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Applying Moral Ideas To The Property Allowance Dilemma Idea Essay

Cultural variations can cause different views on morals. Such was the circumstance between Mutambara and NewCom. Mutambara was born and lifted in the slums outside Stanley, the administrative centre of Rambia. Through Mutambara's effort and expertise he received a scholarship to study in america, where he attained his MBA. Then went to be employed by NewCom, where after 3 years was given the chance to move back home to Rambia. Within his relocation to Rambia, NewCom would provide a casing allowance of $2000 on a monthly basis so that he can reside in a safe and convenient home, where he could maintain the company's image. Drawn between his responsibility to support his family and his responsibility to his employer, Mutambara falsified expenditure reports to NewCom so that he could give his family as that they had once provided for him when he was young. It is difficult to say whether Mutambara was right or incorrect in his actions, but his activities can be examined by the moral ideas of Virtue Ethics, Utilitarian, and Ethics of Attention.

Virtue ethics, places less focus on which rules people should follow and instead targets assisting people develop good character attributes, such as kindness and generosity. These identity traits will essentially, allow a person to help make the correct decisions later on in life. Virtue ethics stresses the role that motives play in these life decisions. Take including the motives behind Mutambara's actions. He falsified his expense reports every month to NewCom so that he could send his eight nephews and nieces to college. His actions under virtue ethics was justified as kindness and generosity. But at exactly the same time he was resting and committing scam against NewCom, which runs against virtue ethics. Regarding to virtue ethics this is because people have multiple selves. And depending upon the problem is how each of these multiple selves will act. Just like how one behaves and speaks differently when addressing say a co-worker versus addressing one's employer.

Under virtue ethics it is important to keep in mind that one person's virtue may be someone else's vice. The problem with Mutambara and NewCom is a good example of this. NewCom seen Mutambara actions of falsifying his charge reports on a monthly basis as unethical, while Mutambara viewed his actions as liable and moral. The variations in browsing this moral dilemma are based on the social and social variations between Mutambara and NewCom. Within the United States scam is unethical, in Rambia it is satisfactory and extensively accepted. These variations can cause many problems at work as well as with the community. It is important to learn about the cultural dissimilarities upon entering into a fresh Market as NewCom has, and it is merely as important to learn what behavior is acceptable rather than acceptable in the workplace.

Utilitarianism is the idea that the moral worthy of of any action is set entirely by its electricity in providing joy to the greatest amount of people. It is a kind of consequentialism, meaning that the moral worthy of of an action is determined by its outcome. To comprehend utilitarianism you must under stand the concept of utility. Utility, the nice to be maximized, has been defined as pleasure or pleasure (versus enduring or pain), where contentment or pleasure is of the best importance in life.

Under Utilitarianism, Mutambara seen his activities as producing the greatest amount of pleasure, because NewCom would be paying the $2000 housing allowance regardless. Only now with the falsification of the expense reviews his family could go to college. But when deciding how to do something in a given situation under Utilitarianism, one must determine the consequences of each available plan of action, including doing little or nothing. Not merely one must consider the immediate results of their activities but also the long-term repercussions and repercussions. Thus, under Utilitarianism Mutambara failed to assess all the possible course of actions to determine which would generate the greatest good. Mutambara failed to look at the possibility of talking to NewCom about his family situation. He did not know whether NewCom can have offered anther option which could have made more joy than his plan of action. He also failed to consider the long-term implications and repercussions of his activities. He didn't think that his activities of falsifying the trouble reports to NewCom would bargain his work ethics. His marriage with NewCom has suffered due to his actions, because NewCom looked at them unethical action. His career with NewCom could be at risk and he failed to realize this credited to ethnical and social routines.

The ethics of health care is an moral theory about what makes actions right or incorrect based on the value of interactions. As humans we could social creatures and long to have a sense of belonging. So we have a tendency to do the right thing to produce and sustain caring communities. To maintain these communities we must understand how to service, which is defined as the capability to recognize and react to the needs of others. Mutambara regarded that his nephews and nieces needed the amount of money so that they can go to university and get an education, in hopes that one day they would do well as he had. His motives were good under the ethics of treatment, for the reason that he was wanting to take care of his family. So he thought he was doing the right thing. NewCom viewed his actions as incorrect. They saw Mutambara's actions as showing no respect for the partnership between him and his workplace. But under the ethics of care, NewCom should most probably to sympathetic understanding. They have to be willing to hear Mutambara's aspect of the storyplot and be aware that there was a dependence on Mutambara to preserve and preserve the network of care within his family. The pressure Mutambara was under to assist his family should be taken under consideration to preserve the tranquility, not only with the business but with their employee's family. Given that the business is located in Rambia, it's important to understand the communal and cultural routines. If it's common practice for the residents of Rambia to aid their own families, then it would be to the benefit of NewCom to follow this traditions to build a stronger relationship using its community. Mutambara must work on building his marriage with his company and become aware of what his company requires and needs from him. The relationship must be one of give and take, and built of nurturing relationships.

Each moral theory has its positive and negatives on how to approach a given situation. Regarding Mutambara and NewCom, it is difficult to determine that was morally appropriate. Each with their actions may very well be moral or immoral, using the different methods of moral ideas. It really is no surprise why philosopher's debate about which theory is a good.

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