Analysis of Pepsico's Perspective Statement

In the statement, I had analyzed the eye-sight and mission assertions of PepsiCo. I had developed used vision statement matrix, shortcomings of perspective statement and quest statement analysis matrix to perform the analysis. Inside the vision assertion matrix, there are few characteristics such as directional, graphic, focused etc. There's also some common shortcomings in company perspective statements that I used to investigate the vision statement of PepsiCo. I QUICKLY recommend a fresh vision assertion to improve the weaknesses of the current vision statement of PepsiCo. For the quest statement part, I also evaluated and I possessed enhanced the lacking components in PepsiCo quest assertion by recommend the new quest to PepsiCo.


PepsiCo is an American multinational company for food and beverage industry which operate internationally. The product portfolio of PepsiCo is vast and it is described in the 10k as "a respected global beverage, treat and food company. " Besides that, PepsiCo also produces variety of convenient, salty grain-based and sugary goodies, non alcoholic drinks and foods in around 200 countries.

Analysis of PepsiCo Eye-sight Statement

PepsiCo's responsibility is to continuously improve all aspects of the world where we operate-environment, public, economic-creating an improved tomorrow than today. Our eyesight is apply through programs and a focus on environmental stewardship, activities to advantage society, and a committed action to build shareholder value by causing PepsiCo a truly lasting company.

PepsiCo is by using perspective in their company. I had analyzed PepsiCo eyesight statement by using directional, graphic, focused, feasible, desired and easy to comprehend to analyze the company vision declaration.

Based on my examination, the directional of the business is to make PepsiCo a really sustainable company on the market. PepsiCo increase the environmental stewardship and activities that gain the society regularly to enable them to be a truly lasting company. PepsiCo think for environment and modern culture before they make every decision. They value the environment and society since it is their aspiration what company they want to be. Be a truly lasting company, PepsiCo brand can be known internationally round the world. PepsiCo can develop their product portfolio and add more products in to the market. PepsiCo can enter new portion to provide more market. Learning to be a truly ecological company, PepsiCo might face extreme competition from other brands. (make reference to appendix 1and 3)

For the visual characteristic, it does not apply in the eyesight of PepsiCo. It is because PepsiCo do not point out what product stock portfolio they are really making. People may not have the picture of the type of company and management they trying to create. So, for the graphic feature, it is absent in PepsiCo eyesight statement.

Besides, focused characteristic is situated in the vision affirmation of PepsiCo. This can be proven in the perspective statement as PepsiCo is trying to focus on environmental stewardship, activities to benefit society and dedication to build a shareholder value. It is clear that PepsiCo want to do more for the population and environment rather than to just forget about their company shareholder. These are what PepsiCo want to attain in their future. They want to serve modern culture and their shareholder better. PepsiCo has working with numerous projects surrounding the world to provide safe and clean materials for the packaging. It is important in to provide fresh and clean normal water as it is the key ingredient for the merchandise. By serving the society and create value for shareholders, PepsiCo can enhance their brand name and create positive image for the brand while gaining trust from the shareholders. Thus, PepsiCo can grow their company size in the foreseeable future if they get support from the population. The weakness is the fact PepsiCo may spend an excessive amount of the money for charity and it'll affect shareholders revenue.

Next, from the perspective statement, you can find feasible characteristic found in the vision affirmation. PepsiCo want to regularly improve all aspects of the world that they operate including environment, social and economic to set-up a much better tomorrow than today. PepsiCo can reach achieve their perspective due to size of the business and the financial of the business. PepsiCo is the main one of the primary brand in soda in global. In the circumstance, we can know that PepsiCo possess the resources to accomplish their eye-sight because in the past 3 years, the web income of PepsiCo was over 5000millions. By offering to the world, PepsiCo can understand about the contemporary society needs and therefore PepsiCo can serve the contemporary society better by doing the right thing that the culture want.

There is appealing characteristic in the vision declaration of PepsiCo. Within the vision affirmation of PepsiCo, the goal of the vision is to be a truly ecological company. It is desired to the stakeholders of PepsiCo. It is because PepsiCo is focused on build shareholder value. It is best for the shareholders in the long term interest because PepsiCo value their shareholders benefit. For instance, PepsiCo presented a base called as PepsiCo Groundwork to help the world and they also improve the use of recycled materials and reduce materials found in packaging. PepsiCo can gain support from the shareholders for long-term because PepsiCo could bring advantage for shareholders in long term. Thus, shareholders might invest more money into the company which is best for PepsiCo to be a truly sustainable company. The weakness is the fact that a few of the shareholders may disagree with PepsiCo and thus conflict may occur between shareholders of PepsiCo.

In the perspective affirmation of PepsiCo, the terminology that they used is straightforward to comprehend. Easy to understand attribute also applied in the perspective statement of PepsiCo. They use simple and clear language which can guide the visitors to achieve the purpose of the vision affirmation. People can simply remember the perspective statement of the PepsiCo since it is not too long and it is not hard to comprehend by people. People can easily understand the eyesight thus the responsibilities can be done more effectively for PepsiCo.

Analysis of Perspective Statements-shortcomings

While I examine PepsiCo vision statement, I found a few shortcomings in the perspective assertion of PepsiCo. First, the vision declaration of PepsiCo is obscure and incomplete. For the reason that in the perspective statement, PepsiCo point out going to improve all areas of the world in which they operate because of their environment, cultural and economical but their do not speak about about the product stock portfolio that they provide and exactly how they treat their employees. (make reference to appendix 2)

Besides, in my analysis of PepsiCo perspective statement, they are not forward looking. The reason why I say so is basically because as a one of the key brands in non alcoholic drink industry, PepsiCo received the potential to be the first choice of the marketplace share. But in the vision affirmation of PepsiCo, they don't mention about to be the first choice in the industry.

Other than that, I also examined that PepsiCo have another shortcoming in the perspective statement. PepsiCo eyesight assertion is too broad rather than distinctive. Inside the vision statement, they had mentioned that they would like to concentrate on environmental stewardship, activities to gain society and commitment to build shareholder value. It could have issue because by doing charity that gain society and working together with several teams such as Globe Institute, UNICEF, Keep America Beautiful etc. PepsiCo might need to invest a lot to do the study to turn out with recycled materials. This will have turmoil with build shareholder value because shareholders need to get their bonus rather than spend money on so many areas.

In the eyesight affirmation of PepsiCo, I really do not use rely on superlatives shortcoming because PepsiCo does not assert themselves as NO. 1 on the planet or best in the world. So, rely on superlatives will not connect with PepsiCo vision statement.

PepsiCo also do not incorporate vision and quest statement characteristics in their perspective statement. As everybody knows, vision statement is approximately the near future business route of the business while mission assertion is focuses on the existing business activities. There is no conflict between your mission and eye-sight assertion of PepsiCo because in the objective declaration of PepsiCo, which is short-term objective, they would like to be the world's premier consumer products company that centered on convenient foods and beverages while the eye-sight affirmation of PepsiCo is to regularly improve all areas of the world where they operate for long term. PepsiCo want to constantly improve to become a truly ecological company in the future.


Since there are few shortcomings in the eyesight declaration of PepsiCo, I would like to do some advice to increase the current vision affirmation of PepsiCo. First, I found that PepsiCo vision statement is incomplete. PepsiCo should have talk about about their product collection and benefit because of their employees because employees are their main advantage to operate the business. For the permanent business, advantage of employees should be included in the vision affirmation.

Besides, PepsiCo should become more forward looking before their competitors. Being that they are main brands on the market, they should aim to be the best on the market and gain the largest market share on the market. PepsiCo should include the vision statement to motivate the individuals in the company to work hard along to attain the goal of the eye-sight statement which is to be the leader of the non alcoholic drink industry. In the case, we can easily see that the key competitor of PepsiCo is Coca-Cola who's the leader on the market which occupied 41 percent while PepsiCo only hold about 36. 7 percent of the marketplace share on the market.

Other than that, PepsiCo should avoid the turmoil between shareholders profit and society advantage. It is because PepsiCo need to invest money to benefit the culture while shareholder wish to remain the majority of the money. THEREFORE I indicate that in the vision affirmation of PepsiCo, they need to prioritize which aspects they want to provide the best.

The current eyesight assertion of PepsiCo is good but I'd like to enhance the shortcomings in PepsiCo perspective statement. The new vision affirmation will be as below:

To treat the employees as a family and maximize most of stakeholders gain that PepsiCo matter. Always be technology and boost current product collection for society. Show commitment by investing in PepsiCo and be the leader in the industry.

Mission Affirmation Evaluation

I acquired used a few components to analyze the mission affirmation of PepsiCo. So, to improve it to be an improved mission statement, I would suggest new explanation for PepsiCo. First part is the customers. There is no description about the clients in current mission statement. I'd want to recommend PepsiCo to add a new description to their current mission affirmation which is to provide globally. There are a few less developed countries which stay static in unhygienic places. PepsiCo should serve them by giving clean and fresh beverages on their behalf so that folks within can enjoy the benefit along. (refer to appendix 4)

For the merchandise and services part, although there is explanation in today's mission statement, but I'd like to improve it to become better by continue innovate to come out with new products that advantage the society. It is because some of the existing foods of PepsiCo are harmful for society if indeed they take it for long term, so that it is important to be impressive to come out with more well balanced meals and beverages.

For the markets that PepsiCo serve, they want to become world's leading consumer products company. But PepsiCo tend to be more concentrating on developed countries such as United States, European countries and Australia. I'd like to suggest PepsiCo to provide globally and type in less developed market such as Africa region. It'll show that PepsiCo is concern about the indegent society and thus improve the brand.

The next component is matter for survival, growth and profitability. The current mission is to seek to produce financial rewards to the traders. For a better mission, it's important to train and maintain talented employees because they are the main asset for the business.

There is no technology component in today's mission statement. I would like to suggest PepsiCo to develop a sophisticated technology before their competitors to raise the efficiency of the production. It can be an advantage for PepsiCo in their industry.

The current school of thought of PepsiCo is to strive for integrity, fairness and integrity. For my advice, I would like to turn out with new explanation which is to be responsible to modern culture. It is better because PepsiCo should act ethically to serve the society so that it can help the society.

There is not a self-concept component in the current mission statement. I would recommend that PepsiCo must have prioritized their customers all the time. In order to serve the clients better based on what they need.

The concern for public image component in today's mission is merely about the business partners and communities. They need to treat the surroundings better since it is important now and it can build positive brand image in global market.

PepsiCo also show their matter for employees. They provide opportunities for growth and enrichment to employees. Nonetheless it will be better if they can empower their workers to make decision and praise these to create loyalty because they'll believe that they are important in the business and so will more committed to the business.

I wish to make a few improvements for the current mission affirmation. The improvements will as shown in below:

Our objective is to provide fairly without bias and create a positive image in global market. We also want to develop advanced technology and become liable to the population. Customers' satisfaction is our top priority. We also want to empower employees to be impressive that benefit world.


As a business analyst for PepsiCo, I had developed made few recommendations for the perspective and mission statements and I hope that with the new enhancements of my eyesight and mission assertions for PepsiCo current eyesight and mission claims, PepsiCo can improve company and become a better someone to serve the culture and be a truly lasting company.

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