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Analysis of Petroliam Nasional Berhad


This chapter will discuss the back ground of the company, background of research, description of term problem affirmation, research goal, research question, significant of analysis, scope of review and limitation of analysis.

Background of Company

Petroliam Nasional Berhad is the brief name for PETRONAS. PETRONAS is the Country wide oil organization of Malaysia which was included on 17th August 1974 under the Malaysian Companies Function of 1965. The Malaysian Petroleum Development Action 1974 vested after PETRONAS the exclusive rights to explore, develop and produce petroleum resources within Malaysia. Since its organization, PETRONAS has changed into a fully integrated multinational oil and gas company.

PETRONAS business activities range from upstream oil and gas exploration and development to downstream olive oil refining; marketing and circulation of petroleum products; trading; gas control and liquefaction; gas transmitting pipeline businesses; marketing of liquefied gas; petrochemical processing and marketing; shipping; and property investment.


"A RESPECTED Oil and Gas Multinational of preference. "


We are business entity

Petroleum is our center business

Our primary responsibility is to build up and add value to the national resource

Our goal is to donate to the wellbeing of people and the country.

Shared Values


Loyal to Nation and Corporation


Honest and Upright


Committed, Progressive and Proactive and Always Striving for Excellence


United in Goal and Fellowship

Organization Structure of PETRONAS

PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd

Through Petronas Exploration & Production (E&P) subsidiary, Petronas Carigali Sdn. Bhd. (Petronas Carigali) is rolling out capability as a hands-on operator with a track record of successful oil and gas improvements. PETRONAS Carigali designed on 11th May 1978. The goal of the creation is to increase Malaysian participation in the exploration and production industry in the country. PETRONAS Carigali works alongside lots of petroleum multinational companies through production showing agreements (PSCs) to explore develop and produce coal and oil in Malaysia. Now the company positively expands its activities over 23 countries including Malaysia.

Under PETRONAS Carigali, it comprise ten main divisions which are Strategic Planning, HSE, Business Development, Technology Management, Exploration, Petroleum Engineering, Development, Operation, JV Management and Corporate Services.

PETRONAS Carigali's Vision:

An E&P Global Champ.

Overview of Exploration and Development Industry

Since PETRONAS Carigali requires in exploration and development Industry, some people may not be acquainted with this industry. Actually, what is exploration and production is all about? Exploration and Development (E&P) industry is also mainly known as upstream industry. In a nutshell, E&P industry normally detects and produces crude olive oil and gas. Furthermore, the upstream engine oil companies include well exploration, drilling and procedure.

The upstream engine oil industry is important since it determines supply which impacts prices in the downstream sector. The upstream sector is mainly worried about finding and using the available petroleum supply whiles the downstream and midstream areas that are concerned about the demand of petrol and its transportation.

Background of Study

HRM division in PETRONAS strives to be always a strategic spouse within the business enterprise area, looking to develop and deliver HR strategies, solutions and services which create beneficial impact for the labor force and create value to the organization. The many function over the HR value string are varied you need to include organization design, people training, ability sourcing, people development, performance management, remuneration and employee/industrial connection.

In HRM section, they move along with the technology improvement through reducing the manual workload of these administrative activities and began to electronically automate a lot of HR process by launching specialized Human Learning resource Management System (HRIS). HRIS is likely to drive Human Resource (HR)'s transition from a give attention to Human Learning resource Management (HRM) to Strategic Man Reference Management (SHRM). This strategic role not only gives a valuable sizing to the HR function, but also changes the competencies define HR professional and practitioner success.

Definition of Term

Human Tool Information System

A human Tool Information System is a organized process of collecting, storing, preserving, retrieving, and validating data needed by a business about its human resources, workers activities, and company about its feature. (Kovach and Catcart, 1999)

HR Processes

HR processes begins by planning labor requirements. This include, reference features, long range planning, forecasting resource and demand of labor, staffing, applicant certification, training programs, costs evaluation, salary, agreement type, and other related issues. Other key HR processes require recruiting, selecting, performance appraising, training and orientation, career development, occupational health insurance and safety, and compensation and benefits. (Boeteng, 2007)

Problem Statement

The use of Human Resource Information System (HRIS) has been advocated as a chance for human resource (HR) professional to become strategic spouse with top management. Reduced costs, upgraded communication, and decrease in time spent on HR activities should create an environmental where HR division in would play a far more tactical role in the business. The idea of HRIS allows the HR function to become more efficient and offer better information for decision making.

Consequently, the idea of HRIS sometimes appears as an important value towards HR office as a strategic partner of business. The question remains whether HRIS satisfied its assurance; this study is an initial try to measure the factors that effect the value of Human Reference Information System (HRIS) in HR department towards its workforce and firm generally.

Research Objective

To identify the factors that influencing the importance of Human Source Information System in Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd (PCSB)

To determine the evaluation of the factors that influencing the value of Human Source Information System in Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd (PCSB)

Research Question

What are the factors that influencing the importance of Human Learning resource Information System (HRIS) in Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd (PCSB)

What will be the assessment towards factors that influencing the value of Human Resource Information System (HRIS) in Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd (PCSB)

Scope of Study

This study will deepen the data of Human Reference Information System (HRIS). The issues that cover in this research are to notify the user of the system the value of HRIS towards reaching its company strategy. Besides that, to find out factors that influencing the value of HRIS in PCSB. All of the sources and sources will referred to major data and secondary data such as publications, news newspaper and also reliable article will be supported for the study purpose.

1. 8 Significant of Study

To Researcher

The researcher will gain better understanding and knowledge in human source of information function generally and specifically in individual tool information system (HRIS). In addition, this study will provide the required information about the research methodology and improve the researcher analytical skill.

To Faculty

This study will advantage the faculty for future reference or researcher goal for lecturers, students, or other researcher who require the information regarding this research area. This study will reveal how the truth would be in comparison to theorist that been thought in the classroom. This may be assistance for students to prepare what they are going to be expected after they started their industrial training.

To company

This study will help the company to improve their understanding involving human tool information system (HRIS). Furthermore, to develop the awareness the importance of HRIS towards their daily works in support their key business strategies.

Limitation of study

Time constraint

A good research may take years to complete, however the time directed at complete this review only requires for only 5 weeks. To chase the limited dateline, this research takes a longer time to attain a better plus more reliable studies and results.

Lack of experience

The researcher never been exposed to compose an effective research previously. In result, it takes quite some time for the researcher to comprehend and learn from past research. Upon this, it limits the researcher's skill and knowledge to conduct this analysis.

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