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Analysis Of Samsung Smartphone

In the studies and analysis chapter, the results of the review are provided, analysed and talked about so that the degree of attainment of the study objectives can be assessed. The main target of this analysis was to recognize the marketplace for Samsung smartphones in KSA along with the factors that impact their purchasing decision. In order to ensure that appropriate test size is picked, it was mandated that the respondents are aware of the smartphones available in the market and have adequate understanding about their use as well.

When customers are purchasing the smartphones, they provide utmost focus on the brand collateral because it is the crucial component that dominates their last purchasing decision (Keller, 2007). It had been evident from the studies of Protio Research (2012) and Shamoon and Sciences (2011) that brand image and brand consciousness will be the key aspects given extreme attention by the customers when evaluation various options that exist in the blissful luxury product category. Almost all of the customers assume that owning a smartphone is a status mark and using it needs huge amount of health care (Brakus, Schmitt & Zarantonello, 2009).

Since folks of KSA use smartphone as essential item, it's important to comprehend their perception about the products and also understand the factors that impact them to choose the smartphones of the most notable positioned brands. As the smartphone has advanced from an extremely specialized product to everyday consumable item, the industry has been growing at an accelerating pace. Samsung being the market leader in the electronics industry has moved into into the smartphone market and has been successful in large amount of market talk about (Samsung, 2013).

On international level, Samsung Smartphone has received huge appreciation by the customers. Now, it wants to comprehend the dynamics of KSA market such that it can enter into this section effectively and efficiently gain leading position in the market. To be able to understand the probable of Samsung smartphone in KSA, the review was conducted to get an in-depth understanding about the requirements of the marketplace present in the region. Though it has been launched in KSA but it is facing some problems as it offers still been unsuccessful in reaching the targeted results; the company wants to identify the loopholes in its marketing strategy and make necessary changes to revert back to the right keep track of (Mihart, 2012).

In this section, first the demographic profile of the market is given that will give standard information about the respondents. In the next section, the results of the review are offered and mentioned to provide extensive details about the data compiled from the review about Samsung's brand equity, brand consciousness, brand commitment and success of marketing mediums applied. Finally, within the last section, the entire image of the Samsung smartphone is provided to summarise the studies of the survey.

Demographics of the respondents

Since the principal reason for the survey was to understand the value of brand in purchasing the smartphones, it was a obligatory necessity that the users of smartphones are included in the sample size. As achieving the respondents through paid survey was easy and convenient, they were contacted through e-mails. The test size made up of 100 people and most of them replied with complete questionnaires. To be able to ensure that the response rate was quick, the respondents were asked to send back the filled up questionnaires within two days and nights so that the data could be put together quickly and analysed on time.


Since smartphone is something that can be used frequently by males and females, utmost care was presented with to the identical representation of both genders. Within this survey, there were 56 men and 44 females; the less representation of woman is due to lack of usage of feminine respondents. As convenience sampling was used, anyone who could be seen easily was approached and asked to participate in the review. Since gender had not been an important changing for the study, this factor was not given undue attention and all the aspects of the study were properly used.

Age Group

It is evident from the study of DeMooij and Hoftsede (2010) that the folks of young age tend to be more inclined towards using smartphones however the recent research by Patrio Research (2012) uncovered that product is being utilised by folks of all age groups as it has features that are simple to use and can be simply understood by the elderly as well. With this survey, the age group of the respondents is split into four categories so that it can give a picture of the demographic account of the respondents.

As it is shown in the pie graph that majority of the respondents were among age range of 18 to 25, the results of the study will based on the perception placed by these people. Relating to Ghauri and Gronhaug (2010), the instrument used for the study should make an effort to incorporate the sample size which includes few respondents from each potential marketplace so that the brand can make an effective decision about its offerings (Rust, Zeithmal & Lemon, 2004). Although smartphone is utilized by everyone but more than 55% of the users land in the first adulthood category i. e. early on 20s.

Smartphones utilization among respondents

The range of Smartphone users has increased drastically in the last couple of years and the primary reason for such a sturdy progress in this industry is the excellent range of features that are presented to the clients. With the advancement of time and innovations taking place at a fast speed in the technology world, the smartphones that are available in the market include the latest features that enhance the connection with the users (Petrovic, 2009).

Since there's a complete cycle through which each customer will go before making ultimate decision, it is vital for professionals to understand the main element factors that impact their purchasing decision and what's the impact of branding on their selection mechanism (Brakus, Schmitt & Zarantonello, 2009). Among the objectives of the study was to evaluate the impact of branding on the customer's decision of buying the smartphone and the scope to which the work of the brand or 'brand equity' influences those to buy a particular product (Portio Research, 2012).

Users of Smartphone

When the respondents were asked about their Smartphone use, everyone of them responded that they use smartphones as it has become the necessary part of their lives. When they were asked about the goal of their usage, most them responded these gadgets are convenient to carry around the city and they are a perfect blend of cellular phone and personal computers that allow them to reap the advantages of convenient and affordable Internet availability feature.

Favourite Brand

Apple was the first brand to introduce the concept of Smartphone in the market by releasing iPhone. Although it is still regarded as the primary brand in this industry but others want to get some show in this market; up till now, the brand has experienced hard competition from Samsung as it's been able to meet the demands of the clients at an adequate level. The findings of the study revealed the following facts about the favorite brands of the clients:

From the aforementioned amount, it is evident that Apple is the market leader that is preferred by almost 65% of the respondents. Samsung occupies second position in the smartphone category and it is two folds behind Apple meaning it will have to improve the efforts of meeting the demands of the customers. Nokia has been endeavoring to restore its market share which it has lost to the smartphone users; the business is still unable to get over the drop in its profits.

Factors considered when buying smartphones

The smartphones are the most important and valuable belongings for everyone and every individual desires to be made certain that they own a smartphone that will work appropriately for long period of time and will permit them to avail good amount of profits on return. The price runs of all these smartphones is significantly greater than other substitutes available for these excellent scientific gadgets but switching to other product or brand is an extremely difficult decision (Shamoon & Sciences, 2011).

According to DeMooij and Hoftsede (2010) and Mihart (2012), the client decision making process is a period consuming activity as the consumers desire to be guaranteed that they gather sufficient information about the smartphones from appropriate sources so that they are given only genuine and traditional devices. It is a belief that the clients purchase the highly technical tools based on quality, dependability, brand image and affordability that these tools have to give you. It really is true to certain degree that there are other factors that are considered when you compare among various available options in the market.

The users of smartphones demonstrated in the survey that they in addition to price, quality and features of the appliance, they even consider the accessories that exist by means of complementary services. The representation of the survey findings are offered in the next figure:

For most the respondents about 20%, price is the most important factor to make buying decision, accompanied by quality (18%), features (16%), warrantee (16%) and accessories (14%). In conditions of accessories, the respondents were concerned about the services that were provided by the brands. For example, Apple provides the users a fairly easy access to iTunes Store from where they can download various applications, sounds, videos and software. The respondents are least concerned about the customer support because they know that they can get the telephone serviced through the warranty card directly from the business.

Sources of information used for retrieving appropriate details about smartphone

One of the essential aspects in the purchasing process is the factor that influences the customer to avail the offering. According to Keller (2007), brand equity and brand understanding are the important elements of the brand which allows it to get top mind share of the customers. in order to generate appropriate brand image on the market, the companies have to ensure that they connect the right communication to the clients via their marketing activities. With all the introduction of time, the traditional mediums of advertising have become obsolete and the latest style is of electronic digital marketing and word-of-mouth (Petrovic, 2009).

The customers have become too much mindful about their collection of smartphones as they would like to ensure that they can hold the most kept up to date version of the phone with all advanced features. When the clients are purchasing the smartphones, the main element factors that have a tendency to impact them are thoughts of friends or family, viewpoints about the product uploaded by the users on the communal networking sites, reviews accessible through online engines like google and adverts done by the brand (Mihart, 2012).

For this research, the survey uncovered that most the respondents look at the Brand advertisements to gather first-hand information about the merchandise. A lot more than 45% of the respondents gave number one position to the brand advertising for retrieving the mandatory details, accompanied by family and friends. The second standing was equally distributed by the brand advertising and friends which was about 30% each. Finally, the 3rd highest ranking was given to sociable networking sites, followed by friends and brand advertisements.

Figure 4: Ranking about the resources of information utilised for gathering in-depth data

It implies that the brand understanding efforts completed by the companies can provide fruitful results if right marketing strategy is developed and effectively integrated.

Awareness about Samsung Smartphone in KSA

Samsung has been offering most of its products in KSA market with extreme level of comfort as the customers in the forex market appreciate the offerings provided to them by the very best ranked brand. The vast majority of its categories have been able to fully capture significant market show and now it can be involved about improving its performance in the smartphone industry (Portio Research, 2012). In order to understand the customer perception about Samsung brand and its online marketing strategy, the respondents were asked to answer some question about the brand consciousness and the amount of satisfaction with the product.

Rating of Samsung Smartphone

The customers are aggressively looking for new and innovative products that can meet their needs effectively. When Samsung unveiled its smartphone in the industry, its size was bigger when compared with that of Iphone; but soon it released Galaxy S3 Little in the market to provide a feasible alternative to the iPhone users. The ranking of any product can be assessed only following the customers have used it; in order to ensure that the ranking is given by only Samsung smartphone users, there is a screening question in the questionnaire.

The people who have taken care of immediately this question have either used the smartphone or have a good idea about its features because they have got attempted its features. The studies of the study showed that only 15% have ranked the smartphone in possessing excellent performance features and majority of the respondents i. e. 58% gave good rating. However, 6% even positioned it as poor in performance criteria which shows that the merchandise lags behind in terms of performance from its competitor i. e. Apple.

Figure 4: Samsung Smartphone's performance rating

Point of understanding about the smartphone

When Samsung first released its smartphone in the market, it undertook various marketing work from simple flyers to high prices Tv Commercials (TVCs). It really is an acknowledged fact that any new brand that is going into for the first time on the market has to perform a diverse selection of marketing initiatives to create understanding about its presence. Samsung has prevailed increasing a distinctive brand image in the electronics industry but it experienced to portray unique position in the smartphone industry.

According to the marketing guru, Keller (2007), brand consciousness and brand association are the vital characteristics that help a brand to stand out among its opponents. When Samsung position in terms of its brand recognition was evaluated, it was found that majority of the respondents i. e. 33% got to know about the merchandise from their friends. While, 30% of them received information for the first time from Internet and only 24% saw TVCs which were aired by the brand.

The survey demonstrates the major way to obtain information is friends as people are too much reliant on word-of-mouth circumstances that permit them to get first-hand information regarding the services and offerings that are launched in the market.

Figure 4: Point of understanding about Samsung smartphone

Importance of Internet marketing for smartphones

As the latest trend in the wonderful world of marketing is of Internet marketing, every brand must ensure that it makes effective use of online mediums that will help them in phoning their customers at the earliest opportunity. Samsung hired online marketing tools to set-up awareness about its new product and it ensured that its product was mentioned by the users on various sociable networking sites so that many people are well-informed about the latest offering of the company.

When the respondents of the review were asked about the importance of Online marketing in bringing out the brand in the market, majority of them i. e. 94% replied that it definitely plays a vital role in creating awareness about the merchandise and it is the main point of conversation with the mark market.

Viewpoint about Samsung Smartphone

In order to measure the efficiency of Samsung smartphone in its current market, the evaluation of its marketing initiatives undertaken so far will show some unexploited avenues that can be employed to improve the existence in the KSA market. In the same way, for the examination of the point of view, it was essential that the smartphone users who are employing Samsung Smartphone were one of them section. With the help of screening process question, the differentiation between your respondents was made and responses of only Samsung smartphones are designed in the evaluation.

Effectiveness of marketing mediums

When the respondents were asked about their judgment of the marketing mediums employed by Samsung, most them i. e. 40% responded that the TVCs aren't sufficient as they lack clearness about the features that are present in the smartphone. Besides that, about 35% of the respondents described that Samsung has been able to gain entry on the market because it is just a little cheaper than Apple's iPhone. On the other hand, 20% were of the viewpoint that Samsung has a good brand awareness so that it required less initiatives to create recognition about its new offering.

When the respondents were prompted to provide information regarding the potency of various marketing websites employed by Samsung because of its smartphone, the survey revealed the next results:

It is visible from the above shape that majority of the respondents i. e. 23% believe that communal networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the most reliable marketing mediums for reaching the target market. However, 22% gave the thoughts and opinions that TVCs will be the right tools used for promoting the new offering of the company, followed by papers advertising, radio and company sponsored incidents. Hence, Samsung has made certain that it evolves a strategic marketing strategy that allows it to make use of every mean to get in touch with its target audience and end consumer.

Brand Loyalty

Another important determinant of the success of a product or brand is the customer loyalty or brand loyalty (Keller, 2007). Based on the experts of the marketing industry, those brands that can make a person addicted to the offering to such a great extent that the person cannot consider transitioning to other brand are definitely the market leaders. In this review, 65% of the respondents were using Samsung Smartphones and 83% of these demonstrated high brand commitment. The survey implies that Samsung has had the opportunity to successfully record the mind talk about of the clients and it will surely enhance its position by modifying the technical specs that are essential by the customers.

Suggestions for boosting marketing efforts

According to the study results, the customers have suggested that Samsung must restructure its online marketing strategy and make certain changes in its offerings such that it can meet their expectation level. The primary thing that's needed is is to develop a well-designed and competitive product that has excellent performance range. Samsung should ensure which it bears out test marketing of its product before starting it completely in the market so that the changes can be produced in the initial phase of the merchandise development.

Another important recommendation given by the respondents is the fact that Samsung should release brand again on the market with new and ground breaking concept such that it can create distinctive position on the market. One effective suggestion that is given by the customers is that the company should use communal networking sites and other online mediums such as sites to create understanding about the product and also run advertisements on Television so that the customers can get more detailed information about its latest offering easily.

Overall market for Samsung Smartphone

Samsung has done a marvellous job in the smartphone industry worldwide as it includes entered into the forex market by presenting the best and superior quality alternative to the smartphone. However, it must ensure that it provides the product in each market relating to its dynamics such that it can achieve the targeted position quickly. The review was carried out with the purpose of figuring out the role of branding and brand consciousness on the purchasing decision of the clients especially in KSA.

The findings of the review revealed that the customers use variety of resources for gathering information about the alternatives that are present in the market. To be able to ensure that they retrieve vital information from reliable options, they carry out market research on their own and there are two factors that have a tendency to impact their buying decision to a considerable scope i. e. brand advertising campaign and family and friends' ideas.

In order to obtain distinctive position in the market, the brand must get employed in comprehensive marketing efforts that will help it in creating brand commitment. There are a few problems present in its current smartphones which ultimately shows that the products lag behind in conditions of performance and consistency. The review also highlighted that the telephone lacks certain features that are made available from its strongest competitor i. e. Apple such as its web store and several accessories.

Hence, Samsung smartphone can strengthen its presence on the market of KSA by offering the merchandise at right places and revamping its image as a distinctive smartphone rather than a copied version of iPhone. The business must restructure its marketing strategy such that it can make effective use of the right mediums that are preferred by its target market.

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