Evaluation of electronic. e. cummings' Poem of all the blessings which will to gentleman Essay

Analysis of e. at the. cummings' Composition of all the blessings which to man

Because Thomas Reed West describes, "the main literary sentiment toward the discipline from the machine have been one of lament" (xii). Various authors include composed pieces dealing with industrialization and the correlated obsolescence of man. Poet e. elizabeth. cummings is among them. In his poem "of all the benefits which to man, " cummings identifies a world that progress will doom mankind- a place where technology rules more than humanity.

Cummings's poem clears saying that one of the most supreme gift progress provides mankind can be "the an/ imal with no heart" (3-4). This heartless living factor is the machine. Machines could be made to work, and can typically appear as if they presume, but are unable to feel. This can be the greatest present presented to us by progress? To look at that as a gift is usually to hold reasoning highly best over feelings, a desire this part laments to be unfortunately recognized.

This industrialization and elimination of the requirement for humans is usually similarly unresponsive and coolly logical. Age machinery gives its almost silent coup d'etat rebels, the mechanical beings themselves, as a enormous "collective pseudobeast, " aimed at eliminating not only a need for humankind but a purpose for feeling (5). The poem's presenter notes that the being only preexists "its hoi in the polloi" (8). This reveals the aim these machines allegedly have- not only to overtake the crowded, overrun masses of persons but to become the teeming public (hoi polloi) themselves, even to make mankind forget that they were at any time in charge. This hearkens for the government personnel constantly reworking history in George Orwell's 1984, as these machines hope to make the people forget how things event...

... y have done also good of your job. Their very own creation changes them coming from tame rulers to beings whose legendary creation ("teem") overcomes them.

Movies and literature likewise have typically served to villainize technology. These subject areas survive and persist, probably because our company is morbidly fascinated with our own believed downfall. A large number of people will certainly admit to being concerned, since cummings is "of all the blessings which usually to guy, " which the world can one day be run by simply machines. This potential long term governing pressure is "without a heart" and "couldn't use a head, " and that may scare humans primarily (25, 28).

Works Offered

Rotella, Guy. "Nature, Period, and Transcendence in Cummings' Later Poetry. " Important Essays about E. Elizabeth. Cummings. Impotence. Guy Rotella. Boston: G. K. Lounge and Company., 1984.

West, Thomas Reed. Flesh of Steel. Charlotte, NC: Historical past Printers, 1967.

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