Examination of the Film Rain Man Essay

Rain Man, character is definitely a caring individual that has a nerve

condition, but it still truly very working with real emotions and

feelings. Persons in the world of exceptionalities are still persons, they just go

through existence by a different set of rules, which is a result of being diverse

they tend to pay attention to, a specific point. but extremely caring people, capable

of affection, merely in their one of a kind ways, by simply releasing this film that allowed

people around the world to understand different exceptionalities, and what

people go through each and everyday. The film focuses on the power and

importance's of family once your put in a predicament that you don't

understand, shows you not to end up being so home consumed. The film is intending to

present to culture information that may give very good view of the disability

experience from numerous approaches, opinions, and many types of


First, negative point of the motion picture would be 'Raymond'' from is definitely a

overstated belief. He posseses an extreme handicap - he can very grounded

by a routine, he are not able to do very much without assistance, he features serious

conversation difficulties.

Subsequently, because the movie makes some people think that if they are not

autistic they are not really smart enough.

Lastly, the movies demonstrates not enough independence which makes it seem like

people who have autism cannot be independent, there not exhibiting people within a

realistic light actually reveals people in the wrong kind of awareness that

says that autistic people need to be pitied.

The movie has its own positive and negative aspects the Good items would

always be -It can be near to extremely hard to define every autistic

person. Autis...

... ept people pertaining to who they are.

Easily had a children in my course with an exceptionality I would keep it

structured in 'Rain man ' Raymond do every relating to

plan, people with autism thrive within a structured environment. Keep

program consistent. For example have kids enter course in the morning

welcome the teachers, great close friends, etc .

Schedules Charlie loved order and detail, this individual felt in control and properly secured

when he recognized what to expect. Time schedule in centers help autistic people

know what's ahead for the day. I would ensure I have schedules

around the classroom.

I could stop myself by researching getting familiar with the type of

exceptionality my child has

Other ways would be to speak to the parents keeping them up to date. The

father and mother can make clear what to expect with there child, what's their particular child's

wants dislike etc .

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