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An Analysis of Recruitment and Selection in IBM

Chapter 1. Introduction

Today the success of each group or business company lays not in the mission or the goals place by the management, but a whole lot depends even on the employees of the business. Employees are an integral part of any organization and they're the biggest investments that any business can have. The complete image of the business depends on the performance of the employees, their code of do, and exactly how they take their job responsibility.

Every company looks out for employees who have the required capacity and the qualifications that not suits the job requirements but also can add to the value of company. Recruitment and collection of the employees thus becomes an integral part of human resources. In simple conditions getting the right person or a deserving applicant is much easier when compares to getting the right prospect for the right position. Through recruitment and selection, an employer can find and select the correct and the most deserving applicant for the job vacancy. Recruitment and selection process has been regarded as the main part of employing a new staff and also for the business.

1. 1 About the company

In this research we will be concentrating on IBM (Internal Business Machines) positioned in India to analyze the recruitment and selection. Now enables see some information pertaining to Internal Business Machines (IBM).

Even though IBM was within India early on to 1970s, they re-entered the business sector in the year 1992. IBM has it headquarter based on Bangalore and operates in 14 other metropolitan areas throughout India. IBM is considered as the market leaders in terms of industry based on It. IBM has been offering various customer alternatives which include both hardware and software. IBM India is known as one of the key market for IBM and they ensure that there has been enough investment funds in this industry.

1. 2 Goal of the research

Through this research we want to focus on the recruitment and the selection process, taking example group as IBM. Now in order to ensure that the study is progressing towards obtaining this goal, we will need to set an aim for our research. Hence the aim of the research is really as follows:

"To investigate, describe and create a research report which ultimately shows how the recruitment and selection procedure for International Business Machines (IBM) differs from others recruitment and selection process. "

Before we can in to the details of the recruitment and selection at IBM, we will spotlight the main reasons why employees get fascinated and thinking about working at IBM:

Employees who are working and also would be becoming a member of would always choose to be known as the innovators.

IBM is recognized as the best company and employees can always expect to have a very smart future in advance while working at IBM.

IBM has been known for providing competitive environment because of their employees which can help them develop on permanent professional basis. Every employee reaches learn new skills and facts at IBM daily. IBM promotes their employees to deploy their unique learning style at the job.

IBM has been known more for their fundamental values and so employee should always feel proud of working at IBM.

International business machines expect every employees to create a difference through their performance and also professionalism and reliability at work environment.

Now we will see the steps mixed up in recruitment of the employees at International Business Machines also called Big blue. Usually the recruitment at IBM used to have three steps the following:

Written test- Written test is taken to check up on the grammar and the skills of the worker in the English language. There are lots of questions included to be sure of the analytical skills of the employees.

Interview to verify technical knowledge- That is to confirm the specialized knowledge possessed by the applicant. Questions are asked from Java, C+ or even Databases etc,

Human resource office Interview- This questions asked here completely will depend on the Manager taking the interview.

But lately two more steps have been added as

Writing essay

Group discussions- This has been included in the rounds on interview to be sure of the capabilities like fast considering, problem dealing with and even imagination of the candidate.

Most of that time period its very uncommon in India, but they do perform an initial medical checkup to ensure the health of the staff who'll be employed. If a job candidate has appeared at the interview but failed to clear either of rounds are always enlightened not to apply again for just about any job vacancy in next 6 months, failing this they will be disqualified from the interview once found about the prior interview program.

This research has been performed to focus on quite role enjoyed by the Recruiting departments in recruitment and selection process and also this research is supposed showing the recruitment and selection process adopted by International business machines, which will make them leaders in the industry of it.

1. 3 Objectives of the research

In order to comprehend the recruitment and selection process we are setting out goals keeping in mind the outcomes and the success of our goal by the end of this research. The study objectives are the following:

To study the concept of recruitment and selection

When we hear the term recruitment and selection, the very first thing that comes to our mind will be the human tool department's responsibility. Recruitment and selection both are the process which helps the organization to confirm the efficiency of the candidate through the abilities that they possess, their educational track record, advantages, weakness and the ability that they have got. The initial procedure for recruitment helps the business to filter the candidates from a large pool of people but later on the choice process deals with finding and selecting the appropriate candidate who deserves and can justify the job responsibility of the given post later on.

To analyze the advantages and down sides of the recruitment and selection process

Depending of the type of recruitment method that is adopted by the company, there can be benefits as well as cons also. The two types of recruitments are Internal and Exterior recruitment. If we have a look at the Internal recruitment process, the first benefit that the company's get cost saving, the current staff members get chance to move ahead to an increased role or position, more inner job posting becomes available credited to inside recruitment and business can utilize its current work force for filling the job vacancy. But we look into the exterior process, the new exterior employees generate lot of development and ideas for development at work. A large volume level of people can be expected with higher suitability and justification for the job.

To analyze the role performed by the Human resources departments in recruitment and selection process

The success of any company as stated earlier is based on the side of the employees hence selecting and recruiting the right candidate by the human learning resource departments becomes vital. Human tool is expected to get the right staff for the organization which can help them in attaining their business aims and goals. There are numerous aspects that the individual resource departments must keep in brain through the recruitment and selection process like

Will the new worker justify the work responsibility that has been directed at him?

Will they be able to understand the importance of the aims and the goals of the organization?

To investigate the current performance of International business machines through business analysis

Before we get into the recruitment and selection process at International business machines (IBM), we will execute a business evaluation of IBM to get a short idea about their current performance. We have been performing this evaluation to understand where the recruitment and selection treatment ties in this analysis. We will perform SWOT analysis for International business machines (IBM).

Strength: IBM is internationally known business brand and everyone has already experienced their business existence. The client satisfaction that is achieved by IBM is unmatchable.

Weaknesses: Despite the fact that Human resources has been doing a good job but because of hiring extra employees the business has been paying additional salary and company has started out slipping in their market talk about also.

Opportunity: IBM should concentrate on developing their market and they can consider acquisitions or collaboration with others working or working in the similar areas.

Threats: Inconsistent changes in the economical status and financial situations scheduled to globalization.

To scrutinize the recruitment and selection process in International business machines (IBM)

To compare the recruitment and selection process in International business machines (IBM) to other information technology companies in India

To analysis the viewpoints of the employees of International business machines (IBM) on their recruitment and selection process.

To get an entire knowledge of our objectives, we will study them in the Literature review section.

1. 4 Scope of the research

1. 5 Limits of the research

Chapter 2. Literature review

2. 1 Concept of recruitment and selection

2. 2 Benefits and drawbacks of recruitment and selection

2. 3 Overall business evaluation of IBM

2. 4 Recruitment and selection process in IBM

Chapter 3. Critical review

3. 1 Employees ideas on the process of recruitment and selection in IBM

3. 2 How good is IBM in recruitment and selection

3. 3 Interview of human resources team on recruitment and selection in IBM

Chapter 4. Research strategy followed of the research

4. 1 Used research methodology

4. 2 Resources and types of data collected

4. 3 Tools utilized for data collection

4. 4 Resources involved in recruitment and selection process

Chapter 5. Expected Future work

Chapter 6. Summary

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