Analysis Of Three Poems English Literature Essay

The background of English poetry exercises from the middle of the 7th century to the present day. Poets from different countries created numerous excellent works. Listed below are three poems Ive read which are of great reputation. They can be "My Mistress Eye Are NOTHING BEATS sunlight", "The Red Wheelbarrow" and "HOW DO YOU Love Thee". The first poem was compiled by William Shakespeare who's a world famous writer. He's well-known not only for his works especially tragedies, also for his 154 sonnets. Not like most sonnet, as you can find in the name, it depicted a different lady who is not beautiful. This poem is number 130 from the 154 sonnets, so we can call it Sonnet 130. It really is William Carlos Williams who wrote the next poem. What interesting is his major profession was as a family doctor and writing poems was his off-hour hobby, but I really believe he is a lot more succeeded in poetry than as a health care provider. "The Red Wheelbarrow" is a traditional American poetry which is a lot different from a sonnet. It is often considered as the masterwork of American 20th-century, though it is the shortest poem I have ever known. The third poet is Elizabeth Barrett Browning, who was simply one of the very most visible poets of the Victorian age. That is Sonnet XLIII in "Sonnets from the Portuguese". It is also a sonnet, but it is in the model of Italy which is popularized by Petrarch. This means the third poem and the first one have great differences. Because of these broadly different poems, the world of poetry can be so marvelous and vibrant. And I am now going to investigate these three different poems in the aspects of satire, image and theme.

When research satire, we can not ignore the Shakespeare's sonnet number 130, which really is a successful poem that effectively use satire to mention a sincere theme while preserving sonnet structure, and using literary devices as a way to obtain irony. Let me expound it right from the start. The first quatrain illustrates the appearance of his fan. Her eyes aren't beautiful, her lips aren't so red, her breast are dun and her locks is bad. No-one will think her beautiful, so do I. People who study sonnets are being used to praises of beauty and remarkable spirit yet, instead of presenting a surreal love interest Shakespeare starts his sonnet in this unconventional method of satire. This ironic method completely overturns the traditional notion of sonnet and effectively hooks the reader. Another two quatrains continue summarize how his enthusiast is just a standard woman. There is no flushed cheeks and no fragrance breath. Her tone is nothing like music so when she walks, treads on the ground. We all know the fact that conventionally metaphors and similes are used in love poems as a tool to express reward. But in this case, the speaker in sonnet 130 proves his love by depicting his fan that none of the metaphors or similes connect with her being that they are exaggerations. In this way, the sonnet 130 increases its theme by satire. Things change in previous two phrases: "And yet, by heaven, I think my love as rare; As any she belied with false compare. " By abandoning literary devices for sincerity, Shakespeare concluded his poem. It creates me believe sincerity and realism will probably be worth more than bogus comparisons. And when the theme of the sonnet is concluded with sincere language such as this, the readers, including me, then recognizes Shakespeare's use of satire. To conclude, this poem satirizes the over-the-top descriptions that poets had customarily used to reward women's beauty.

Regarding to images in poem, no-one can deny the actual fact "The Red Wheelbarrow" is one good example. In such a poem, three images form a lovely picture which is unforgettable and significant. The poem is so starts: "A lot depends/ upon/ a red wheel/ barrow". The first two lines look like a child learned a miracle, and what adopted on is the wheelbarrow, the first image. However the picture is so vague now. Then, it moves "glazed with rain/ water". The second image here is water or rainwater and it implies that this scene is just after a rainwater. The final sentence "beside the white/ chickens" expose the previous image, the chickens. Just from the images, we found the poem starts from the abstract things (a lot) to stationary thing (wheelbarrow), then goes to moving object (rainfall), and ends with living animals (chickens). These images can merely summarize into "from silence to vitality", which really is a healthy and intensifying development. Furthermore, we can pull a far more specific picture if we notice the adjectives. The wheelbarrow is vividly because there is a expression "red" to change it. We are able to find the atmosphere so tranquil because the wheelbarrow is glazed with rain other than became dirty. It is said the fowl is white, which is contrary to the wheelbarrow's red. In a way, the imagery in the Williams poetry just like a colorful painting shows the picture of our day to day life: an agrarian picture, probably the yard of an farmhouse, in which a wet red wheelbarrow stands among some white chickens. With a strong aesthetic stimulation and the contrast of dynamic and static, this is no longer a straightforward poem that has only 4 clauses but a nifty little work which has brilliant images.

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