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Analysis Of Luxury Hotel Emirate Palace


The Emirate palace is the most luxurious hotel in Abu Dhabi being the second seven star hotel of the world. Building of the hotel is done with the utmost possible standards of comfort and luxury. It really is built-in 1000 hectares of beautiful landscapes. Infrastructure of the hotel is highly commendable with all the current facilities. It offers 20 different places for culinary delights, vast car parking place, 2 helipads, 300 rooms, 90 suits, 48 seminar rooms, and an enormous conference centre. The level of various services provided by the hotel is of very good quality. (Minghetti. , 2003)

Some of the major services in the hotel industry are the customer services, room services, layout services, quality services etc. These services maintain a great importance in the hospitality industry and much more for a hotel like Emirate Palace. Providing good customer services in the hotel industry is the most critical objective to remain competitive and profitable over time of the business. Customer service is a very significant element of the hospitality industry. Customers of hotels need the employees to satisfy their various requirements and therefore keep on interacting with them constantly during their stay static in the hotel. (Fitzsimmons. , 1999)

Tourism is an important sector of the UAE and therefore the hospitality and tourism industry is flourishing and competitive there. There are a large range of hotels in Abu Dhabi which fulfils all the requirements of location, accommodation and budget of the clients. To get a competitive edge in the market it is highly recommended for a hotel to work rigorously for the improvement of the client services. Providing exceptional customer service is a very critical issue for the hospitality industry. Customers of hotels expect a good level of service from the hotel employees of course, if not provided than they could often feel dissatisfied but if they're given better service than the prospects they can be made feel very special and very important to the hotel and can ensure that through the next visit in metropolis they will stay static in the same hotel. The primary objective of good customer service is bringing the customers back. This is done if the level of service provided to the customer is sufficient to fulfill him so that he should a disperse a positive opinions about the hotel that will appeal to more customers to the hotel. The main focus of customer services is the customer satisfaction to gain retention by causing strong and long-term relations. (Dominici. , 2010)

Following number show the service blueprint of an extravagance hotel:

Mission and Vision of Emirate Palace

The mission of the hotel is to provide clients the most exclusive and unique experience.

The strategic vision of the Emirate Palace is to serve as a world's most luxurious hotel and leisure destination also to lead the industry. Another perspective of the hotel is to contribute to make Abu Dhabi the centre of ethnical activities of the center East and Emirate Palace a milestone in the country which can sponsor any prestigious wearing event in Abu Dhabi.

Customer Services in Emirate Palace

Following are the main customer services offered in the Emirate Palace:

Hotel Reservations - Emirate Palace has a very nice service to make reservations in the hotel. It has an online reservation website where customer can make move forward bookings for their stay in the hotel. Customer can also check the position of option of rooms on the future dates when he desires to visit the hotel. Many online payment options can be found on the website for the convenience of the customer to choose repayment option which suits them the most. Reservation portal also gives many offers on the advance scheduling of rooms. (Dhabi. )

Meetings and Meetings - The Emirate Palace has 48 conference rooms, a huge conference centre, a ballroom with a capacity of 2400 friends, a huge auditorium able to accommodate 1100 chairs. These conference and convention halls are best well suited for a gathering of 1000 people or a private confidential meeting of 10 people. The conference rooms have projectors, LCD screens, microphones, Wi-Fi data system and audio tracks and video seminar system preinstalled. (Dhabi. )

Guest Relationships - Emirate Palace used to provide high level of customer support to the friends of the hotels. It really is one of the very most superior hotels on the planet so the set of the hotel friends is also very exclusive. After getting pampered with the top notch customer service the customers are welcomed to provide an honest reviews about their stay static in the hotel. This feedback is effective in maintaining permanent relationship with the customers. (Dhabi. )

Membership - The hotel provides the facility of membership with the group. This account facility is very helpful in case of immediate bookings in the hotel. Customers of the hotel will be the customers who used to visit the hotel more often. This facility is the benefit of the permanent relationship between your hotel and its customers. The associates of the hotel receive priority in case there is unavailability of enough vacancies in the hotel.

Comments/Suggestions - Collecting responses from the customers is a crucial issue for providing the best customer services on the market. Words from the clients are very important for the hotel. These feedbacks are used to enhance the quality of service if needed.

Transit Visas for UAE - UAE is the main place of interest for the vacationers all around the globe. Tourism is an important industry in the UAE and people used to go to UAE both for work and fun. The hotel helps its customers to provide transit visas for the UAE during their stay in the country. Acquiring visas is the most time consuming job for a visit in a overseas country. This herculean job is made simple for the customers by the Emirate Palace by giving them the transit visas for the UAE. The Emirate Palace get transit visas of 2 weeks issued for the customers within 7 working days. (Transit Visas for the United Arab Emirates)

Events Calendar - Agenda of the coming situations in Abu Dhabi, UAE and Emirate Palace is on the web site of the hotel. These details can be quite helpful for the customers of the hotel to make booking accordingly if indeed they want to attend a certain event in the hotel. The function calendar is utilized so you can get information about the latest situations going to be placed at the hotel. (Dhabi. )

IT Butler Service - Right up until now the Emirate Palace used to provide a personal butler for each room and collection however now the butler service has used a step ahead and the hotel is providing an IT butler for private consultation. This IT butler service is 24x7 facilities for IT assistance and support of the client. Emirate Palace is used to hold many meetings and workshops for most IT companies.

Online Printing - In case a person needs printed copy of a few of his doc then he doesn't have to go to a printer to get his document imprinted. The Emirate Palace provides the service of online printing. The customer has to upload the electronic duplicate of the document on the net site of the hotel and order it for printing. Nominal charges are applicable on printing of documents. This service adds value to the client services provided by the hotel. (Dhabi. )

Leisure & Health care - The hotel has unlimited leisure and recreational facilities available. The hotel has health spa, fitness suites, energy zone, tennis and paddle programs for health of the clients. Many water athletics are facilitated by the hotel where the customers can enjoy the enjoyment of the available sea. Sarab Land is a children playground well outfitted with slides and swings and many child activities organized by the beach membership. (Dhabi. )

Analysis of Customer Service Businesses in Emirate Palace

Service operation management is all bout the process by which group produce services which are of help for the client. Operation management manages managing the process of development of services. The procedure of transformation of input resources in the productivity of services is named an operation. (JPC Media LLC )

The operation procedure for changing inputs into outputs certainly offers some value (aside from the cost of insight) to the final product or service which is called the value added to the service.

The Emirate Palace offers a very high degree of service to its customer. This degree of service can be produced only when the organization incorporates a service operation management which will keep a watch on the process of production of services. Various customer services in the Emirate Palace are reviewed above and here these services are being analyzed on the platform of service operation management. (JPC Marketing LLC )

Hotel Booking - In the Emirate Palace the hotel reservation system is a customer service. Within the operation of this service the inputs given will be the web website for the booking system where the concerns for the option of rooms on are asked, and information (like quantity of rooms, volume of guests, individuals or children, night out of reservation) from the client is also required. Another type is the payment options for the move forward booking.

The transformation procedure for this service includes the changes in the database of the hotel booking system. The databases provides the results of the questions created by customer about the vacancy of room on the given night out. The process of reservation also contains the deal of amount for the booking manufactured in the hotel.

Output from the change process is the customer service to make progress reservations in the hotel. The procedure provides information about the option of rooms or suites on the particular time frame when customer would like it. The process also supplies the information about all the types of rooms and suites in the hotel, their specifications, facilities in the rooms, and charges of the rooms. Using these details customer can pick the type of room and services they need. After making the obligations for the reservation customer can get his room booked in the hotel on the desired date. (JPC Multimedia LLC )

Meetings & Conferences - The Emirate Palace is one of the better venues for administration seminar and summits. Meetings and conferences of several multinational companies are established at the conference rooms and auditorium of the hotel. The input in the operation of this facility will be the space of the meeting rooms, gadgets like the LCDs, microphones, projectors, other services like, Wi-Fi internet, audio or video recording conferencing systems. These additional services act as input of the customer support. Another suggestions is the piece of information provided by the client about his requirements of the appointment or discussion rooms.

Transformation procedure for the above suggestions gadgets and services into the desired productivity of the service add a few steps. Convention rooms or auditorium are booked for various purposes. So first of all certain requirements of the customer are researched and an estimation of the budget is given to the customer. If the client needs any changes then the budget is revised otherwise next thing that is installation of the excess facilities like Wi-Fi, projectors, LCDs are done in discussion rooms and the rooms are prepared and well supplied for the conferences going to held there.

Successful business meetings and government conferences and summits with no disturbance or interrupt credited to some missing equipment or service are the output of this service procedure. Satisfied customer is the intangible and most important outcome from the procedure. (JPC Mass media LLC )

Guest Relations - Emirate Palace is mostly of the hotels which provide seven legend facilities to its customers. Therefore the list of guests of the hotel becomes very exclusive as many government formal, Hollywood superstars, and sports celebrity used to go to the hotel. The type in the service operation is the friends and the employees of the hotel.

The procedure for the operation involves the interaction between your customers and the employees of the hotel. Guests used to keep on interacting with the hotel personnel during all the time of the day and the response of the personnel plays an essential role along the way of transforming inputs in the desired end result. The hotel personnel is well trained in the field of hospitality and fulfills all the needs of the guests of the hotel.

The output of the service procedure is the long term relationship with the clients. A happy guest with the facilities of the hotel gives a positive feedback of the customer services of the hotel. Apart from the positive feedback another important productivity will be the next stay of the visitor in the hotel. Handling healthy and long term relationships with the friends is important in the retention of the customers. (JPC Press LLC )

Transit Visas for UAE - Emirate Palace helps its customers in getting the momentary tourist visas of the UAE. Source for the service procedure is the customer's documents, and charges of the visa. They are the requirements for getting the transit visa for UAE for the customers of Emirate Palace.

The procedure for the service operation will involve many steps as it has to go through a authorities protocol which is somewhat frustrating but less than what must be done to obtain a transit visa directly from UAE embassy. Processing of the visa software calls for at least 7 business days. The issuance of visas is under control of the Immigration team of Abu Dhabi.

Transit visa valid for 14 days from your day of entrance in UAE is the productivity of the transformation process. A scanned duplicate on the email of the client is sent when the visa is approved. The client can have the original copy of the visa from the Immigration office at the UAE international airport. (Transit Visas for the United Arab Emirates)

IT Butler Service - Personal butler service for every single room is being provided by many hotels and is also insufficient for the Emirate Palace so has made the decision providing a perfect hospitality service regarding to day today's requirements of the clients. Type in this service is the employee of the hotel who's well been trained in the hospitality business and in IT skills as well.

The process of service procedure is the training of the personnel for the role from it butler. They can be trained to resolve IT related problems of the clients.

Solution of the IT issues of the clients is the productivity of the operation. The IT butler helps the clients in establishing their office network, company's VPN, or any handy concern with some technological tool or request. The IT butler is offered 24x7 for the service of the customers.

Analysis of Supply Chain Management

Precisely speaking Supply Chain Management is "a couple of approaches useful to proficiently integrate suppliers, manufacturers, warehouses, and stores, so that goods is produced at the right variety, to the right location with the right time, minimizing the price and improving the service quality. " This description of Supply Chain Management depicts that every facility performs an important role to make the product relating to customers' necessity. The supply string in the hotel industry is used to provide the best service in the industry to the customers. The Supply chain of the Emirate Palace is designed with a certain purpose of each website link in the chain. Creating the right service for the customer with overall flexibility should be delivered to the client in appropriate variety, at the right time when he customer really needs it ought to be provided at the nominal cost. (Supply Chain Management)

In the Emirate Palace various decisions are created sometimes at different degrees of management for the growth in the customer services. Long-term decisions are made at the proper level. Issues like ambience of the rooms and suites, kind of customer services etc are chose at the strategic level. Decisions regarding the customer services like what services to provide, how to provide, what should be cost of a specific service etc are considered at this level.

Medium term decisions like the menu of the week, theme of a specific get together, other offer on services, work of the hotel staff etc are taken at this degree of the chain. The operational level is to use day to day decisions like the attire of the staff, celebrity visitor of the day etc. There is a very thin lines between your functions of tactical and functional level.

Inventory management and Customer service keep a trade off with one another. In the event the hotel personnel start being very rigid using their inventory management system then they will never be able to provide the level of customer service these are providing currently. The Emirate Palace offers a very high degree of customer services that will not be possible if the hotel management is more worried about the securities in the inventory as opposed to the customer satisfaction. (Supply Chain Management)

Electronic Procedures at Emirate Palace

The Emirate Palace provides many services to the customer. These services are the measure of customer satisfaction with the hotel. The hotel Management use to manage the majority of their tasks using technologically advanced resources these businesses are also known as electronic procedures. The major digital operations of the hotel will be the subsequent: (Minghetti. , 2003)

Reservation System

The Booking System of the hotel is totally web based. An online portal is provided for the customers to check the availability of rooms on particular dates and make reservations if available. There the clients can also go through the images of the different types of rooms and suites of the hotel and choose one of these for their stay static in the hotel. Obligations are also done online via credit card and a great many other payment options. The repayment link is provided extra web security for security reasons of the clients. Overall the booking system of the Emirate Palace is a value added service procedure of the hotel.

Online Printing

There is another center of online printing provided for the customers of the hotel. This center can be availed by a person if he has a gathering early in the morning and he needs hard copies of some of his documents which he has electronic digital duplicate. Customer can go to the website of the hotel and go through the link of online printing. Now he can upload the delicate duplicate of his record and order it for printing. The print outs cost nominal printing charges. (Transit Visas for the United Arab Emirates)


The electronic operations of the Emirate Palace include all the electronic services provided by the hotel. You can find three ATM machines in the hotel from where customers can make ventures in case if they need cash amount.

Internet Facility

The Emirate Palace also provides internet facilities to the customers. All of the rooms and suites have a Wi-Fi internet connection of 20 mbps. This complementary line is spread in all parts of the hotel. On special demand of the clients a broad type of 80 mbps Wi-Fi web connection is provided which includes additional charges.

SWOT Examination of the Emirate Palace


Exclusive service and features and high brand value.

Patronage of the high profile clients thus retained profits.


Extremely heavy cost of rooms so 50% rooms vacant each year.

Exclusive and the product quality service cost very high.


Reduction in prices may get more guests.


Another 5 superstar hotel Burj-Al-Arab is a major competitor.

Profits might get reduced because of the global economic melt down.

Business Process Map of the Emirate Palace

Business process mapping is a technique to increase the performance and efficiency of the business by improving the process steps in the delivery of product or service. The business procedure for the delivery of customer services in the Emirate Palace is depicted in the shape below: (Business Process Modeling)


Order for Service

Apologize for delay and have for time.

Deliver Service to customer

Update Service & customer Database Database

Service booked for the customer


Forward order to Inventory Management


Check the perfect time to make available


Processing order

Check Availability

The notations of the various figures will vary in these flow graph of the business enterprise procedure for the.

Decision point




Service Quality Management

Quality of the service is the power of satisfying customer needs and complies with his expectations regularly. It's the responsibility of the hotel staff and employees to provide the degree of service which is up to the mark or even better than their goals. The Emirate Palace is a seven superstar hotel so the quantity of customer support will be clearly large. However the quality of service they offer should be examined on various proportions. (Dominici. , 2010)

Dimensions of Quality

The sizes of quality are:

Performance: The assistance provided by the hotel are extremely exclusive. The technology tem of the hotel spent some time working hard to provide the customers with the initial customer services.

Aesthetics: Customer services provided by the Emirate Palace are incredibly lucrative and well designed. The reservation system of the hotel is very user friendly i. e. any newbie can use the portal and book a room for him.

Special Features: Each and every customer support of the Emirate Palace has certain unique and special feature in it. Like most seven celebrity hotels provide a private butler for each room and suites. However the Emirate Palace is providing a private IT butler for each and every room and collection. The job of this butler will be to help the customers with the IT related problems.

Conformance: All the customer services of the Emirate Palace are sufficient of the expectations of the client.

Reliability: The constant performance of certain customer services in the Emirate Palace is doubtful. Like the IT butler service. (Dominici. , 2010)

Durability: The services offered by the hotel seem to truly have a long useful life. All the services provided to the clients today will be are needed by the future customers of the hotel.

The following number shows the Gap Model of the Service Quality

Total Cost of Quality

Failure Cost: This cost of quality is the expense of defective and faulty elements of service. The failing cost of quality of the client services will be high for the hotel. This cost is further categorised in two types:

Internal Inability Cost: That is he cost when the fault in the service is recognized before the kick off of the service. Some employees of the hotel will need to have eliminated under training than it skills for performing of IT butler.

External Inability Cost: All of the cost incurred to determine and repair the fault of the service which is found after it is offered to the customer.

Appraisal Cost: This is actually the cost paid to ensure that the grade of service is maintained during the use than it. Like the price tag on maintenance of the repository of the hotel reservation system because if the databases or the system crashes then one of the most crucial customer support of the hotel will be done.

Prevention Cost: This cost is purchased working out & planning of total quality, client satisfaction, and quality improvement costs so that defect can be avoided. Another team of advancement and customer service is always doing work for the improvement in today's services and take away the faults if any.

The Emirate Palace has received the Environment Management System ISO 14001: 2004 Recognition of Hospitality Services.

The Emirate Palace provides a variety of customer services to its guests. Many of these services are value added and costs really high for the hotel. The reservation system of the hotel is an excellent customer services but there are some improvements required in the system so that it can be more valuable for the customers. Reservations made on the net portal can't be withdrawn later if the customer has any circumstance of urgency. Full amount of the repayment is forfeited by the hotel. If a customer has booked an area advance in one month but on your day of booking he got caught with some important work than the instead of forfeiting the whole amount a specific ratio of the repayment should be deducted and the rest should be transferred back. The process of providing transit visas of the UAE is a bit time consuming so the hotel management must try to reduce the time used the procedure.


The Emirate Palace is one of the world's few seven star hotels providing excellent degree of customer services. These customer services are produced by transferring through various processes of service development. Procedure management, process design, service resource string strategies, and service quality management. Each one of these frameworks and tools are helpful for the improvement of services. Developing a service will involve 3 period of giving input, process change, and obtaining outcome. Each service is the end result if this process. This goal behind these high degrees of services is customer satisfaction. Inside the hospitality industry the friends should be treated to make hem feel special. Every customer has a certain degree of goals from the service provider of course, if the service provided does not surpass the goals of the client then the customer won't get back to choose the service again. But a satisfied customer is obviously necessary for dispersing the term of mouth about the grade of service of the business enterprise. So a business must always vigorously make an effort to provide customer services to the guests so that they get satisfied and give a positive responses of the organization.

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