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Analyzing Loneliness In Of Mice And Men British Literature Essay

John Steinbeck portrays in his novella Of Mice and Men the theme of loneliness. Within the novelette Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck creates about the fantastic Depression and how two friends, Lennie and George, stay collectively through this hard time. They go from town to town and work on ranches, always keeping yourself jointly. This new haven in California they stumble upon seems like a good fit, however Lennie creates problems and terminates their chances of survival there.

George and Lennie have a fascinating and strong relationship for the time period in which they live. Lennie and George have a mother or father to child type of marriage. Lennie, being the childlike of both, does not have the mental capacity to make decisions for himself. George shows the parental attitude and creates the most safe conditions for the both of these to have and work. While this makes their companionship stronger, it also creates anxiety when big decisions come into play. George constantly sticks his neck out for Lennie and makes life easier on him by taking the blame for problems well as determining the challenging situations they are put in. When Lennie crushes Curley's side, they associated risk being fired. Trim negotiates with Curley following this accident never to tell anyone in what happened or else "we'll tell ever'body, an' then will you get the laugh. " (64). The people working alongside George and Lennie realize this and conclude sticking up for them when trouble comes along. The compassion that George and Lennie point out towards the other person rubs off on the individuals who encompass them and maintained them out of trouble. George create a stable living environment for Lennie while he cannot do this for himself. While George might have abandoned Lennie, absent on his way and be successful and not had a lot more problems, however he chooses to remain beside Lennie because Lennie needs George to endure. The love between your two creates a solid bond and a commitment that will not end when George makes the best sacrifice for his good friend and saves him from the torture of lynching.

Not everyone has a partner like Lennie throughout this tale. In Steinbeck's novel, Candy, a vintage, frail, crippled man who had worked on the ranch for years has only one associate, his dog. Chocolate and his dog show similar characteristics. They are both older, and neither of these very helpful on the farm anymore due to time and deformity. Chocolate and his dog's marriage parallels that of George and Lennie; both have a dominant innovator, and both have the compassion and love for each other. Candy confirms himself emotionally cracked once his only good friend, and only purpose in life dies. He cannot bring himself to throw his dog since to him, it is his best friend. Carlson however, has no problem with eliminating your dog, Carlson shows a brutal attitude when he says "If you'd like me to, I'll put the old devil out of his misery. At this time and get it over with. Ain't nothing kept for him. Can't eat, can't see, can't even walk without hurtin'. " (47).

Carlson demonstrates he does not have a care in the world, and doesn't know very well what it's prefer to care about someone enough to want them around. This field is where the friendship of Lennie and George differs from Chocolate and his dog. Candy shows a more selfish check out friendship, where George sacrifices his best ally for the betterment of Lennie, Chocolate cannot bring himself to blast his dog because he cannot bear to be only. After his dog is fully gone however, he connects himself to George and Lennie's plan in order to gain various other companionship and meaning in his life. This part of the story ties in to the theme of the "American Dream" and trying for something though it may seem out of said individuals each. Having a friend on the way creates an easier path to go than heading independently.

Steinbeck stresses the necessity of meaningful companionship through this hardship we call life. Especially in the setting up the novella is placed, where on ranches people have nobody but themselves, it's necessary to have a pal never to go crazy with loneliness. Crooks, an BLACK who works on the ranch, is essentially an outcast, showing this statement when he says, "A folks goes nuts if he ain't got no person. Don't make no difference who the person is, long's he with you. . . " (73). People, like Crooks says, need someone to talk to or else insanity packages in. Other men depicted in Of Mice and Men show a selfishness that comes with loneliness, and a lack of level of sensitivity. Steinbeck structured the title off of a poem, which says "The best-laid ideas of mice and men/Gang aft agley (often fail)/And leave us naught but grief and pain/For promised pleasure. " This declaration is proved again and again in the text, shown when George makes the hard decision to terminate Lennie's life for the better, thought it had not been part of their great "American Desire" and exactly how Crooks has a strong desire for a friend, however has isolated himself because of common perception. Life altering decisions influence the near future and peoples desires, leaving individuals in this novella lonely, depressed, and in need of friendship, the small flicker of wish that George and Lennie bring when they come to the ranch discontinues the loneliness momentarily.

Steinbeck shows in his novel Of Mice and Men the have difficulties of maintaining a close friendship and exactly how unusual companionships finally makes life easier. He proves that George and Lennie's abnormal friendship helped both Lennie and George maintain the idealistic thought of "close friends. " He demonstrates even the smallest of companions, such as a dog, can provide a needed lapse in loneliness. But almost all of all, Steinbeck demonstrates how friendship offers hope in the future and optimism for what real companionship is. This idea relates not and then the Great Depressive disorder, however the need atlanta divorce attorneys human being for some type of connection and companionship. It also shows the struggle that comes with camaraderie, and the sacrifices needed to be made for a true friend.

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