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Anna Freud And Child Psychoanalysis Mindset Essay

Anna Freud is known as the originator of child psychoanalysis. She grew up in family members of her dad Sigmund Freud. Anna Freud commenced her profession under the supervision of her dad who was simply the creator of mindset. Under his wing she became keen on him and grew a love for him and the field of psychoanalysis. In fact, many referred to her as 'her father's princess' but on the other hand, Anna was more independent but many people didn't realize it. She dedicated the major part of her life in following her father's footsteps and she commonly picked up from where he still left and made the work her own. For this reason, most are the boasts that she acquired no originality in almost all of her work which is untrue. After her father's death, her job flourished greatly and she shared numerous books of her own. In the majority of these publications, she strictly adhered to the rules establish by her daddy but she also extended where he previously no opportunity. She is famous for her work with children and the theory of children starting analysis. Furthermore, she was a professor and she contributed to the knowledge of ego mindset and taken care of the Hampstead Child Therapy Center. Anna was always active and she spent almost all of her days either looking into new things or perusing through old work. She immediately ventured into new jobs after conclusion of old tasks. She laid a solid opinion in her father's work and his mental theories. She thought that his thoughts were concrete and correct. Her life time spans around the twentieth century where there is a significant change in the population and the globe as complete. She spent most of her life planing a trip to all places that her teaching taken her and she never ceased determining child psychology (psychoanalysis). Though many people declare that Anne Freud put in her career in her fathers shadow and they actually named her 'the lady behind Freud', this newspaper seeks to verify that she can justifiably stand on her behalf own in the field of psychology.

Sigmund Freud seemed to be having problems in selecting his successors, whenever he chose a successor, the successor would depart him just like regarding Jung and Adler. However by this time, apart from taking her lectures, Anne was also occupied assisting her daddy in his examination and she was progressing towards making a job as a lay down psychoanalyst. Her devotion to her father was portrayed when she became the sole figure left to manage her dad when he was identified as having cancer in 1923. At this time, she became her father's symbolic successor (webster. edu, 2010).

In the years 1924 - 1929 Anna Freud was engaged in taking care of her father's professional job. She became one of the committee associates who had been her father's closest advisors. In the summertime of 1927, Anna Freud retained up her work and during this time period, she managed to publish a e book entitled Psychoanalysis for Professors and Parents. This is a assortment of her lectures which she conducted in the town of Hort throughout their working course day health care system. In 1929, her family was damaged by some problems which triggered the family and her life into upheaval. These problems included the crush of the currency markets which influenced the financial stableness of many Europeans. It had been also at this time when many Jewish Australians became more and more fearful of Hitler's routine. This caused Berlin Jewish psychoanalysts to flee from Vienna for England. In 1933, Anna Freud was made the vice president of the Vienna world. She was made the vice president because everyone hesitated to practice in Vienna. Anna was pressured to control the society without appearing like she was overseeing it. This modern culture also acted as a position firm for psychoanalysts who acquired fled. When everyone was fleeing from Vienna, Anna and her father made it their duties to safeguard the Vienna society's child guidance centre and make it last as long as possible. Anna became a member of editorial plank of North american Journal Psychoanalytic Quarterly where she produced a child analysis concern in 1935 which she dedicated to her work in Vienna (webster. edu, 2010).

Ego psychology

Contrary to Jung and Adler, Anne remained faithful to the essential ideas developed by her father. However, she was typically thinking about the psyche dynamics as opposed to the psyche composition; she was particular mesmerized by the positioning of ego in the psyche studies. Her father Freud had spent most of his life studying psychic existence usually emphasizing on the id and the unconscious part. Anne highlights that the ego is the 'sit of observation' from which we generally spot the work of the identification and the excellent ego and the unconscious. Therefore, the ego merits to be examined in its rightful place. She is best known for her published reserve; the Ego and Mechanisms of security. In this reserve, she provides predominantly apparent explanation of how the defenses work, including some unique amount to adolescents' use of defenses (Arch Dis Child, 2003).

The focus on the ego led to the rise of a link in psychoanalytic named the ego psychology. This movement represents the majority of the Freudians in today's psychology. Ego mindset is based on Freud's preceding works which is seen as the 'base. ' However, it also includes modern ideas of ego psychology. In this manner, Freud's theory can be applied not exclusively on psychopathology, but also to interpersonal and developmental issues. Today, Erick Eriksson assists as the best example of a psychoanalyst.

Child psychology

Anna Freud was not mainly a theoretician, she possessed profound desire for sensible and she committed the majority of her energy to the analysis of children as well as adolescents and she put in time bettering the analysis. This was different from her father's work which totally focused on men and women, though he composed about development but it was on the people' perspective (George, 1998).

With the continued evaluation of children, it was evident that Anna's methodology was not the same as her father's. The techniques she used in examining children differed from those used by her father in examining men and women. Her dad became pleased with her because she used new methods in her research. The techniques she used differed from the normal Little Hans Evaluation that was often used by her father. Sigmund Freud mentioned that "symptoms provide us with directions whenever we make our analysis. " This differed from Anne's opinion in which she known that children's symptoms are dissimilar from adult symptoms. Children's symptoms matching to Anna, are related to certain developmental periods, and are usually transitory in subject matter. As she improved upon in her practice, Anna discovered that she had certain issues within herself which she had to tackle in order to progress. She discovered that she possessed "unreasonable need for praise and admiration. " She expected her father to handle and view her in another way from other women especially the ones that they encountered in examination (Arch Dis Child, 2003).

When administering remedy to the afflicted children, a communication problem will probably arise between the therapist and patient. Anna Freud seen that the best way to cope with this predicament which she identifies as 'transference problem' was to cope with it normally; that is, being truly a caring parent and not a playmate or a substitute mother or father. Though her methodology seems authoritarian in line with the modern requirements of child remedy, it still makes more sense.

An additional problem with inspecting children is that they are not advanced in their symbolic capabilities as people are. For example, younger children have difficulties in expressing their mental feeling verbally. This is also true with older children since they are less likely to bury their problems under complicated symbols like men and women do. Children's problems happen instantaneously and so there is no time for building up defenses. Their tribulations are near the outside and tend to be articulated in more direct, less emblematic, behavioral and mental conditions (Arch Dis Child, 2003).

Anne's contribution in the evaluation of personality is portrayed in her work at the Hampstead Child Remedy Clinic. She added in setting up of this medical center in London. It's from here that she discovered that one of the primary challenges facing the therapists was the communication barrier. She found out that while adult problems were communicated by using traditional product labels, children's problems cannot be. Since children's problems are more instantaneous, she framed them in terms of child's activity along developmental periods. In this case, a child is considered healthy if the child is seen to be keeping tempo with the majority of his / her years mates in conditions of personal sanitation, consumption behaviors, play manners and connections with other children. If there is a serious lag in one level of development in a child's life, the tech needs to believe that the kid experienced an issue in that level of development thus the technician can describe the situation by referring to that particular lag (George, 1998).


Anne Feud enjoyed an integral role in influencing research in Freudian mindset. Her works included standardization of the data of children who had diagnostic profiles. She also inspired the pooling of observations from several experts, and recognized the long-term studies including development; that is, from youth to adolescence. Furthermore, Anne was at the fore entrance in the use of natural experiments involving; careful surveys on sets of children suffering from similar disabilities like early on traumas, blindness and wartime lack of parents. The primary disapproval of Freudian psychology as having no experiential basis is factual only when "empirical basis" is limited to laboratory evaluation (George, 1998).

Anne had most of her work written in her famous publication; the Writing of Anna Freud, which encompasses a assortment of all her books and papers. Some of her works contained in this words include; the Ego and the Mechanisms of Security as well as her documents on research of children and children. Anne is a very good writer and almost all of her writing is not complex. She also uses many interesting circumstance studies as instances.

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