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Approaches of learning and various varieties of learning

This essay discusses the factor that influence to the desire in framework of education, identifies the methods of learning and styles of learning and yes it covers the organizations work such as benefits, types and discuss issues that faced groupings. First, I'll speak about the incentives for learning and inspiration to study master degree at the University of Bangor. I QUICKLY discuss the methods, key points of learning and which strategy I used in the learning process. Finally I am going to discuss the categories work, how do we used it to achieve our goals as well as how to overcome the problems in the teams.

I graduated from Computer Man University for computer studies at computer technology office in Sudan. The highlighting for my studies was to learn the primary of electronic concepts such as coding dialects, how to assembly the computer systems or other devices and exactly how to maintain it. Of these studies at the university I have learned the fundamentals of techniques and methods that we use in our world nowadays. I planned to keep my higher review in a famous school out of my country that has different ethnicities and good knowledge. This experience will allow me to get more skills such as dialects and thoughts.

I was pleased to get decided on as an engineer at Information Technology Office in Faisal Islamic Bank or investment company Sudan. Faisal Islamic Bank or investment company is the among the best bankers of the investment in Sudan. In addition the Faisal Islamic Bank is the among the best banks in my own country interested with staff development as it is to send employees beyond your country to review and get meet the criteria. This allows employees to increase their knowledge and exchange ideas with others. On other area is characterized by the renaissance for the personnel to the Europe countries for example UK to gain knowledge, languages and new civilizations.

Theories of motivation

Motivation can be defined as the procedure of attaining the goals of individuals through the decision-making and what must be done to develop the average person by using a particular behavior to achieve these goals (Deci & Ryan, 1985).

Deci and Ryan (1985) Folks are more eager and enthusiastic in the excitement and is concentrated in the self-motivation through self-determination and are almost all of these motives in the framework of education.

This indicates that individuals have a desire for change in the recognition and development goals to meet their educational needs. Education needs may be accomplished through the examination of specific problems and determine performance. There's also motivated to improve these requirements such as a person's ability to specify the content, timing and discover the stimulus. We also discover that the organization of people's patterns can be achieved in a couple of things: value for the controls in the surroundings and within themselves.

During might work, I attempted hard to comprehend and review the international trade relations and their polices and exactly how they work between countries. Available area I wish to learn the concept of business such as tactical management, International business procedures, International management and International Banking. After doing numerous time of research I've determined to study program offered at Master Degree in Islamic Bank and Financing at Bangor School in UK. This degree made available from our organization with their staff after doing some programs and moving some examinations. Bangor College or university is one of such University or college that ensures the high standard of education. You will discover sufficient scopes to demonstrate ability, competence and intellect in Bangor University or college. I spent more than 3 years devoted by analysts and instructors at University or college of Bangor through chatting via internet or assembly even students from my corporation those are my fellow workers who completed these courses at Bangor School. This research will put me on the right course to be occupation in international business. This review will enable and provide me to cope with changing of commercial by acquiring knowledge and skills from course. I think that my educational as well as working achievements are sufficient to make me certified to be enlisted at School of Bangor after passing some exams to become a successful business professional.

Most folks know that there surely is a major difference between the theoretical and sensible in all areas such as academic or practical area. I hope that this analysis is a real addition to my earlier studies and help me to be an expert in my profession and offer me with good job opportunities in my own country.

I desire to gain a Master Degree in Islamic banking and Financing with focus on International Bank and Funding, Business and management strategies. When I will get this Professional I can better to understand the concepts of management and how to manage the business enterprise with the fact that technology has impact also.

I am a believer that business management must have a strong infrastructure backed by very strong academic studies to steer and assist companies and organizations to attain their goals.

What is learning?

"Learning is thought as a process of making sense of life's activities and giving so this means to whatever 'sense' is made"( Dorothy MACKERACHER, 2004, p. 7).

Approaches to Learning

Deep Procedure is characterized by the student to review in depth, show the activity, plans integrated answer to these problems and also have the ability to represent the problems on the international level.

Surface Strategy is a principle works on the study of surface facts, information and lacks in many cases appealing. It usually displays a particular and individual methodology usually ends by inability because fear of failure sometimes.

Strategic Strategy is a development research of profound and surface methods. This study come to a third strategy known as strategic approach that attempting to achieve the desired results and with the concentrate on effective company and time management (Biggs, (1987)).

Through we talked about before about the methods to learning I came across myself very finished to the previous one (proper approach) and it's really my approach to learn because it most recent one and it be based upon technical strategy like computer that used nowadays to boost our learning. Also this process is comparable to me that because to my environment and educational are prefer working as group or team to help each other to do work properly. Also in my own work we have technique to learn or to do process through divided the task into sub-tasks and distributed to everyone to help in the duty and save time, so through this process I completed my studies at school and received good job in my country. I hope this process help me to understand this master level from Bangor School.

Learning styles

That the method employed by the learner in realizing and addressing the info during the learning process and divided into four methods: the asymptotic, divergent, possessing Assimilator and adaptive (Kolb, 1984; p259).

According to (Kolb's, 1984) he put models to clarify the learning process based on the basic principle of theoretical knowledge and divided into: first, learning starts from the sensory phase and ends with the formation of concepts. The next realization or data processing begins from the observation and ends with the application form. This type has the characteristics of effective and we find a very good types of learning. We find this type of learning works to conform the individual with the surroundings surrounding it is done in four stages

Concrete Experience Is based on a sensual experience through talking about examples and integrates them but learners are learning more from one another instead of teachers. And more advantages from the talk with co-workers and are happy with more of the content of Foreign Affairs or the reactions of Foreign Affairs. And in addition positive direction and effective towards others.

Reflective Observation Depend on how the conception and treatment information to the audit observation and accuracy of research in the position of learning. Learners prefer more educational situations as it allows them the opportunity for creativity and thinking.

Abstract Conceptualization Works to process information by examining the positioning of learning, logical thinking and understanding. Tastes of individuals who tend to ideas, systematic analysis and power when it is difficult to resolve some positions by others.

Active Experimentation Individuals who rely on the basic principle of experimentation for the position of learning through the application and the genuine contribution of ideas. They contain small groups to execute certain work and choose to theoretical lectures however they appear the best and latest

Towards work (Kolb, 1984).

Honey and Mumford (1986 cited in McGill & Beaty 1995; p177) building on Kolb's work plus they made studies on it and identified four learning styles:

Activist (enjoys the understanding itself),

Reflector (spends significant amounts of time and effort reflecting)

Theorist (proficient at making links and summarize ideas from experience).

Pragmatist (looks forward to the growing and planning level).



Suited to experiential alternatively than lectures

Not thinking about implementation

Favours independence

Could undertake more research



Conscientious but hard to get started

Assimilates information

Much time put in working it out

Much redrafting

Detailed investigators

Table 1: The learning varieties of Honey and Mumford

Source: adapted from Honey and Mumford (1983; 2000)

There are strengths and weaknesses in each one of these styles. Honey and Mumford notice that there are talents and weaknesses in each one of these methods which with the passage of time. The training styles will improve learning through beginning to improve the ways of learning by attempting to increase the advantages and lessen weaknesses to get the best practices. (http://www. brookes. ac. uk/services/ocsd/2_learntch/theories. html)

According to what we talked about before about learning styles I trust Honey and Mumford styles because they examined the personality of folks and who they can agreeable with learning be based upon earlier studies from some experts such as Kolb and Dewey. As we see there tend to be more styles for learning but I came across my styles it is combo of some styles such as activist and it is more similar if you ask me also I love Pragmatist (more interest) that because my ethnicities and the way of my educations have significantly more affect to my styles. I believe my styles helped me to get high certification and got good job in my country and yes it helped me to get this scholarship to study Master degree in UK especially at Bangor College or university. I hope that my styles help me to receive the master's degree from the University or college of Bangor.

Definition of Group Corresponding to (Schein, 1988) he identified group as "a range of individuals who interact with one another which are psychologically aware of one another plus they perceive themselves to be always a group" (Schein, 1988; p 374).

Another useful way of determining a work group is a variety of folks who show some or all of the following characteristics:

Group has consciousness;

Sense of common purpose;


Conversation; and Innovation.

Capability to work in a unitary manner (Mullins 2002; P462).

There are two types of group that are formal groups and informal communities.

Formal groups

It established by the organization to facilitate the process of achieving organization goals. Working on the occupation of individual efforts in the correct direction, always composed of the President and subordinates are formal

Informal groups

Groups are usually appearing in response to the needs of member categories and their goals are always cultural and organizational. And develop through the connection of associates (Buchanan & Huczynski, 2004).

During my entire life I would join a lot of groupings such as in educational period. I intend a lot group for doing some assailments and some bigger job that it was very hard to do as individuals. Also in my own work the main thing that is you able to work as team to performing because the work divided for some tasks allocated to the employees to complete all task. Work as an organization help me to understand this scholarship from my lender because there are more tests and obligations you must to move its and it's really difficult to undertake it alone. Sharing the task is more useful if the customers of group are interactive, coherence, effectiveness and have similarity to each other such as words, cultures, etc. and have a typical goal.

Work as an organization we can share the work, developing the skills and discover the challenge of working along and through an organization we can do bigger job together with showing to the customers of group is determined by their skills. Your projects as an administrator of a group will possibly get worried all the with the habits and customs participants of the group interact as with technological issues around the task. It doesn't matter to be a professional on group process to manage group tasks, though it is very successful if you have worked on a project or two as a member of a group. You can ask questions about the ways and working group and make an effort to suggest various ways that can be arranged the same group to help members to resolve their own problems from the process group instead of trying to solve it on your own. So management is the considerations must be attendant on the group to be successful and the leader will need to have the characteristics of the nice head. The first things that experienced me and within UK especially in Bangor University or college that you must signed up with group to do some projects together as an organization in this step well induce you to cope with different students which may have different nationalities, civilizations and languages these difference well have an impact on to me to deal with the users of group because my words isn't sufficient to connect to the people and also different ethnicities but doesn't have high result (variety). Now I am striving to solve these lacks of my terminology by doing some exercises and learning hard as soon as possible to boost my terminology to be able to offer with group people.

Development of groups

There a wide range of teams have been developed in the last intervals in each period the members will challenge rarely to demonstrate their development and their features which should be accessible within the next stage. These levels are forming, storming, norming, undertaking and adjourning:

Forming group customers will learn about each other, the duty accessible and try to orient them to the problem (testing water). With this stage may include unclear objectives, no involvement, low morale, etc. Supervisors can play important role in this orientation level.

Storming Attempting to address the issues of other categories including the problems that must be fixed, how to solve it and exactly how they work (work independently or mutually). Storming communities meet each other's ideas and views. These may took place a conflict in thoughts or views and criticism may happen (Sorting out functions and tasks).

Norming Work to unite the goals and also to reach a joint work plan in contract with the team members to attain the objectives of the team. Each team members have ambition to focus on the success of the aims of the team.

Sometimes the members of the team may be giving up of their ideas for the team. They develop social tranquility by using some indictor such as Questioning performance, Looking at/clarify target, Changing/confirming functions and Identifying strengths and weaknesses.

Performing groups have the ability to work as an individual unit to accomplish the task easily and effectively without problems or issues or foreign involvement.

Adjourning some categories have specific time period expires after the achievement of aims of the team also some groupings may be determine in the situation of layoff and downsizing their customers (Tuchman, 1965).

There are some elements for any group to success and achieve their goals

It is physical or intellectual end result that satisfactory to management and to those functions who working on it (match group size to task demands).

Group members have to be satisfied alternatively than annoyed by the group or other (Determine level of cohesiveness).

The group experience is important for members to keep to work together (Determine degree of cohesiveness).

Any organizations can perform work team success by establishing self-management groups.

It depends on leaderships.

As we mentioned before about group I described that I was signed up with a great deal of groups within my live such as educations and work. Through all these periods most my group work was successful because my participants was from my overseas therefore i can talk to them quickly that depends upon the languages, ethnicities, ages, Religious beliefs, etc. . Each one of these things it very much like my and the members, so I didn't find any obstacles or issues to deal with the group accept few things that can happen but it doesn't have high impact. When I came up here to review in Bangor College or university I found different people, cultures, dialects and also climate that have damaged to me from the beginning because I came from Sudan that has different culture, terminology and also Religion but the most important thing that is the language because it will help you to communicate with people and know their ethnicities. These Road blocks have ceased me to join any group in the beginning of going into UK because I am not British spoken and I am unfamiliar with this cultures, therefore i worked hard but still work to improve my language by signed up with some Institute, analysis alone and make friends those are British spoken.

Conclusions To conclude, this essay determined how important of inspiration for the students to learn and review to achieve their goals. it described the techniques of learning and discovered that strategy strategy is a good approach rely upon the studies. Finally i explained the forming of work groups and exactly how to build up it and discover that the leader has important role to success the groupings work and the strategies to solve the issues in the communities work.

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