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Application of Communication Theories

Choose one communication theory that you think will help organization and how it will help communication requirement?


In other words communication theories explains systematic brief summary about the nature of the communication process, certainly, ideas can do more than summarize.

Amongst the many ideas of communication, diffusion and plan environment theory would help meet up with the communication requirements at the GDW. (Sligo, 1997)

Diffusion Theory:

Diffusion Theory relates to human behavior, getting new ideas, how to execute them, step-by- step, this theory talks about how one extends to an important decision.

There are five levels within the diffusion process:

1. Awareness - Individual knows "it. "

2. Interest - Wants to find out more.

3. Evaluation - Asks others for responses.

4. Trial - Uses a sample, etc.

5. Adoption - Now a customer/believer.

Agenda Setting Theory:

Agenda environment theory is more good for public romance; it works wonder to obtain the attention of the mass media, the general public and policy creators. Some analysts says it is "set of issues" that can be used for multi-directional goal.

By applying these two ideas communication need can be fulfilled at the federal government disability workshop. As both of these ideas would help have interaction easily with each other, understanding will improve, thus maximum result can be gained. (Sligo, 1997)

Can you examine how effective was Ralf Ocker communication to the staff? (You will need to analyze bad and the good communication within the organization)


Ralf communication is bad. Email is not a good communication always. He always do communication with the personnel by email. They can be seated with the personnel and give feedback their questions. He needs to listen his staff. He's a good listener and professional rather being mental. Ralf don't caution of others and hearth people. He should follow face to handle communication with the personnel, because it is two way marketing communications and resolve so many conflicts quickly.

As very good as the role of Mr. Ocker to reshape the GDW is concerned, he used the parallel theories & types of good communication & restructuring, as he announced reducing of substantial money also he sealed the workshop for quite a while until a way could be found to make them significant and profitable.

In such manner he assesses the most important & valuable designed changes for the GDW.

  1. He observed the situation that workshop need changes,
  2. He arranged meeting with the personnel from other team to think collectively about whole processes
  3. In order to judge new ideas he listened to the look of Mr. Fred, Mr. Mavis & Ms. Mary
  4. In adoption, he brought up a team whose main purpose is always to bring changes in corporation that was called "Ability Plus"(Locker, 2003)

In the conclusion, the Mr. Ralph Ocker communication planned changes brings a fresh period of business action to the GDW. His strategy is quite comparable to Diffusion theory in which changes are implemented or rejected the all periods. (Locker, 2003)

i)Identify four periods of conception process (theory)


Perception is a process, by which we study the entire world around us, world that comprise persons, objects and its own experiences. Perception is unique to each person, two different people cannot experience the world exactly the same at the same time. Perception process occurs in four periods, namely-

1. Stimulation: When someone receive the information.

2. Attention: When someone gives attention and receive/admit only what he wants

3. Organization: How do someone organize other ideas what he listen closely or receive

4. Evaluation: Evaluate the information. Understanding of the parts

ii) Identify and make clear Ralf listening strategy.


1. Ralf Ocker is a experienced guy and stimulates information perfectly

2. He paid full focus on the communication. ( In such a stage Ralph Ocker got two weeks as a way to learn and understand the organization and the staff)

3. He set up the information (After knowing what sort of group behaved Ralph Ocker then prepared how and what should be done, he declared reducing of substantial money, then he sealed the workshop for quite a while until a means could be found to make them actually turn into something significant and profitable, he also welcomed suggestion from the personnel).

4. He also evaluates the info perfectly. (Inside the this level Ralph Ocker interpreted the changes he was going to bring. In such a level he added indicating to the points he had brought in front side of the personnel by sending a email which had an in depth accounts of proposed changes).

i) Definition of Assertive Communication.


Assertive communication is the straight forward & open expression of your needs, desire thoughts & thoughts it requires advocating for your own needs while still considering & respecting the need of others.

All folks use assertive habit at times, quite often whenever we feel susceptible or unsure of ourselves we may holiday resort to submissive, manipulative or hostile behavior.

Assertiveness is a good communication tool. Its request is contextual and it's really not appropriate to be assertive in all situations. Remember, your sudden use of assertiveness may be regarded as an action of aggression by others.

There's also no warranty of success, even though you use assertive communication styles properly.

ii) Assess GDW staff assertive response by using Four Fs-Facts, Emotions, Focus and Opinions.


Facts: Remain natural and don't attack; talk about fact, truth; Do not blame anyone and speak the reality. Fred speak the truth.

Many of GDW staffs were former mate armed staff who acquired very rigid structure & who used autocratic management style, equipment were outdated, GDW had a restricted amount of deal cause of little funding & were not able to contend with the commercial rivals.

Focus on Action: Ocker planned a better and successful strategy, & he made sure changes were firmly followed. Fred focused on action.

Feelings: Some folks from the staff were favoring the new management system (accepted by Ocker & Fred) and some of these was against, however in the mail sent by Ocker plainly claims that changes would go ahead as designed.

Feedback : Reviews refers to the procedure of exchanging information is order to make things clearer. There have been many cases that occurred in the GDW which talks about how feedback process was done in GDW from the signing up for of Ocker to your choice he finally manufactured in the end.

i) Identify and evaluate the guideline for offering and receiving feedback.


Giving and acquiring opinions should be Specific and objective, on timely, and honest.

ii) What advice you give Rlaf Ocker regarding obtaining and giving reviews.


Giving and getting feedback consists of the connections of both gatherings, thus Ralph Ocker should make sure he not only clarifies his point but should also know very well what the staff wants to say. He also needs to clarify them to avoid confusions. While giving or receiving responses there can be statements which might sound nitpicky to 1, Ralph Ocker should make sure he avoids such situation and should expect that the persons who pointed it away would did so as it was important to be talked about.

  • Make it an optimistic process and experience.

Ralph Ocker should always understand that his main goal was to reshape the GDW

and hence his main concentration ought to be to improve the condition of GDW and in order to do that he should make sure he shouldn't be harsh, critical or offensive.

  • Be timely and regular and specific

Ralph Ocker should ensure that he does not take much time in acquiring and supplying the opinions i. e. he should make sure he helps to keep getting together with the staff of GDW on regular basis so that there surely is no point of confusion and maximum end result can thus be produced.

  • Have available all the required information

Ralph Ocker should make sure he has all the required data, facts, information which would be needed along the way of connection also he should make sure that most of them is well-organized in order to avoid any confusion and then for easy reference.

  • Be a good listener and ask for clarification

Giving and receiving feedback includes the conversation of both celebrations, thus Ralph Ocker should make sure he not only points out his point but should also understand what the staff wants to state. He should also clarify them in order to avoid confusions.



1. Invite person to self access

2. Comment on position

3. Concentrate on habit not person

4. Own the statement and do not wait

5. Be clear and specific

6. Discuss with staff and ask the way they feel

7. Make an effort to give positive feedback

8. Use "I"

9. Immediate feedback is more reliable, So give feedback when possible


1. Self gain access to your opinions and work before hand

2. He shall check if he has grasped the specific of opinions where more focus required

3. Take negative reviews too, it is useful

4. Prepare specific question that you want on other person to provide feedback on

Regarding discord negotiation-

i) Identify two factors behind issue at GDW.


Conflict can be an crucial part of Human being, it is said that until, you have people interacting with people, making decisions or conference deadlines you should have Conflict. Mass causes of conflict in company are poorly identified Goal, Divergent personal Beliefs, insufficient co-operation, unclear assignments, communication failure, personality issue etc. The two causes of discord at the GDW are the following:-

1. Restructuring:

2. Difference of View: In organization many people work so thoughts and opinions might be different.

3. Lack of Formal Communication: It identifies the condition of GDW which lacked formal conversation as the earlier personnel was rigid in dynamics and they adopted an autocratic management style. When people don't work together in an group of formal matters chances of conflicts rises to an increased point.

4. Poorly Identified Goals: Prior to the arrival of Ralph Ocker the GDW lacked planning strategy and got undefined goals due to lack of communication between your workers. When such huge things are disregarded chances of discord rises to a huge extent

ii) Inside your opinion what issue management style or technique Ralf should have used at GDW.


Conflict management is the practice of Identifying & managing a conflict in sensible good & useful manner.

Ralph Ocker must have used/considered the next to prevent issues:

1. Frequent meeting with the personnel members

2. He should have allowed the team to express openly

3. He should posting targets completely and correctly

4. He should give a clear & complete Job description

5. Ocker should deliver task fairly

6. He should never criticize any of the staff members publicly

7. He should always be fair and should do justice with everyone


Collaboration: This is where Ocker will couple up with the other things to attain both of their goals.

Competition: This is 'win-lose' strategy. Ocker should act in an exceedingly assertive way to attain his goal.


i) Discuss the key rules for restructuring communication.


Restructuring is one of the biggest decisions your organization can make and you will find it much harder to undo harm done by a poorly maintained restructure than it is to ensure that the restructure is successful to begin with. It's likely that your professionals and HR personnel won't have undergone a restructure before and for that reason lack of the knowledge and experience of conducting one. If they have, then their past experience may have been focused on increasing their own specific circumstances. They could have limited knowledge as to how things could or should have been done better at an organizational level.

I wish to suggest the following new key points/guidelines for the management-

  • Bring a flat composition of management into picture
  • Enable decision-making informed by strong cross-system assessment, being attentive and respect
  • Promote close beneficial working interactions within the Ability Plus Retain a 'learning
  • organization' philosophy of continuous staff development, engagement and teamwork
  • Outsource, eliminate, or transfer non-essential services,
  • Bridge the communication space between the workers in the "capability plus" Adopt a cross
  • functional team approach to problem solving
  • Reduce complexity
  • Focus on main activity
  • Maintain flexibility
  • Use role model in leadership development, etc.

ii) How do you restructure communication?


1. In person Communication:

2. Accountability of Communication:

3. Communication with Truth:

4. Converse the Vision:

5. Hearing the employee:

6. Senior Administrator should be noticeable and accessible to the employee:

7. Communicate timely:

i) Business Statement Guideline


Report cover

Executive Summary

Table of contents

1 Conditions of Reference

2 Procedure

3 Conclusions / Analysis

3. 1 Profitability Development Procedure for Metalwork Department

3. 2 Making Income out of Metalwork Department

4. Conclusions

5. Recommendations



ii) Do you think presentation is good notion or not after record?

Answer: Presentation is good notion because face to face communication can be done through it not by article.

iii) Why each individual is different conception of Andrews performance?

Answer: Because each folks have different understanding about others.

Ray: Selective Attention. Ray read that Andrew is doing well. because he's qualified and glowing. this is called selective attention. First immersion previous long.

Tim: Perceptual Accentuation: He said Andrew is too poor to learn the job, because he observed Andrew day to day activities and fix Andrew faults.

Kate: Differences in perceptual ability: Kate said that he is wii member of team and poor.

Sione: Consistency Effect: Andrew is a Rugby Player, So he prefers Andrew and think he must be a good team player.

Andrew: Self-serving attribution bios: He think he is doing well and it is called self providing attribution.

iv) List the four elements define culture. What are the strategies you may use that can help communication between culture?


  1. Time:

2. Context:

Context is best thought as the selection of stimuli encircling a communication event including: body gestures; tone of voice; physical distance between interlocutors; time of day; weather; situation (for example, throughout a war commemoration ceremony); societal norms; geographic host to communication; and other exterior factors.

3. Recollection/ Understanding:

4. Space/Distance:

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