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Analysing Marketing Strategies Leading To Ocean Parks Success Travel and leisure Essay

Secondly, we will check out the competition among the neighborhood theme playground Hong Kong Disney Land, and the mainland parks providers and will include a research of theme parks in Shenzhen, China, that happen to be competing for site visitors.

Thirdly, we will take the personal interview survey to learn satisfaction degrees of visitors to Ocean Park, the neighborhood recreation area and mainland theme parks and the comparisons will be produced included in this.

Fourthly, we will evaluate the factors and marketing strategies leading to the success of Ocean Park and investigate the consumer behaviours on selecting their favorite theme area.

Finally, we will make reference to the results to do suggestions to Ocean Playground for future strategies to maintain its market innovator position.

Hong Kong can be an international city. You will discover four key market sectors: financial services, trading and logistics, travel and leisure, and professional services. Based on the research data of the Hong Kong Tourism Table (HKTB) in 2008, there were 29 million visitors went to Hong Kong a year.

There a wide range of famous visitors attractions in Hong Kong such as Victoria Harbor sightseeing place, Temple Street evening market shopping and Sea Playground entertainment etc. ,

Ocean Park, which opened since 1977, is one of the famous theme playground in Hong Kong. The playground provides featuring rides, exhibits and conservation facilities. A couple of three main sites of lowland, headland and Tai Shue Wan and those are connected by a cable car system, outdoor escalator and Sea Express.

The main local competitor of Ocean Area is Hong Kong Disney Land (Disney).

Disney, opened up since 2005, is the next theme recreation area after Ocean Park to be exposed in Hong Kong. Although Disney has a solid brand name and good reputation in america of America and around the world, it can not replace the position of Ocean Area as a market head in Hong Kong.

Despite the problems come from the Disney Land, Ocean Park also needs to face other opponents from mainland such as Shenzhen Happy Valley etc. ,

That is why we would like to research and recommend how Sea Playground can protect its market innovator position in the foreseeable future.


Firstly, we opt to collect the supplementary data from the literatures and internet searches also to get a simple theory about the theme park sectors. Then we will acquire some information about the tournaments among the neighborhood and the mainland theme parks providers. The data will be accumulated and examined on the business by SWOT (power, weakness, opportunity and hazard), to be able to determine the competitive sides that Ocean Playground is practising to keep its market innovator position.

After that we will give attention to analyzing the factors and the strategies leading to the success of Sea Park.

Secondly, we will collect the primary data by using personal interview survey method with questionnaires review. The content in the questionnaire includes the conditions considered by customers when they choose their preferred theme parks, customer satisfaction evaluation and attractiveness measures.

The method will be conducted with personal interviews by taking examples in Hong Kong with the arbitrary sampling method.

We will continue to work on 250 questionnaires which includes 50 for a mini survey. The little survey is used to get the ratio between the local customers and international customers. This will give the relative coverage on the neighborhood and non local customers and prevent the customer area bias. We will find if it's workable. We will do the main study according to this ratio.

The interview will be conducted in Christmas holiday. We will use three days and nights to execute the interviews from (24 to 26 December). We will execute it at the exits of Ocean Park and Disney and 100 respondents each will be interviewed.

After that, we will make the evaluation on the info. The data will facilitate for all of us to research the factors with which the customers use to choose their theme area and make some recommendations to the Ocean Park for future ways of maintain steadily its market head position.

Anticipated problems and solutions


The behaviors and favorites of customers cannot measure easily.


Do more questionnaires up to 250 interviews that can improve the accuracy of the research.


Questionnaire cannot show the interviewees subconscious conditions.


We use observation strategy to understand more about the internal status.


Questionnaires with close end questions can you need to be used for collecting simple data and we cannot know more specific information.


We can design some open-end questions to avoid this issue.


Interviewees are not happy to cooperate around to do the survey as it will waste a lot of their time.


A clear and simple questionnaire must conduct the survey. It will make them to understand more easily and shorten the time.

Foreseeable contributions of the project

One of the jobs of the marketers is to discover the customer needs and try their finest to satisfy the clients. Thus this job is a very important opportunity for us to research Ocean Park strategies to maintain it market head position, and we can apply to other organizations.

In addition, we will apply our knowledge, theories and skills that we have discovered during our four years study. Really is endless we can suggest workable and attainable suggestions to Ocean Park

Limitations of the problems

A success or failure of theme recreation area industries is relying on the client service belief and the conception changes rapidly and is also hardly to evaluate. Also, other external factors will also influence their habits to choose their favorite parks.

As we will search in a large level of information between Sea Area and mainland theme parks and we'll also use a sizable timeframe to manage the info, the correct uses of the information in our analyses can be more important.

We are not be able to collect more descriptive information into the future development plans of the local providers, and international parks model can't be used in Hong Kong credited to different culture about the world. The energetic contests are from mainland theme parks. The Chinese language government coverage will impact the Disney development in Shanghai and it is not easy to anticipate.

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