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Analysis Of The Play Medea By Euripides British Literature Essay

The tragedy "Medea" was written in 431 B. C. by the Greek playwright, Euripides. It is based after the myth of Jason and Medea. Euripides was a Greek tragedian, and his works were modern and attic at the same time. He touched after problems of customs, traditions and values. From his early literary job Euripides showed desire for psychology, looking to depict different individuals of individuals as smart as he could. Medea is not an exception. She's been a number of mad, outrageous passion. In Rome and overdue in Greek mythology she actually is an image of sorceress. A couple of two main tragedies, dedicated to Medea: the Euripide`s and the Seneka`s one. Euripides accumulated all the peculiarities and obstacles of Medea`s life. She actually is quite different from the women of her epoch. In Ancient Greece women were cared for as fragile, submissive creatures and they didn't have chance expressing their opinion and choose what is better for the coffee lover. They were always near their men, and those who didn't have a hubby were put to a great pity.

So, Medea starts her relationship being a perfect wife for Jason, and she sacrifices herself to him, she leaves her homeland, her family members in order to be with him, she lives for him. But with the move of time, her image of ideal marriage disappears. Following the betrayal of her partner, after distortion of most her hopes, something breaks inside her and she starts to demand esteem and sympathy for herself.

It is obvious that her man doesn't love her, for him she actually is a female who once saved him and he seems that he ought to look after her:

But by keeping me you have in return

more than you provided, as I am going to demonstrate.

First of all, you now live among the list of Greeks,

not in a country of barbarians.

You're familiar with justice and the laws,

rather than brute force. Besides, all the Greeks

know that you're clever, so you've gained yourself

a fine reputation.

Jason tries to provide her everything she desires, but for Medea this is not enough. She doesn't desire to be the girl who bears his children but to leave him would be the largest shame:

First, we desire a hubby, someone we get

for an excessive price. Then becomes

the ruler of our bodies. Which misfortune

brings still more troubles to the grief we have.

Then comes the crucial have difficulties: this husband

we've selected, is he good or bad? 270

For the divorce loses women all respect,

yet we can not refuse to have a husband.

She cannot understand how her happy matrimony is embracing the servitude. She doesn't understand why women are to hold back at home when their husbands enjoy the company with their friends with the goblet of wine beverage, why men's affairs are wars, whereas women's are children, home, total sacrifice with their family. She isn't totally against it, but she wishes something in exchange. She wants to learn exactly that all that she actually is doing is with regard to something and it is liked by her hubby. But her hubby doesn't seem to understand, he only calls for everything for granted, which sets Medea in despair. And soon her passion and insane like to her husband becomes revenge after the betrayal of her much loved hubby with Glauce, the princess of Creon, ruler of Corinth.

Medea is a good example of a predicament, when the emotions go too far. Emotions, in reality, are a very difficult thing and you need to be very careful with them. It is a talent with an ability to put up with them, to cover them when it's necessary rather than to let them impact your activities. As Medea lets herself be led by her feelings and passion, she is not that strong, she is not strong spiritually. She is strong even to destroy her children and lie to everyone, but she actually is not strong enough to place her feelings and her inner world into order.

Her mind feels in extremes. I understand her well.

She'll not put up with being treated badly. 50

I worry she may grab a well-defined sword

and stab her abdomen, if not she'll go

into the home, in silence, compared to that bed,

and get rid of the ruler and bridegroom Jason.

Here is the proof her weakness, she cannot solve her problems inside and she even prepared to eliminate herself or her loved partner. She says: "I want fatality to come and sweep me off-

let me evade this life of anguish!", great deal of thought to be the simplest way of handling her problems.

Besides thinking of eradicating herself she considers that it will be a good idea to destroy her husband's new bride and her father, the Ruler of Korinth. (Euripides) And she will it really, feeling satisfied. She's nil to lose already, her reputation is finally broken and there is only one thought in her head: "revenge". Aren`t revenge and jealousy considered two of the greatest sins? How can we think of the strength of a female if she does indeed everything to satisfy only the necessity of herself and she doesn't care of anybody's lives? She actually is a mean, cruel and very dangerous woman, a real witch. Everybody is reluctant of her after her activities, even the king of Corinth, Creon refused to talk to her before loss of life, being fearful of himself and his princess. Nothing can stop her from realizing her horrible programs.

But soon she goes even further and makes the most horrendous deed a woman can do. She leads her children into the house and kills them herself, thinking that the loss of life from the hands of these mother is better than the death from the hands of the enemies. Before killing them, she says:

In vain, my children, have I brought you up,

Borne all the cares and pangs of motherhood,

And the sharp discomfort of childbirth undergone.

These words confirm one more time that she is totally disappointed with her relationship and realizes that all the sacrifices she have for her spouse, servitude, bringing up children are now all in vane and she makes a decision to reduce them. Medea doesn't even let her spouse to see their useless children going back time, to state goodbye to them, to feel their tender skin. She is convinced that her activities will make Jason suffer, as well as she will, but this is too egoistically. Poor children are not to be blamed for their parents` problems, but Medea will not care. She soon will take the physiques of her children with her to bury them in Hera's precinct, and stating the previous words to her husband, curses him: "And for thee, who didst me all the bad, I prophesy an evil doom. " (Euripides)

So, what's Medea`s problem from the beginning? She let herself desire that Jason would love her in their marriage, she risked and was punished. The other thing is the fact perhaps she was too light with her hubby, too good, too obliging, and too loving at last. And could be there was a chance for Jason to treat her in the other way, but she skipped it. So she says:

Love with too much passion

brings with it no fine reputation,

brings little or nothing virtuous to men.

But if Aphrodite will come in smaller doses,

no other god is so desired.

Who is aware, maybe there is some truth in these words, anyway we can not call Medea a heroine and a solid woman. She destroyed the most effective thing a female has in life. And after doing that she will never be happy, and when the time comes, she'll never be able to forgive herself.

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