Analysis Of Grendel From Beowulf Grendel English Literature Essay

1. Grendel views his warfare as stupid but yet he continues to pursue it. He makes this clear in stating, "Therefore it starts the twelfth time of my idiotic warfare. . . . . " (Gardener 5). He is declaring that the war he is preventing is dumb yet he has prolonged to battle in it for twelve years, we observe how he contradicts his viewpoints. He views himself as a monster preventing against everybody else.

3. Grendel's marriage with his mother is complicated, he realizes that she loves him because he's her kid but he also says that she talks about him as though she wants to eat him. He isn't sure where he stands in her eyes but he will realize she enjoys him. He says " I grasped without her speaking it. I got her creation. We were one thing, like the wall and the rock growing out from it" (Gardener 17). This backs up the idea that his mother is in love with him because he is her child and shows us that Grendel seems this way to.

4. While Grendel is a young monster he sees that humans are extremely smart and they are the most dangerous thing he has ever came across. Before he complies with the dragon Grendel uses humans for his own pleasure. After Grendel encounters the dragon he realizes that humans are deceptive and slanderous animals. He decides he wants to be the humans enemy after he meets the dragon, and unleashes all his trend onto them.

5. The Shaper's song will something to Grendel that he doesn't like. Grendel seems emotion, all sorts of feeling. He will go from sadness to joyfulness, his thoughts swing from one end of the pendulum to the other. He realizes that the Shaper was lying down to him the whole time yet somehow he comes back. He understands that he is being lied to but he comes back as if it is just a curse. Grendel says, "I believed him. Such was the power of the Shaper's harp!"( Gardener 51)We see that Grendel feels it even though he has learned its a lay. We see that music has the capacity to make something that seems so wrong, real.

6. Their are a few explanations why he doesn't eliminate them when he has the chance. First reason he doesn't destroy them when he gets the chance is basically because he is amused with messing around with them. Another reason is that he is frightening people while he experimenting with them. People see what he is doing and immediately become frightened. The third reason he doesn't kill them is basically because he doesn't need to he would like to persuade everyone the he doesn't just eliminate for the fun of it or maybe to simply eliminate.

7. Gardner gives the dragon many physical traits but every one of the physical characteristics have a very important factor in common. They all show us the age of the dragon. In every description of the dragon we get their is something in their showing us that he's old. He says, "stretching up one great, wrinkled wing. . . "( Gardener 59) We look out of that Gardner is trying showing us that he is old. As for psychological traits Gardner give him many of these to. The dragon is actually providing advice and always helping Grendel. Gardner give us the picture that the dragon is all knowing, omniscient. The dragon at one point says, "I understand what's in your thoughts. I understand everything. " (Gardener 61) From these qualities we can conclude that Gardner is wanting to provide us the picture that the dragon is old, experienced, and all knowing.

8. We see that Grendel is a "modern" monster through lots of things. First, most monsters are seen as stupid but extremely strong or involve some type of vitality that we as humans don't possess. Grendel though has this but also offers emotions which most monsters do not. Grendel also has reasoning he can think things through and chose what he wishes to do through course of thought. Where because so many monster just action on impulse. This is why Grendel can be regarded as a "modern" monster.

9. Grendel creates a destiny worse than loss of life for Unferth because he doesn't get rid of him. Grendel realizes that Unferth desires to die, so he doesn't eliminate him. Unferth wants to expire a hero and Grendel isn't going to let that happen. Grendel doesn't believe in heroes, we see this when he says "I thought heroes were only in poetry. " (Gardener 87) Grendel doesn't wipe out Unferth because he doesn't have confidence in heroes and therefore it creates a fate worse than death for Unferth.

10. Hrothulf is seen as a "typical" teen because he's very emotional, he is defiant, and he sorts his own ideas. Hrothulf moods swing from happy to sad and back to happy or the other way around. Most teens are very emotional because a lot of changes are going on in their body which is one reason we could associate Hrothulf to a "typical" teen. Another reason is because he is defiant, he doesn't want to be told what to do or have to listen to other people. He is very 3rd party and doesn't want help from anyone but himself. Hrothulf also is regarded as a "typical" teen because he's building his own ideas, most young adults begin to consider independently and form their own viewpoints on things. That is why we view Hrothulf as a "typical" teenager.

11. Hygmod's dominating personality trait is the fact he's hard to read. Hard to read means that you cannot notify what he is thinking, if he's laying, or what he thinks of something through his emotions. He can keep a straight face through anything, you can't ever read him. "His speech and laugh were gracious. His eye, slanting downward like sight of a seafood, were expressionless as dried-up wells. " (Gardener 98) This is showing us his lack of feelings and repulsive world view.

12. The first person narration gives Grendels thoughts and feelings to the e book. The reader can identify with Grendel and also have a look into his innermost thoughts and his deepest feelings. First person also make the reader feel nearer to Grendel they are able to relate to him more than you would be able to in third person. The booklet benefits from the first person perspective by letting you view Grendel as a smart, thinking, sense creature rather than a instinctually violent, bloodstream lusting canine.

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