space more lucrative? The designer is trying to give best model of good public spaces. However we find that many times well designed general public space also doesn't create good public response. In this article an attempt is made to study a place evolved organic development through build up and flourishes of community at large design general population space to know which place is more successful. Question: What makes a successful general population space? Have people who make use of it got any role to try out in making it an effective? What role a artist can play to make an area successful?
Fisher house
Fisher family
First floor
Louis Isadore Kahn Architect: Fisher House
Louis Isadore Kahn was created on Feb 20, 1901 on the Island of Saaremaa, Estonia to Leopold and Bertha Mendelsohn. Upon emmigrating to the talk about of Philadelphia in the U. S, the early part of the family's life was proclaimed by extreme poverty as Kahn's father suffered a terrible back harm which compelled the family to lean greatly on the knitted clothing samples made by Kahn's mother for financial stability. In his youthful years Kahn experienced suffered severe melts away to his face because he got too near a collection of burning up coals; when asked about why he defied his senses, Kahn said that he was drawn by the beautiful colorings of the embers. This tragic mishap suggests that Kahn experienced much interest from a very early age, for materials and their means, hence why he got so close to the using up coals.
Lord shiva
Shah jahan
Hindu Temple Architecture in the Taj Mahal
Traces of Hindu Temple Architecture in Taj Mahal As mentioned before in the last chapter that many critics have found Urdu traces and Taj building is a symbolical representation of Mughal monument only. But Teacher P. N. Oak difficulties such ideas and brings out a critique that the Taj Mahal is actually a Hindu Temple of Lord Shiva (Tejo-Mahalaya). As P. N Oak also theorizes that a natural stone inscription which is known as the Bateshwar inscription is placed in the Lucknow Museum which shows that monument can be considered a temple of Lord Shiva. It was found that the size of Mumtaz's cenotaph is not of level of the average Islamic woman of the seventeenth century and the grave is not of appropriate measurements. It could be said that the Shiva Linga which is considered as very sacred and holy is actually under the grave.
Green design
The Principles of Green Design in Architecture
In modern areas, healthy environment is the foundation of our day to day lives. However, environmental problems are becoming serious. Much research illustrate that the pollution from structures, from development to operation, is one of the primary contributors of the problems. The world famous design theorist Victor Papanek stated in the 1960s, that designers should think about the limited resources about the world to safeguard the planet. This is the first announcement globally promoting the group of principals of inexperienced design. This project will firstly make clear the key points of inexperienced design, then show several applications of the principles and finally measure the contribution of these principles to contemporary society.
Adena hopewell
Mississippian culture
Easter island
History and Hypothesis of Stonehenge and Easter Island
Stonehenge is a set of earthworks and an ancient monument situated in Wiltshire, England. It really is considered the most famous and visited site on the planet and is also one of the mysteries on the planet which includes never been exposed. However, many people have created numerous myths and fables to make clear mysteries behind it. Regardless of the numerous myths and fables, there has been limited information regarding Stonehenge's creation/development. Most analysts and theorists refer to it as a rock monument, a giant or ancient megalith. Archeologist Mike Parker Pearson has suggested a number of hypothesis regarding Stonehenge and its surrounding. He suggested that Stonehenge was used as a burial ground from historical beginnings. Quite simply, Stonehenge represented a place of the lifeless.
General population
Hong kong
Public space
General public
Porosity Architecture in public areas Spaces
Introduction The connection between your built and the unbuilt / between the "indoor" and the "outdoor"/ between your mass and the void is an extremely sensitive and debatable topic. The connection with a space can be greatly affected by the ways its ends are cared for, i. e. by handling how a person enters/exits the space. Transitional experience performs a essential role in overall feel and experience of spaces. Various kinds of spaces require different kinds of treatments on their edge conditions. A city needs to be imagined as a space occupied by diverse units of people with diverse needs and aspirations. The grade of a city should be judged with what it includes to its residents - the to live, move around and use dignity and safe practices.
Contemporary architecture
Days gone
General public
Prince charles
Alain botton
Issues in Altering Historical Buildings
Interventions, the modern versus the historical, timeless or craze, sympathetic or callous? An investigation in to the relationship between ancient architecture and modern-day interventions, An understanding into 'Britishness' and the controversy of altering historical structures. There are a whole lot of visible builds which entail a vintage building gaining a new addition, a good example being the ideas for the Tate Modern art gallery extension, (FIG)which includes been very controversial and created a split in views, but why? Is it because of the proposed framework being such a comparison to the existing ex-industrial palette of brick and masonry or could it be due to people not liking the aesthetic of the new design, or is it something different all together. What makes these kind of projects so questionable?
General public
Community issues
Urban Design for Community Development | Case Study
Introduction Urban design is considered the practice of influencing and handling the metropolitan environment. Its role and potential for creating better places in areas with community issues will be discussed with reference to Hulme, an area one mile south of Manchester city centre. Through the past due 80s Hulme fell into circumstances of inner city decay, it became a marginal area notorious for offense, communal deprivation and poor property. However, during the early on 90s an ambitious metropolitan regeneration plan covering an area of 240 acres was made, the programme was entitled The Hulme City Obstacle Initiative. This was managed with a jv company, Hulme Regeneration Small consisting of Manchester City Council and AMEC Plc; over time a bunch of other open public, private and community hobbies have been involved.
Roman colosseum
Egyptian culture
Comparison of the Egyptian Pyramids and Roman Colosseum
Chris Flathmann Whether it be form, material, goal, or significance, every little bit of architecture is uniquely similar and exclusively different to every other piece. Despite being separated by both time and culture, the Roman Colosseum and the Egyptian Pyramids of Giza have both unique similarities and variations to each other. Like most cultures, Roman architecture will derive some elements from earlier cultures like the Egyptian culture. The main similarities between the Colosseum and the Pyramids is seen in the materials used in development scheduled to similar natural recourses; however, the historical context and reason for both religious beliefs and entertainment distinguish the two civilizations architecture Both the Colosseum and Pyramids are great milestones not only in the wonderful world of structures but also executive.
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Case Review of the Jewish Museum, Berlin
The Jewish Museum Berlin contains the cultural and cultural record of the Germany after World Conflict 2 and aspired to match the consequences of the Holocaust on Jews in Germany. In his design, Libeskind said to combine three main principles; the incapability to comprehend the historical agendas of Germany without the knowledge of the civilizational, academic and economical contribution that was made by the Jewish people in Berlin. Subsequently he wanted to capture the physical and spiritual trip in relationship to the knowledge of the Holocaust and its own repercussions the population of Jews and lastly he wished to make amends by the acknowledgment, removal and the incorporation of voids, by which Berlin can move but this time with humanitarian lifestyle.
Urban design
Development of the Urban Design Group
Urban design Overview What is built-up design? Urban conceive is the technique of forming the personal setting forever in cities, villages and villages. It is the art of making places. It engages the conceive of set ups, assemblies of buildings, places and countrysides, and establishing the methods that produce thriving development possible. Why are so numerous locations so awfully designed? Why are the locations were construction so distinct from the locations we like? So numerous new growth snuff out why is a spot exceptional and present the effect of experiencing been conceived (if that is the term!) by someone with no sense of what makes a thriving place. How come so much development so awfully designed? The aspect that 84 percent of making submissions are drawn up by somebody with no conceive coaching may have certain thing to do with it.
Roof covering
Heat island effect
Heat island
Roof structure
Energy intake
Carbon dioxide
Green roof
Green Roofs Advantages and Disadvantages
Introduction A Green roofing is a roofing of any building that is partly or completely covered with live vegetation. The vegetation is usually planted over a waterproof materials. The green roof structure does not make reference to the rooftops that are merely shaded green. Green roofs may also include additional levels of root barriers and irrigation systems. In the event where crops are grown up in pots and then positioned in roof tops, they are not considered to be true renewable roofs. Roof top ponds are another form of inexperienced roof and are being used to treat grey drinking water (Little, par. 1). Grey drinking water is any water that is used in the home for the purposes of washing except water from toilets. Normal water from laundry, sinks and showers is all referred to as grey normal water.
John newton
Wall space
Green Walls: Benefits in the Modern day City
INTRODUCTION Green wall and its necessity The living, organic and natural systems seen as a green wall space, are integrated with the inorganic and lifeless buildings are dominating modern structures and supports the promise of a new type of 'living' structures. Green walls are usually wall space that are part of the Building covered with vegetation. They may be like vertical garden typically created with creeper system on the exterior wall membrane with the origins on the floor or with free position vertically framed wall membrane with different local plants produced on the surface. They are also referred to as bio surfaces or living surfaces since they act as natural air-conditioner as they purifies and cools the ambient air to a huge extent creating a healthy environment. The deepest threat of global warming is the swift urbanization and deforestation.
Carlist wars
Antoni gaudi
Casa mila
Sagrada familia
Hundred years
European countries
Antoni Gaudi's Architecture Style
Introduction In order to understand Antoni Gaudi's creative perspective we must go through the context in which he worked. It seems that earlier studies of Gaudi have never researched thoroughly into positioning him within this cultural context; and also have alternatively preferred to outline him as a lonely reclusive body or concentrated on his sophisticated architectural forms. This dissertation will explore whether politics, social and economical advancements in the late 19th and 20th Decades in Catalonia and Spain demonstrated touchstones for the architect, his work and his immediate circle; and whether these factors inspired his creative decisions and have been overlooked throughout his life. The work is composed of three inter-related portions. The first section will discuss Gaudi's Catalan origins, and early social influences.
Issues in Historic Building Conservation
Construction Technology and Rehabilitation Referring to specific case studies this newspaper aims to research attitudes towards the preservation and recovery of historic complexes and the affects and constraints which can impact the development of such properties. Why keep? Many complexes are either deserted by their owners when the price of recovery becomes too great, or demolished when the lesser expense of a new development and its own saleability are of higher appeal. The continuing future of historic buildings depends not only on individuals or governing physiques that own them, but also on organizations such as English History that list and protect structures from development and raise public consciousness through schemes including the 'Blue Plaque' structure (www. english-heritage. org).
Athens greece
Ancient history encyclopedia
Ancient history
American journal
Athena parthenos
Architecture of the Parthenon
The era the particular one lives in is very advanced technologically and economically, yet little or nothing can exceed the masterpieces that the Greeks built. When one thinks about historic times we imagine uncivilized people who could never complete such great things as we have done when in reality it is us that can never complete what they performed. There are various achievements that are associated with Classical Greece, one of the major ones is the Parthenon. The Parthenon enjoyed an integral part in assisting society find that the Greeks were extremely great with specific calculations, had unknown technology to create such properties, and that type of building is hard to recreate. The Parthenon placed the stage for most structures to come rendering it a very influential architectural building. Why was the Parthenon built to start with?
Personal experience
Collective unconscious
Effects on Light and Coloring on Our Environment
Light and coloring be capable of have a profound influence on the we perceive and interactive with our environment, effecting us holistically, at heart, body, and soul. Altering just how we experience space, changing our perception of spatial classification and percentage. Light and color serve as mediums for communication and information. They help orientation and influence movements; differentiate space, set up hierarchy and indicate function; conveys symbolic messages; they are a manifestation of the Zeitgeist and connect us to the entire world where we live. Light and color have major influences on our psychologically influencing our feelings, sense and creating associations, physiologically impacting on our well-being on both a visual and non visible basis. Piturity gland etc. ?
September 2009
Brownfield Land Redevelopment
Recently brownfield sites have grown to be popular due to the serious insufficiency in the amount of greenfield spaces readily available for development. This is more dominant in the developed areas where in fact the demand for domestic and commercial property is elevated. In 2008 the UK set a focus on for brownfield improvements. 60% of most new properties were to be built on brownfield sites. Details show that we have previously exceeded that goal and with the rate that we are reclaiming brownfield sites at the moment we ought to significantly raise that percentage in the coming 10 years. The uses for brownfield sites are not restricted to residential and commercial properties. They are often considered for redevelopment into available spaces for entertainment, woodland and various other community related areas.
Urban Walkability and Transit Oriented Development (TOD)
Introduction The transit focused development approach is being implemented by many metropolitan areas about the world, especially those contested with changing their car centered neighbourhoods into more habitable and lasting developments. The simplest way to spell it out the key points of TOD matching to Calthorpe (1993) is "moderate and high thickness casing, along with complementary public uses, careers, retail and services, concentrated in mixed - used development at strategic points across the local transit system". Yet, much as connection to regional value through transit is important, it is the communities' close discussion, supported by a walkable environment that Calthorpe promises is the "key aspect" of any flourishing TOD.
Physical memory
Address space
Storage area
Processor chip
Memory space
Operating system
Definitions of Multiprocessors in Computing
A multiprocessor can be defined as the computer which uses several processing models under the involved control. Multi-processing is also thought as just how of using two or more than two CPUs within an individual computer. As everybody knows that we now have processors inside the computer systems, the multi processors, as the name suggests, be capable of support more than one cpu at a same time. Usually in multi-processing the processors are planned in the parallel form and therefore a large variety of the executions can be helped bring at the same time i. e. multi-processing assists with performing the same instructions a number of energy at a specific time. Some other related explanation of the multi processors are that multi-processing is the posting of the execution process by the interconnection of more than one microprocessor using securely or loosely lovers technology.
Morris lapidus
Luxury resorts
Collins avenue
Miami beach
Morris Lapidus Miami Beach Hotels Design
Morris Lapidus was one of the most crucial architects of the 20st century, not because of what he built but due to way he thought and his determination to break guidelines. His architecture manifested both popular culture and the collective unconscious. Through his designs- synaggogues and large-scale real estate as well as the famous outlets and gorgeous hotels-he had a powerful way of enhancing an event and lifting people's spirits. His intro to the Miami hotel scene started out when his good friend the architect Charlie Spector helped bring him to a meeting with Ben Novak, spouse of Harry Mufson, to change programs for the Sans Souci hotel on Miami Beach. Morris was sketching differing of the hotel that might be made more interesting. He indicated that the surface must have imposing pylons and a round drive to dramatize the access.
Hundred years
Environmentally friendly
The Romantic relationship Between Aspect and Architecture
What has landscape structures and industrialized culture to learn from indigenous ethnicities and their symbiotic human relationships with aspect? 'Despite nature's many preceding warnings, the air pollution and destruction of the environment has truly gone on, intensively and extensively, without awakening a sufficient reaction; it is merely during the last hundred years that any systematic work has been designed to determine what constitutes a healthy and self-renewing environment, filled with all the ingredient's necessary for man's biological wealth, social assistance and spiritual activation.
Space space
Personal space
Study on Enhancing Architecture Appreciation
Frank Lloyd Wright presumed space was the fact of architecture. The reality of architecture is in fact not in the stable elements that seem to make it, but rather - "the reality of an area was found in the area enclosed by the rooftop and surfaces, not in the roof covering and walls themselves. " Spaces have intrinsic meanings that result from their spatial and visible forms and extrinsic meanings that evolved out from each of our different experiences in relation to each individual's own background and occupation. We go through the space's interior space in conditions with their form, their framework, their aesthetics and how others and us relate to them. "This constitutes the reality in our physical experience, but places not just have an existence the truth is, there is also a metaphorical living.
Court docket
Retaining wall
Eastern creek
Building collapse
Highland Tower Collapse and Ramp Construction
Introduction The purpose of this article is to find out from a field, a building that experienced development catastrophe, review its brief comings and produce solutions and recommendations of what could be done to ensure the same problem doesn't happen in the future. The building upon that your research is based in this assignment is named the Highland tower, a building in Selangor Malaysia which collapsed and 48 people died and 12 others were evacuated from the other building. The Highland Towers collapse was an apartment building collapse that occurred on 11 December 1993 in Taman Hillview, Ulu Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. The collapse of Block Among the apartments caused the deaths of 48 people and resulted in the complete evacuation of the remaining two blocks scheduled to safety concern.
Case Research of Architect Serina Hijjas and Menara Telekom
THEORIES OF ARCHITECTURE AND URBANISM INTRODUCTION Ar. Serina Hijjas is a 50 years old renowned local architect that has more than 20 years of experience in architectural field. She has done many high climb government projects in Malaysia and also participated in several international projects. Having an amazing architect, Hijjas Kasturi as her father, she was subjected to the architecture world earlier than every other architect. This has helped her much to develop her own design theory since young. She has also functioned in Foster Affiliates for a couple of years in UK. Today, she is the director of Hijjas Kasturi Associates as well as the foundingmember of Malaysia's Green Building Index Tech Committee.
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