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An evaluation of eBay


1. eBay is well known around the globe as the main online Software industry (TM) which emerged directly into life in 1995, eBay Inc, was founded by Pierre M. Omidyarand it's headquartered in San Jose, California, TM (2002). eBay created a special system for the sales of goods and services by a separate village of individuals and business. On days and nights there are millions of items across thousand of categories for sale on eBay just like 50 percent. com, eBay's site dedicated to resolved price trading. eBay allows trade on a Local, Country wide and International basis, with customize site in marketing all over the world.

eBay, together with its sub-visions, bring online marketplaces for the sale of goods and services, online payment services, and online communication offerings to a diverse community of individual and business in the USA and Internationally.

The company works in three Motives: eBay Software industry, Payments, and Marketing communications.

The eBay Marketplaces: This program provides infrastructure to allow online commerce in a variety of formats, including the traditional auction system; and its own other online programs, such as Hire. com, Shopping. com, Kijiji, mobile. de, and Marktplaats. nl. Its services include trust and protection programs, reply forum, safe chanel program, eBay standard purchase coverage program, customer care, tools and services.

The Payments segment: Feeds something for small businesses, online sellers, and people that enables them to receive and send repayments online. Its services include signing up for the network, crosscheck of its PayPal's account holders, withdrawing cash.

The Communications portion: provide tone over Internet protocol phone calls between Skype readers, also provides connection to traditional fixed-line and handheld telephones. The business provide online apartment hire services and evaluation shopping learning resource service, as well as provides an Internet payment system that allows sellers to process, and control online repayments.

eBay pioneers neighborhoods built on commerce, suffered by trust, and encouraged by opportunity. eBay includes millions of men and women every day on a local, nationwide and international basis through variety of websites that give attention to commerce, repayments and communication. This has also help the business in a variety of ways between their numerous customers worldwide. They may have engaged in the technique explained below.

A Spot to Buy. You may get just about anything item you will need or want at very low deal better than you can find at any traditional brick and mortar, even online stores. But extreme caution should be taken because of rotten or imitation items bargains on eBay.

A Spot to Sell. No matter the size of our product or services, eBay has various categories channels to sell items. eBay's global reach may also move unusual items that are not in demand in our own neighborhood in to cash.

A Place to Shop. Large variety of items are available for sale on eBay, many participants have discovered that eBay is one of the better place in the planet to screen or shop around. These items include photos, in depth descriptions, and owner encounters. Because the thing is many of the same items side by side in a variety of conditions and know what each one sold or retailing for, eBay offers you insight in to the real market value of most types of goods around the world.

A Website:With no physical building eBay store, Founded in San Jose however now carry out daily activities from various locations, eBay's service exist basically online in addition to the delivery of bought and sold items every other network of the business are dealt with through eBay website.

Socially Accountable: eBay using its B2C way of controlling business has lower the barriers to purchasing and offering, these bring an enormous global understanding to it business. It also fosters new financial opportunities to producing areas and brings ethnical understanding between different populations. This has made eBay one of the world's most interesting and exciting trans-national ambassadors.


eBay is a cutting edge in commence by reselling almost everything be it of what mother nature with it's presence atlanta divorce attorneys corners of the globe with no physical store, with limited staffs but gratify it numerous customer worldwide. But how is this possible?

Social Press Marketing: Fresh addition to organizations plans. Integrated marketing communications is a practice company follow to hook up with their concentrate on markets.

Integrated marketing and sales communications coordinates promotional elements, advertising, employees selling, pr, publicity, direct marketing and sale promotion. Progressively viral marketing promotions are also grouped into built-in marketing and sales communications for eBay. The progress of social marketing has impacted just how organizations talk, the internet provide group of idea which allow persons to develop public and business program, talk about knowhow and collaborate on project online.

Cell Phones: Usage in addition has become a advantage for eBay media marketing. Today many cell phones have social networking capabilities, individuals are notified of any happenings on sociable networkingsites through their mobile phones in real-time. This constant connection to cultural networking sites means products and companies can constantly remind and upgrade fans about their capabilities, uses, importance, etc. Since cell phones are connected to cultural networking sites, adverts are always around the corner.

Computers: The use of computer has come to stay in our day to day life be it at home, offices, university, this is one of the basic tools employed by eMarketers worldwide, eBay uses the help of computer given that they don't physical store to handle their daily business and this is done by logging into their website by typing in the Link address with an gain access to from ISP provider.

Once logged in, the simple truth is various categorizes of product, prices, explanation of items and options of payment of items bought. Buying of items online and shipping and delivery to every section of the globe can be an everyday activity at just by the use of a pc, Newsweek (2004)

Internet Marketing: eBay use the internet known as digital marketing, internet marketing, and online marketing is the marketing product and services over the internet. Internet marketing is considered to be wide-ranging in scope because it not only identifies marketing on the Internet, but also includes marketing done via e-mail and wirelessmedia. Digital customer data and electronic digital customer relationship management systems are also often grouped along under internet marketing. This market joins the vast idea and complex background of the web, including design, development, advertising, and sales. Online marketing also identifies the placement of media along a number of stages of the customer engagement routine through search engine marketing on specific websites.


The internet as change the scenery of the world in every way things are done atlanta divorce attorneys way things are done globally. Never before have people been able to interact in that affordable and comfortable way. The business world as seen an improved new of doing its daily activity, business now are done in very short period of time even without the occurrence of both get together at the same place or time. Now it's possible that you can establish your own company with a very small financial investment or in some instances even with no start-up capital. eBay use the internet in taking of its daily business to meet marketplace and fulfill it's customer at an extremely low priced and maximizing income.

Information: People worldwide are employing the internet on a regular basis, with email and se's as the most popular services. Information is ability. People are in a position to influence, direct, convince, inform and manipulate others through a unitary tool: The syndication of information. Email and discourse forums allow people to reveal their thoughts, ideas and experiences with other people from all corners of the world. Within a comparatively short time period the Internet and its communication programs will be part of our day to day lives as are jogging drinking water and electricity.

Cost Effectiveness: The web is the most effective communication tool. If you wish to send a letter via typical or so-called slow mail, it will cost at least around $1 supposing you restrict yourself to two sole sheets of paper. Sending the same amount of information via email will be up to 100 times cheaper with immediate delivery. In addition to this, email with it's numbers of advantages within the slow-moving mailing system of delivery of messages, mailing and get a reply at that moment.

Online Public sale: On this massive industry, eBay rules the auction sites. Based on the Nelison Ranking, eBay is among the top ten most trafficked sites on the internet. eBay leads the web public sale industry with a more than 60 percent show of the market, its closest opponents, Yahoo! Auctions, is only 1 / 2 its size accompanied by Amazon. com, each one of these are done by making use of the internet and makes eBay smile to the bank on daily basis.

Low Cost Operation: Working business requires a great deal of capital no subject how big is the outfit, the business enterprise has to pay for rental shops, offices, automobile, staffs, before it can think of earning it's revenue which is the primary idea of the business, but doing web business you cut down your expenses to an extremely little amount of capital and that is the border eBay is use to run it's businesses and has really help the business since it does not have physical occurrence anywhere, it does it's business around the world and sell tons of what to it's customers worldwide. The web helps eBay within an immeasurable way of cutting down cuts of functions and get to all area of the world without even being there in presence.


Public relations is thought as a management function which recognizes, establishes and maintains mutually beneficialrelationships between a business and the public after which its success or failure is based. Whereas advertising is aone-way communication from sender to the recipient, public relations considers multiple audiences and uses two way communication to keep an eye on feedback and modify both it's announcements and the organization's actions maximum benefit.

The internet is employed as an instrument in Public Relationships and has substituted the utilization of newspaper form of notifications and it is completed in method mentioned below.

Tweeter: Social websites is a superb way to have a dialog with your market and take care of connections with prospects, customer, bloggers. Even if you don't become a member of Twitter you can monitor what people say company, movements, friends and products. This is quite useful from a marketing and PR standpoint. Tweeter has a search engine that enable you to post any information and can be linked to eBay's system.

Facebook: Business companies says their URLs on cable television advertisements, were friends and enthusiasts can join them on Facebook. That is well-defined method way of internet PR, you're a startup entrepreneur, you could start a group to help business people connect and exchange ideas. Search to make certain one doesn't are present already locally. Friends and family on your facebook will have first side information of what's taking place around you and your business and will also cross to from friends to friends if even they aren't yours. eBay is associated with facebook which works as an indirect form of PR, Instant communication could also take form by chatting on both program.

Email: This is actually the fastest, stress less and cheapest form of PR and e-marketing with the use of the internet, when searching for information or to joint a business like eBay, Amazon you go through a process of filling and providing certain information about yourself as well as your preference requirement, each one of these information is stored in their data source and by the end you provide your e-mail. The organizations use their database information to communicate with you, through this medium you are kept up to date with the latest information associated with previous request. Since you change your inclination change it out is also kept up to date in their repository. eBay utilize this form of PR to market their product for you and information is delivered to you in respect of delivery of that you payed for.

Website Responses: Various website use a full page known as website feedback as an application PR tool to give a reviews, complain or survey on your experience you might have after buying a product or trial of certain items in other to allow them to know how their customer feel about product bought from them.


STRENGHT:The Company use the advantage of Customer Romance Management (CRM). Both gatherings (Clients and Vendors) subscribe with the business and information is gathered by eBay on individuals. This is known as Business2Consumer (B2C) of these business. However the strong customer interactions are founded on a Consumer2Consumer (C2C) business platform, where strong business interactions occurs, for example where customers and vendors leave reviews for one another for another transaction to occur.

WEAKNESSES: Organizations works painfully to overcome fraud. Nevertheless the eBay model will leave itself open to a number of deceptive activities. However the company action with the issue very quickly. These includes second-rate goods being advertised to unknown and suspecting eBayers. Other forms of theft could include the redistribution of taken goods. Make it known that fraud and robbery are problems with outsiders not eBay. The weakness is that mischievous individuals can exploit the C2C business platform. Many companies, systems breakdowns could disturb the trading deal of eBay on daily bases. eBay and Paypal have experienced shutdowns and total malfunction. As technology boosts for the better weakness will be less an issue.

OPPORTUNITIES: Acquisitions bring new business strategy opportunities. eBay has into contract to buy off online mobile phone company Skype Technologies with a offer reported of about well worth $2. 6 billion. Personal computer users use Skype speak to each other for free and make cut-price telephone calls to mobiles and landlines once you have subscribe to the assistance. This will bring in more customers to the business and also make income to keep to expand.

THRATS:The entire world Internet brands, success entice competition. Overseas competition competing in their home markets possess the technical experience that may give them a stronger benefit over eBay. It arrived to the notice of eBay which it has met with other USA home Internet companies when trading overseas. For instance, Yahoo! Stand out in the Asian market.

Doing the same market is a risk. Much like weaknesses above, the name is attacked by mischievous individuals. When e-mail delivered to undiscovered eBayers disguards to result from eBay. Logos, and design of the webpages looks likewise. However they are designed so that you input private information that the thieves may use to consider passwords and identifications.

Not all costs can manipulated by eBay, example transport charges and charge card charges. With fuel prices to rise, the client suffers the increment of delivery and postal charges. This have an impact on the total cost of auctioned items very costly. When specialist of charge card merchants like Visa or Mastercard make a decision a charge for online business deal the total cost of the same items would increase with a negative effects on the final customer of the merchandise and will make eBay loose a few of its future consumer and will affect the income and show value of the company.


EBay is well aware that in order for the company to maintain its competitive advantage and make it sustainable in the long run, the company must take good thing about the changes at the corporate, organizational and business levels. EBay embraces the five blocks that are applied randomly throughout eBay's record: improvisation, co-adaption, regeneration, experimentation and time pacing as evident by the strategies discussed. The business also embraces the 10 ideas of fighting on the edge about strategy, corporation and command.

With all practical deck EBay can go further if the managing, marketing office adopt more with it's IT team by merging with more social media platform not only their website because interpersonal website break more distance with communities of friends of my friends.

Security office should work more decreasing the risk of internet scam, this is one area of online business transaction that convert people from buying online, because no person wants to their money to finish up on the place after paying for something or product.

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