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Analyse The Package deal Vacation Industry Marketing Essay

The main reason for carrying out this coursework is to analyse the package holiday industry in the United Kingdom (UK) and also the STA travel company. In task A, Infestation and Porter's Five Causes framework were use to analyse the deal trip industry in UK. In the mean time in process B value string examination was used to analyse the STA travel company in UK. Furthermore, task C will be measure the strategic fit for STA Travel Company by highlighting the special advantages or weaknesses.

STA Travel Company was founded in the year 1979. It is the largest youngsters travel expert that allows student and young adults to travel over the world. The objective for STA travel company is to creates opportunities for the youth to help make the the majority of their occasion and experience the world for real in the manner they choose, for example excitement, discovery and so on.



The critical success factor for political factor is to level up the trustworthiness of the industry, such as totally follow the rules that set in offer travel and bundle tour rules 1992 and the FLIGHTS Organizers Licenses that introduced by the UK government, this is because of based on the legislation, the consumers will be enlightened about the increase of tax, visa fees, the changes of visa regulation before they buys the holiday deal and this can also decrease the risk that cause of terrorism because ATOL provided 100% financial security toward the travel industry. For example, in yr 2010, ATOL has helped 42, 000 UK tourists who abroad when their travel company failed, which allow them to end their getaway and get home promptly.


Meanwhile, the critical success factor for monetary factor is to boost the consumer assurance, by make improvement in their customer quality, which means have the ability to handle the problems from the customer, by to resolve it immediately and able achieve the customer satisfaction, this may helps the travel industry to boost the sales, profit, and purchasing electricity because individuals are making more acquisitions for on christmas package and on the same time it will helps to reduce the impact on inflation and the unemployment issues. For example, the lack of customer confidence had bring some negative effect on the third greatest travel group operating in the UK travel industry performances such as low success, low turnover and so forth.


Besides that, to appeal to more consumers toward the vacation deals industry, there are several factor that require to be improve, such as affordable prices for each consumers, comfortable accommodation, budget airfare, better meal etc. Furthermore, good customer services also one of the critical success factors for social factor, this is because of it'll influence the buyer behavior toward the travel industry and customer relationship with the industry by the way an employee greet the customer, how well they are doing following through with the deal and the responsibility toward customer such as no changing date, no passport reduction, no changing of agenda and be punctual. This can solve the issues that come up from environment and the purchasing structure of consumer, because predicated on the research that produce, there are 70% of individuals are increased their spending on holiday, they are willing to cut down the expenses on cloths, shoes, accessories rather then decrease their holiday or short chance if the purchase price is affordable for these people.


Nowadays, the technology has been speedily growth in the united kingdom and the technology movements also have changes due to the immediate development of technology. Based on the travel technology consultant, Paul Richer, he mentions that "reselling online has turned into a common activity one of the travel industry, there is no reason saying that very costly to sell online. " Therefore, the critical success factor of travel industry is to offers a multitude of services, such as internet scheduling systems, gain access to information through internet, car retain the services of, hotels and so forth. Based on Neil Simpson, the function director for travel technology show, he discuss that, on the market there tend to be then 60 offering technology services to the travel industry which including usage of new market and how to success in this rapidly changing country.

Analysis of Porter's Five Forces

Threat of entry

The critical success factor because of this sector will be the high threat entrance because of the high capital necessity and the high hurdle. This is because of with the high threat of entry, it'll strengthen the stability of the travel industry itself and this would make the marketplace to be hardened for new market penetration. Furthermore, the high barrier, is a competitive advantages of those experience companies then those new entrants, because the knowledge companies curently have strong brand acknowledgement, customers loyalty, distributor loyalty, and have high talk about market. Besides that, those experience companies are able to differentiate their vacation package by providing a services or benefits with higher recognized value to the consumer with the same price as new entrants.

Threat of substitute

The critical success factor for the vacation program industry will be increase the product quality and the product services such as accuracy and reliability of time, option scheduling, able to reach customer 24 hours a day and 7 days a weeks, and so forth. This is because of it will help the industry to build a strong customer romantic relationship because of the consistent connection with customer. For instance, based on a survey that conducted by both of the biggest travel company among the travel industry in UK, 80 percent of the respondents look forward to take a holiday break during year 2010 and the recession will not cause them to adjust their trip plan. Although, the "UK now is the largest sail market in European countries and development rapidly", that reason behind there tend to be deals, a wider variety of options, new locations and lower prices will be offer by the luxury cruise industry, based on the Managing director of P&O cruises, Carol Marlow.

Buyer power

The critical success factor for buyer vitality is the buyer volume of the clients in the travel industry. This is because of, predicated on the survey, in calendar year 2008, the united kingdom residents took an estimated 120 million getaways, which mean the expense of UK residents in travel industry is just about 39 billion. In order to avoid the problems of low switching cost and buyer competitive menace such as the swift development of technology, the increase in availability of low priced plane tickets and the multi website search system such as Google, yahoo and so on, the travel industry need to offers a multitude of services, such as internet arranging systems, gain access to information through internet, car seek the services of, hotels etc to get more consumers.

Supplier power

Next will be the analysis of supplier power in the holiday deal industry, the critical success factor in this sector is maintain a good romantic relationship with supplier due to the medium bargaining electricity and high negotiation electricity the distributor have toward the tiny size companies, although the very best 4 market leader in the travel industry have cover more then 50% of the market possessing a threat of backward integration. It is because of it will be balance up the energy gap between the provider and the program holiday break industry.

Competitive rivalry

Lastly, will be the examination of competitive rivalry. The competitive rivalry is likely to be high because of the high fixed cost and high leave barrier. The critical success factor because of this sector is provided excellent services and affordable vacation packages to the consumers. That is as a result of high set cost may cause the rivalry among the competitors become more powerful as price clipping will be the only way of filling up capacity and the high exit barriers may cause the assets unable to sell off or location to other uses.

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