An Indian Female In Guatemala Essay

An Indian Female In Guatemala

Guatemala is a land of Eternal Suspension systems and the residence of the abundantly cultured and

historic Mayan people. This it also the nation of Rigoberta Menchu, an

illiterate plantation worker, turned voice of oppressed persons everywhere. Guatemala

also has the sad differentiation of being home to Latin America's oldest civil conflict.

"For 30 years, left-wing guerrillas have battled a series of

rightist governments in Guatemala. The war features killed an estimated 140, 1000 in

the nation, which has 14 million people. " (N. Y. Occasions June 13, 1996 pA4 col 2)

This is a story of a people in crisis, and a single woman's fight to use real truth, as

a method of setting her persons free.

The majority of the population happen to be Indians, and far of the struggles arise out

of the ashes of the earlier. Spain conquered Guatemala in 1524, which has been the

start of oppression of the native people of Guatemala. Since this time the

native people have been ruled by Spanish speaking minority, the Ladinos

most of which are originated from the Spanish colonists.

From 1954, when Guatemala's selected government was overthrown by

army, the military began a brutal war against the Indian people. This type of

pain and oppression continued, and through the 1970's the repression was

specifically harsh; during this time more and more Indians began to avoid. It

was during this time that Rigoberta Menchu's family started to be involved in the

level of resistance.

The situation in Guatemala is just like South Africa, the place that the black the greater part

are reigned over with total power by the white community. Like South Africa, the

Indians in Guatemala are lacking in even the simplest of human rights.

"Indeed the alleged forest Indians are getting systematically exterminated in

the name of progress. Although unlike the Indian rebels of the previous, who desired to

go back to pre-Columbian times, Rigoberta Menchu is definitely not preventing in the name of

a great idealized or perhaps mythical previous. " (Menchu xiii) Rigoberta is functioning toward

drawing attention to the plight of native people world wide.

Once an illiterate plantation worker, this lady has taught himself to read and write Spanish

the language of her oppressor, as a means of relating her story towards the world.

The girl tells the storyplot of her life with honesty and integrity confident of

flattering upon the earth the violence of the oppressed. In additi...

... She gets been offender of helping the country's

leftist activities and doing harm to Guatemala's graphic abroad.

In awarding the prize, the Nobel panel wanted to bring attention to the

plight of Guatemala's Indians in the wish that it would lead to increased

conditions. Just lately, Guatemalans have found cause of that expect, as a tranquility

accord is a result of be agreed upon in January 1997, closing the preventing between the

rebels and the federal government. In addition , a truth commission has been formed to

support families of faded members discover answers in relation to their fatalities, by

uncovering the country's many unmarked mass tragique. Rigoberta Menchu continues

to reside exile beneath death threghts upon her return to Guatemala. She is well

adapted towards the life that can be handed down to her, by ages of poor

and oppressed Indians. But when she speaks, the girl speaks of her amazing culture

and of the many joys that her family experienced over the years, almost all without a trace of

aggression in her voice.

Performs Cited

Menchu, Rigoberta. I, Rigoberta Menchu: An Of india Woman In Guatemala. London, uk:

Verso, 1984.

"Guatemalans Take New Stage Toward Peacefulness. " The newest York Occasions 14 06 1996

pA4 col 2

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