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Android TYPICALLY THE MOST POPULAR Mobile Platform Computer Technology Essay


Mobile development platform is a technology that permits mobile developers to make of creation and operations that support present and future development of mobile applications. Inside the assignment, I'll compare three of the leading mobile development websites in the market which is Android, BlackBerry, and Java ME with analyses on the talents, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for every single of the several platforms.

Android SDK

Android is typically the most popular mobile platform on earth. Android delivers a complete group of software for cellular devices; an operating system, middleware and key mobile applications. ("Android Overview", Open up Handset Alliance 2010)

In 2005, Yahoo bought the startup company Android Inc. to begin the introduction of Android program for mobile. The Android SDK was initially release in November 2007. Yahoo announced the option of Android SDK Applicant 1. 0. Google offers a thorough software development products with a number of packages that are available a la carte under the Android SDK Director. In October 2008, Android can be an open source and Yahoo produces the code under Apache License. ("Android Overview", Start Handset Alliance 2010)


Google - Yahoo is one of the most well known technology company on earth. Android is supported by Yahoo in collaboration with Start Handset Alliance. Most of the potential associates, venders and programmers will believe Google will give more attention and trustworthiness on Android OS compare to other mobile OS because of the brand.

Device - Unlike the Apple's IOS where you have the only one option for hardware provider which is Apple Inc. The Android OS is open source which is compatible with the majority of the devices such as Samsung, HTC, Sony and etc. This can provides consumers wider options from which maker to choose to buy their devices.

Open source - The Android Operating-system is made from a Linux established using JAVA dialect for the development. A lot of the designers, especially freelancer they will choose to build up mobile application by using Android where we can get the info and source code easily. This makes creators to create many free Apps for Android market (Presently known as Goggle Play Store). ("Android SWOT analysis", Arun Kumar 2012)


Multimedia Support - Android Media Support is less unlike the Apple which has centralized in iTunes program and software industry. Android does not have a central way to obtain multimedia material.

Upgrading of Operating-system reliance on mobile manufacturers - When Google releases a fresh version of Android OS, it must wait for the mobile supplier to make a compatibility ensure that you adjust the code to make sure it works properly on the hardware construction.

Least of security- Since Android Application development is open up source, so that it was always prone to external risks like malwares.


Compatibility - Android Operating-system not only compatible with mobile, it also appropriate for tablet Laptop or computer and e-book reader. There have been several release of Android tablets over previous few months from computer machine supplier such as HP, ASUS, Dell and ACER.

Developing Countries - Yahoo has a huge possibility to develop inexpensive devices using the Android platform in expanding countries. (Hylander 2010). Android also offers high potential growth in Asia and Africa Countries and it has triggered the sales of smart devices and tablet PCs.

Developer friendly - Android give the opportunities to builders to develop progress request and earn some income from the sales of application and advertising.


Competitive - There have been many competitors in the market will combat with Android for his or her share of the marketplace. For instance, Symbian, RIM, iOS and Windows.

System Crashed - Downloading of request from un-trusted website could make the operating system crash or have an impact on other program in the smartphone.

Android's cheaper initialize installation in low priced mobile phone that may affects the buyer in comparison to other system such as iOS in IPhone.


BlackBerry is a brand of cellular handheld devices and services developed by Canadian telecommunications company Research In Action (RIM). (RIM 2012) The first BlackBerry device, an email pager, premiered in 1999. (Davis, Jim January 20, 1999) A lot of the BlackBerry devices are popular in their send and receive force email and instant emails capacity especially the BlackBerry Messenger service. Also, they are designed to function the devices as personal digital assistants, games devices and so on.


BlackBerry is a identification brand of mobile development system.

BlackBerry Messenger allows their users to text unrestricted without extra cost.

Several types of form-factors available in BlackBerry mobile phones such as small key pad, large keyboard, turn phone, bag of chips and no keyboard.

BlackBerry can be an encrypted military-grade security program, with 100% market share at FBI, CIA, White House, Congress, Division of Security, major consultancies and major investment banking institutions. BlackBerry is the only one platform approved for use in US national security companies. (Raman885 November 2011)


BlackBerry has an unhealthy applications store experience which struggles to set up on all devices. Most of the applications which are for sale to iOS and android devices will not be accessible for blackberry mobile platform.

BlackBerry is a business oriented phone, most of the fun software available for other markets but not for blackberry devices.

There were two different operating systems between touchscreen devices and non-touch display screen devices.


BlackBerry Partners Fund is utilized to make applications are downloadable from impartial companies that will be help gain more market share.

BlackBerry World is the most profitable mobile request store for builders.

BlackBerry has the ability to perform synchronization of email, calendar and connection with compatible servers.


The main danger facing by BlackBerry is their competitors which include iOS of Apple, Android program of Google, Home windows Mobile phone from Microsoft and other mobile development websites.


JAVA ME also known as Java platform Micro Release. Java ME offers a flexible environment for software jogging on mobile and embedded devices such as personal digital assistants and cell phones.


Java ME is offering versatile environment for multiple mobile program.

Java Me personally included the object-oriented coding features make large programs simpler to write.

Java ME is an open sources platform for mobile development.


It is not really a complete development platform but only a virtual machine.

JAVA Me personally only limited by inserted and small devices such as cell phones.

Java ME is only mostly open up source whereas android is totally open resources.


It enables developer to build sophisticated applications for multiple applications confidently.

The most popular and broadly accepted development program for wireless devices from leading cell phones manufactures.


Android development system is the main risks for Java ME platform especially the user user interface android support touch screen smart mobile phones.

Most of the builders may choose Android rather than Java ME as the program because of the amount of users of android Operating-system cellphone are increasing.


The best platform that we choose is Android mobile development system. First of all,

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