Analyzing Blackberry Picking Seamus Heaney British Literature Essay

Having read a few of Seamus Heaney's poems before, I have chosen Blackberry-picking to analyse. That is a lovely poem that provides vivid details and smart diction. The writer is wanting to relay on a deeper meaning utilizing the simple situation of picking blackberries, even though the subject matter of the poem understood that the blackberries would rot, he still selected and got caught up in the thrills. This is to mean that in life, as humans most of us get excited for several things and assume that we live on cloud nine, but the life bring us again. It's simply a lessons that is never learnt and is also always repeated. After scanning this poem few times I think it is a very good poem with good quality dialect.

The flavour of the first berry that was eaten is compared to "thickened wine beverages" Heaney used metaphor "summers blood" to mention the madness of the sugary juice that resulted in wanting to eat even more, 'lust for picking'. Towards the center of the first stanza shows us the picker's real love for blackberry's, they pulled out any available pot to acquire their berries.

The next line tells us how far the children travelled to choose the berry, "round hey domains, corn fields and potato drills" Heaney uses onomatopoeia on the 13th line of the 1st stanza, "tinkling bottoms" this advises the sound off falling berries in the metal containers.

The following line's tone completely changes and gets very violent, "such as a plate of eyes", this appears to be very gloomy and gruesome, then it tells us the children aren't really bothered by getting damage only thing they care about is their appetite for the berries. "Our hands were peppered with thorn pricks, our hands sticky as Bluebeards. " The previous few words in this word are incredibly mystical, I don't really realize why Heaney has mentioned Bluebeard, he could be striving to state that the children's hands are covered in blood, scheduled to getting rid of the blackberry's (in other words the crime they may have committed by throwing away the blackberries to satisfy their lust and pleasure) just like Bluebeard's were after murdering his wives in the fairy tale history. Here Heaney uses Figurative vocabulary to give a connotation to bloodstream and violence. ("Our hands were peppered with thorn pricks, our hands sticky as Bluebeards. ")

In the previous stanza Heaney discusses what goes on to the blackberries after they have been selected, "we found a hair" this is a testament to the greed of the pickers. The ripeness of the blackberries is contrasted with what it later becomes, describing the fungus as a "fur" is a affective simile as it create a graphic in the visitors mind of what exactly the mouldy blackberries appear to be, "rat -gray fungus" the information also mentions the color of the fungi, to provide more detail about how it appears. The poet has given a mention of a gray rat; this also is to do with the actual fact that rats are incredibly common in Ireland.

The following series Heaney is speaking such as a child. "I usually believed like crying. It wasn't good. " Here Heaney shows us how young the children could have been to be so emotional about the blackberries. The naive vocabulary used by Heaney, makes the reader feel sorry for the poor children.

Once again Heaney offers another small guide "all the lovely canfuls smelt of rot. " Again Heaney is contrasting "lovely" with "rot". He is very proficient at using the language.

In the previous line Heaney mentions that he always hoped the blackberries would go on, nevertheless they never have, like I said before we never learn any lessons from our activities and we venture out and make the same miscalculation over and over again. "Each year I hoped they'd keep, realized they might not. " Here it instructs us that how possessive and passionate the pickers are about blackberries, that all year they ignore that the blackberries would rot; plus they finish up making the same miscalculation over and over.

The poem is packed with verbs and adjectives, to give the real tastes and feel of the blackberries. It is intentionally almost too abundant, so that the poem fills the reader's oral cavity as the blackberries do. The poem is defined out in iambic pentameter couplets, packed with monosyllabic nouns "clot", "cans", "pots", "blobs", "pricks", "byre", "fur", "cache", "bush", "flesh", and "rot". Heaney will not use a whole lot of rhyme; it is merely used 2 times in the complete poem, "clot"-"knot", "rot"-"not".

Heaney uses many alliterations in the poem, "first"-"flesh" "peppered"-"pricks"-"palms" "berries" - "byre" "hair"-fungus" "fruits fermented"-"flesh" and last but not least "lovely"-"sour", to help make the poem sound interesting, and also to make it appear more appealing when read out loud. Heaney also runs on the great deal of words that sound similar; "dairy cans", "pea tins", "jam pots" "hayfields", "cornfields" "trekked", "picked", again this is done so that when reading the poem, little by little and loudly, we as viewers can feel the vibration of our own tongues.

Heaney runs on the personification, as he provides fungus individual quality, which is eating away the scrumptious blackberries. Seamus Heaney uses different vocabulary styles in this poem such as, the poem provides viewpoint by an innocent and ecstatic child and and yes it uses quite strong language as an annoyed adult. ("Each year I hoped they'd keep, realized they might not. ")

After analysing this poem, it offers defiantly deepened my thoughts, and I've come to a conclusion that poem is absolutely about wish and disappointment (understanding that things never turn out to be, how exactly we want them to be) and we should accept that nothing is eternal nowadays, changes are scheduled to happen in time, and blackberries turn into a metaphor for the activities.

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