Ancient Incan EFFECT ON PRESENT DAY Peru Background Essay

The Incan culture has damaged the world in several ways. Probably one of the most advances indigenous civilizations; the Incas have continuing to motivate the people of the world. No one feels the existence of the Inca like the South American country of Peru. The Incan capital of Cuzco is still a city in Peru and the land is rich with Incan culture.

The Incas first became known in the 12th century AD. Their tribe started inhabiting the area around what's now Cuzco, situated in the southern region of present day Peru. Over time of your time, the Incan empire grew to add a lot of the western part of South America.

Within the Incan culture there were a variety of subcultures, all using their own language. At one point, it is estimated that there is 700 different varieties of the Incan dialect Quechua (New World Encyclopedia).

The Inca were wonderful architects. Through the study of Archaeology, many Incan mysteries are being unraveled all the time. Dig sites have been started out throughout the region thought to house Incan remains. Much of this area is obviously centered around Peru and largely around the ancient Incan capital of Cuzco, which is located in close proximity to the now famous Machu Picchu.

The food of the ancient Inca people was pretty diverse in comparison to other indigenous civilizations of the time period. Because the land that was under Inca guideline was an extended and skinny stretch from north to south there have been differing climates to choose from to produce the best fruits & vegetables. Within their considerable region there was also mountainous area in addition to the sea bordering land.

Where nourishment can be involved the Inca were very resourceful. Seaweed was a favorite choice to the historical people. It could be dried of consumed fresh, it was a multipurpose food. Domesticated family pets made great enhancements to their diet. Specifically, Llamas and Alpacas were quite typical and were easy to get at.

An historical dish that is still today common in Peru is that of Cuy. Cuy is a fried guinea pig. The benefits associated with this small rodent of the canine are that it can be easily kept in the house, reproduces quickly, and there was no hunting included. As stated early, Cuy is still an extremely popular Peruvian dish.

Clothing and textiles were a reasonably important part of Incan culture. Clothing was created from either wool or egyptian cotton materials depending on what region they were from. Clothing established the social category of a person, the best clothing was of course kept for the higher class users.

The clothing of men and women were slightly not the same as each other. Men wore an wide open tunic and pans whereas women wore one piece dresses. Appearance was also retained by the trimming of hair in women and men.

Peruvian History

Peru is the 3rd most significant country in SOUTH USA with the 5th largest populace (state. gov). The traditional western side of the united states edges the Pacific Sea as the land borders the South American countries of Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, and Ecuador. The terrain is very diverse. The land of Peru is very combined; everything from mountains to coastal locations make up the area.

The Incan individuals were the first recognized to populate the area. After the Incan empire was taken over by the Spanish Conquistadors, the land that is now known as Peru became a colony of Spain. It was a long voyage to freedom from Spanish guideline; In 1821 Peru announced themselves clear of the Spanish but Peru's freedom from the colonial rule of Spain didn't become accepted in 1879 (state. gov).

The problems of Peru were far from over. Although freedom had been triumphed in, there were battles over the land that was now theirs. Bordering countries fought for the border lines through a variety of fights. It wasn't before 1990s that these borders were established and agreed upon in black and white agreement.

Today, Peru is obviously a part of the technological years. Tourism is one the climb and through the world wide economic crisis a few years back Peru is one of the sole South North american countries never to feel the consequences and actually earn money that calendar year.

The tourism is provided mostly through the curiosity adjoining the Inca people.

If one were to decide to visit Peru today, they would be encouraged to try the local cuisine. Many of the food have their root base in old Inca culture. As stated before, Cuy or guinea pig is a very common dish that can be prepared either fried or roasted and it is served entirely. . . including the head. Carapulca is another quite typical Peruvian dish which stems from an ancient dish from the Inca. It is almost a soupy consistency and is now consisting of dried potatoes and pork and rice, whereas in the historic times both the potatoes and the meats were dried.

Incan Affect on PRESENT DAY Peru:

Incan influence can be felt around Peru. One reason for this is the fact Peruvians are very pleased with their traditions and the other reason could possibly be that the interest encircling the Inca Empire is a significant source of income for the united states of Peru. Tourisim is increasing and typically the most popular visitors attractions are that of the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu.

Tourism is a significant part of Peruvian current economic climate these days. With historic archaeological sites like that of Machu Picchu, it is simple to understand why. The city of Cuzco, which is located in close proximity to the site of Machu Picchu, has benefited the most from the surge of tourism. There are now 5 legend hotels that run the streets of that which was once a humble town. The folks of Cuzco still have the ability to maintain a whole lot with their local culture through religion and cultural fine art.

Archeology surrounds all the Inca area. In 2002, a graduate pupil from College or university of California LA found what were an ancient burial ground. The area produced the skeletal remains of possibly 10, 000 deceased. More dig sites spout up constantly around the area of the Incan empire, there by acquiring the local curiosity about their traditional ancestors.

Tourists love the authenticity of Incan made souvenirs. Consequently, there is a huge market for anything that looks old and is also a reproduction of something perhaps manufactured in the early times. Incan clothes, pottery, rugs, etc. all sell like hot cakes and feed into the local economy, therefore making certain Incan methods will still be a part of the Peruvian culture in one form or another for a long time to come.

Today, the Peruvian Leader, Alan Garcia, has been working tirelessly on the work that the Chief executive Alejandro Toledo before him to retrieve some X number of thousand artifacts from Yale University or college. The artifacts involved came from the tourist hot spot, and local pleasure: Machu Picchu that have been excavated by the Yale Student way back when (The Economist, 2010). This devotion to the retrieval of important Incan artifacts shows the Peruvian commitment to protecting the Incan history.


There is no denying that the Incan empire experienced a substantial impact of what's now the culture of Peru. Many early traditions remain being kept alive today. The fascination with everything Inca doesn't seem to be slowing and so long as there exists interest there will be Inca in Peru.

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