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Analysis Of Run Zan Run English Literature Essay

Catherine MacPhail (created 25 January 1946, Greenock) is a Scottish-born publisher. MacPhail has quickly set up a reputation as a writer of gritty, urban testimonies that tackle emotitional, modern-day issues but always work towards a confident solution and usually always are sensible. . Although she's had careers (Assembling pcs for IBM, housewife) she always wanted to be a writer but she didn't think she would be suitable for it. Her first publicized work was sort of "twist-in-the-tale" history in Titbits, followed by a story in the Weekend Post. After she acquired won a romantic report competition in Woman's Regular, she made a decision to concentrate on affectionate novels, but after writing two, she chose that it wasn't right on her behalf. In addition to writing books for children around their teenagers, she also writes for adults, she actually is the author of the BBC Radio 2 series, My Mammy And Me.


Zan must run away constantly to other places. Why she's to achieve that, you can read in my plot.


They don't discuss a location in the story. I can't think it is.


The storyline can be set in each time. I don't know how to establish my point, than I have to type the whole book.

I think that enough time that is protected in the storyline 3 months or so. Because there happens a lot of things. You can read what goes on in my story.

Main personas:

Katie Cassidy: Katie is the main personality in the booklet. She is a very nice person and wishes to help everybody. She's also very fair but she is going to lie when she's to help a good friend. She's acquired dark-brown hair before shoulders and a small posture. She's worried for Ivy Toner and her gang but Zan helps her.

Zan: Katie matches a woman on the dump and she calls her 'Zan'. Zan is a girl that runs away from home and lives in a cardboard container now. She's the same looks as Katie. Unlike Katie, Zan isn't scared for Ivy and her gang and she defends Katie with fighting. But she only fights when she's to.

Ivy Toner: Ivy is the girl that bullies Katie. She's not a good person but she changes in the e book because Zan demonstrates to her a lessons and then she's going to be a shy person. She always acquired 2 friends by her (that makes the gang complete), they are simply Lindy Harkins and Michelle Thomson. Katie just believes that they're stupid, because when Ivy is not with them, they don't dare to bully Katie.

Nazeem: Nazeem is a woman that wishes Katie's (and Zan's) help. Why she needs that help you can read in the plot. She's going to be a good friend of Katie. And she talks a great deal.


Katie always strolls via the dump after college to avoid Ivy and her gang. But Ivy is still there behind that Katie is covering on the dump. Katie runs away but she falls. She perceives a package moving and there is a girl coming out. She actually is very awful. She walks to Ivy, and she says she needed to go. By Katie she says that she no longer was required to come here. But when Katie came up the lady was vanished.

Katie girl wishes to thank the girl. She's helped by Ivy and her two friends disappear completely. The next morning, she walks via the dump too. The girl will there be too and says she didn't help her because Katie, but since it is her dump. Katie called the lady Zan because that that which was on the box.

At home, Katie isn't sharing with what had took place. Her mother wishes that she would go to another school and her father stimulating her to battle on against girls. Since Katie has no sense.

A few days later, it is Halloween. Katie is the only one who's not outfitted for the get together at college because she is afraid that other people think that she's stupid. But when she goes walking around the city, she should go across a bridge. But, Ivy suddenly came out. She needs Katie and would like to drop her from the bridge. But suddenly emerges Zan. She is "moved" so that Katie cannot find her. She grabs Linda and Michelle. Ivy is frightened of Zan and she pledges that she will do little or nothing to Katie and she runs away. Katie proposes to Zan that she can come home with her. But that Zan doesn't and says that it's safer under the bridge (where she presently lives).

Katie explains to everyone about Zan. Because of that, Zan is going to be in trouble. Katie must inform everyone that what she said about Zan was untrue. Katie does and says everything she's invented which she is the one that has defeated herself from Ivy and her gang. Everyone thinks that she actually is magic.

Once Katie get a call from a woman, Nazeem. She actually is chased by the mob and beaten. Katie feels she can help her, because now everyone believes that she can transform in Zan and can conquer everyone. Katie offers that she'll help Nazeem.

She would go to Zan plus they invent something to beat Nazeem to the gang and be successful by putting them in a snare.


A few days later, Katie gets visit from a detective. He asks her to a homeless lady but Katie says she understands nothing. She must protect Zan.

Katie gets a debate with her daddy and she works away to Zan, and she says she never moves home. Zan says she doesn't think that and say that she'd go home and so does Katie.

The detective, Mr. Whittaker, said that Zan has putted her home burning when her parents were asleep, that's the reason he would like to find her. But Katie cannot imagine it and would go to Zan to ask. Zan says she strolled abroad and saw that a gentleman putted the home on fire. She describes the man. The information of Zan corresponds to the looks of Mr. Whittaker. He offers Zan your debt. Meanwhile, Mr. Whittaker is collaborating with Ivy. Ivy understands where Zan is. Katie and Zan make an effort to get away but Mr. Whittaker is intercepting them. The father of Katie, her mother and Nazeem are conserving Katie. But Mr. Whittaker and Zan are no more visible. They chase Zan en she is saved.

During Xmas she's with Katie and her parents. But after Holiday, Zan will go to her aunt in Australia. Katie and Zan will stay friends permanently.

LuisterenFonetisch lezen

Woordenboek - Gedetailleerd woordenboek weergeven

Favourite part:

'Each knew what the other was pondering. ' That is almost the previous word of the publication and it shows how well they truly became good friends. I love it since it is a confirmation that they truly became good friends, in such a small period.

Essential words:

Tenements - huurkazernes

Nowadays - tegenwoordig

Cardboard box - kartonnen doos

Willingly - goedschiks

Bully - pesten

Sinister - onheilspellend

Shivers - rillingen

My verdict:


I think Katie is kind of a hero. She arranges everything by herself. I believe Katie solves her problems very well and I think also that her way is very adult. She actually is a good girl.

Construction of the story

I think the storyplot is fascinating because a great deal happens. They're not looking back again to occurrings from the past. The thing is the storyline of the murdered parents. I think it is a good end. Because everything is fixed and you understand just how everything is.

Language usage

I think that the story had not been really hard to read. The sentences were not too much time and it was reasonable. The thing I recognized was that it was difficult that there were a lot of things happening all together. This managed to get sometimes difficult. I think that the terminology will fit well with the individuals and the way the storyline is.


I think it was a nice book to learn and I am going to prefer it to other people when they need a English book to read.

Optional assignment:

I have write a letter for a journal:

Dear diary,

Today lots of things occurred. Zan is resting next to me. You can think, that cannot happen. But today, there happens a whole lot. Nazeem came to me today and said that Ivy recognized everything about Zan and she informed to Mr. Whittaker. ONCE I listened to this, I immediately visited Zan, and informed her. Just after I told that to Zan, Ivy arrived and said that Mr. Whittaker and my parents knew everything. We were really in big trouble. Individuals were looking for all of us and the thing we realized, was that Mr. Whittaker was a murderer! WHENEVER I was arguing with Ivy, Zan escaped. When my parents and Mr. Whittaker showed up, Zan was eliminated. My parents were asking me where she was, and following the discussion, Mr. Whittaker was ended up. It flashed to my brain that maybe he followed Zan. We followed him and found them collectively. We're able to save Zan.

And now we are here together. It really is almost Xmas and Zan is spending it around. After Christmas she is going to her aunt in Australia. That is a long way away, isn't it? But in the holiday season we can meet each other and there is still a telephone. But the next few days we have alongside one another. We stay friends forever.

Lots of love,

Katie (and Zan).

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