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Analyzing Protagonists Trip Towards Self Consciousness English Literature Essay

The Travels of Huckleberry Finn by Symbol Twain, Emma by Jane Austen, and I am Asher Lev by Chaim Potok are three books that have become known as important literary works that reveal certain similarities in regards to the development of the characters over the course of the storyline. The three protagonists struggle with different conditions that however all relate to their status in their respective culture. Emma, Huckleberry Finn and Asher face similar emotional problems as they grow and mature on the psychological level. In addition to this, the heroes are also similar in their position towards their public positions and position within society. For example, Emma is portrayed as a, beautiful, smart, rich and broadly adored young girl whose many blessings are however the main cause of her flawed character that evolves and matures consequential to her connections with others. Asher Lev is on the other hand from a strict Jewish community; a backdrop that complicates his life as he is unable to find a balance between his love for skill and his spiritual responsibilities. This inner conflict affects his journey towards self-awareness. Huckleberry Finn's life is harsher and more difficult than the earlier mentioned characters which makes him grow up to be cynical and dubious of his contemporary society; an attitude that transforms him into both an independent person as well as a social outcast In short, the three novels reveal many similarities in regard to the growth of the people. The theme of the protagonists' journey towards self-awareness is especially taken to the foreground through the creators' adoption of specific literary techniques such as characterization and setting.

The knowledge of the individuals' quest towards self-awareness is allowed through the setting up. The environment of Huckleberry Finn is in the South through the period prior to the abolition of slavery. The protagonist grows to witness the severe and brutal simple fact of slavery and the people's reluctance to forego it nevertheless which influences his belief of morality and leads him to summarize that his own onions and moral options are what really subject. Emma's development is also affected by her sociable setting. She actually is situated in a small town where every person recognizes, respects and loves her. She is recognized as an important interpersonal figure which primarily confined her and led her to count on her imagination as a means of escaping her certainty which clarifies her love for matchmaking. Matchmaking pressured her however to be aware of the importance of her activities and their repercussions and opened up her eye to reality. Previous, Asher Lev's setting up is the most limited of all three. His Hasidic Jewish roots and his position within the upper class of the community place many duties on his shoulders at the same time when his love for artwork leads him to reject and overlook everything around him. This confinement motivates him to move to Paris where the guy can develop and become more perceptive consequently of the newly acquired independence. This is how the setting affects the change of the heroes in the three novels.

Characterization is another important literary technique used in the three literary works to illuminate the protagonists' unbiased journey towards maturity. For example, Huckleberry's personality is provided as not the same as the start of the novel:

The Widow Douglas she needed me on her behalf son, and allowed she would civilize me; but it was difficult living in the home all the time, considering how dismal regular and respectable the widow was in all her ways; therefore whenever i couldnt stand it no more I lit out. I acquired into my old rags and my sugar-hogshead again, and was free and satisfied. (Twain, 2007, p. 2)

This highlights how the protagonist's thoughts and frame of mind were different from those of other children from a age group and lead him to increase up to be the self-employed and private man who rejects his society's notion of morality. This does indeed unquestionably influence his trip towards self-awareness. Emma's figure is on the other side filled with contradictions. She actually is presented as charming and beautiful yet manages to appear arrogant and selfish at other moments which make her behave superior in regard to some individuals in her life. This contradiction in her personality is however what leads to her psychological and mental growth as she becomes aware of her shortcomings and efforts to correct them. Last, Asher Lev's personality is similar to Emma's in one respect: selfishness. He's offered as a character who is considerably more concerned with himself than the impact of his actions on others. This creates conflict between him and his family. Asher is not able to come to discover a way to balance between his obligations and his love for skill. (Potok, 1972, section 6) His flawed character lead s him to make several faults that allow him to learn by the end how to balance between his commitment to his community and his love for artistic expression. That is an indicator of emotional expansion and development towards self-awareness and it is also mirrored in his skill. It can be therefore figured the non-public characteristics of Asher and Emma are among the main reasons behind their growth therefore of the conflict they result in which leads these characters to become more perceptive of their flaws.

In conclusion, it is thus noticeable that the three people of Huckleberry Finn, Emma and Asher Lev proceed through different phases of development therefore of their interactions and perception of their social simple fact or as a direct outcome of the issue their personal characteristics bring about in their life and relationships with others. Arranging and characterization are thus two important literary devices within the books of The Journeys of Huckleberry Finn, Emma, and My Name is Asher Lev. They simply permit the reader to grasp the personality and motivations of the three different heroes which sheds light on the trip towards self-awareness.

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