Apple Inc And Samsung Electronics


Apple Inc. , originally known as Apple Computer Inc. is a multinational cooperation founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. The company was began when the first color graphics computer known as Apple II was build. Today, Apple Inc. is known for its cutting edge products like the ipod device, the iPhone, and its own tablet centered iPad. Apple Inc. is known because of its stylish, modern and chic products.

Apple Inc. and Samsung Gadgets Co. , Ltd. are two of the market leaders in the Smartphone and tablet market, but Apple had taken Samsung to court docket for infringing on its patents. Apple packed a problem against Samsung for "slavishly" replicating its designs. Samsung countered Apple's says by expressing that Apple experienced also infringed on its patents. Lawsuits from both companies soon propagate over 30 courts on four continents when negotiations failed. Apple packed a grievance to america District Court on Apr 15, 2011, which marked the beginning of the countless lawsuits about the world. Do Apple provide strong evidences against Samsung for infringing on its smartphone and tablet patents?

I composed my commentary predicated on these encouraging documents:

AllThingsD - iPhone Caused "Problems of Design" at Samsung (Memo)

Arstechnica - Apple's case that Samsung copied the iPhone and iPad-in pictures

CNET - Apple: Samsung even raised our icons (pictures)

AllThingsD - Samsung: Apple Didn't Invent the Rectangle

full references are available in the bibliography


In an email from Samsung's Mind of Mobile Communication defined in source #1, JK Shin was looking at the iPhone to a Samsung product code known as UX. He spoken about how the company should concentrate more on producing high quality products. He explained that they must limit on the number of products they release because its quality not amount that counts. JK Shin criticized their product by expressing it's laughable when you're embarrassed by your device. As he was talking about the design of UX, Shin urged the coders to make devices that are simple to use regardless of age group. He confessed in his email that he lacked confidence when it came to the simplicity of their mobile phones. He admitted that the difference between their UX in comparison to Apple's iPhone "is that of Heaven and Earth. " He finished his email by instructing the designers to build the surface of these devices with a metallic feel rather than a plastic feel.

Apple's provides evidences against Samsung by displaying different visuals of how Samsung deliberately copied their iOS devices. The photographs on source #2 are looking at Samsung's phones and tablets before and after the release of the iPhone and iPad. Both software and hardware are compared to show the similarities.

Apple provides evidences by demonstrating how Samsung copied their software by checking Samsung's mobile icons to Apple's mobile icons on source #3.

Samsung's lawyer will try to verify that Samsung is not a copyist. He also will try to demonstrate that patents that Apple accused them of infringing were not developed by Apple. He also attempts to prove how Apple acquired infringed on its patents in source #4.


Product Differentiation

Product Differentiation is the development or incorporation of traits (such as benefits, price, quality, design, service, etc. ) a product's planned customers perceive to vary and desirable. Product differentiation is why is Apple so popular since when you look at an Apple product, you immediately know the device is manufactured by Apple. Apple's products are often regarded through the luxury of these devices or its famous logo design.

Apple over prices its products but its stylish, modern and explicit designs shows why it's overpriced. Consumer popularity and devotion is a strategy initiated by Apple because Apple makes certain that its products may easily be acknowledged. Apple's modern and unique company logo stands out from other rivals because the logo appears on most of its products. Apple's logo is an apple with a bite on the right area, so the emblem can simply be kept in mind. Apple is mostly of the companies that products go out of stock in less than 24 hours following a launch of new products. The same can't be said for Samsung because prior to the iPhone, Samsung used to be one of the leading market share holders, but relating to Forbes, Apple possesses 53. 3% of the US' smartphone market stocks, while Samsung stocks 41. 9% with other android phones.

As shown in source #2, evidences provided by Apple obviously revealed that Samsung got copied their design. Prior to the release of the iPhone, Samsung made smartphones which used Qwerty Keyboards, but after the iPhone, Samsung made smartphones that had large screens without physical keyboards just like JK Shin possessed instructed when he said "It is vital that people make Display screen Size bigger. " Same complements tablets because Samsung made inexpensive looking tablets prior to the iPad but following the iPad was release, Samsung began making top quality tablets with glossy backs like the iPad. According to BestBuy Samsung's tablets were so like the iPad that customers were returning Galaxy Tabs tablets because they realized it wasn't an iPad.

Diffusion of Advancement Theory

Diffusion of Creativity Theory shows the many points at which individual groups of consumers can be involved with a know-how. The speed of these adaption rates are damaged by relative advantages, observable features, compatibility, complexity and testability.

Relative advantages

measures how better the new product is from the last one

Observable features

shows how the innovation works


shows how the innovation works, compatibility identifies the amount of difficulty in understanding the innovation


testability lets the costumers test the technology before buying it

Unlike competitors, Apple's products will be the easiest grab and play devices because your device is ready when you finish setting it up unlike Samsung's devices that want prior knowledge. Even JK Shin said in his email that "[they] must make products within the world of common sense and predicated on simplicity" as explained in source #1. Consumer can certainly assess how better Apple's new product is from the previous one because Apple's innovators usually enroll in the keynotes. Due to comparative advantages, observable features, compatibility, complexity and testability, Apple has made $54. 5 billion in earnings for the first quarter of the 2013 financial season. 47. 8 million iPhones were sold in 2013, providing Apple $13. 1 billion in world wide web revenue and 22. 9 million iPads were bought from 2013 which brought in more earnings.

Intangible Assets

Patents are a kind of legal safety for inventors that avoids others from replicating their creation without permission. Patents allow inventors to get exclusive rights on the production of the product so patents act as an incentive to stimulate advancement. The list below show patents Samsung was accused of violating.

Utility Patents '163

Enlarging documents by tapping the screen

Utility Patents '381

'Bounce-back' feature when scrolling beyond the advantage of the page

Utility Patents '915

Distinguishes between single-touch and multi-touch gestures

Design Patents '087

Ornamental design of the iPhone (white color)

Design Patents '305

Rounded square icons on interface

Design Patents '677

Ornamental design of the iPhone (black color)

Design Patents '889

Relates to the industrial design of a tablet computer.

The visual assessment of icons in source #3 showed Samsung possessed violated the patents listed above. The first icon assessment was the telephone. Samsung copied Apple's icons because Samsung's smartphones had the same green color telephone icon with the phone image facing the same manner. Apple's contact icon comes with an image of a person and Samsung's icons possessed the same things however the only difference was the icon's color. The music icon on Apple's iPhone is a disk with a music word and a lot of Samsung's phones got the same icon but with different colors. The icon plans on the iPhone was also copied too because Samsung's cell phones before the iPhone got no icons but Samsung started making telephones with icons plus they were established with 4 icons going vertically and 4 horizontally just like the iPhone. Samsung's devices and tablets never really had a dock on their devices but began making devices with docks that can be personalized to the users' likening like Apple's devices. Matching to source #2, Samsung was warned by third people like Yahoo that its tablets were too similar to the iPad and was asked to create a distinguishable design.

During the trial Samsung accused Apple of violating on its patents and the list below show patents Apple was accused of infringing on.

Standards-essential patents '516

Manages the phone's resources and battery pack by prioritizing data

Standards-essential patents '941

Provides a way to package and transfer data more efficiently

Standards-essential patents '711

A method allowing multi-tasking while participating in music on the phone

Standards-essential patents '460

Taking and emailing pictures utilizing a scroll action

Standards-essential patents '893

Switching between pictures in a gallery and the camera

Samsung's attorney accused Apple of infringing on its patents because Samsung's data transmitting patents permit the iPhone to do things such as send pictures and surf the Internet. He also said that Samsung was the first to provide a camera mobile with three methods for sending photos. His other evidences against Apple was a patent that covered being in a photography gallery, taking a new picture and returning to the same put in place the gallery, and the ultimate evidence involved playing music while doing another task.


Product differentiation is exactly what made Apple famous. Apple differentiates its devices from competition like Samsung by rendering it stylish, unique and simple to use. Its retail stores not only make circulation easy, but give customers a chance to test the devices before buying. Apple's enthusiast based 's the reason Apple known more than 50% of the smartphone market. Because of all these methods utilized by Apple, competitors sometimes want to duplicate rather than innovate. Evidences provided by Apple obviously showed that Samsung possessed infringed on its patents like utility and design. Apple provided visuals evidences like icon comparisons, design evaluation before and following the iPhone, User interface and JK Shin's inner memo demonstrated that Samsung knew it was infringing, but refined anyway.

After a few months of dealing with sound evidences from both companies, Samsung's mobile phones and tablet were found to obtain infringed on Apple's patents portrayed by the images in source #2, but none of them of Apple's devices were found to acquire infringed on Samsung's patents because Apple gets its wireless chips through Intel. Samsung was bought to pay Apple $1. 05 billion us dollars for any damage caused, which makes it a major success for Apple in america.

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