Annabel Lee And The Raven: Hidden Perspective On Ladies Essay

"Annabel Lee" and "The Raven": Hidden Point of view on Girls?

All those who have read the job of Edgar Allan Poe knows that his mind has not been in the same place as those who read it. Quite simply the poet was madly insane. Although why? What caused the man's mind to be and so twisted and twined, portrayed in his use every belligerent line, and meanings so hard to describe, for being this way? Many people admit a woman can produce a man go mad; in Poe's case, it was. In his two poetry, "Annabel Lee" and "The Raven", Poe describes losing and desiring a woman tragically taken from him. He as well secretly, and perhaps unconsciously, puts his perspective on how he sees his perfect girl and other women that are possibly in or around his life. "Annabel Lee" delivers forward what he had and what this individual loves, when "The Raven" brings all that is left and all which can be.

In the composition "Annabel Lee" Poe talks about his best woman. This individual describes a love that is certainly so solid that it makes the angels jealous enough to kill. She actually is beautiful and young, and later has 1 purpose, "... she existed with no different thought/Than to love and be loved by me" (Annabel Shelter, 5-6). Obviously, Poe's conditions for a ideal woman is the cliched passive house better half. Although, considering that in the 1800's men believed that girls 's simply purpose was going to clean, prepare food and look pretty for their husbands, then it is no surprise that is what Poe liked. Simply by reading "Annabel Lee" we can see that Poe's perfect woman was gorgeous, obedient, and probably a textbook mother and partner. The love they shared was like no additional, for zero other staying on Earth or perhaps in heaven and hell could ever find out or feel what they shared together. Even though her heart and soul was unfortunately taken from him, d...

... thought, a delusion of real females, and the 1 so unfortunately taken, bleary his head to combat a battle that could not be won.

There could have been many and varied reasons for the famous Edgar Allan Poe's insanity, but by very closely examining and taking apart "Annabel Lee" and the famous "The Raven" it can be believed that women and his conflicting perspective with them could have played a very big role in the unwinding. If it was really all in his head or perhaps not, it might never become known, only a forever unknown to be chosen apart and solved. Fortunately, Poe's poetry are a windows into his mind and can serve as indications or even a map to determine if it was fact or certainly not. All that is left is always to do is usually find a classification and a comprehension of the questions left for all of us.


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