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Ancient Political Philosophy Essay

Precisely what is Philosophy? The Central Concerns of Idea – Political Philosophy • Value – Ethics (Good, Evil, Right, Wrong, Justice) • Political Philosophy – Aesthetics (Beauty) • Actuality – Metaphysics (Cosmology, Ontology) • Expertise – Epistemology (Theory of Knowledge) PHI 7100 History of Philosophy: The Classical Philosophers ©2013 Rich Legum – all privileges reserved one particular What is Idea? Political Viewpoint Some central questions of Political Beliefs: • What ought the partnership between a person and society (government) be? • What does contemporary society owe it is citizens? – Safety (Protection)?

Education? Medical? A Job? • What do the citizens must pay back society? – Pay taxes? All their belongings? Serve inside the military? • What is the needed form of government?

PHI 7100 History of Idea: The Traditional Philosophers ©2013 Richard Legum – most rights arranged 2 PHI 7100 Rich Legum, Ph. D. you 8. The Central Queries of Idea Political Philosophy 7/8/2013 The Central Queries of Philosophy – Political Philosophy Avenirse The state is a individual writ large (The state is the same as an individual, but on a much larger scale) • Three Parts of the Heart – Realistic (reason) – Spirited (emotional – defender/enforcer) – Appetitive (emotional – driven simply by basic desires). PHI 7100 History of Beliefs: The Classical Philosophers ©2013 Richard Legum – every rights set aside 3 The Central Questions of Viewpoint – Personal Philosophy Plato • 3 kinds of the citizens – Gold – Those owning reason (Wisdom/Knowledge) – philosophers – Silver precious metal – The enforcers from the law – the guardians/soldiers – Bronze – The craftsman, stores, farmers, and so forth • The Republic is the Utopia – Teleology – The goal of the state of hawaii is to achieve harmony • The precious metal people, The Philosopher King (the one that knows best), should guideline PHI 7100 History of Idea: The Time-honored Philosophers ©2013 Richard Legum – most rights appropriated 4. PHI 7100 Richard Legum, Ph.

D. two 8. The Central Questions of Viewpoint Political Beliefs 7/8/2013 The Central Queries of Beliefs – Personal Philosophy Aristotle • The town (polis) is definitely the natural politics "community" or perhaps "partnership" • The aim of the town is to let citizens the possibility to live a good life, and perform gorgeous acts • Justice is having a constitution (a interpersonal contract of sorts) helping the success of these desired goals PHI 7100 History of Idea: The Traditional Philosophers ©2013 Richard Legum – most rights arranged 5 The Central Questions of Idea – Politics Philosophy Aristotle. • Goals of the condition are much greater for Aristotle than they were for Interpersonal Contract Theory of the Renaissance (Thomas Hobbbes Leviathan (1651), John Locke Two Treatises of Government (1689), Jean Jacques Rosseau The Social Agreement (1762) ) – inside the pre-government express (pre-social contract) – your nature– people fear of chaotic death, shaky economic human relationships, losing their property – The us government arises from a Social Get the purpose of safeguarding the people PHI 7100 History of Idea: The Time-honored Philosophers ©2013 Richard Legum – almost all rights set aside 6 PHI 7100 Richard Legum, Ph. D. 3

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