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An summary of project management

Project management is an essential component of the organizational structure and its own use is built into the organizations work flow process. An effective task management will effect the organizational outcomes. The task means a short-term effort undertaken to make a unique product (PMI, 2004). For the project, it can be divided into several phases such as job conception and initiation, job explanation and planning, task execution, project performance and control, and task close. The task usually has an aim to meet specific requirements of the organization and has a particular time to perform it either long time or a short time. A project is temporary that includes a beginning and has the end in a specific time, and therefore defined scope and resources. Regarding to Gaddis (1959), a project is an company unit dedicated to the attainment of an objective. It is generally the successful completion of a developmental product at point in time, within the price estimation, and in conformance with prearranged performance specifications. A job is fundamentally an approach of working, an approach of arranging people, and a procedure for manage jobs. A project begins at a defined point of your time, ends at specific with time and, is complete when the outcome is completed (Newton, 2005). Hurricanes (2002) mentioned that a project can be an impermanent in character that has specific start and finish off. Besides that, project is a distinctive, one time starting. It could be said like that because the task can't be done exactly in the same strategy by the same project director and within the same environment

The program of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques are important to project management, which permits project activities meet the project requirements. From the proper competency for organizations, which allow to organize to get project results which to fulfill the business enterprise goals. The project management involves the process of directing and handling a project from commence to finish. The purpose of job management is to anticipate as many dangers and problems as possible besides planning, organizing and controlling the activities. So, the task is completed as effectively as possible in spite of all the risks. Project Management is formal discipline that is developed to control tasks (Newton, 2005). There are several activities that can benefit from task management like building a ship, construct a residence, launching services, it systems project and many more. Task Management is the procedure of guiding a project from its starting through its performance to its end (Portny, 2006). You will discover includes three basic operations in job management, which are planning, organizing and managing the project.

Project management knowledge pulls on nine areas. Physique 1 below illustrates the task management knowledge area:

In project management, there is a key factor that is roofed in a task management framework like project stakeholder. The stakeholders will be the people who involved in the job activities. The stakeholder in project management can include the project supervisor, project sponsor, the project team, support personnel, suppliers, opponents, consumer, users and so many more. In this newspaper, the project director tasks and skills will be talked about in depth. The project manager cooperates closely with the other stakeholders. Which means this newspaper will discuss in depth the project director functions and skills in the project management process.

Project supervisor (PM) is normally taken to be the person accountable for providing a job which runs well on the designated period, within the price plan and also to the preferred performance or quality standards determined by the client (Sommerville, Craig & Hendry, 2010). Job Manager is one of the stakeholders in virtually any project management in the organization. Project Director is responsible for providing all the components of the project. Task Director can be regular or the role of task manager distributed by the problem. Steyn (2008) stated that the project director is the bonding medium possessing the project collectively. The task managers effect the achievements the task, either success or fail. Task Administrator should cooperate tightly with the stakeholders, especially the sponsor and project team to meet up with the expectation of the project. The Project director is the individual ultimately in charge of the success or failure of the project (Heerkens, 2002). The project manager can be called as team head in a group. Project professionals often are the direct management component necessary to task success. The task manager is the element of task success in the company or corporation. The project administrator is responsible for managing the projects opportunity, project agenda, and project cost to aid your client or customer targets for the successful completion of the project.

The success or inability of a task is inspired by the task managers visit. Petty (2009) reveals the projects manager's gets the capability to connect between the organization which in a position to perform and provide the project. It really is a critical factor of task success in the organization. The work of project supervisor does vary from project to task. The Project director is accountable for scoping out the work, planning it and identifying what resources are essential, getting the resources allocated, and then handling the conclusion of the duty required and making sure any problems that may cause the conclusion of the tasks to be delayed. A job manager works according to project management strategy. A project manager is the individual in charge of leading a project from its initiation to complete. This includes planning, execution and managing the individuals, resources and goals of the project.


Project Management, it's important to have job administrator which is acting as manager. 97% of successful projects was led by qualified project professionals which is who can often help to impact success factors (Schwalbe, 2006). As project administrator, they can have many job explanation based on the organization and also predicated on the project. Though it is based on the organization and the job, there are similar tasks that project director perform. There are many job categories for project manager which includes:

  1. Project Director for a Consulting firm

Project Supervisor should plans, program, and manages activities to fulfill the goals of the task by applying complex, theoretical and managerial skills. Those skills are to meet the project requirements. After that, the project supervisor should organize and integrates team and create a good romantic relationship with the customers and associates to ensure the project is prosperous.

  1. Information Technology Job Manager for a financial services firm

Project Supervisor should control, prioritizes, advances, and implement it solutions to meet business needs. For instance, project manager prepares and executes task plans using task management software in accordance with the standards. It really is vital to have plans which are built a Gantt chart in order to be sure the project could end at the specific time.

  1. Information technology project Director for a nonprofit consulting firm.

The project director duties include business research, project requirement gathering and project planning, budget estimating, job development, project trials, project implementation, and many more. For nonprofit consulting organization, project administrator should use various tool providers to guarantee the development or project completed on specific times, high quality and cost effective for the project.

Project Manager Assignments are incredibly important and more difficult other than the normal functional manager. Project Manager. The job manager assignments are a success factor for task management in arranging. Project Manager is an individual that in charge of developing, in conjunction with the Task Sponsor. The Task Manager then makes certain that the task is delivered on time, within the budget and the precise quality standard. Job Manager also ensures that the task is effectively resourced and manages interactions with a variety of communities including all the job stakeholders. The Project Manager is also responsible for managing the task of consultants, allocate and utilize all the task resources in a professional manner and keeping a cooperative, motivated and successful team. Project managers are professed to be leading a various place of men and women with immediate control over the associates (Baker, Murphy & Fisher, 2008). Several roles are determined for the job manager such as prepared all the actions, jobs, schedules and costs. Other than that, he or she is arranging, selecting and placing the project team. The task director is leading the task team and control all the activities and schedules. Besides that, the job manager is able to select and develop a project team and present a desire to the associates. Apart from that, the project administrator also should always talk to the task team and everything stakeholders. The task manager also is the person who able to solve the condition, decide. A project manager's tasks include overall management The job manager takes on their role right from the start of the project until the end of the job. Below is the assignments should be needed of a job manager.

  • Manager
  • Project Administrator must oversee and manages the work and the employees
  • Facilitator
  • Project Manager must be sure that all resources are available when its needed as well can solve any problems.
  • Communicator
  • Project Supervisor must effectively communicate with top management, customer, project team, and the other stakeholders. The task manager must frequently talk to the stakeholders in order to manage the works and everything the work can be carried out by all the members in the project.
  • Politician
  • Project Director must become a politician, which is able to influence people and in a position to decide. Project Manager ought to know how to get things done, how to operate with the machine, how to get people to collaborate and the way to effect the people
  • Negotiator
  • Project Manager must become negotiator which able negotiates with the stakeholders. The Negotiator is the skilled at getting what is necessary for the project to reach your goals. For instance, a Project Administrator negotiates with mature management to get more detailed resources, make a deal with functional professionals to obtain a particular project team member or even to use an operating resource, discuss with vendors for shorter lead time, work out with clients about task goal changes and more.

Project Manager also offers responsibility in project management as follows:

  • Defining the scope
  • Planning the scope
  • Activity and resource planning
  • Developing schedules and timescales
  • Cost estimating
  • Budgeting
  • Completing documentation
  • Risk analysis
  • Risk management
  • Progress monitoring
  • Team Management
  • Business Partnering
  • Scalability and portability analysis
  • Quality control

To be a good project supervisor, it's important to possess several skills to be able to control the task in the organization. Project managers need to have a multitude of skills which can help them to do the best in task management. All of the skills that have by the job supervisor is determinant of the success of the job in job management. It is to satisfy the responsibilities as the project manager. There are several major knowledge and skill categories for project manager. Skills dependence on the project supervisor divided into four categories (Heerkens, 2002). Here are the four major knowledge and skills types of the project administrator.

  1. Project management process skills

Project Management process skills are the knowledge and skills related to the system of job management. The job manager should be knowledgeable about tools, techniques and process technology in task management as well in a position to apply them in real situations. For instance, the project supervisor should know how to build up a total customer document, build a network diagram, and build a work breakdown structure. With each one of these skills, the job manager will in a position to facilitate and plan the project plan. Project Administrator also can come across all the problems during the project management activities and will get respect from all the associates and other stakeholder.

  1. Interpersonal and behavioral skills

Interpersonal skills are the tools of individuals used to communicate and communicate with other folks in the organization. Interpersonal communication skills has seven main areas that required by the job administrator, including verbal communication skills, nonverbal communication skills, being attentive skills, negotiation skills, problem solving skills, decision making skills and assertiveness. Task Manger skills in dealing with the individuals are immeasurable valued. Besides the social skills, project manager must also have behavioral skills like personal conduct, style and way.

  1. Technology management skills

As we realize, most of the job is ornamented with the technology. It is referring to the procedure areas at the key of the job that used information technology infrastructure. The technology skills required might include software and hardware in order to do the task. The power of the task manager to coordinate the use of technology is the main element success as job manager. It's important to project supervisor to have adequate knowledge and skills that inserted with the technology. There are many technology management required by task supervisor such as skills in project main technology, skills in the assisting technology area, industry knowledge, patent knowledge, design skills, and so many more. The project administrator should acquainted with the technology applied in the project. The project director must able effective in the utilization of technology.

  1. Desired personal traits

To be considered a successful project supervisor, a personal characteristic is most important. Personal qualities means is the action, behaviour and habit should project director have. Possessing personal attributes can be a good task manager and be able to performing the duties as a project manager. The attractive traits should own by project administrator such as integrity and has integrity. Other than that, project supervisor should thinks such as a generalist, has high tolerance with other people, and process-oriented, self-aware, available and accessible, politically, and decisive.

The managers management role is of great importance in motivating people and creating a highly effective working environment for the job team to come across greater difficulties in todays environment. The characteristics of the project manager to indicate the type of leader and management style that the job manager applies through the management of tasks. All project managers need to demonstrate control skills and managerial skills. Management and management are conditions often found in managing the business or company. The task manager must be a leader and supervisor. A leader focuses on long term aims and give creativity to visitors to achieve the task management the goals in the business (Schwalbe, 2011). In the meantime, a manager deals with day-to-day project activities to be able to achieve the goals. The management skills of task manager are very important to lead the project to success. Authority can be explained as a method of behavior made to integrate both the organizational requirements and personal pursuits in the quest for some objectives. Professionals hold a control responsibility. Project managers are often decided on or not decided on because of their management styles (Kerzner, 2001). The authority role is crucial to facilitating various project success factors that donate to project execution. Matching to Anantatmula (2010), the project managers leadership functions and responsibilities influence the task deliverables and the project performance. Besides that folks skills are crucial when a job manager become. People skills are control circles of leaders that are encouraged to share the vision and team members are encouraged to be service oriented. The leader also offers good relationships with customers or distributors. Barnard (1938) recommended the functions of any leader are needed to have both managerial and psychological functions. Managerial and psychological functions are called as cognitive and cathectic. Cognitive functions are managerial functions which involve directing, guiding the individuals, and constraining alternatives and actions, on the other hand cathectic functions are emotional functions which include motivational as well emotional aspects into the objectives of the task and increasing trust and dedication to a more substantial moral purpose. Management and folks skills are extremely important for a project director to manage the job in the organization from the beginning before end. All of the skills are crucial in order to accomplish the job and make sure the project run easily within the time, scope and the cost.

The project administrator that is respected by the team and gets the team to interact will communicate successfully. Project associates need to collaborate, share, collaborate and integrate information and knowledge to meet job objectives. A task manager will not communicate with vocabulary only, but also with persona, which includes attitude, tendencies and personality. Project supervisor with characteristics allows team members to have responsibility because of their work, expanding trust, cooperation and teamwork; and showing the perspective will apply through the execution of any project. Besides performing as manager, task manager also become a facilitator and also as a communicator. He or she must ensure that resources and work are available when needed and that any problems are settled. The project director also must effectively talk to top management, customer, task team, and other members in job management. Other than that, the project manager should act as a politician and also negotiator. If they act as a politician, the job manager in a position to influence the others and also have a great influence in decision making. It is important for a job manager to be a negotiator because they need to negotiate with all the current stakeholders in controlling all the procedure in the task management activities.

The factor which might cause the task management to are unsuccessful is by assigning the incorrect person as job manager. Obligations of a Project Supervisor are to ensure successful conclusion of a job within a particular time and within the budget allocation. However, it requires many other phases in job management. Project supervisor plays an integral role in helping projects and corporation success. The job manager must perform a variety of job duties and have many skills. It really is to develop skills in task management, general management, and also their application area such just as the information technology area. To be always a successful project supervisor, they must care about everything and dependable in extensive areas including for a job, company, project associates and also the project manager itself. To be a successful project supervisor, it should be somebody who regularly completes the job and meet the business goals and also project management goals. The task must getting deliverables completed and paid. When the job is completed, it can easily see the business profit increasing and leaves the client with smiles on the faces. In the nutshell, it could be said that job manager offers big influence to the project management which require in all the actions of the project management.


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