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Android-based English Sentence structure Checker with Speech Recognition


In this newspaper, the Researchers explain an Android-based Tone of voice Popularity system that functions as a grammar checker specifically targeted at the needs of non-native audio system who are prepared to learn and become familiarized with English language. This paper also examines how incorrect usage of sentence structure make a difference the communication of men and women both orally and on paper. Most commercial sentence structure checkers on the market today are designed to be employed by native speakers of an language who've good intuitions about their own vocabulary competence. These tools were designed to help native sound system who weren't fluent in other words, thus making their outputs grammatically right. However, these problems vary from one another, the key reason why different sentence structure checkers are created for different specific needs. The grammar checking element uses island control rather than full parse. This process is both rapid and appropriate whenever a text includes many errors. In this particular research, it aims to develop a total voice-based English grammar checker application that will assist non-native speakers that want to learn and to speak British fluently. The focus of this paper is the sentence structure checking component. This approach is both useful and more efficient, since it straight corrects the sentence structure by translating the tone of voice into text. The system also used SEARCH ON THE INTERNET Engines that provides examples of how the content of the speech into text section can be portrayed in a grammatically correct and idiomatic way. This software can help people having a hard time in expressing themselves using the English Language.


Voice Recognition, Grammar Checker, Android, Natural Language Processing, Mobile, Application, Vocabulary, Grammar


One of the normal reasons of miscommunication is due to wrong selection of words, resulting to poor sentence structure. Poor grammar later results of miscommunication or worse, someone with bad sentence structure was often insulted or shamed by people. To avoid these, word-processing systems are developed currently already include sentence structure checkers that are being used to locate different grammatical errors in a text message.

These tools were made to help native sound system who were not fluent in another words, thus making their outputs grammatically right. Additionally it is intended to help its researchers to write texts in British, which is not their terms. Although their demand of the words is generally acceptable, the majority of them do not feel confident about their correctness and the expressiveness of the writing. However, these problems vary from one another, the key reason why different grammar checkers are created for different specific needs. Internet provides a boundless amount of documents in British so the key function of the checker is the use of an Google search that detects the written text segments that aren't found on any webpages.

But almost all of these tools were directed to help local speakers to check on their English sentence structure, but what about Filipino and other individuals who are not fluent in speaking in British Language? You can point out his or her grammar errors when they want to write a paper in our words? We designed an Android program for grammar-checking in British Dialect by using voice recognition.

This android program aims to help the users that desires to learn British Language fluently and at the same time, it can benefit to improve their English vocabulary and grammar. The system will have to have an individual to track record a voice message. After the recording, the system will convert the concept into text. There will be two switches, the record again and go. If the text output is wrong, an individual should press the record again button and when the text outcome is correct, an individual can proceed. The machine will now check the sentence structure. For example, an individual recorded "Matt like Fish". The written text output was correct, so the consumer pressed go. The machine will now process the sentence structure checking and after a couple of seconds, the system gives the corrected end result via text outcome which is "Matt enjoys Fish. "

In order to find out the common problems usually done by users, we conducted a study among potential users around the brand new Era School, specifically some Filipino students who are a little struggling as it pertains to speaking British fluently. We placed the results by percentage so that people know what we ought to be concentrating on. A complete of 30 respondents participated in the survey.


  • Internet search engine
  • Grammar Checker

Internet Search engine

The checker used the Wordnet 3. 0 engine motor, a lexical data source for the British Vocabulary. It arranges English words into sets of synonyms called synsets. The motors used to get the search results for a word segment are Google and Yahoo.

Grammar Checker

Part of something that verify written wording for grammatical correctness. The execution of a sentence structure checker employs Natural Language Handling. Once the grammar checker has been productive, the written text which is based on the voice recorded by the user will undergo a number of stages. It is separated into sentences and words. The individual words are then viewed up in the internet. It offers all the words that occur in the machine with all its likely usage.


The stand shows the results of the survey. With this stand, we are actually informed about the common mistakes that the users might commit. This desk can help us to tell apart and to focus more on the most typical problem to help the users more efficiently. The common mistake that had the best ratio is the improper structure of English sentences. Next is the poor use of verbs. Third can be an poor classification of Noun. Fourth is the inappropriate combos of certain words, fifth is inappropriate use of Adjectives and finally, is inappropriate use of Adverbs. This software can help the users develop English sentences that happen to be grammatically correct. In this way, the users will learn their errors and at exactly the same time, understand how to speak and write in English fluently.

The following desk provides percentages of problems within the surveys conducted.

Table 1. Error Percentage

Error type Percentage

Adjectives 7. 3 %

Adverbs 6. 7 %

Nouns 21. 6 %

Verbs 26. 5 %

Word combos 8. 3 %

Sentence 29. 6 %


Figure 1 Sentence structure Checker Architecture

Figure 1 shows the structures of the system. It shows the movement of the system and the way the system works and also how to get and give a possible result of the application form.

Figure 1. 2 Tone of voice Recognition

In this picture, it shows the stress of the user's documented voice and translates it into wording. The machine will recognize the speech and checks its grammar along the way. After that, the user will now find out his/her flaws and the system will provide the correct grammar.



Automatic voice popularity has a long history speech handling. Automatic talk recognitioncan bedefinedas the impartial, computer-driven transcription of spoken terminology into readable word in real time (Stuckless, 1994).

There will be a lot of research has been done for Android applications including Conversation Research and Natural Terms Processing.

Voice Acknowledgement today continues to be increasing as additional uses for the technology are developed. The applied speech analysis to summarize activities happened around a consumer.

Voice Recognition Technology can setup to rely upon tools known as grammar models that help minimize the data necessary to recognize the signs.


The eCheck: An Android-based English Sentence structure Checker Using Tone Recognition is designed to guide and help not only Filipino citizens, but also other folks that are looking to learn English fluently and at the same time, improve their British vocabulary and sentence structure skills.


As mentioned in this analysis, the Analysts applied the same basics as they have adopted before, however, the Research workers considered a chart to show the stream of the machine and to show how our software work. The Experts also attempted to gauge the connection of every sentence in the communication of the group of categories inside our study.

Once the sentence structure checker has been activated, the text which is based on the voice documented by an individual will undergo a number of stages. It is separated into sentences and words. The average person words are then appeared up in the dictionary (see Burnage 1990). It offers all the words that appear in the system with all its possible usage. There are a few words that will be the same, but has another meaning. In this sense our dictionary is not really a simplified type. It is vast but merely a shorter version.


The potential and trustworthiness of the Words Reputation technology have been ever-growing. With more attention and implementation in to the world's most usual operating devices, this technology will continue steadily to develop.

The Overall evaluation of this request is very helpful, especially to the Filipino residents. This request can make data that can provide answers to their sentence structure and speaking concerns, While using growth of technology, doing a grammar check and spelling is simpler than you think. It no more requires striking the literature and having plenty of thesauruses or dictionaries at hand.

The Researchers recommend this software for non-native speakers having trouble in expressing themselves using the English Language. This program can be utilized for the business enterprise and transactions that will require these to speak in English. Because this application can help them to find out about the English Dialect by simply speaking and by knowing the sentence structure proper and the right pronunciation of computer. There are various features of British which make it fun and interesting to learn. The Experts also recommend this request to Everyone who wants to learn the correct grammar in English, to allow them to improve, to get more knowledge and completely develop their speaking and also grammar concerns in their own dialect. By using this application, they may be just like possessing a teacher and a sentence structure book.

The Researchers also advise that if this review continues to improve, it is required to be developed and implemented because these tools were designed to help native speaker systems who weren't fluent in British language and also to discover more about it.

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