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American Ideals Of Independence And Liberty

In 1776, our country was founded on American ideals of liberty, liberty, and equality however, during this time period in history; these principals were often bias to top class white men. If the Declaration of Freedom was first written, many Us citizens understood the notion of "all men are created equal" to seriously mean that all white guys were created equal. This is true with other civil rights guarantees also. The framers of your country's Constitution were also regarded as the elite of their own time. These were all white, rich, well educated land owners and didn't adequately stand for the diversity in our nation.

Civil rights are defined as; a category of privileges and freedoms that protect individuals from unwarranted government action and ensure one's potential to take part in the civil and political life of their state without discrimination or repression. Freedoms of conversation, of the press, of religion, and of good and equivalent treatment are the basic civil privileges awarded to each of us. The Expenses of Protection under the law that was added to our Constitution outlines the essential freedoms and liberties assured to every resident of the United States of America. The Charge of Privileges, in dark and white is the first ten amendments to the constitution; however sadly, women and African Americans were not awarded the civil rights eligible for them. Civil privileges issues began at our countries founding, and proceeds throughout history and today.

Wars generally happen as a result of individuals or nations defending a terrority, guarding their pursuits and/or trying to attain a moral purpose. The Civil War combined all of this rational, and ended up being the sole bloodiest turmoil in American background. The Civil Conflict stated the lives of over 600, 000 People in the usa, all on American earth; which is more than in every other American wars combined with the exception of Vietnam. The Civil Warfare commenced in 1838 because of this of disputes between your north and southern claims over slavery and taxation of cotton exports. The south wished to keep slavery and experienced it was necessary, so they began the war by seceding from the union. The North refused to let the Southern states split up the Union, thus the dispute resulted in the Civil War.

The end result of the Civil War did free the slaves, however, the blacks didn't gain any surface of position or respect among the list of says in either the north or south. White men continued to treat the BLACK population as property rather than people. Following the Civil War, slavery might have been abolished however very little modified for blacks. Blacks fought hard for freedoms; men still could not own property, vote, or go anywhere in people the white men were allowed. They suffered through hate, beatings, and small rations of food. They were treated no differently when these were supposed to be free. In case a black male or female did get the opportunity to work with pay at a white man's stock, he nor she'd never receive the same pay as a white man. They were doing work for the same company and doing the same job however, it wasn't considered to be "right" for a dark-colored male or female to be earning the same amount as a white male or female.

Women were making small strides toward equality in the early 1800's; Oberlin College in 1833 was the first to agree to women students and make their college or university a coed service, the first Country wide Female Anti-Slavery Population convention happened in 1837 with 81 feminine delegates, and in 1844 Woman textile employees in Massachusetts structured the Lowell Woman Labor Reform Association (LFLRA) and demand a 10 hour workday. The drive for women's to vote commenced in the middle 1800's when the suggested 15th amendment came to fruition. Some suffragists refused to endorse the amendment because women weren't included; however, argued that after the black man was enfranchised, women too would achieve their goal, and gain voting rights. The National North american Women Suffrage Relationship (NAWSA) was created in 1890; the group planned marches and protests, and pressed the federal government for institutional changes, such as allowing committed women to obtain property privileges.

The 15th amendment to the Constitution awarded DARK-COLORED men the right to vote. This is a big part of the direction of equality. This amendment expresses that the "right of residents of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any condition on account of competition, color, or earlier condition of servitude. " Voting protection under the law for African People in america was huge in the civil protection under the law movement; however it proved never to be a simple task or automatically wise choice for some blacks to take action. Discriminatory legal obstacles were enacted to avoid them from actually developing a say, once more forcing the African People in america to battle for that which was suppose to be a freedom. Literary testing, poll taxes, the grandfather clause and white primaries were put in place as ways to discourage the black voters from excerising their civic duty.

Literary exams were exams given to indivudials to determine if they were smart enough to vote. Almost all African Americans were not educated; so that it was very difficult to prove they were literate enough to vote. The tests were implemented by whites and bias toward whites. A test administer may ask a white person to spell a simple word such as God or young man, where a dark person would be asked to spell a term like chrysanthemum or interpretation. When an BLACK got the term wrong, they were regarded illiterate and lost their privilege to vote. For those who did cross the literary lab tests, the government put in place poll fees. Essentially this is a legislations forcing voters to pay a steep duty/fee to be able to vote. In the event that you were not in a position to pay the tax, your to vote was revoked. Fees were also cumulative; if you cannot afford the taxes at a specific election, next time you tried to vote, you were required to pay that elections duty as well as all earlier unpaid fees. African People in america were poor & most lost their voting privilege as a result of this.

The Grandfather Clause was a rules that waived electoral literacy requirements and poll taxes for those whose ancestors voted prior to the Civil Conflict. This provided a loop opening for illiterate whites that could not complete the literary testing to be able to vote. In addition, it averted the blacks from voting as the majority of their ancestors were slaves and acquired no privileges.

The Democratic Party was the dominating party in america during this time period and in most all elections their applicants were in office. To avoid allowing dark-colored voters to vote in the primary's, the democrats promoted their political party as a private organization. By doing this, they could control who voted in the primary and they could exclude anyone they wished. Generally, who ever acquired the primary, and made it to the overall election ticket would be voted into office; therefore the African American votes really didn't matter since the primary was dependant on the whites.

The Reconstruction period following a Civil War saw the beginnings of the Ku Klux Klan. This group was a white activist group and the first charter was founded in 1865. Their original goal was to refuse African Us citizens the same privileges and opportunities as white people in the south. Klan users used violence, dangers, and even murder of these blacks who attemptedto become educated, to vote, to befriend whites or sought out better paying careers. It was during this time the Klan commenced to wear white robes in an attempt of further intimidating blacks and to conceal their identification. In 1870 and 1871 the government was compelled to step in and passed a series of serves, known as Enforcement Serves. They were invest location to protect the voting protection under the law of blacks and also to try and suppress the Ku Klux Klan. The Serves; outlawed actions designed to prevent blacks from voting, set up rules to remove fraudulent registration practices, avoided intimidation of blacks by any illegitimate action, and gave the president the to have the armed service part of when public security was threatened.

Civil privileges have been challenging America has experienced since the founding of our own country, and is a violent and fatal fight for equality of your laws. All people are created similar, and all people bleed red. I believe every citizen in the us must have the same protection under the law and privileges regardless of ethnic backdrop or religion. A prerequisite to be a white, land owning well off male contradicts the principals our nations was founded on.

Reconstruction in the south was America's first look at at an interracial democracy. It completely reshaped life as was once known. Blacks were freed from slavery and then for the first time looked upon as a person, not property. AMERICA government finally assumed responsibility for defining and guarding civil rights. Freedmen in the south received an opportunity to vote; though it did not come with out risk and difficulties. Black men were also awarded the right to hold politics office. The DARK-COLORED community was huge in the south, and with the aid of white allies could temporally bring the Republican Get together to power.

Cumming, GA is considered to be a rural country town with little racial variety or tolerance. Cumming benefited from the traffic of the gold hurry in Dahlonega; but when gold was found out in CA, and the holidaymakers left, Cummings current economic climate suffered. Even through the Civil Conflict, Cumming was bypassed by Sherman's Military and was essentially a sleepy little town. There is a case from1912 whenever a white female was raped by 3 dark men around. This outraged the residents a whole lot that Georgia's governor was pressured to send soldiers into the city to avoid a riot. The Ku Klux Klan's Knight Riders campaigned for more than a month in order to force all African Us citizens out of not only Cumming, but all of Forsyth County. They were quite successful and for quite some time the black human population in the region was in essence non existent. Recently in 1987, a little group of blacks marched through town in Cumming to celebrate Martin Luther King's birthday. This infuriated the Klan and in protest, they threw cup bottles and stones at the group. This attack drew nationwide attention and turned into the largest civil rights presentations because the 1960's. The results of the demonstration were positive as it was a turning point and designated advantageous change. Today, the city is becoming increasingly more diverse and keeps growing rapidly.

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